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Sacrificed (Baby Boy, #1) Audible –

Baby Boy, A Nebraska Farmhand, Moves To Hollywood In Search Of A Place Where He Can Belong Scared By The Big City He Falls In Love With Rex, His Ruggedly Gorgeous, And Savvy Next Door Neighbor Who Works As A Male Escort To Escape His Twisted Past Baby Boy, With His Corn Fed Inch Tool, Follows Rex Into His Dark Underworld Of Sex And Even If They Can Both Survive The Ravenous Desires Of The Men Around Them, Neither One Will Ever Be The Same Again Baby Boy Is A Hot Erotic Romance Series, WordsPlease Note That This Story Contains Very Explicit Descriptions Of Erotic And Sexual Situations Written In Part For Extreme Genital Arousal Which Will Lead To Self Pleasure Mature Readers Only

10 thoughts on “Sacrificed (Baby Boy, #1)

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    OK, there are some flaws with this short story The editing is not great There s head jumping within a single paragraph The MC is so over the top innocent that he is on the TSTL side when a guy you ve known 24 hours asks you to drive a strange car back from Mexico, say no Even farm boys from Nebraska know that The final paragraph is some of the truly worst writing I ve ever seen No, I take that back Nothing is as bad as Forced Fantasies This is literary genius beside that But the final paragraph is cliched and not good at all.However, there is something in the rawness of the book that highlights the odd line which seems real to me Real as if it came from a heart, rather than a carefully crafted work of fiction He had associated all of his manliness with a perversion for things that were wrong But now he saw it as his ability to share love and pain and all of the other things that men do.Even when the writing is somewhat lacking, it seems merely unfiltered, rather than pretentious From the bathroom Rex looked back at Justin s hard cock It was still awesome to look at.Now, I don t have a cock, but I do indeed think they re awesome to look at I don t buy the whole Freudian penis envy deal, but I imagine if I had one I d think it was pretty awesome too The simplicity of this line really resonates with me Justin s cock is awesome to look at.The author is trying to frame this as stark and dirty gay erotica, but there is a reticence about the actual sex scenes that is somewhat endearing like a 19 year old trying to be all ooh I m so cutting edge anti establishment by turning in a college essay with explicit sexual content, but who can t bring themselves to say vagina out loud.So, I m not sure if I d go as far as getting the others in the series, but as a free read this was suprisingly better than OK.

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    A funny, over sexed story which had me laughing mostly because Justin is dumber than a rock but sexy as hell I m not going to complain about the editing as this was a freebie The story did not read smooth but there was certain honesty in the author s writing I just plain enjoyed the story flaws and all.

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    Disturbing While I have no issue with the subject matter or the ages of the characters, it still bothered me for some reason Not sure why I do, however, know that I will not be reading the rest of the series.

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    Baby Boy is easily corrupted into being a little whore Personally, I d have liked to read about Baby boy getting it hard like a spit roast The sex scenes were so glossed over it s like watching porn with the blurry parts for the sex organs Debauching the virgin is a theme I like There wasn t enough debauching here for me There are 3 books to this series I m going to have to pass.

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    I really give it 3 1 2 stars but i rounded up For a free read, it was surprisingly not bad Decently edited, an actual plot and though there is hot sex also involvedI actually was left wanting to read the next part of the series It was not as bad at all, not a masterpiece mind you.

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    Seriously Unprotected first time sex with stranger Really Oh, come on, dude

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    As a short story it didn t spend time meandering in between the sex that was at the fore of this boy s exploits The ending came rather quickly, as episodic pieces do which left me wanting a good thing if you re establishing a series, I suppose Yet, while the plot was intriguing and the perspective of a rube farmboy in LA discovering what he could do with his body and enormous third leg was a quick stimulating read Here s the problem I have with it It s not the sex scenes, I was fully prepared for that and I have never had an issue with it, however, while it intrigued me I am not sure if it was enough to continue the series I got it as a freebie, so perhaps I ll contemplate the others in the series The price is rather steep for such a short story A buck for something like this, sure no problem However, I can t fully justify a short of this length when I can get a much longer feature book for around the same price as these few pages I am paying a premium per page that I am not sure it s warranted So, got the juices flowing Sure thing Intriguing characters and set up On the money there Worth the price Well now, there ya have me jury s still out.

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    I remember when this was first made available The ending of part 1 was different then Either way, for being a free read it may not be the greatest, but it is decent The story is pure fantasy however, so if you re looking for something deeper to read, you d do well to look elsewhere.

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    Review Coming

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    This was a quick read Not what I had in mind, but it was ok Justin just moved from Nebraska, and trying to experience life in California Never having left Nebraska, He is learning that things are VERY different Just sitting in his room and listening to his neighbor with a different voice every day shocked him It totally turned him on, a lot. but it still shocked him When Justin decided it was time he did something about his own arousal, the noises traveled though the wall in unison As the guy next door left his room to get a bucket of ice, Justin ran out with some quarters to get a coke in the machine next to him.He just wanted to see the guy And the young looking guy got a good look at Justin too When his neighbor decides to pay Justin a visit in his room, Justin is thrown back and becomes really nervous Rex invited Justin to go out, but when Justin admitted he didn t have any money, Rex decided to take things in his own handsAnd invite Justin into Rex s business At the Club, Rex ignites the interested of another man When Rex asks Justin if he s interested in a threesome, Justin says he doesn t think He s ready for that just yet So Rex invites Justin over to watch and the guy will pay him 100 100 to watch Rex have sex with another man, Justin knew it was wrong to do, but his curiosity got the better hand Of things After watching Rex and this strange man going at it The surprise of the force Rex used shocked Justin But the strange man wasn t going to go unlessJustin got off himself So he calls Justin over to him Since Justin had never been with anyone before other than himself it was a bit awkward for everyone in the room.When Rex realized that Justin was pure and innocent, things started to change Cute story I wasn t too impressed with the abrupt ending, but it works