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Give Me Six Months, And I Ll Give You The WorldBrandon McKinney Has Scraped And Sacrificed For What Little In Life He S Ever Had Though It S Been Fifteen Years Since He Escaped His Father S Abuse, The Damage Remains Trust Seems As Far Out Of Reach As His Dream Of Becoming An Architect, And Though He S Come To Accept Being Gay, He Can T Deny The Shame And Confusion He Feels At Other Urges The Deeply Repressed Desire To SubmitJonathan Watkins Is A Self Made Silicon Valley Billionaire Whose Ex Wife Took Half His Money And Even Of His Faith Comfortable As A Dominant But Wary Of Being Hurt Again, He Resorts To Anonymous Pickups And Occasional Six Month Contracts With Subs Seeking Only A Master, Not A LoverWhen A Sizzling Back Alley Encounter Cues Jonathan In To Brandon S Deep Seated Submissive Side, He Makes The Man An Offer Give Me Six Months Of Your Life, And I Ll Open Your Eyes To A Whole New World Brandon Doesn T Care About That All He Wants Is The Three Million Dollars Jonathan S Offering So He Can Buy The Construction Company He Works For But He Soon Learns That Six Months On His Knees Is No Easy Feat, And Shame And Pride May Keep Him From All He Ever Wanted And All He Never Dreamed He Had Any Right To Have Reader Discretion Advised This Title Contains Heavy Kink While Consent Is Clearly Established And Frequently Reaffirmed, Some Moments In Power Play Push Hard Against The Outer Edges Of Consent

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    Sure, I ll be your sub wait, is that a Riveting and enthralling book Although it s fairly long it s such a page turner that it seemed very short.This is not actually a book about a BDSM relationship, although it deals with these kinds of sexual activities, and the heart of the book is the nature of consent If you like Sean Michael BDSM books, consider carefully if you want to read this there is no Mine, Yours, It s big, or I see you There is, instead, a lot of pain And extremely harsh punishments Jonathan is a billionaire sadist who thinks he s a Dom, however Jonathan has no empathy, no patience, no self awareness, and no ability to read people Jonathan s had live in subs before, and he believes he sees submissive potential in Bran He offers Bran three million dollars for a six month 24 7 contract However Bran has no clue about BDSM, no idea what he is getting into, and, importantly, although arguably he has some submissive tendancies, he isn t a sub Whether Jonathan deliberately takes advantage of this ignorance, or is merely thoughtless and inexperienced is one of the questions the book raises for example, how can anyone list hard limits in a contract when they have zero clue what is possible While a Dom would point this out, a sadist would never do so.Bran is tough he lived homeless as a teen after escaping his abusive father, and everything he has he earned for himself Bran s in it for the three million dollars, which has the potential to change him from a day labourer into a business owner, and fulfill his promise to his dead mother to become an architect Bran is determined to stick out the six months.The story offers a psychological view of the ensuing train wreck.The pleasure is in seeing in advance exactly how badly this is going to go When Jonathan tells Bran I like you I want to get to know you better and then promptly introduces rule 2 Never speak out of turn.If you have something you re dying to say and I ve not asked you a question, you may ask me for permission to speak we know that this will be a disaster on the scale of the Hindenburg It s the m m equivalent of a British panto the bad guy popping up in the scenery and the audience yelling out BEHIND YOU The book describes itself as hardcore kink, but this isn t hardcore kink, it s abuse What makes this book different is that Jonathan doesn t want to be an abuser, he wants to be a Dom He really truly wants he and Bran to be in a loving relationship where he gets to give beautiful pain as part of that love He has no clue why his routine of punishment and sexual reward isn t working We do, because we see it through Bran s eyes as well Ooooh the deliciousness when Jonathan thinks everything is hunky dory, and we see the pure beautiful rage inside Bran s head.I m itching for the second book to find out what s going to happen If you hate cliff hangers I suggest you wait for June when book 2 comes out, as there is no conclusion in this book.To reiterate, please be aware that this is not a BDSM book and pretty much every BDSM rule gets broken That s the point Jonathan is like a guy who read about BDSM and decided to be a Dom he really doesn t know what the hell he s doing, other than that he likes to hurt people Nothing about this relationship is safe or sane example of the insanity view spoiler , Bran does have a safeword, however Jonathan tells him that if he uses it unnecessarily it will mean Bran forfits the contract and gets nothing Only Jonathan gets to judge if the safeword was used unnecessarily There s a few times where he ignores it altogether, because Jonathan thinks Bran doesn t really need to use it hide spoiler

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    I m going to do something I have never done I m giving a 5 star rating to a book that made me sob like my heart was broken I m talking gut wrenching, full on absolute and utter breakdown I don t think it would be inaccurate to say this book shredded me raw and left me bleeding on the floor Life imitating art I know this is classified as BDSM And in places that would be right However I would be lying if I did not say I also think it is abuse and torture It is about the breaking of a human being A man I ve read plenty of war novels and espionage and similar this one reads no different As others have noted BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual In no way do I consider Jonathon s breaking of Brandon to be safe, sane, or consensual It is not even RACK Risk Aware Consensual Kink If I felt for a second that Brandon truly understood his consent then I would not be writing this Jonathon states he is a sadistic Dom or Master I think, previously, that title would have fit because it does appear his previous relationships were consensual and that the submissives were aware of what they were doing and understood what was going to happen I agree Jonathon is a sadist certainly he enjoys giving pain all kinds and most especially seems to relish unwanted pain To award him the title of Dom or Master well that s where we differ In my mind he s neither The power exchange in BDSM brings something to both parties It may be unequal but I believe it should not be uneven Here is where this book falters for me I m not nearly naive enough to buy that a good Dom is there to bring his submissive pleasure nor is a good submissive only about pleasing the Dom At least all the time But I have to believe that each person brings clear intelligent thought to the table After all being able to think is what separates species right Brandon had no idea of what he was getting into None Could he have investigated it Surely he could have and should have but doing so would not have led to his understanding of what was going to happen for one very prominent simple fact There is no BDSM manual or website for abuse and torture It doesn t exist There is no BDSM 101 for this sort of thing, no groups to join, no discussion boards to post on Bran would have been barking up the wrong tree Jonathon, as a self declared Dom, was supposed to be his guide He couldn t be anything further from that if he tried What has made Jonathon the way he is I could care less He is what he is I abhor Jonathon I find no redeeming quality to the man and I felt like all the kudos that was put in to make him seem human via the good works of his charity served only to try and balance his actions Nice try Didn t work Of course the same could be said for Bran in terms of he is what he is He made a bad choice that will forever irrevocably alter the course of his life I don t see Bran perfect far from In my mind he s greedy he covets that company enough to make a pact with the devil And what happens when he realizes it is the devil His pride and arrogance and stubborn nature make him stay and even return Is it Stockholm Brainwashing Does it matter It just is I was baffled when he came back with the word whore being what bothered him Brandon is smart There is no way I buy that here is one of the few places I felt the writing broke down I felt cheated You cannot put me in someone s head, take me with them on a one way journey to HELL, and then expect me to buy this crap Seriously He d of never said it I expected the TRUTH out of him and I feel I deserved it for watching him being abused for so long Then you have non masochist Bran A masochist and a submissive are two different things folks Are some people both Yes Is this required No There was the fact here s my opinion I don t think Brandon is a submissive Yes you read that right Nowhere here did the writing convince me of that It makes it very difficult to buy all the other parts if you cannot make the reader believe that the fundamental premise of it all is true For Bran, the things he craves, what he wants, I don t see springing from a submissive mindset this carries into the second book BTW If you get rid of the money construct what Bran wants is to feel at peace He wants to not think so much Newsflash You don t have to be beat and tortured to achieve those things Try yoga or meditation or a really great vacation in the Islands Nowhere here does Brandon desire to please except to avoid torture He does t feel like he cannot control his life He s unhappy with it due to his unfortunate situation But he is in control Does he wish to give up that control Not really It s about the money That does not a submissive make It makes a bargain plain and simple Submissives normally want to please and to give up control They may enjoy pain if they have masochistic tendencies or are a masochist but this is not required for many take the pain to please the Master Some submissives believe that their Dom or Master can better make decisions for them then they can in one,two, or all areas Others would like to revert to an object like existence in an attempt to become less than or sub human Yet the key piece is, and always will be, their desire to be submissive There is really nowhere in this book absent major abuse torture where Bran is of this mindset There are glimmers sometimes that he could be inclined to D s but nothing that indicates it would be than sugar kink or bedroom fun Pain does not make him hard In order to enjoy it he has to be trained to it Even animal trainers caution you can train the animal into a beast by not understanding how far to go I could talk for hours about all the other aspects of the book Why did Jonathon make a contract with someone who was not a masochist Why does Jonathon not feel remorse over his actions Why did Bran stay In the end I thought the most likely real world scenario is that Bran stays, Jonathon gets tired of him eventually I don t consider sociopaths ripe fields for long term emotional commitments , and Bran ends up on the street when discarded or with someone who will eventually kill him That was the unhappily ever after reality check I was faced with when done I desperately wanted to believe Jonathon would be held accountable for his actions but I m a realist His turn will have to come in the next life I think humans are amazing creatures but there is a point at which redemption cannot be found and some cannot be saved or helped A point at which all the glue in the world cannot put a person together again And that s it Why the breakdown Because Bran deserves redemption Jonathon, however, does not I d have zero problems putting a bullet right between his eyes No problem at all So now you are really wondering why the 5 stars It is simple and complicated Full of emotion and yet emotion less Black and White Regardless of content Of my feelings on the actual story itself This book held me in its clutches as surely as if I was strung up and hung from the hooks myself The gamut of feelings I had while reading were so dramatic and shocking I felt like I was coming out of my skin The writing.the writing To wring these emotions out of me The one who does not cry Whose exterior is cold as ice Honestly I might of said it could not be done Perhaps will never be done again To make me love when I hate, to fight while I yield, to cry in my fury Powerful Stuff Powerful Stuff.

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    5 Bloody Hell StarsResistance is a journey of a Dom Jonathan and his sub Bran but a mess of a journey The sub was wild, undisciplined, full of stubborn pride and so resistant And the Dom, well he didn t really a good job here The story is full angsty and you don t find it romantic, yes a bit affectionate Johanathan toward Bran but not romantic Bran is so confused about his feelings toward Jonathan, most of the time cursed him and was so hateful but sometimes he felt something well, I don t know which one I liked or disliked because one minute I wanted to slap Bran and adore Jonathan but the next I wanted to punch Jonathan and adore Bran When I started reading it I wouldn t guess that I d love it this much Looking forward to reading book 2 and hope I find it less punishable and romantic Told in dual POV, 3rd person It s the first installment in the Power Play series, it s well written, fast paced and a bit cliffy but not a huge one All in all, loved it and hope you enjoy it as well

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    I read the blurb about this book some time ago and was really looking forward to it being published In particular, I was intrigued by Brandon, his background and the issues that could raise for him, particularly regarding BDSM I was looking forward to seeing how he would address those, with Jonathan s help.As it turned out, Jonathan didn t really help Bran address anything at all I finished this book feeling not just disappointed, but extremely upset I had a lot of problems with this story and the portrayal of Bran and Jonathan especially Jonathan view spoiler Jonathan is presented as an all knowing Dom he is supremely confident, astute and uses every means at his disposal to know everything about Bran By the time Jonathan and Bran make their agreement Jonathan is aware that Bran is a complete novice where BDSM is concerned It wouldn t be a great leap for Jonathan to assume that Bran knows nothing about how the scene works and from Bran s POV, we readers aren t told anything to contradict this , yet when they thrash out their agreement all Jonathan asks if there s anything that would be unnaceptable, Bran says blood and that s it There doesn t seem to be much, if any, discussion about what Bran s life for the next 6 months will entail, no detail about what that will mean for Bran, day to day Basically, Bran has no idea what he s getting himself into He s had a couple of edgy sexual encouters with Jonathan and expects 6 months of the same What Jonathan expects if very different, yet he makes no attempt at all to explain any of it to Bran beforehand Yes, Bran has consented to what happens to him, but he doesn t really give his informed consent.When Bran arrives to start his contract, Jonathan gives him a terse run down of the rules and immediately starts racking up points against Bran for breaking them Any questioning or protest on Bran s part meets with a my way or the highway attitude from Jonathan It s mentioned at one point that while Jonathan had undertaken such contracts before, this is the first time one has involved a financial reward I was unclear whether this made any difference to Jonathan s attitude, but, to me, it felt as if Bran was just another expensive item that Jonathan had bought I got the feeling throughout that Jonathan essentially regarded Bran as disposable.Unsurprisingly, Bran finds Jonathan s demands extremely different to cope with He falls back on the old survival techniques that enabled him to survive his father s abuse he is stubborn, he clings to his pride and sometimes seems to go out of his way to antagonise Jonathan Jonathan s way of dealing with this isn t to talk, to discuss anything at all, but merely to break him It becomes a battle of wills but even though Bran does eventually give in, I didn t get the feeling that he submitted at all He bent to Jonathan s will enough to allow him to stay, but there was no submission and that, to me sums up the whole book.Jonathan also seemed to expect Bran to trust him and was hurt when Bran didn t, even when he d been nice to him This seemed laughable Given Bran s background, he isn t going to trust anyone easily, his trust will take a long time to earn, but Jonathan seemed to have no inkling of this.Things deteriorate further and at one point Jonathan calls a friend for advice and decides that maybe he does need to talk to Bran I perked up at this point I hoped that finally things had turned a corner Instead, when Jonathan doesn t hear what he wants to hear, he abandons any communication and instead decides that he needs to drive Bran away by making things so bad for him, Bran gives up and leaves.This was the point in the book that I started to feel really quite pissed off Basically, Jonathan was abusing Bran It was no longer about a D s relationship or even attempting one, it was about Jonathan making things so hellish for Bran that he got out of Jonathan s hair and stopped being so much hard work.For his part, Bran is incredibly naive You might expect him to do a little research into the BDSM scene to get a little idea of just what Jonathan will expect of him, but he doesn t He s almost passive and, possibly, just caught up in getting the money that he needs to buy his own business when the 6 months is at an end He makes no attempt to meet Jonathan half way and reverts to the survival behaviour that served him as a child his time with Jonathan becomes something to endure.At the end, when he returns to Jonathan to confront him, Bran accuses Jonathan of making him feel like a whore This almost made me laugh out loud because, technically, this is exactly what Bran agreed to be It also rang a little false I think Bran maybe hiding a lot from himself, but it didn t seem credible to me that Bran could have deluded himself on this point, not when he d enetered into the agreement with Jonathan mostly for the three million dollars he would have got at the end of it.On the other hand, Bran is why I ve decided to give 2 stars to this book and not 1 even though I really didn t like it The authors did a stunning job of getting into Bran s head and it s why, for me, this book proved to be so difficult to read I thought his reactions and thought processes, given his background, were spot on and painfully accurate I really identified with Bran and accept that maybe my response to this book isn t that rational it s why I ended this book feeling furious and upset hide spoiler

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    09 03 18Still one of the greatest BDSM books out there 5 then, 5 now, 5 forever Bran and Jonathan 4 Eva Let me begin by saying that this book was just surprises, rises, and falls Cat and Rachel did something wonderful in this book, and left me in love with Power Play and its characters Dynamics were switched, emotions put to the test, mistakes were made, and its one of the best BDSM novels I have read What a pants losing this one caused.Brandon McKinney has been on his own for a long time he knows the meaning of a hard life and depends on no one but himself He s a slam bam thank you man kinda guy when it comes to sexual encounters He doesn t want anyone to get too close, because that would involve a little trust, and trust isn t really a Bran thing When he s approached by a man who clearly looks like he should be hanging uptown instead of Chinatown, Bran think he s gonna get his dick wet and walk away What transpires in the alley behind bar leaves Bran shaken, and the little man who literally brought him to his knees engraved in his mind.Jonathan is a self made billionaire, use to the finer things in life but he s worked very hard for his things As a Dom he s able to recognize the sub in a person, and he s getting that vibe from Bran, and he wants nothing than to have him is his bed, and to play in his dungeons He knows getting Bran to play will be difficult, but he s willing to work on brining out the submissive in the man because he feels the payout will be worth it So what does one offer a man that would make him his submissive Something he wants above all else, in a shiny package and only 6months to get it.It s not hard to recognize that there will be disaster ahead, with Brandon s past of being abused by his father and the things that Jonathan wants from him Jonathan as a Dom is unrelenting and set in his ways and Bran though submissive to certain things is finding it hard to give up complete control The men clash and cause harm than good, and somehow along the way it becomes a battle of power with the seasoned Dom, losing the essence of what it truly means to Dom I am no expert when it comes to D s elements but Mr Jonathan Watkins makes some mistakes It became about breaking Brandon than nurturing him to his submissive nature.Bran is not free of my wrath, he just became too stubborn and could have caused himself harm along the way, and his pigheadedness really got under Jonathans skin, which caused world war three in fancy apartment of Mr Watkins Though Brans voice is the carrier in the book, I have yet to truly learn anything about him I know enough but not nearly enough, because Jonathan was to be his voice and his carrier but he just became his enabler to nothing if that makes sense The line between hurt harm was crossed, because both men were just not in the right headspace to be playing with whips, chains, and tasers Which leads me to a realistic conclusion, that sometimes even the most knowing of individuals makes mistakes and it takes a strong person to come back from those mistakes.As I much as I loved this book, I am also somewhat disappointed I perturbed by Jonathan s behaviour and thinks that he needs to do some serious apologizing I am disappointed in Bran because he threw his safety out the window trying to stick it to Jonathan I am disturbed by Jonathan s cook she probably has a dungeon of kinky delights in her own home I am terrified that I found myself laughing aloud at the most shocking of times Miss Grant and Haimowitz have a twisted sense of humour Also I am seriously in love with Jonathan, though as Bran would say he fucking terrifies me.Overall, Power Play Resistance is splendid and fascinating It s gripping and pushes your boundaries, while remaining sensual and erotic I do love Bran and John together, and they have like a Mount Everest worth of growing to do At this point all I m thinking is Who am I gonna have to sleep with to speed up time I want it to be June already.More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWS

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    I m at loss for words Let me just sit down for a minute and regroup myself because this book is going to be hard to review.Because hot damn This book was GOODAnd I mean, really really good And really freaking hot.After all the DNF ing warfare that has been happening with almost all the books I have been reading 2018, I must say, this book was worth the wait I would go through all those DNFs again if it brought me to this book Despite so many readers shelving this as BDSM, this is not a book that shows a healthy relationship between a Dom and a Sub Of course I am no pro when it comes to BDSM lifestyle, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but this book is definitely not an accurate depiction of BDSM lifestyle, so don t be reading this book and go swinging with your canes and whips the next day Now into the characters While this book is focused on BDSM lifestyle and the D s relationship, Jonathan the Dom seem to have no idea what he is doing I mean, I guess he has some inkling in how a D s relationship works, but it is as if this guy read one FSOG book and decided this lifestyle is for him And no, I am not saying that it s bad because everything is a learning process, but it is definitely interesting to see this cocky and all assured man take someone in and proclaim that he is a Dom when he has no freaking clue how a real Dom Sub relationship works.And Bran the supposedly Sub is bullheaded to the core He fights Jonathan every step of the way, constantly cursing and throwing profanities his way, not wanting to submit to him But to some extent which he wouldn t admit to himself he enjoys what Jonathan did to him, but of course, no way in hell is he going to let Jonathan knows that Thus it begins Their tug of will with Jonathan keep on trying to break Bran, wanting him to be the sub that he believes Bran can be and Bran not willing to go down without a fight.Seeing by my review so far, I am pretty sure most people would have already been turned off by how I depict Jonathan But truly, he is so much than that While there are things that he could have done and executed differently, I do believe in learning curve Most of the time I would have DNF ed without a thought at an author that writes her books based on BDSM theme but has no idea what she is doing, this book is different The connection between Jonathan and Bran is definitely there despite everything that happened For the past day, I have been hiding in my room other than eating, drinking and showering I did nothing else but marathon though this book like a madman, stayed up to read until I can t open my eyes any because it s just that good Now I am onto the second book and I can t wait to see of Jonathan and Bran and of course, also looking forward to see how the story and characters will evolve I m so freaking excited See ya there For of my reviews, click here

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    I have had my eye on this book for than a year Never quite willing to cross the line for fear of having my toes chopped off So now that my understanding has matured it was time to take a big breath, grab the whiskey and get to it I m not going to pretend this will all be flowers and orgasms I have never read anything quite like this the basic plot on the surface appears to be formulaic BDSM but it is not I am horrified when what should have been a slow, nurtured, easing into the life of a 24 7 power exchange submissive disintegrates into a brutal and twisted battle of wills.Arrogance wars with shame, pride wars with determination and when communication crumbles these men become trapped in an endless, sickening clash of opposition Information is power Communication is key and Jonathan arrogant little fuckwit as Dom FAILS in this horribly His notion of being cruel to be kind removes the sane from Safe, Sane and Consensual His generosity is double edged to pave the way to his own pleasure, ignoring the signs, not KNOWING that trust is crucial I hated him and yet against my will, underneath the self serving arrogance I almost understood him Almost.Bran is in it for the money so he keeps telling himself his pride and self respect are his only Master His endurance and resistance is utterly heart breaking, his hate is tangible, his humiliation turns my stomach, his pain makes me want to end it, just stop reading and pick up some fluffy YA to scrub my brain.Fuck me This is hard, but I can take it, it s just fiction right So pass the whiskey Brutal scenes of whippings, caning, humiliation, electrification, restricted confinement and sleep deprivation are not tempered in the slightest Torture I thought but is it truly torture when the door to freedom stands open and all you have to say is one word and it all stops I WISHED for Bran to say it just SAY IT surrender it Bran just DO IT And then I switch to NO Don t say it don t let him take your pride you are not a whore Don t give in come on be strong And so it went on and on in my head, relentless push and pull emotions mixed with horror I can t stop though only for whiskey my heart beats too fast through it all, my fingers hold on too tight and I ve sacrificed my finger nails to endure it BOTH these characters have crawled under my skin The writer s skill in building the angst and anticipation is remarkable The way they BOTH twist my emotions in favour and against each character is excellent I TRUSTED the writers to take me to the edge, teetering, arms flapping, but not falling I m glad I never read this a year ago I would have fallen flat on my face The author s dedication is what kept me going and still gives me hope for Awakening.For everyone who s ever felt shame at their desires Don t Be proud you are perfect the way you are.There is a slight offering of optimism at the end of Resistance but my nerves are rubbed too raw to appreciate it right now My anger is not yet tempered These guys have got a long way to go I just really hope it s worth it.Did I like this book Not particularly, it s not a comfortable read but it is an extremely compelling and admirable work I loved the courage, the fight, the psychological insight and the crazy angst I love the way my understanding and affection for both MC s was my torment Does that make me a psychological masochist Maybe Probably.Recommended for the black coffee crowd, the neat whiskey drinkers and if you re a BDSM newbie Pah.cross the line if you dare but be prepared to lose your toes.4.5 Stars

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    This wasn t BDSM This was abuse And torture All for the sake of abuse and torture and shock value I didn t see this as some big psychological foray into BDSM, but simply a power hungry degenerate beating and humiliating a man Usually I can take disturbing, but this makes me really question what the authors were trying to do because I think they failed.I wish these abuse stories would stop being labeled as BDSM or being praised at groundbreaking It gives the BDSM community a bad name I have to agree with the other reviewers that this is horrific and just plain bad Now I wish I hadn t bought both books at once.

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    This will be a review rant and there will be tons and tons and tons of spoilers so don t read if that s not your thing This rating stands depending on the next book I have some ideas of what s going on and where it s heading However, the last 4% had me a bit perplexed so if it doesn t head in a different direction I might change my rating This book is very well written, but it pissed me the hell off Ok Spoiler time view spoiler How in the fuck is Jonathan a Dom He is not He is a sadist that is so fucking warped in thinking that he s helping Brandon Jesus fucking Christ, how many times OUT LOUD did Brandon tell Jonathon that he was terrified or did Jonathan notice that he was Bran sucked in a huge breath, and whispered on the exhale, You fucking terrify me He clenched his hands behind his back, desperate to rub at his still throbbing leg, terrified that Jonathan would zap him again if he did He glanced up, saw Brandon s head tipped back, eyes fixed on the ceiling, cheeks streaked with sweat and at least a few tears He looked terrified. Does any of that sound remotely like a responsible Dom Now, I want to get to the safeword What fucking safeword He used that to manipulate Brandon over and over and OVER again You must use them if it gets to be too much, but ohhh ohhh ohhhh nope, nope see all these times you are using them You don t REALLY need to use them I see that you are crying, abused, shaken to the core, but I just don t think you ve suffered enough and I ve gotten enough pleasure from it Also, it was like ohhhh, you safeworded Really, bitch Really That must mean you want to go home with no money and humiliated Suit yourself, dog.By the motherfuckin way, did you know that starving someone is totally the way to show you care about them What fucking warped ass shit is that I swear to GOD I wanted to scream Oh, BUT THEN, there comes the enema when Brandon hasn t eaten in 4 days and starts violently cramping from the pain of the water going in him Dude, Jonathan you are disgusting But, then to top it off he puts him a fucking cage and then a glass coffin Then, Devon, Devon, Devon Devon you are a sick fuck and a complete deviant and I want you to burn in a fire He tells Jonathon to break Brandon to get him to leave and to do it with any means necessary Listen you sick fuck, I m going cut the skin off your balls, put it in pig shit, and then make you eat it.And, Jonathan is like oh really I should beat him and make him cry to leave How clever He s alllllAnd THEN oh the beating that stemmed from Jonathan only wanting Brandon to just give in and leave, and Jonathan thinks it s his dad And my thought to Jonathan at that moment wasBut then even after all that when Brandon leaves and THEN comes the fuck back NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he s telling Jonathan how he felt and Brandon is what s this And to say oh I ll take some of the blame NO motherfucker, you abused him, you humiliated him, you starved him and you held money over his head You didn t make him feel safe He couldn t enjoy the pain because he never fucking felt safe with Jonathan And, I m starting to think there is a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on Fucking disturbing.Jonathan, I m watching you hide spoiler

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    WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ I m fairly certain I should be writing about how much I hated this book but I didn t I really liked it actually mainly because both of these guys are deftly written with flaws which makes them relatable not to mention interesting Also, this is a cautionary tale to always ALWAYS read the fine print ask questions before signing anything Ever Bran is trying to drown his sorrows in a bar one night when Jonathan walks in There is an attraction of a sort between the two but Bran has no intention of acting upon it He s concerned with his dilemma of how to raise three million dollars to take over the construction company where he works Jonathan pursues, gets Bran to open up a little, they have a quasi intense encounter after which Jonathan gives Bran his card Then it gets a little stalkerish we find out that it just so happens Jonathan s wealthy, really wealthy I wouldn t characterize Bran as desperate but he really wants to make something of himself he s got some great ideas for future developments which makes him amenable Where the problem lies is Bran s history of abuse, neglect, homelessness a constant level of struggling that he s had to contend with since adolescence which makes him prideful yet kind of awesome Bran is a smart ass, definitely stubborn tough as nails He ain t goin down without a fight.Jonathan on the other hand has an eccentric past filled with hippie parents, a commune, a Doogie Houser like education somewhere along the way he became a fairly accomplished sadist He sees or thinks he does most of the time a submissive tendency in Bran that he would like to see flourish So he makes Bran an offer 6 months being his slave at the end of which he ll give him the three million You can imagine just how well that offer went over But Bran decides he wants that company so off we go And muthafuckah does it ever go Jesus, talk about diving into the deep end with a concrete block strapped to your back Two words no mercy I mean, it goes from intense to humiliating to plain brutal I kept thinking Bran s going to opt out of this any second now guess what Yup, he lasts lasts lasts I have no idea how Stubborn ass.Thankfully, this is told from both perspectives so the reader knows the rationale behind both of their actions The trouble is they both have blind spots Bran s pride which turns quickly into disrespectful then morphs into flat out hatred By the time Jonathan decides they need to have a conversation minus the M s dynamics it s already too far gone thus it goes without saying that nothing productive comes of this conversation Jonathan reaches out to his mentor whom he refers to as a Dom extraordinaire I thought, Finally but that guy just tells him to get medieval WTF Gah No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOO I wanted to tap Jonathan on the shoulder say, hey, how about you try a different tactic How many times does one have to do the same thing getting the same result for that person to go, huh, this isn t working NO SHIT And, p.s., I think that s the unofficial definition of crazy.All that being said, the dynamic between these two was what made it so compelling it kept me up until the wee hours I actually did like both Bran Jonathan as much as I wanted to staple things to them both at times The character development from both perspectives gives it depth as well as enough background information to get a sense of who they are, how they think, what makes them tick, if you will, which is what I really enjoy about reading So, I wouldn t necessarily recommend this to everyone but if you enjoy gritty, dark intense BDSM you ll most likely enjoy this.