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The Great and Terrible Vol. 1 - Prologue: The Brothers books –

I read this book only because it was assigned for a book club review It was incredible because of what it did for me I believe in a pre earth life and what I believe about it is what this story is all about But admitedly, I never really thought about the role I played in it before reading this book It made me think about my personality traits now and which of those are part of who I was then and which were shaped by my experiences in this life Was I someone who watched casually and went with the flow Did I have strong convictions and did I actively fight for them Or did I think that Lucifer s points were something to consider and because my lazy nature found them somewhat appealing The story is good but the value I found in reading this book was in contemplating my own weaknesses and strenghts and knowing things needed to change For this earth life, none of that matters if I decide that I have convictions here and living them to the best of my ability is vital. If I could give this negative stars I would Terribly written, boring story, predictable outcomes to every situation Maybe the worst book I ve read and yes I read Twilight Apparently Satan likes purple bows in his hair Seriously Above all that I can t stand the way this book is written, the word for is not needed in every sentence He looked out the window, for he was curious about the weather She walked down the street, for she was bored He stabbed his own eyes out, for this was so terribly written.I can only imagine the high ratings are given because a Mormons support their own no matter how poorly they do we all still root for the 49s right Since Steve young once played for them b no one got past the first chapter and just assumed it was good c their relief society president said it was good so it must be true It would be fantastic if an LDS member had a great story, with compelling characters that told a great story allegorically teaching the gospel CS Lewis and Narnia anyone , but this is not it Don t read this book,FOR there are much better ways to waste your time. Since I m actually not too fond of most LDS fiction, I was surprised to discover that I really enjoyed this book The story takes place in the pre existence during the great battle between good and evil Since we know very little about this conflict, it is obvious that this story is completely fictional I ve never been fond of the common worldly view that we spent our time sitting on clouds playing harps and this was the first time I ve thought about the reality of what happened and the emotional and physical conflicts that took place I found myself wanting to work harder to be part of the valiant and that has to be a good thing Not the most talented writer in the world, but still great Like other reviews before mine, a few parts about premortal life made me a little wincey, if I may use the word It was a great book to jump start your thoughts of premortal life if you don t have many I actually look at my daughter a little differently now I imagine her up there fighting for what was right So if anything, it made me respect her and all the other people on the earth who fought for the Plan It made me give myself a littlecredit, too. I d give this book a 3 for the writing style I also think there were some missed opportunities in explaining how people came to decide which plan they wanted to follow and why It could have been developed a lotIn that way, it seemed like a young adult book to me is it After the first 73 pages almost halfway through , Grove asked me how the book was and I said, I don t know nothing happened yet so I think it was slow to get going Maybe because there are so many books in the series But, I have to give credit to the author for the idea of this book and for his thorough imagination in creating a pre mortal world, something we don t know much about, especially physically.I ll also give the author credit for making me think a lot I had taken the pre mortal existence at face value without thinking in depth of our relationships and decisions there I love it when books make me think of things in a new way And, I love that it reminded me how essential it is for us to keep our second estate After I read books like this, I always want to go to the scriptures make sure I know what really happened and what was written for story development.So basically a 3 for missed opportunities and writing style, but a 5 for an original idea I would recommend it. This was a disappointing book The writing displayed very little imagination or creativity and was almost too boring to continue The character development is weak The descriptions are empty and unbelievable, and the dialogues only inspire eye rolling and sighs.I wanted to like this book because I knew it was about the pre existence, and I was curious to glimpse someone s imagery of it At times I actually found myself feeling a little embarrassed and sorry for the author Not to be mean, but parts were just sad Stewart s conceptualization of Satan is almost comical.Here is one example where Satan and one of his followers, Balaam, are having a disagreement I m saying, Master Mahan, that you and I had a deal Then I must have been lying Now leave me alone Balaam didn t move, though his eyes burned with rage But you said, my dear Master I know what I said, But I was lying to you Now go I am busy I have other men to deceive You will not honor our agreement I don t honor anything And I owe nothing to you I lie I deceive Everyone does It s the way we operate it s the way things get done Are you so naive as to believe I would actually share my power pg 160 Immediately following this argument, Satan takes the form of a bloody pig head and chases Balaam from the room I think I actually laughed out loud at that one.On a positive note it is only a couple hundred pages so your suffering will be short lived if you forge ahead I do not recommend this one. Before The Great War, Before So Many Sons Of God Turned Away From Their Father And Walked Knowingly Into The Dark, There Was A Choosing, A Sifting, A Contest Of Ideas And A Battle For Souls Brother Fought Brother Families Were Torn Apart Some Fought To Protect Their Homes, Their Freedom And Peace Others Fought To Destroy Everything They Had Once Held So Dear And As The Battle Between Good And Evil Came Into Each Home, All God S Children Had To Chose Which Side They Were On, Which Principles Would They Fight For, And What Price Would They PayIn This Contest Before The Great War, Each Of Us Learned The First Lessons Of Life The Great Ones May Fall The Wicked Can Change The Weak And The Foolish Can Be Made The Strongest Of All And When The Contest Was Over, We Also Had Learned The Greatest Secret Of All The Children Of God Can Defeat Their Adversary, For They Have Fought Him Before Book 1 was awesome Really shines an interesting light on the pre mortal life It s got great characters and a wonderful plot Couldn t put it down On the series These books are fantastic The series starts in the Pre existance and is supposed to conclude with the Second Coming They are wonderfully written and packed full of action and suspense I love them because they are written in line with the Gospel and some of the main characters are LDS There is nothing in them that is offensive, ie swear words, sexual imagery, etc They are very fast paced and I have a hard time putting the book down The only problem is that the series is not complete yet the author said, in an interview that I read on, that he expects there to be 7 or 8 I pretty much grab them up as soon as they come out this book has changed my perspective on the premortal existence i felt the spirit so many times while reading this book and has helped me become a better person. It was hard to rate this book I wouldn t give the writing 4 stars It wasn t a book that I couldn t put down and honestly I just kept reading it because I ve heard the series is incredible and I wanted to get to the next book BUT because of the impact this book had on me, I gave it 4 stars and maybe should give it 5 It was a book that made me think NON STOP about the war between Satan and our Savior I believe this is a serious, real war that each of us face every single day of our lives Our decisions truly will impact our salvation Because this hits so close to home and I ve experienced a taste of both sides, it was a POWERFUL book It has made me truly reflect on my life and has made me want to become much stronger in my faith So though I didn t love the writing, there are many things he said that I keep reflecting on and truly believe it has strengthened me I would recommend everyone to read this and even if you don t love it, read the whole thing and reflect on your life.