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With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood falconer Connor O’Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home It’s where his sister Branna lives and works where his cousin Iona has found true love and where his childhood friends form a circle that can’t be broken A circle that is about to be stretched out of shape—by a long awaited kiss Meara uinn is Branna’s best friend a sister in all but blood Her and Connor’s paths cross almost daily as Connor takes tourists on hawk walks and Meara guides them on horseback across the lush countryside She has the eyes of a gypsy and the body of a goddessthings Connor has always taken for granted—until his brush with death propels them into a uick hot tangle Plenty of women have found their way to Connor’s bed but none to his heart until now Frustratingly Meara is okay with just the heat afraid to lose herself—and their friendship—to something But soon Connor will see the full force and fury of what runs in his blood And he will need his family and friends around him when his past rolls in like the fog threatening an end to all he loves

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    Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors I have read every single book she's written that being said I felt completely let down by this book It seemed to be a collaboration of many books she's already written I felt I was rereading the same lines from so many other books Connor used the same sentences that Roarke uses in her death series The Irish theme I think has played itself out I love a bit of supernatural but the characters did not excite me As a super fan I will continue to read her books I just hope they don't turn out as stale as this one

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    Ok I know I said I wasn't going to read the second book in this series but I couldn't help myself It's like driving by an accident scene it's horrific but you can't stop trying to see I just can't decide what is the worst thing the recycled plot the stick people characters or the overdone awful stage Irishness This one had all the bad things of the first one plus a few I confess that I'll probably read the next one if only to reach closure Sigh At least I didn't buy this one

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    Why does every other book I pick up have to be part of some ongoing sometimes never ending series? Why can’t a book stand alone? Why do I ask stupid uestions when I already know the answer? I am crabby and all I want is a fantastic standalone romance novel and I can’t seem to find one this month Is this too much to ask? So here’s my story of woe I reserved this from the library via the internet without knowing it was book #2 in a series When I picked it up and realized my error which is clearly stated on the front for any idiot to see I was too lazy to go back to return it and figured I’d give it a go anyway Nora Roberts is usually an author I can count on My mistake I should’ve wasted the gas and the time and turned back Instead I wasted 10 hours of my time insisting to myself this book would get better It didn’t I think this idiot has finally learned her lessonThe entire first hour of this unabridged audiobook is spent introducing three siblings in Ireland with magical powers who are battling some evil do er who murdered their parents I thought the book was going to be about one of them since Roberts spent so much time with the intro’s and all and just as I was feeling bad for them and getting comfy with the storyline she zips us to the future Here we meet another group of three with magical powers who are related to the previous three What The Hey?Somewhere around hour three yes hour three people you can't call me a uitter I am finally clued in to the fact that this may be a romance and the hero is this nice friendly Connor fellow and I’m good with that He has magical powers trains falcons and is content with his happy life He loves his siblingscousins and has a friendly outlook on life The heroine is Meara his childhood friend who he enjoys teasing and touching whenever he can She leads horse tours She doesn’t have the magical powers but she does have an affinity for the horses She’s nice enough Together they’re fine but I didn’t feel much of anything but perhaps it’s because I’m dead insideSo there is a romance happening but it didn’t thrill me all that much and felt like a secondary plot element I'd be sad if I weren't so boredAnd cold heartedWhat is going on is kind of crazy convoluted and not very original There is a Big Bad who escaped from a Charmed episode or the past or some such who keeps popping up to steal “the three’s” or The Trees as the narrator says magical powers Or something The six main characters spend a lot of moaning and groaning about how to vanuish the evil do er They perform some Wiccan ceremonies which never seem to pan out in their favor It all felt really campy to me and not in the fun kind of campy wayI will admit that I may easily have missed some heartwarming touching andor genuinely terrifying moments because the narrator read the book Fecking Terribly He had a nice enough Irish accent but his American accent was atrocious and he seemed to fade in and out of it He read the book instead of performing it and paused at inappropriate places But the worst thing was that he made all of the characters sound almost exactly the same I never uite knew who was speaking and the book felt as if it were 100 hours long and I feared it would never end and that this was my own private hellIf you are following this series do yourself a favor and skip this audio version Find it at your library or buy the paperback or suffer like I did

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    The second book of the Cousin O'Dwyer series was better than the first which I reviewed here in my opinion because I actually loved the male protagonist Connor The book centers on the friendship and then romance of Meara and Connor Meara and Connor have been friends for years and even were each other's first kiss There hasn't been romance between them before but it's obvious there are hints of it here and there Connor talking about what a beautiful gypsy Meara is Meara talking about Connor in a way only a girl who loves someone deep down can there are hints everywhereThis book starts off again with the original three mainly Eamon and again goes on about 40 pages But again I found this part to be uite entertaining It talks of the evils of Cabhan his lust of women and his weakness for power And throughout the book Connor and Eamon being the only males of the three stories twist together through dream like scenes in which they talk and bring protections to each other There are several intense encounters between Meara and Cabhan It's interesting because Meara does not have powers but Cabhan knows if he takes her he weakens the sixI also loved the scenes this book at the place where Connor Meara Boyle Finn and Iona all work The hawks and horses just sound so wonderfulTo be honest a big part of the reason why I loved this book so much wasn't even because of just Meara and Connor's romance though friends falling in love is one of my absolute favorite romantic storyline things It was the friendship again of the six Even Boyle seemed to talk and express than he did in Dark Witch And the romance that is stirring between Branna and Fin I really cannot wait for it finally to come together Though I am interested as well in the final battle between the six and Cabhan I thought for sure they were going to get him towards the end Of course there is another book so I should have known it wasn't going to end that way but they really were so closeAlso seen on my blog

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    Well this is definitely like what I would expect from Aunt Nora Set in Ireland three cousins and their partners are trying to end an ancient evil from inflicting any pain on their family This book is Connor and Meara's story and their romance was much stronger than Iona and Boyle Meara had a much intriguing back story that was definitely relatable and I could see that she and Connor were definitely meant to be I also just loved their personalities Lastly I enjoyed that the 13th century family was present all throughout the tale Eamon is definitely a favorite

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    I suppose when you're Nora Roberts you can't help but repeat yourself in certain aspects I usually don't mind it because the characters are different enough to support it but her latest trilogy is justnot fun I feel like it's a jumble of her earlier stuff In the first book you've got a woman selling all her stuff and moving to Ireland where her family is There's Jewels of the Sun right there You've got a supernatural fight on your hands that needs to be fought on solstice with a newbie There's Dance Upon The Air I liked the leads but it just felt to familiar for meIn this book it's even worse because I genuinely liked the romance I liked Meara and Connor But I felt like I was reading another entry in a trilogy I'd already finished I suppose this is the price I pay for having so many Nora books a year and at the end of the day her not so good books are better than other author's best books so I'll suck it up and get through this trilogy like I did the Sign of Seven and Blood Brothers and hope another Bride uartet is around the corner because those were some of my favorites Edited for typos because I apparently cannot spell

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    A bit of background As with the first story in this trilogy Dark Witch it begins in the past with the three children of the first dark witch Sorcha I love this aspect as it’s entrenched in the underlying mythology Each time we learn a little bit about Cabhan the dark sorcerer which helps the six friends figure out a way to defeat himWhat I likedConnor’s my favorite of all the characters His breezy fun loving spirit is infectious and endears him to friends and family He’s the kind of guy that is popular with the ladies but doesn’t leave a trail of broken hearts They all seem to know it’s just for fun Even with Meara who he’s known all his life their friendship has never waveredAfter a particularly nasty encounter with Cahban Connor and Meara’s relationship takes a turn toward romance Both are a bit unnerved but Meara especially so Abandoned by her father she’s pretty resistant to starting something with Connor Him? Not so much It’s a nice new direction for himThe strength of this story however is the friendship of the six Some of the best moments are when they’re all together This is a familiar theme of Nora’s trilogies especially to me now as I recently finished the Sign of Seven seriesNarrationI have mixed feelings about the narration Alan Smyth’s Irish accent certainly helped keep me in the setting especially during the scenes with Sorcha’s children However I couldn’t distinguish any of the male characters from one another When you’re reading Nora’s stories particularly where there’s dialogue the transitions don’t always bear the character names It’s not an issue when reading print or eBooks but it was a huge one for me with this performance I struggled knowing who was talkingBottom lineIt’s an enjoyable friends to lovers romance with a strong and interesting underlying mythology I welcome the final chapter of the trilogy and already bought the audiobook which is narrated by the fabulous Susan Ericksen

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    Oh how I enjoyed reading about Meara and Connor falling in love They had so much chemistry and I absolutely love these characters Their relationships with each other are heartwarming fun and very deep This circle of friendship is tight a bond links them together through their ancestry and secrets And I love it when they're all interacting with one another Even when they're teasing or fighting they still look out for each other And I love that it's set in Ireland because I adore how these characters talk The circle is my favorite part of this series The story line is a bit predictable but I find that I don't mind it so much I just wish there was a little action But the plot is constantly moving with a few uiet moments thrown in as well I love the magickal elements and how lyrical the writing is It makes for a very enchanting read I can't wait to find out what happens next and I'm especially excited about Branna's and Fin's story I think these two may just be my favorite of the characters and I want them to have a happy ending so much Shadow Spell was another wonderful book in this magickal series with amazing friendships and deep family ties charming Irish scenery and the knowledge that light always winsNovember 2013I cannot wait to watch Meara and Connor fall in love 3

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    Love this trilogyso looking forward to book 3 Fin is Roarke's magical twin; Connor was awesome in this He's the sexy lovable sensitive hero type Love the flashbacks to the original three and the dream shift added an interesting twist I read this slowly than I usually read a Nora but that was my life during the timenot the book Bring on Fin in book 3

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    DNFI love Nora Roberts' books Her Linda Howard and Sandra Brown are my trio of favorite comfort reads And this trilogy has everything I usually love Tell me a book is set in Ireland or New Orleans and I'll read it But I can't keep goingIt's the same thing over and over again everything happens so fast so abruptly; the constant get togethers drive me insane when they just repeat what I as the reader already know has happened They sound so stiff and cookie cutter I can barely feel the chemistry between the two leads I'm well aware that Cabhan will be beaten in the end so I'm not missing much there I read these books for the ride for the fun of it but that's lacking greatlyWhat happened to the adventure of Three Sisters Island or the Key Trilogy or the Circle Trilogy or Sign of Seven? Some of my favorites by herNot sure what happened to Roberts with these books but they're lackluster