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[ epub pdf ] Royal TargetAuthor Traci Hunter Abramson –

When CIA Agent Janessa Rogers Meets The Royal Family Of Meridia On Assignment, She Expects To Use Her Skills In Linguistics And Security Detail To Protect And Serve, But She Doesn T Expect To Find Herself Engaged To Prince Garrett Fortier, Meridia S Most Eligible Bachelor, As Part Of The Security Plan And She Certainly Doesn T Expect To Fall In Love With Him Janessa Resists Her Feelings, Fearing Conflicts In Her Personal And Professional Life, Yet When The Prince Admits His Feigned Affection Has Become Genuine She Can No Longer Pretend Matters Of Security, Society, And Spirituality Make Their Unlikely Romance Even Complex, And Escalating Political Intrigue Gives Janessa An Excuse To Ignore The Questions In Her Heart But When A Terrorist Plot Against The Royal Family Endangers Them Both, Janessa And Garrett Must Face The Challenges Of Loyalty To Family, To Country, To God And To Love It was a pretty good book but I always have a hard time with Mormon authors making the characters join the church effortlessly The prince just so happens to be investigating the church and is ready to join before the CIA agent comes into his life and unknowingly steals his heart Although the story was already somewhat unbelievable, that little fact made it evenunbelievable Still overall was a good story and I had a hard time putting it down Will definitely read the next one as well Ages 12 I enjoyed this story, I liked the plot idea and thought the story flowed nicely It s a fun book to curl up with on a snowy day I liked our main character Janessa, she was easy to relate to While she is a tough CIA agent, she doesn t come across too tough She and Garrett had good chemistry together and I liked how their story unfolded I did think they fell in love a little fast it drives me crazy when characters are declaring their love for each other when they ve only known each other a few weeks Just a personal pet peeve A fun adventure, I ll definitely be checking outof Abramson s books. What I found refreshing about this mormon romance was that the conversion part of the story wasn t the entire story About 90% of mormon romance is about a mormon girl guy who meets and falls in love with a non member guy girl and their struggle with their differing beliefs until the non member realizes the truth in the gospel, converts, and the two are able to be together for time and all eternity This is a sweet outline, but 90% of actual mormon romances are not like that so it gets annoying to read that same type of story over and over again Now I m not saying that it s a possibility that my job will eventually lead me into a relationship with a handsome, kind prince in a foreign country who has already studied the church and is wanting to be baptized All I m saying is that it was a refreshing change of outline The mystery kept me on my toes and I loved the happy ending The only problem I had with the book was that sometimes it was written like a briefing It wasn t til I finished the book that I read the bio about the author and found that she was once part of the CIA, but it made sense I would have liked a littleinformation at the beginning of the story about what Janessa and Garrett were thinking and feeling I am looking forward to reading another one of her stories 5 31 16 I thought I had read this one, but it has been awhile Love books where they met and fall in love with royalty Fun times 1 9 2009 I could not put this book down LOVED IT EXCELLENT Lots of suspense and romance, just perfect I can t wait to read Freefall by her. Romance, danger, murder, mystery, and kidnapping are all found in this book Janessa is a CIA agent She speaks many languages and is well trained, but finds herself in bad situations often She is bold, smart, kind, and very likeable The CIA sends her on her newest mission, but trouble finds her there, and maybe true love Janessa is sent to Meridia this is where she meets prince Garrett Fortier Janessa pretends that she is engaged to the prince of the royal family They stage their engagement and announce it to the country Its in all the society papers Janessa is really there to protect the royal family, and her real work begins She is supposed to set up security at the chateau, a big party will soon take place She attends many social luncheons to gather information and meet as many locals as possible There a few other CIA people that work with her While she was securing the royal family trouble began A bomb was found under Prince Garrett s car Janessa and her co worker defused the bomb before it exploded and they begin to realize that the royal family is in harm They believe that it could be an inside job A warehouse also blows up in the city and everybody starts to get nervous Janessa tries her hardest not to fall in love with Prince Garrett, but she can t help herself She worries that she is getting to close so she tries to turn her mind to her work only.Prince Garrett has fallen in love with Janessa He also has showed interest in her religion His friend from the U.S comes to visit and other scary things start to happen Another bomb is found, the queen is kidnapped, and very expensive art pieces are stolen Prince Garrett and Janessa work together to save the queen and the royal family Janessa decides she loves Prince Garrett, but she can t live the life he wants her to So she ends up returning to the U.S So after a few days he can t live without her But when he arrives, he finds out that she has gone back to Meridia to go to the royal chateau party In the end they end up together, and get married.I liked this book because it is made up of a lot of genres There was action, adventure, romance, and mystery I would recommend this book to anyone who is out for a good read The author does a really good job describing people and the scenery I like how it is a clean book to read I enjoyed it a lot. I love how this book gives you the perspective of several different characters and how it relates to the LDS church. DNFUgh, learned my lesson with this one Check the genres before buying Basically, I got a few chapters in when I realised that there was no way I could enjoy a book that is so religious Basically, if you are Mormon, read this book and you will probably really enjoy it, if you aren t though, and like me have no intention of converting, just calmly walk away This book just comes on way to strong It was simply impossible for me to enjoy the story because I felt like the author was trying to shove her beliefs into my brain when all I wanted was some lighthearted literature. If you have anything that absolutely must be done, don t start this book I kept telling myself to put it down and get to work, but I couldn t until I was finished. Ok, it was felt totally unreal as far as the situation of Janessa guarding the prince, but I don t read for reality all the time It was a fun escape I liked Janessa s character, and it was a good move away from the loose series Abramson has done before I liked the characters, even as I kept laughing at the fairy tale aspect mixed in with CIA Lighthearted suspense does that word really fit this.