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Sixteen year old Miranda Merchant is great at scienceand not so great with boys After major drama with her boyfriend and now ex best friend she's happy to spend the summer on small mysterious Selkie Island helping her mother sort out her late grandmother's estateThere Miranda finds new friends and an island with a mysterious mystical history presenting her with facts her logical scientific mind can't make sense of She also meets Leo who challenges everything she thought she knew about boys friendshipand reality Is Leo hiding something? Or is he something that she never could have imagined?

10 thoughts on “Sea Change

  1. The best thing about this book is the coverI really wanted to like the story it's a great premise but it never really took off there was too much else in it maybe it's the start of a series I'm not sure but it didn't work for meMiranda's grandmother has died leaving her mother a house on Selkie Island a Georgia coastal island with legends of the merpeople Why it's called Selkie Island when selkies are supposed to be seals that shed their skins and walk among humans I don't know I would think Mermaid Island would have made senseMiranda meets Leo who may or may not be a merboy This question is never answered During the course of the book questions about Miranda's mother's paternity arise could Miranda be a descendent of merpeople? All of this happens near the end of the book like there was a race to wrap it all up except that it doesn'tAnd Miranda doesn't seem very smart even though she tells us over and over that she's brilliant at science she's also very immatureShe suddenly out of the blue decides she can't trust Leo calls him a liar and leaves in a huffA few days later she decides she'll make out with another boy to stop thinking about Leo although she doesn't but it is her plan And we are supposed to believe that what she has found with Leo is true love but she's willing to toss is aside because she thinks maybe he's a merboy This whole back and forth between the boys seemed contrived just to create some tensionThe conflict between Miranda and her mother seems forced and there's no reason for it The summer people with their wealth don't seem like bad people maybe somewhat superficial but not mean Miranda is warned to stay away from the other side of the island where the 'townies' live the merpeoplebecause it's dangerous and yet nothing happens there either So the warnings seem forced to make it scary when it isn'tAll in all not a terrible read but too many things left unfinished If it's the start of a series then okay and I'd read the next one but otherwise it isn't a great read