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Previously published; newly refreshed by authorFall in love with the de La Vega cat shifters in this classic paranormal romance from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane a spin off of the fan favorite Cascadia Wolves series The very magick that brought them together now makes them targetsKendra Kellog may have found her sister but she’s still miles away from bringing down the evil mages targeting her family Max de La Vega is exactly what she doesn’t need at this moment in time—strong smart and the very definition of alphaThe next in line to run his jaguar jamboree Max is used to getting what he wants Right now he wants Kendra More than that he realizes she needs him—and he’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee her safetyWith evil forces out to siphon her magick Kendra can’t afford to keep pushing Max away And for once Max’s cat and his man are in total agreement Kendra is his to protect

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    Kendra Kellogg is an extremely skillful witch and a teacher She’s uick witted and strong willed vivacious straightforward compassionate and a bit touchy She’s also a fighter who protects the ones she cares about with fierce determination Despite her strength and boldness there's an amount of vulnerability to her that softens her and makes her an amazing character She doesn't uite know what to do with her attraction to Max and his interest in her In the beginning I was curious about her past eager to know what had happened with her ex to make her so cautious in her acceptance of Max's courtship The explanation showed me a Kendra who's a warrior with a yearning to belong to connect and to be loved yet free to be whom and what she isMax De La Vega is lawyer and a powerful cat shifter He’s next in line to head up his jaguar jamboree Maxi is intense alpha and sleek and smooth like the jaguar he is oozing confidence without effort He portrays the broody dominant alpha male perfectly but he is not overbearing or controlling He is drawn to Kendra from the very first moment he lays eyes on heruote Max de La Vega He’s six and a half feet of cocoa brown alpha maleThis description of Max in the blurb immediately caught my eye And I wondered if he was going to be another one for my favorite heroes list? Let me tell you that after reading first sex scene the answer to this uestion is a wholehearted YESI really liked the way Lauren Dane build up this story and the relationship between Max and Kendra Unlike the uick almost instant romance and sexual play in TRINITY this one was gradual Max had to work to get Kendra where he wanted And he took his time wouldn't be rushed not even by her And all the while the sexual chemistry between them is off the charts It’s sizzling from page one and scorching when they both give into it Also as with TRINITY the playful banter and teasing between the main characters is one of the things I liked best in this book It gave it that humorous feel I adore in my reads Even during sex they kept the teasing banter going Loved thatREVELATION has some of the best secondary characters I’ve read in a while Max’s dad charmed me Max’s mom had me in awe and Max’s siblings are a mixed bunch of likeable and unlikeable characters but they all contributed to this awesome book and it’s plot I was thrilled to see Galen Renee and Jack again and I absolutely and completely loved the sisterly bond between Kendra and Renee Their bond was strong despite having spent years apart by the separation their father causedI went into REVELATION hoping the cliffhanger TRINITY ended on would be tackled in a satisfactory way and it soon was though not very early in the story After the wrap up of the cliffhanger some developments raised new uestions and I was curious to see if how these loose ends were going to be tied up I was very satisfied with the ending of REVELATION and it left enough open to guarantee enough fodder for another De La Vega Cats book and I’m already looking forward to it even if I don’t have a clue whose book it would be Gibson maybe? Because this De La Vega brother who is the jamboree’s Bringer of justice and law totally intrigued me He had a scene near the end that definitely put him in my line of vision and I hope he'll find his own stubborn difficult woman to protect in a future De La Vega Cats installmentThe dialogues characterization and plot drew me in completely Once you start reading the easy dialogues set a nice fast pace the plot keeps you curious for and the strong characters both primary and secondary keep you engaged in a way you don't want to let them go I loved the way the sexy times alternated with Kendra's back story mainly information on witchcraft and magick and the plot A plot that had some turns I kind of saw coming and yet they surprised the heck out of me when the things I suspected actually happened And there were some things in the plot that I really didn’t see coming and also surprised the heck out of me I like to be surprisedI couldn’t help but notice that as with the Federation Series and with the Brown Siblings series the first book in the series is centered on the mfm ménage and the second is a strong mf relationship I like that and wonder if this will remain a recurring thing in future new series too It does kind of offer something for everyone I personally like both tropes as long as the romance plot and sex is goodeither ménage or plain mf works for meREVELATION totally caught me by surprise and turned out to be an awesome read The plot and its twists and turns the characters and their development the beautiful and at times surprising romance rife with intensity and some very hot sexing it all came together to create a perfect read and have me desperate for in the world of the De La Vega catsThough I have one complaint this book is getting the perfect score from me My complaint? I didn't get that officedesk scene Lauren Dane dangled in front of me through this uoteMax Have I ever shared this recurring fantasy I've had about you me and my desk?If I had gotten that particular scene I would've been very tempted to give this book an 11uotesMax I walked into the building when I smelled my lovely Kendra I needed to make my way here to rub myself all over herHe held a hand out to her helping her up “Come on then” He sighed dramatically “Clearly you’re a nympho and need some of my special medicine for it”She grabbed his lapels and dragged him closer tiptoeing up to whisper in his ear “I want you to mark me again On the inside of my thigh” Their energy reverberated humming vibrating until she nearly came from it “I want to lick you until you say my name You know how you do it stuttering breathless like a sob It makes my c#ck hard Let’s go home right now ”10 out of 10

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    Revelation by Lauren Dane is book Two in the de La Vega Cats series This is the story of Kendra Kellog may and Max de La Vega Kendra is a witch who came out of a bad relationship but she is strong and a fighter Max is a lawyer and a jaguar who is next in line to be the Alpha Max knows when he meets Kendra she is to be his mate although she is not sure of what to do with his attention Loved watching these to grow and overcome what was keeping them apart

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    And my obsession with Lauren Dane’s brand of paranormal catnip continuesAlthough Revelation doesn’t have two hot and sexy heroes to rev up your engines like Trinity the first book in the series Max proved 100% worthy of taking care of his woman all by himself He also keeps it all in the family since Kendra is Renee’s sister and Max is Galen’s brother from Trinity This worked well for me since I got to spend even time with the de La Vega Jamboree The de La Vega Cats is one of those series that I would recommend reading in order to get the most out of it Each couple gets their HEA but there is an ongoing battle against mages that spans the series Kendra moved to Boston to help her sister learn how to control her magick With Renee’s missing memories slowly returning they learn things are worse than anyone thought when it comes to her parents and the magesKendra was the complete opposite of her sister She was confident strong and willing to make the tough decisions needed to protect not only her family but all witches Yes she had a few little self esteem issues stemming from her childhood but not enough to let them get her down which made her seem real I loved how Kendra decided to deal with the dangers posed by the mages despite knowing it will raise eyebrows and could cause friction in the witch communityMax was everything I wanted him to be hot sexy smart sure of himself and alpha to his core He could be a bit sappy when it came to wooing his woman but I forgave him that The sexual chemistry between Max and Kendra was combustible and when they got together it definitely caught fireThere was a definite good vs evil vibe which I loved although at times the dialogue got a bit dramatic The politics of the jamboree were all kinds of interesting to me and I enjoyed getting to know of the cats It’s been forever since I read these books and I can’t remember what happens next so I’m looking forward to diving into the next in the series when it re releasesRating 4 Purr Worthy Stars

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    Alpha hero fiesty heroine crazy shifterwitch shenanigans and a good dose of sexual tension followed by super hot lovings yes please and can I have ?I love the world lauren Dane has created It's jam packed full of intricately woven plotssub plots Numerous crossovers of characters from her other series's and some new faces peeking in toThe main characters are both very much alpha large and in charge won't take no shit for nobody types with even bigger personalities to match I enjoyed reading about the bickering over random crap and fighting eachother for dominance it wasn't done in a controlling manner but instead out of love and caring Their chemistry was on point from the start like a slow cooked roast it matured over time only accentuating how perfectly their flavours matched I enjoyed both of them a lot Lauren done a great job portraying their stories making us readers feel every emotions like we're living it with them There is a lot going on in this story and at times it can be a lot to take in but just stick with it and soon all will be revealed There's hilarious banter and super sweet loving moments Real betrayal and heartbreak And a crazy bunch of side characters to keep things fresh and interestingMy only complaint with this is that it ended so abruptly I feel like I missed that little bit of happiness between Kendra and Max I wanted to see of them together without the drama living there life and to see how they managed with their responsibilities after the dust settledAgain lauren did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed this story I'm trying to keep things a spoiler free as possible so I don't ruin it for any of you lovelies But after that little sneak into the next story I'm super excited for what's to come I kindly received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Where is the rest of this book? I was eagerly anticipating this second book only to have it fizzle on me I thought there would be Yes some of the big reveals occurred but it wasn't really satisfying I'm wondering if this is the end of seeing Susan The romance between Kendra and Max is okay I like Max I wanted to know if Beth really makes a change This book is a let down from the first I'm tempted to read the third just to see how it Not starting off that great

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    Wtf is this? Terrible horrendous editing and meh writing

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    Revelation is an exciting blend of paranormal action suspense and steamMax and Kendra set flame to the pages with lots of chemistry and a relationship that reaches out and grabs readers and refuses to let go Their romance is pretty hot and steamy but has lots of problems from external sources and past sources that adds suspense and heart melting emotions to the story that readers can’t help but get caught up in All the characters are charismatic which really adds to the electrifying chemistry of the story and ensures that the readers wants to get well acuainted with each and every one Kendra especially has reader’s full attention because she is an intense blend of warrior that is strong and bold but has a vulnerability about her that arrests the heart with Max being the uber hot alpha male that makes lingerie meltThe intriguing action and suspense adds thrills to the fast paced story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats with anticipation and a few surprises The story focuses on Kendra and Max’s relationship with bad guys that annoy the heck out of everyone and a betrayal that characters or readers alike never saw coming The author’s world building keeps readers wanting to revisit her world with lots of engaging and complex characters intriguing takes on shifters and magick with a bit of a well known character flaw bigotry spicing up the storyline I really enjoy reading books by NJ Walters because there is never a dull moment with her vivid characters enthralling plots and brilliant worlds and I always want to know what happens next Revelation and the de La Vega Cats are no exception I was captivated from the first page to the last and I can’t wait to read Beneath the Skin

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    First a note about the cover – Max is black This series was re issued with new covers in 2017 I’m disappointed that Carina Press opted to put a white model on the cover Since the original cover AND the cover of Trinity features a black model we know it’s possibleRevelation is the second book in the de La Vega Cats series These are not standalones While each book has a complete relationship story there is also a series arc and these should be read in orderI enjoyed this much than the first book Trinity The relationship angst isn’t repetitive and a lot time is devoted to learning about how Max’s pack functions Kendra’s magick and the threats faced by the shifter worldNote After listening to the next book Beneath the Skin – it’s obvious that some of the story line about magesmagick continues in some other books Unfortunately I didn’t check Dane’s website for a reading order and missed that Heart of Darkness and Chaos Burning from her Bound By Magick series chronologically take place between Revelation Beneath the SkinNarrationI really enjoyed Tanya Eby’s narration here There are a lot of characters and she does a good job of giving them all uniue voicessounds

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    The usual shpeshifter story where testosterone is a little bit too much even if I don't mind when the woman as in this case are not doormat Kendra and Max are a good couple and mostly their story is a step in advance of the whole plot which I find good because I would like to think as this one as not another never ending storyLa solita storia di shapshifter dove il testosterone abbonda ma la cosa non mi dispiace se le donne non sono zerbino simili Kendra e Max sono una bella coppia e la loro storia serve anche a portare avanti la storia globale della serie il che mi fa piacere anche perché sarebbe carino avere finalmente una serie che finisceTHANKS TO NETGALLEY FOR THE PREVIEW

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    Let me start by saying that I hardly EVER give 5 stars to a book It's got to be up there with epics and classics etc to get that kind of rating If I give a book a 4 it means I'll than likely reread that book at some point because it's a darned good book A 5 means the books is freaking spectacular and so good that I could possibly dream about it And yep this book is definitely a five in my little worldNow if you enjoy multicultural stuff in your books like I do then you'll be glad to know that this book is done very very well Race is not continually an issue which drives me absolutely nuts in multi culti books and the differences between the hero and heroine are celebrated not harped on or brought up all the damn time