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Popularity Is As Easy As A Good Secret Serena Just Wants To Fly Under The Radar At Her New School But Serena Is Deaf, And She Can Read Lips Really Well Even Across The Busy Cafeteria So When The Popular Girls Discover Her Talent, There S No Turning Back From Skater Chick To Cookie Cutter Prep, Serena S Identity Has Done A Almost She Still Wants To Date Miller, The School Rebel, And She S Not Ready To Trade Her Hoodies For Pink Tees Just Yet But She Is Rising Through The Ranks In The School S Most Exclusive Clique With Each New Secret She Uncovers, Serena Feels Pressure To Find Out Reading Lips Has Always Been Her Greatest Talent, But Now Serena Just Feels Like A Gigantic Snoop The cover of this book is cute, simple but still pretty I was drawn to the premise that the main character is deaf, which is so rare in books and I wanted to see how the MC would develop in writing This book wasn t my favorite but I didn t hate it either It did have a very Mean Girls feel to it.Serena has just moved and is the new girl at her school She knows she will stand out bc of that and bc of her disability, she is deaf Just like most girls, she wants to be part of the popular clique and tells them she is an expert lip reader and can get the juiciest gossip She winds up literally running into the cutest guy and instantly crushes on him There s a ton of drama and things get ugly but the ending was cute. This book gave me some serious headaches but not so much that I stopped reading It s just that it contains the bouts of insecurity often found in teenagers and it nearly killed me Serena is likable and can be really funny, but she s also an idiot most of the time in her decisions However, I was rather fascinated by the ending and I absolutely loved the last page I loved the romance, even though Serena nearly screws that up, too It s believable and I loved this fresh new twist to stories It s the first I ve seen of a deaf girl who reads lips.Definitely worth a shot There s plenty of humor, emotion, and drama I loved Teri Brown s imagination.Cover To me, there s nothing truly interesting about the cover but it s a good concept in relation to the book It s very literal and I love the font.First Line technically, first two lines What the heck I stared at the small person waving her arms like a referee.A nice opening because it leaves you hanging You have to keep reading to find out what the heck the author is talking about There s nothing immediately funny or deeply intriguing but it does meet the requirement of drawing the reader in.Pages 238Tidbits there is swearing, but it s not every page and it s what you d expect from a teenager the descriptions for the kissing scenes are awesome keep going, even when Serena is being an idiot She makes up for it. This is a recomendation from my 12 year old daughter, Leah She thought it was really good and wanted to share it with me Brings me back to highschool As Leah says, its about all the itchy girls with a B Remember the mean girls What a treat It s a good easy read. I don t honestly know why I m so drawn to these kind of books They all seem so interesting until I realize the author has the writing skills of a 12 year old Read My Lips seemed like such a cool book, the idea of a deaf girl reading lips and spying on people is downright evil yet perfect Throw in peer pressure and some romance and you might have a hit Until the reader realizes they wasted money on a poorly written book The plot is fun and different from most other books, but its overall layout and interpretation is lacking Along with poorly developed characters and missing details, I also found the book to have no real layout There was barely a climax and the ending was just too good Never let the conflicts be completely tangle free by the last page of the bookthere is a rising action, climax, and resolution for a reason These things make up a book, they should never be shrunk down to the very last page Overall a 2 star for an amazing idea, but poor writing and character development. It was so disappointing because this book had so much potential I mean, how many YA books deal with defying the disabled stereotype Um, like none Anyways, I was excited to read Read My Lips it was on my to read list for years and had no real expectations for what the book would be like Then I read it And was disappointed It was just like any other piece chicklit out there Don t get me wrong, I love chicklit, really I do, but there s a time a place for a nice, big slice of chicklit with a side of the cliched stereotypes that have come to be expected, if not required to go with the lighthearted fluff But when you have such a great, unique premise slash main character for a book you don t need to stick to formulaic plot lines or situations I don t need Read My Lips to be some deep exploration into the life and mind of a girl who s deaf I get that it s still YA But there was no substance for me to hold on to It was almost like it didn t have want to be original after establishing a main character who was deaf AND half the time I didn t even remember she was deaf Not that that s a bad thing I am a firm believer in the fact that disabilities do not define people But the only time I remembered was when Serena s lip reading was being manipulated Or when her hearing aids were being kissed Weird Anyways, the rest of the novel was pretty much your standard, run of the mill, non paranormal romantic ish teen fiction New girl in town, popular clique a sorority in high school, really , loner but sensitive love interest All resulting in the usual drama, misunderstandings, and conflicts between popularity and true love It almost felt like the reader was forced to sit on the emotional roller coaster for the sake of being on an emotional roller coaster And it wasn t even a fun ride Serena was so insecure and desperate for attention i.e popularity to the point that it was annoying I ll let that slide since it s understandable, wanting to fit in when you feel like you naturally stand out already But still That could have been embraced and utilized to create an original and interesting story, while still being accessible and lighthearted It could have been fun and different a winning combination So, ranting aside, 2.5 stars for Read My Lips I do have to admit, I may have judged it a bitharshly than I usually would judge a YA book of this sort It was good, not great Generic, if not a bit forgettable But it could have been so muchand I think that s why I judged it the way I did All that lost potential It s tragical. I first read this book back in high school and I remembered it being great I related well to our main protagonist Serena because she wanted to stand out from the crowd, be a rebel, read manga, and occasionally skate I don t do all those things at all But back then I thought this idea of teenage rebellion and this mould we were all expected to fill was awesomeNow at 21 years old, it s just annoying It seemed to me that Serena was being a stuck up who was different and had to laugh at everyone who were the same Where is this high superiority complex come from So, it was difficult to get in And then we see her slowly transforming into one of them The popular kids She does juvenile things to fit in with the in crowd She basically becomes someone she despises all for popularity Which I get is an interesting theme for readers in grade 7 10 but as a University studentWHO THE HELL CARES It was a disappointing read because my values and outlook changed Not to say that when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a princess and the most popular girl in school with a unicorn as my car But to say that these meaningless things to strive for in life is not worth reading about My advice Read the book if you re 12 17 Skip it if you re 20. While I d argue that the Deaf character s ability to lip read 85% of what she saw was believable, no one would argue with the true emotion of feeling like an outsider at a new school with the added weight of a disability I especially felt the parent child relationship wasfleshed out than in most YA novels I d give it a 3.5 but we can t divide stars There is nothing particularly wrong with this book, but it just failed to stand out from other teen books to the point where it deservesthan 3 stars Cute plot, cute writing, and a quick read, but there wasn t a whole lot of depth in the book, and it was nothing that I hadn t read before, if you get rid of the specifics Serena, a deaf teen who reads lips, moves with her family and begins at a new school, where she meets a group of girls In her quest to be popular, she agrees to start reading other people s lips and sharing the secrets she hears She starts to feel bad about it, worrying that she s nothing but a snoop, and is also interested in a guy at the school who is a loner and thinks these new friends of hers aren t worth it I liked the concept of having a deaf girl reading lips to discover secrets, but the plot is pretty predictable, and I thought typical when it was revealed that her crush lives with her aunt and uncle very convenient so she ll have to see him a lot This isn t to say that I didn t enjoy the book I did I just don t think it was the best book I ve ever read or one that I d normally recommend to others, though there aren t a whole lot of teen books with deaf protagonists and those that can relate may enjoy it. I really liked it, it was a fast and well written teen chick lit read about a deaf girl who uses her skill of lip reading to get in with the popular crowd Nominee for the Schneider Family book award.