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Free Reading Read My LipsAuthor Jana Novotny Hunter –

I liked it, but I feel like the fact that it s written by a hearing woman with a very specific educational agenda makes me go hmmmmm.It s an enjoyable to read book, but I think if you re looking for any deep insights into Deaf communities, don t look for them here. Was a really good read Finished it in about 2 days Flowed nicely. I really enjoyed Jana s book about the battles that deaf people can face she has a brother sister who are deaf In this story Cat who lost her hearing at 5 when she contracted meningitis, is sent to a boarding school for deaf children She feels abandoned by her parents, especially her mother She is now in her final year at school and worried about going outside into the hearing world At Deaf City the nickname given to her school the is a war between signers and speakers deaf who also speak and Cat get s thrown in the middle when, as a signer, she falls for a speaker She helps bring the argument to a head with a school debate but at what cost I have read a few books about deaf kids my own sister is hearing impaired written by both hearing and deaf and found Read my Lips up there with the good ones. This book is a great book for the people who seek trouble and then they people in the story resolve it I recommend it for the people who love reading books about deaf kids and how they have a strong belief, that they will get their hearing back I loved this book, and I think that you will to. Cat S Had Enough Of The Fighting At Her School, So What If Some Students, Like Her, Use Sign Language And Others Speech With The End Of School Looming, They Re All Going To Need Help In The Hearing World So She Decides To Learn To Speak, And Risks Losing Everything When She Falls For A Speaker