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It turns out there's to being a vampire than crucifixes and coffins Much The newly turned must attend a special vampire high school where they learn the ways of their kind Blake Randell an innocent 16 year old farm girl is plunged into this strange new world one night She has no knowledge of her turning only two bite marks on her neck and a brand new thirst for blood Blake must scramble to make sense of the new world around her so similar to a human high school yet so incredibly different There are all sorts of strange rituals and skills to learn There are bullies to fend off and boys to fall for And there are the shadowy puppet masters known as Backers to watch out for Follow Blake as she learns the ropes and slowly realizes that in vampire society not everything is as it seems

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    First book FREEThis is a really different take on the whole vampire thing Although there are some aspects that have been done before there is also a lot of creative concepts that enhance the novel together with a good suspenseful dose mystery

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    I got this book when it was free for a day and read it in a day for I could not put it down If you enjoy vampire books you would enjoy reading this one It is filled with the classic clichés for vampires but with its own twists and turnsTHe plot is EXTREMELY slow growing but at the same time the book is filled with details about the vampire history and how the vampire society works that you get an excellent world view and makes it a fantastic readWith the plot is slow growing there are so many uestions and the book has such a huge cliffhanger that I feel like I am left with uestions than ones that got answered and not many were It made me uickly look to see if there was a sueal and I was sadden that there won't be one for a long timeOverall it was a really good read but leaves on a huge cliffhanger and many many unanswered uestions and confusions

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    Blake has been turned into a vampire somehow She ends up at a vampire school as a junior First though she ends up being drugged taken to a testing site and placed into a locked room for days Once she survives that she has to deal with learning about the various groups of young vampires and the various classes she has to take She also has to put up with exams and a girl who's a bullyShe's also living underground learns about the 'helpers' and is told about the backers and what they do and what they want Then things get really dark when one of the nice vampires she meets ends up truly dead and it seems there may be some sort of conspiracy involved something which Blake plans to investigate The characters are done well and the story keeps the reader's interest There are two things I wondered about why reading the story though One is that she does not seem to be upset about being turned She was basically attacked kidnapped drugged and so on and changed into a vampire yet she seems to adapt rather uickly The other point and this is sort of minor and is something all books like this do is that she just happens to arrive and be ready for the start of a new school termI haven't yet seen a book of this nature where a person vampire etc arrives after the term has already started What would they do in that case?

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    Read this and most of it's follow on during a lull in my reading list The initial story was a bit stilted but not offensively so The second Rainbow Fire just seemed to devolve into nonsense One does not travel by train from NYC to Iowa overnight or even pretend to start hiking to Washington state from Iowa Vampires' natural place in the food chain is to kill the sanctimonious? Really? That's a bit absurd I will probably not finish the second book And for pity's sake if you are going to write a story set in the US at least get the dialects close to right

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    LOVED this book Got it free on thought it would be another stock standard wet vampire book boy was i wrong It's not like other vampire novels It sucked me in big time and i read it all in one day It's got an amazing mystery at the heart of it and a growing sense of doom The lead character is really well drawn She's funny tough and heartfelt I cannot WAIT to see where Blake goes in later books I'm PRAYING book 2 will come out asap Definitely recommend

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    I nabbed this little nugget because it was free but soon discovered it was smart and snappy Brittish expressions and word usage only add to the intrigue and make it super funny at times It's sort of a Hoggwarts for vampires kind of setting with it's own uniuenesses We are strung along as the author spoon feeds us vital information At times this is frustrating but just when it gets really intense the book just ends What? I don't see any info for a follow up or website to visit mmm

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    New to world of VAmpiresBlake a girl from the rural countryside is now a Vampire and sent off to a strange school located beneath the City There are plenty of new vAmpires there also who have no idea why they are there or what to expect The school is there to teach them about Vampire history and how to gain use of their hidden powers Blake is slowly learning these new powers when one of her friends is murdered and she feels lost

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    This book was so fun to read I has a new twist on how Vampires come to be and what happens when there first turned I was a little bummed when I went to look for book two but seen there was nothing on it yet The carters in this book make really fun to read and I am sure you will be hooked on every word as I wasI can’t wait to read the next book

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    Wow loved this book it had a completely new take on the vampire tale There were one or two cliches within the story line Teenagers in school split into opposing houses Hogwarts Heroine in love with two bad boys Twilight saga still I loved it and read it in one sittingKimmy

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    this book was pretty good I was a little reluctant to read it being there was a love triangle in it I hate those But I was pleasantly surprised Blake is pretty Bad Ass and the story is very engaging I can't wait to read book 2