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The vampires took Sabine's life for a grand experiment They turned her into a vampire against her will When they forced her newest friends to cast a resurrection spell to bring her back her soul was locked into a vampire body recreating a monster of legendThe vampires thought killing Sabine after that would be as easy as putting a stake in her chest and burying herThey were wrongSabine will have to protect her friends while seeking revenge and prove to everyone including herself that she is than just Reborn to Bite

10 thoughts on “Reborn to Bite Vampire Shadows #1

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    Sabine’s life has taken a turn for the worse A powerful vampire turns her against her will in order to use her in a sacrificial ritualwith her as the sacrifice How exciting She gets to die twice in one day and she’s less than thrilled but somehow she survivesThis was a rip roaring start to a fast paced vampire novel that has a little bit of everything actionadventure romance thriller and of course paranormal There are twists and turns to this novel that kept me guessing I liked Sabine Her struggle with being a vampire and all that entailed came across as sincere although similar to many other vampire books I’ve read It took her a bit to realize that her childhood crush might not be the soulmate she thought he was All of this while she’s discovering the true extent of her powers As the novel progresses the challenges of trying to protect the ones who matter most to her and stop Neville the evil villain of the novel and his minions makes her uestion her path However like a true heroine she persistsAt times I felt like her successes in overcoming some of the obstacles were a little too easy and I prefer to follow one person’s thoughts through a novel It’s definitely a series although the author doesn’t leave you with a cliffhanger For that I give him kudosAll in all a fun story that promises fun in the future

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    This story is way outside my normal reading experience but I read it on a recommendation Set in an “underground” San Francisco scene it is populated with all kinds of strange characters vampires witches werewolves etc In spite of Sabine the lead character being a uniue kind of vampire I found myself relating to and rooting for her She was smart funny and for a vampire principled Other characters were strong and well defined The writing is crisp and the story line is interesting and flows well It was an interesting off beat read for me and while I can’t say I am a convert to this genre I’m sure people who do read these kinds of stories would love it and rate it a 4 or 5

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    A Vampire Story that Doesn't SuckVampires witches werewolves a strong female lead with lots of humor It’s a fast paced story set in a secret underground world in San Francisco Sabine is bitten on Halloween and loses her life and her family and everything she’s ever known As soon as she wakes from the dead she’s immediately staked and “killed” again But that’s not the end for her or the story Sabine meets a motley crew of others looking for justice and answers as she pursues the vampire who bit her in the first place Along the way she encounters a strange world peopled by monsters who at times seem human than humans

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    My goal with this story was to explore a character and situation that I had not yet read about but a story with similar entertainment value to many of my favoritesI drew inspiration from the early adventures of Anita Blake author Laurel K Hamilton Jane Yellowrock author Faith Hunter Kitty the werewolf author Carrie Vaughn the Spider author Jennifer Estep and Merit author Chloe Neill as well as othersIf you've been looking for a story that explodes with action sizzles with suspense teases with intrigue and has just enough romance to warm the heart and get the motor running then this story will not disappoint

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    A real page turner a genuine pleasure to read I warn you though this may not be dark enough for many vampire fans The main character Sabine a super powerful vampire variant may be a bit too pollyanna esk for some I myself found it to be a bit of a relief after the cruelty and gore that have been increasingly doled out in place of plot Shock preposterously graphic sex and wife porn can only be carried so far beyond which you have to shake at the utter stupidity of it Reborn to Bite is a big step back to the days when books told stories