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Charlie Grant's older sister is getting married this weekend at their family home and Charlie can't wait for the first time in years all four of her older siblings will be under one roof Charlie is desperate for one last perfect weekend before the house is sold and everything changes The house will be filled with jokes and games and laughs again Making decisions about things like what college to attend and reuniting with longstanding crush Jesse Foster all that can wait She wants to focus on making the weekend perfectThe only problem? The weekend is shaping up to be an absolute disaster There's the unexpected dog with a penchant for howling house alarm that won't stop going off and a papergirl with a grudgeThere are the relatives who aren't speaking the awful girl her favorite brother brought home unannounced and a missing tuxedo Not to mention the neighbor who seems to be bent on sabotage and a storm that is bent on drenching everything The justice of the peace is missing The band will only play covers The guests are all crazy And the wedding planner's nephew is unexpectedly distractedly cuteOver the course of three ridiculously chaotic days Charlie will learn than she ever expected about the family she thought she knew by heart And she'll realize that sometimes trying to keep everything like it was in the past means missing out on the future

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    i finished a book and it only took me two weekscall my reading slump vanuishedend sarcasm the haters might try to tell you that i forgot i was reading this and they'd be absolutely right it simply is not summer until i've read a morgan matson book GUYS I HAVE VERY GOOD NEWSYou know that thing of how every contemporary is basically the same? You know what I’m talking about Like main female character who’s pretty good at school without being overwhelmingly good because that would mean describing doing homework or something and ha ha ha authors don’t do that Similarly she’s of course kissed one semi embarrassing boy Kevin from seventh grade gym or Tommy from the ninth grade play and then one boy she dated for three dispassionate months a year or two ago Girl’s name might be something just SLIGHTLY unusual like Hazel or Bailey or some bird or flower but is probably extremely normal You know AbbyMeganEmilyAnyway 20 pages in AbbyMeganEmily meets a Boy and then spends 200 or so pages slowlyyy getting with him only to break up with him then they get back together after a drastic amount of work or some grand gesture and boom happily ever after AbbyMeganEmily has 2 3 friends who pop up occasionally but not consistently Maybe one of them is not straight or white if we’re lucky It’s all very flat and not goodYou also know if you know me that thing of how I read infinity contemporaries and like absolutely zero of them That’s because they’re all the same And that same “very flat and not good” I mean I just said that you guys Come on Keep upBut here’s the good news THIS CONTEMPORARY IS NOT THAT CONTEMPORARY This is not the exact same as every single other one Also it’s by Officially Crowned Contemporary ueen Morgan Matson so maybe things they are a changin’???I’ll back upOkay so there’s this girl Charlie Grant She has approximately 100 siblings by which I mean “four older siblings” I’m allowed to joke about how many that is because I have three younger ones so I ahem get it One of those siblings is getting married and the wedding has arrived And now they’re all coming home Which is perfect because they’re selling their excellent perfect family home But then a million jillion hijinks happen during the wedding weekend It’s all wild Lots of drama Oh also the mom is retiring from writing a comic strip about the family during the same weekend So that’s bananasGuess what I didn’t mention in that lil synopsis? Guess Guess guess guessHell yeah It was “romance” boiThere are romantic subplots in this but they are so irrelevant compared to the family This book is all about family This also means some flat non family characters and some annoying underdone subplots and a little too much drama maybe But mainly this is an EXCELLENT THING Not least because Bill the guy you’d expect to be the love interest is the most boring adolescent male to ever cross the YA stage and they should’ve just taken him out to be honestBasically what I’m trying to say here is I LOVE THIS FAMILY Please oh please gods of YA give me crazy wild big families with loving but imperfect parents and lots of loving but imperfect older siblings and character development and just UGH BIG LOVING FULL WELL CHARACTERIZED FAMILIESEspecially when they live in a pretty weirdly designed aging home that’s constantly wild well describedI loved this setting I was literally sad they were selling it Basically this book was giving me HGTV and pre divorce pre infidelity pre teenage Jon Kate Plus Eight and I was getting my absolute lifeWhat else what elseOh Morgan Matson does that thing where she brings characters from past books in which likeI normally hate Typically feels so cheesy and forced But I didn’t mind it here so much? P cute There’s a bonus scene at the end which I was IntoOoh and Don’t forget this thing is insanely long 432 pages and sometimes it was very very verydry Which is a nice ish way of saying “boring” It was just way too long And then so much drama in the last hundred pages Giving me whiplash Matson God this took a while to read Goddamn Ulysses over here am I right ha haEssentially what I’m saying is this book is long and uneven and strange and imperfect and SO SWEET AND UNIUE AND ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING I NEED TO SEE MORE OF IN YAThat’s my bottom line This wasn't even slightly what I expectedhave long wanted from this bookbut I think I liked it????Like I think I liked it a lot????I DON'T KNOW BUT EXCITINGreview to come I bought a signed first edition of this book good But my copy had three stickers on the dust jacket bad Not a single one of those stickers came off easily and NOW THERE ARE TRACES OF STICKER GOOP PRESENTWHICH IS VERY VERY BAD INDEEDIf the rest of this reading experience isn't a massive improvement the universe will collapse in on itself like a dying star

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    Morgan Matson didn’t write a book She wrote a movieTruly this content belongs on a huge Hollywood screen I can easily picture myself laughing out loud at this wedding fiasco at the movie theatreIt’s definitely unrealistic The thing is I don’t at all mind producers stretching reality thin but when authors do that in my contemporary reads I get annoyedFortunately it is not all unrealistic The characters very much feel real and the family drama entertained me But although it’s a humorous story I never actually laughed out loudMy family is small It consists of me my mother and my brother So because I don’t have siblings let alone a sister Charlie’s family fascinated me I grew attached to them This almost makes me reconsider my movie statement since a comedy movie never lasts long enough and I need to spend lots of uality time with this familySo I wouldn’t be opposed to a TV show if there’s enough content What I’m saying is I am not entirely pleased with this author—even if the storyline was uite entertaining—because I just know it in my heart that this is a story meant to be viewed not readBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    25 Stars Unfortunately this book didn’t really do it for me I’ve always considered myself a fan of Morgan Matson even though I haven’t picked up her books in a few years but Save The Date did not resonate with me the same way her other books have Not sure if it’s an outlier compared to her previous works or I’ve just grown out of her style but I wish I would have enjoyed it Save The Date was kind of a roller coaster for me I didn’t like it then I was enjoying it Then I went back to disliking it and liked it again so I’m unsure how to really feel about it The beginning was a big struggle for me because there was SO MUCH exposition before the story really began I fully understand the need to establish long standing relationships especially among family members But it felt as if the first two hours of this audiobook was entirely set up which was frustrating to power through I’m not a reader who loves a ton of flashbacks so when a story is supposed to be told in real time but is oversaturated with past anecdotes I get annoyed What I did like about Save The Date was the family dynamic I’m a sucker for 1 a story about a large family and 2 a story about siblings who are very close and this novel had both While I don’t feel the characters individually are anything special I really enjoyed getting to know them as a unit I feel the way the Grants operate and their family history was very uniue Their strong bond and family struggles were one of the highlights of my reading experience I will note that Charlie the protagonist was particularly irritating at times I found her very immature and naïve beyond the typical young adult main characters I encounter I think this was reinforced by the audiobook narrator – her tone made it sound like Charlie was a 12 year old who is wonderstruck about everything that happens instead of a 17 year old I try not to be too judgmental of how teens are portrayed in YA because I know these are books about teens FOR teens and adolescents are often unfairly viewed as annoying and incompetent but Charlie exceeded my limits I do think nearing the end of the story she went through some truly great character development I understand her initial reactions to certain events were intentional to show her growth but she made me enjoy the story much less while readingMy final gripe with the story is that it was just too unrealistic for me I get it – this is fiction But I do expect some semblance of reality with modern day contemporary stories It sounds silly but too much went wrong I think the story would have benefited even from just one or two less mishaps because the constant mistakes and failures ended up making the novel SUPER predictable There was no anticipation IF something would go wrong because we could assume that every plan would go amiss I will admit to being “nit picky” about this particular aspect because you go into the story knowing this is the plot but I can’t help that it lead to LOTS of eye rolls while readingDespite my many criticisms of the novel there was one twist that really shocked me and made me enjoy the story Up until this point the book was just so surface level to me and it felt like it was lacking something significant Then we get hit with an unexpected emotional impact that created so much depth for the characters and their story I was really pleased with this surprise direction – It was the right choice to begin closing out the novelGenerally I didn’t love Save The Date I’m not even sure if I really liked it I struggled a lot with this novel but it did have it’s compelling moments I’d recommend this to people who are looking for a light fluffy read AND can see past an over embellished story to be entertained but for those looking for a very satisfying young adult contemporary I’d search elsewhere

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    Charlie Grant is finally going to have her entire family under one roof Her four siblings Danny JJ Mike and Linnie are going to spend the weekend in the Grant home for one last time before her parents sell the house Linnie’s long time dream of getting married in the Grant home is finally coming true but it’s not going to be easy and everything seems to have a way of going wrong From power outages to not having a suit and that crazy alarm that won’t stop going off they have than enough on their hands The book start with the grant family reuniting but also with the news that their event planner was embezzling money and is no longer their event planner for obvious reasonsCharlie has to pick a college to attend but she’s not sure she wants to leave home especially when her parents are selling the house so she is considering going to the college in her town Charlie usually gets wrapped up in her siblings because they’re together so rarely and she struggles to maintain her life outside her familyI like that this book focuses on family dynamics and how the wedding is coming together rather than focusing on the romance The romance is only a small part of the book which is not a bad thing because this family is amazing and watching them have fun make jokes and the overall shenanigans is great This family is just so adorable each of their personalities mesh very well and watching Charlie reminisce the things that have happened in this house is wonderful Linnie’s to be husband Rodney has practically been a part of this family since they started dating The entire Grant family considers him family anyway and they all get along so no trouble on that end I loved that parts of this book was hilarious and loving and the other parts was serious yet brought the family together The relationship between each of the siblings is mind blowing and watching this entire family have their own inside jokes bets insults and nicknames is heartwarming Just seeing this family function in their own uniue way is mesmerizing and seeing them try to function through all the problems that occur in the span of two days is hilarious I love that this book was so funny at times I flew through this book not kidding I finished it in the same day I started it all while ignoring a ton of work I really had to do so just another day in my life This book was beautiful and heartwarming I give it 5 stars and recommend it to contemporary lovers

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    Super cute I loved the family and all the funniness Can’t wait to read of Morgan Matson‘s books

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    cute contemporary with a misleading synopsisor maybe not misleading but i got a completely different vibe while reading this book i assumed it was going to be a hijinks y romantic story a la sara dessen but instead it was a lil deeper which i really appreciatedthe core of the story is about growing up figuring out what you want out of life and figuring out that your perfect family is perhaps fallible which is something i personally felt very seen by and would have appreciated reading even when i was a senior in high schooland there wasn't much romance in here which i thought was kind of refreshing especially given the time in the main character's life like who is here to find the love of their life right before going away to college lol reading Peruse Project's favorite books

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    I loved this SO much and I am very emotional I think it might’ve knocked Amy Roger from my #2 spot of favorite MM booksI won’t really talk in depth about much to spare anyone the waiting but I LOVED the characters the big family and all the hijinks SO MUCH GOOD STUFFWill probably reread and do a video review closer to when the book releases in June

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    Will readbuy anything she writes

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    i grew up with a small family just my parents and younger brother i do have a bigger extended family but they lived so far away that i rarely saw them so reading books about large family dynamics is always exciting for me because i get a chance to experience something unfamiliar and i think family is the one thing this book did right i absolutely adored all of the interactions and banter between the grant siblings there was a moment where i felt overwhelmed with all of the characters there were a lot of them and was worried there would be too many to even care about but i loved the bickering support teasing and love it felt very real and genuine which was refreshing because the rest of the book was uite absurd i didnt hate it but it got to the point where one bad thing happening after another in the most ridiculous way possible i might add became too unrealistic to enjoy i understand a faux pas here and there for comedic value but this was literally one disaster after another unfortunately it just became frustrating than it was funny as it just felt all over the place with too much going on overall this was light and fun in true morgan matson fashion and even though the storyline itself fell short for me the focus on what it means to be a family and appreciating those who love you was the books one redeeming uality↠ 3 stars

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    i adore weddings like its such a fun time for celebration ft mountains of food and a free space where no one will judge you for stuffing your facehonestly does it get better??so going into this book i was highkey ready for that 5 star rating and well i didn't dislike it but it didn't shake my world either Pros BIG NOISY FAMILY fun lighthearted family oriented plot ft that brother that always has the lame jokes that everyone rolls their eyes at but secretly loves disasters upon disasters CLARK'S FRICKEN CAMEO I SCREAMED MY NERD BABY wedding nightmares this isn't a pro if you're the bride but its hilarious to see that no matter how much you plan weddings can never just go right the cover's so cute and fun THE COMICS FEATURED i could honestly get of that the alaRM seriously i loved the family dynamics sm its just so fun to see big dysfunctional families featured in ya beagle Cons while i generally loved the plot and idea behind the book the execution wasn't as dazzling i found the plot draggggeeedddd over a course of 400 pages when it really didn't need to i couldn't connect with our mc even tho she seemed to check all the boxes she was really idk standoff ish to her bro's gf and i was just not here for it yes yes character development and all but idk it was meh for me the romance also didn't go for me usually i adore Matson's love interests but this one really seemed like a sub sub plot and the whole love triangle dynamic had me uninterestedoverall it was a really fun summer read and i would totally recomend it as something lighthearted and fun but i didn't feel like it was a book you could get lost inside35 starsI REUESTED THIS ON NETGALLEY ON A WHIM AND SOMEHOW I GOT ACCEPTED HOW DID THIS HAPPEN IM SO FJDAKLFJDAL;FJA EXCITED AND HAPPY much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for accepting my reuest all opinions are mineeeee