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When Persephone Lancaster Receives A Marriage Proposal From The Ill Tempered Duke Of Kielder, She Refuses, And Then Reconsiders The Obscene Sum Of Money He S Offering Persephone Would Save Her Family From Ruin With Her Characteristic Optimism, She Travels To The Far Reaches Of Northumberland To Wed A Greatly Feared Stranger Lodged Deep In A Thick Forest Infested With Wild Dogs, The Duke S Castle Is As Cold And Forbidding As The Duke Himself, A Man With Terrible Scars On His Body And His Soul But The Duke S Steely Determination To Protect His Heart At All Costs Is Challenged By His Growing Attachment To His Lovely And Gentle Bride With Caring Persistence, Persephone Attempts To Pierce The Duke S Armor And Reach The Man Beneath Yet He Cannot Tolerate Such Exposure, And His Repeated Rejections Take Their Toll But When Grave Danger Arises, The Duke Realizes He Must Face The Risk Of Revealing His True Feelings Or Lose The Woman He Cannot Live Without

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    spoiler free, mainly no big suspense give aways Wonderfully written Beauty and the Beast Regency Romance, set in 1805 in Northumberland, near the Scottish border Despite the clean factor, Eden manages to engender sexual tension, imbuing her characters with emotional depth This is not a Christian romance, despite the publisher No mention of scriptures and Eden does not evangelize The POV shifts from Adam to Persephone Internal musings are limited to brief digressions so it does not hinder the flow of the story Eden writes flowing dialogue peppered with humor and angst, creating a mounting sense of emotional urgency I the lonely hero, Adam Boyce, Duke of Kielder, aka The Dangerous Duke and by the end of book 2, I was swooning for him He hides his tender and intensely loyal heart behind a biting sarcasm and a deadly reputation His birth defect resulted in numerous bumbled surgeries, leaving the right side of his face a mess Knowing that his son s ear less and cross hatched face would incite cruelty in the kids at Harrow and all through life the old Duke taught young Adam how to fight dirty When Adam went to Harrow at age 7, he immediately slew every Goliath He did the same at Oxford and at The House of Lords When the story begins, Adam is giving his spineless heir presumptive cousin the boot and deciding to marry ASAP, to beget an heir He tells his man of affairs to find him a poor and plain Jane of gentle birth, for Adam severely disliked beautiful people But his solicitor arranges the marriage, sight unseen, so Adam finds himself at the altar with Persephone Lancaster, a baron s impoverished granddaughter, eldest of six kids, and fairly pretty, but not beautiful For the sum of 110,000 pounds plenty to feed her hungry family Persephone marries her Hades, and what a cold, austere, grumpy grouch he is Heartless, at least for a while Yet funny, too grumbling under his breath at the wedding service when he realizes she s not homely, mocking her mythologically based name so she cheekily mocks his horses names, Atlas and Zeus But there are reasons for his distance He s been hurt badly by the one who should have loved him most, his mother I didn t buy his mother s sob story, not fully Eden let this useless excuse for a parent off too easily Gradually, Adam learns to trust and respect Persephone Without realizing that he is in love, he finally allows her to her see his face, fully, not just the good side Eden vividly portrays his insecurity about his scars and his gradual trust Adam starts plotting ways to make her want to stay at his immense castle in bleak Northumberland, far from her beloved family And Persephone It takes time, but she learns to love him, by ignoring his contradicting words and demeanor, and attending instead to his actions Persephone slowly wins him over with her courage he despises cowards , companionship, and intelligence Best scenes The whole book Ok, not quite I could not believe what an emotionally gripping tale this unknown Eden has penned This sometimes sad and angsty tale is lightened by snarky humor, often provided by the immensely charming Harry Windover, Adam s friend the hero of book 2 The story suddenly darkens when death occurs, bringing grieving and loss It drastically changes tempo and tension when Adam in a superior bit of daring do saves Persephone And always, the author portrays Adam, confused, striving to stay apart, but yearning The bedtime scenes The scene when Adam played doctor Could it get any sweeter The ending is totally delicious Perfect Flaws Ummhow we gonna beget that heir Get to it Get naked And the villain Seemed like an extreme action to take, but not beyond credulity I wanted just a little physical expression of love Also, the e book price is questionably high, since printing, shipping, and warehousing costs are eliminated 10.36 for the kindle version But the sequel, Courting Miss Lancaster, was only 3.99, so the two ebooks averaged at about 7.18 Plus, Adam plays a fairly big role in the sequel See my review FOOTNOTE At her website, Eden provides a rebuttal to criticism that some aspects do not align with English history, rules of succession, and the flora and fauna of Regency era Northumberland I dunno, but her defense sounded reasonable to me I m just glad to know Eden takes her readers seriously enough to TRY to get it right.

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    When I saw a friend had reviewed this the other day it of course got me thinking about it again and so I thought I d just pick it up and read a bit, and of course got sucked in and ended up reading the whole thing This is one of my favorite regencies, I ve read it quite a few times I realized when I went to review it, that I had actually read it the past couple summers, always in June this seems to be a summer favorite of mine I ll of course have to pick up Courting Miss Lancaster because they just have to be read together I can t wait for books in the Lancaster series, I can t wait for Persephone s siblings to each have their own books The story was great, had a marriage of convenience storyline which I m always a sucker for It was a bit like Beauty and the Beast, but also the Greek myth of Persephone and Hedes was mixed in I really liked our main characters Adam and Persephone They don t meet until the day of their wedding and they couldn t be opposite Persephone comes from a big loving family, is used to being social and running her family household from a young age Adam is an only child, being born without an ear and enduring pointless surgery s leaving him scared he has built up strong tall walls around his heart While Persephone loves people and social gatherings, Adam despises them he d rather enjoy his quiet routine Persephone really wants to get to know her husband and has hope that maybe one day theirs will be a love match Adam didn t want a beautiful wife and is upset when he sees how pretty his new wife is, only reminding him of his own physical imperfections, deciding to keep his distance They have good interactions together and it was fun to watch their story unfold I like that they grew to love each other slowly and accepted each other for who they were To me it felt like they really fell in love They had good chemistry I especially loved Adam s best friend Harry He is really light hearted and totally loyal to Adam, even though Adam is kind of mean to him I guess Harry has known him for so long he sees Adam s sarcasm for what it is I also liked how Persephone and Harry became friends as well There is also some excitement and touch of mystery in the series While what happens to Persephone is upsetting, it was a great way for Adam to come out of his shell and really care for her Those scenes are some of my favorite Overall, I just really enjoy this one I love the gothic like castle and secluded setting The characters are fun and well developed One I would easily recommend to any regency fan ContentRomance Squeaky clean kissingLanguage NoneViolence Mild a planned attack on Persephone, she is injured Mild fight scene Religious NoneSeries Book one, but each book can standaloneSource Kindle

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    4.75 stars pg mild pg13Love this story Love Adam, the Duke of Kielder and Harry, his best and only friend The two of them are hysterical together I enjoyed book two, which is Harry s story, but, truly, I liked Harry even in this book Love this author I rarely re read books Sarah Eden s books are one of the exceptions along with Georgette Heyer I will gladly re read hers for years to come So far I ve read this one twice and loved it just as much both times Another reviewer listed a great link in her review to Sarah Eden s website where she addresses some of the historical research she did for this book I m not very good with this, but I ll try to include a link as well, since it s quite interesting.

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    December 2018 Definitely still a favorite of mine Spent the day reading it and fell in love all over again December 2017 dreamy sigh Oh how I love this book It is still one of my favorites of Ms Eden s June 2016 Adam was born with his right ear missing Several surgeons believed that his ear was just under the surface and with surgery they could dig it out of hiding Several unsuccessful surgeries later, his parents finally gave up hope that the ear would ever make an appearance But all this left Adam even disfigured and scarred both physically and emotionally Feeling rejected by his mother, dealing with his father s untimely death and then being shipped off to school was just too much for little 7 year old Adam He became cross and grumpy Everyone feared and coward away from him He never felt accepted or loved and did everything he could to hide his feelings from the world When he discovers who the heir presumptive to his fortune is he will do anything to make sure the idiot never inherits his title Even if it s paying for a desperate bride whose family is in need of financial security At the age of 12, Persephone s mother passed away giving birth to her youngest sister From that moment on she could not longer be a child, she had to grow up and take care of several responsibilities She was the mother, the cook, the maid, the bookkeeper, you name it and she did it She was the glue that kept her family together So when a letter arrived with a marriage proposal that would give her family the financial security they had always longed for, she was torn on what to do She did not like the fact that she was being purchased and really wanted to turn it down But, as always, she put her family first and accepted the proposal.Adam and Persephone s marriage got off to a pretty rocky start But with help from Adam s life long friend, Harry, Persephone will get some of the insight she needs to understand and connect with her husband She knows there is something in his past that has caused him to shut himself off from the world The she tries to figure out what it is, the she grows to care for her husband But will he ever return her feelings Or will he just keep rejecting her When tragedy strikes Falstone Castle, Adam is forced to open his eyes and see what s right in front of him Will he choose to continue to keep the world at bay Or will he open up and learn to not only live but love as well.I absolutely adored Seeking Persephone Even though I had read it once before, years ago, I was still sucked in from the very beginning and did not want to stop until I had finished it I was very upset that real life got in the way of my reading time I enjoyed getting to know Adam, Persephone and Harry all over again I found myself laughing at the witty banter, getting teary eyed during the sad parts, growling in frustration and letting out little sighs throughout the book My only complaint was the ending felt a bit rushed I would have loved a little less of the misunderstanding lack of communication and of them together as a real couple Other than that I LOVED it Definitely a must read if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast or Regency I do have to admit that the casting for this one was a bit hard for me But I love it

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    I listened to the audio book version of this novel.This was such a fun, moving, and entertaining story to listen to I loved listening as these characters married for convenience and worked to try to figure each other out Sweet and clean story that I really enjoyed I enjoyed the narrator and thought she did a good job of creating different voices for the characters.

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    Seeking Persephone was entertaining and quick I read through it in one day and enjoyed it If you are looking for a cute love story that is clean, fun, and short, this a good pick If you are looking for something , look elsewhere There are two reasons I didn t rate it higher First, I didn t enjoy it as much as other books I ve read Frankly, I thought the main character Adam was annoying His character was defined by exactly one characteristic and emotion Later in the book he kind of develops a second one, but even then he s a really weak character And I kept wishing that Persephone and Adam wouldn t work out so she could end up marrying Harry.2 The second issue made glaring in comparison with Pride and Prejudice which I recently read is that I don t feel like the author was true to human nature When you read a great book, you walk away having learned something about human nature It teaches you something about yourself It s inspiring and enlightening I don t expect that of every book I read, but there were a few moments in Seeking Persephone where I was pulled completely out of the story by the thought, no one is really like this No one actually thinks this way I didn t chose to read this book for it s insight into the soul, but occasionally it was so contrary to what I understand of human nature that it was distracting I m not talking about sappy love The major character flaws that are the main conflict of the book are not solved so much as superseded by convenient external emergencies Thank the wolf dog pack the marriage worked out at all.I don t want to belabor this as I think the author s purpose was to write a casual cute love story She nailed that I just think it could have been much .

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    I love Sarah s books they are full of wit and great banter between her lead characters This book was no different Persephone what a name, and fitting at that I really liked Persephone she was courageous, that Duke Kielder sounds like killed her , now would that not be intimidating Persephone is intimidated, but stands strong and tries not to show it, she is witty, happy, kind,and sensitive Duke Kielder Adam , is over barring, egotistical in a good way, ornery, brooding, intimidating, and harsh, and yet he is flawed, lonely, and misunderstood He is one of those guys you love to hate, but in the end love Persephone and Adams is a marriage of convenience Persephone wishes and hopes for Is Adam capable of healing from his physical and emotional scars to give her This was a fun regency romance with lots of witty banter, and a very brooding hero.language cleanclean romance

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    1 15 18 I was in the mood for a really good book so thought I d go back to the tried and true and read a bunch of Sarah Eden s books They don t disappoint And can I say how much I love her hero s Adam is awesome 12 25 13 Another re readjust as great the third time around.12 19 12 Rereading all of hers, LOVE THEM They make me happy when skies are gray 9 19 11 So good I am so glad they republished this I stayed up till 2 00 in the morning to finish it I hope they redo of hers

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    I enjoyed the relationships and dialogue.Adam has facial scars He doesn t like to be around people He is a Duke He realizes he needs a wife and heir so his cousins won t inherit his lands He pays a large sum of money to a family with money problems in return for Persephone becoming his wife He hopes she is ugly He does not see her until the wedding He is surprised that she is prettier than he wanted.I enjoyed the way Adam insulted his best friend Harry but Harry laughed at every insult.I liked the way Persephone fell in love like with Adam even though he kept distance between them.The mystery is how and when will Adam fall for Persephone and how he will communicate his feelings.No sex scenes.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 280 pages Swearing language none Sexual content none Setting 1805 mostly Northumberland, England Copyright 2011 Genre historical romance.

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    Seeking Persephone was a light,fluffy read It was a little piece of brain candy, like all of Sarah M Eden s books are Quick read, clean romance REREAD, audiobook I forgot how much I enjoyed this cute story I m bumping my rating up to 4 stars The narrator was decent, but she kept pronouncing valet val lay instead of val let and they were in England Silly peeve.Adam is a curmudgeon who just needs lurve He has scars and stuff Persephone somehow pulls off the Mary Sue character without making you want to stab her Maybe crawling into Adam s bed when the scary wolves howled at night was a bit of a stretch She really thought he was dead asleep and never knew about the nightly slumber party I just went with it He calls her on it and it never lead to any funny business, so that helped.