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{epub} Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies: Reborn #3) Author Pittacus Lore –

All Bets Are Off In This Third And Final Book In The Epic New York Times Bestselling Lorien Legacies Reborn Series This Fast Paced, Action Packed Adventure Which Is Set In The World Of I Am Number Four Is Perfect For Fans Of The Darkest Minds Series And The X Men FranchiseAfter The Battle In Switzerland, The Fugitive Six Find Their Allegiances Torn, Dividing Them Into Two Factions Taylor, Kopano, And Nigel Return To The Academy With Nine, But Nothing Is The Same As Fear And Resentment Of The Human Garde Continues To Grow, The United Nations Decrees That All Humans With Legacies Must Be Implanted With Inhibitors So Our Heroes Will Have No Choice But To RebelAnd With The Foundation Still At Large, Isabela, Caleb, And Ran Have Decided To Join Forces With Their Former Foes Einar And Five To Hunt Them Down But When A New Threat Is Revealed, The Group May Find Itself Painfully Outmatched Facing Capture Or Annihilation From All Sides, The Only Hope The Human Garde Have For Survival Is To Stand Together Once And For All To Fight Back Against Their True EnemiesReturn To Zero Is The Epic Conclusion To The Story Of The Garde That Began With The Worldwide Phenomenon I Am Number Four

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    A great book, I literally did not want to put it down The book is very fast paced, not quite as action as I would have liked Actually that is a bit unfair as there is quite a bit of action, but a lot of it is preparation for things to come.I think the pace of the book comes from the fact that this is the ending, and things have really hit the fan.This is a story of the New Grades and the new world, the other Lorien s are there as guide, or for there gloomy charm bringing problems the he solves 4.The book is very X men, I noticed a number of similar power, and evaluation of the power legacies.A good ending for the series, truth be told I did prefer the original series and characters slightly , but the characters are conflicted and real.The book does have a bit of everything Preparation, development, redemption and enough action and adventure The characters are tougher from what they have been through A good ending but enough left over for another story arc in the future.

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    4.5 stars But everything is complicated Nastier When you realize that the bad guys aren t cartoon characters and are actually people, it can get kind of intense Is it really over Please, tell me it isn t I can t bear it I m so not ready to let this world go, even for a short period of time I ve invested too many years in it Too many feelings It s a part of me Everything great has an end I guess The only way we truly overcome those bad experiences is by refusing to let them change us Since I started this book I entered it with a lot of anxiety and nerves The title put me on edge.I made assumptions Was I happy with those Sometimes I didn t know how to feel about the possibilities of what that could mean yet, I wasn t completely sure that it was a completely terrible idea Dare I say it, it worked It put me right there on the feelings that I needed in order to enjoy the most the story This is what we ve been training for, Kopano declared It might feel like we re in trouble, like this is an end but it s not This is the start Contrary to the two previous books Return to Zero starts with tensions dialed to a hundred and a very heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach that only grew with every word I read Things are tensed, everywhere The situation is quite dire in all fronts and we have little respite from our worries through the book Everything continues to mount and pile to the breaking point I like that the characters are all changed from the ones we first encounter They ve grown so much since the first time we saw them They ve experienced so much But, in the end, they still have the same essence to their natures That s good because they are the propellers of the greatest part of the action, as well they should, and the kids they were couldn t have done the job There was, also, a good sense of continuity to all the stories, that was good The kids here believe in you They need you to lead them And to lead them, you need to keep yourself sane We had so many cameos that made me go wild I love me a good all cameo It also makes a lot of sense to have them because RTZ marks the end of an arc The end of an era and whatever comes next will be new We needed to get some close for all the characters The fact that the new characters were very involved in everything happening made me grin view spoiler Taylor calling out John was really cool if only because she wasn t cowered at the fact he is the great John Smith or had hero fever hide spoiler

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    The final book in the series Of this entire story universe I m sad about that Truly, I am But after an entire decade, it s only fitting that this tenth book of the franchise is the last one, and they go out on some pretty high notes for sure To be fair, this book is a little bit on the long side, maybe than it needs to be But it finally brings a lot of story threads full circle, and brings back a few of my old faves nice to see John and Marina and Ella again and perhaps the most insidious threat since the original Mog invasion, one that gets pretty personal in terms of how much it scares the hell out of me.Again I m sad that this will be the end of this franchise But hey, at least it ends with a bang.To the world of The Lorien Legacies and Lorien Legacies Reborn, I now bid ave atque vale, for the second and likely final time.

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    EhThe problems they faced weren t as exciting and the villain felt very cheap, was disappointed how it ended The idea of someone who can control other people just did not make me care about what happened because from the beginning it was obvious what was going to happen with him.

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    I m still not able to believe that this is over I absolutely loved this series and I m so sad that it s over I loved how the characters remained true to them selves through out everything that happened I do wish we got to read about Sam, Six and Marina though.

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    Final Rating 4 Stars

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    After taking a few days to process that it s finally all over, I m almost ready I have been reading Pittacus Lore books for nearly 8 years now, and although I was worried I wouldn t like them as much as I got older, I m glad I was wrong It breaks my heart to see all the characters I love and have to say goodbye I m so glad we got to rediscover John in this latest book and remember that he was who started it all I m glad this book had a happy ending and that sacrifices were made for the greater good of the Loric people That s what they do Make sacrifices and John made the biggest, putting an inhibitor in himself Crazzzyyy My biggest letdown in this book would have to be no prologue, to say goodbye I would have liked to know what happened to the minor characters that have been around since the beginning such as Sam, Six and Dr Goode and maybe even a 1 year on fast forward Thankyou Pittacus Lore and the Loric people for getting me addicted to reading and holding me at the edge of the seat for so many years

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    I have to say I enjoyed the series from beginning to end The ending was slightly ambiguous, but I m a positive way.We follow the Human Guard and everything that has accumulated to this point We get the usual multiple perspectives and see the return of some loved characters.The ending brought tears to my eyes I knew what was happening, but it hit me in the heart Only a few qualms I have The book seemed to end too quickly and neat, I would have preferred a heart wrenching outcome meaning the stakes didn t seem as high as the original series, and less action packed All in all a good and decent conclusion.

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    The book was fine and the plot was enjoyable The villain in this book fell flat, and the story as a bigger picture didn t grow at all The big problem with this book is that it shouldn t have been an ending There are plot lines from the side book that are left unfinished and that just irritates me I was just disappointed that they didn t do a better job at wrapping things up here I m still holding out that they continue this story, but until then I can t get over how disappointing this was.

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    Oh my aching heart Why does this have to be the end