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[[ download Prime ]] The Work and the Glory, Vol. 6: Praise to the ManAuthor Gerald N. Lund –

Written With A Dramatic Intensity And An Eye For Historical Detail That Thousands Of Readers Have Come To Appreciate In Previous Volumes, Praise To The Man VolumeIn The Series The Work And The Glory Follows The Story Of The Restored Church And Of The Ficitonal Steed Family From The Summer OfTo The Summer OfSeveral Momentous Events Take Place During This Period In Church History Nauvoo Becomes A Well Established City The Relief Society Is Founded The Endowment Is Administered For The First Time In This Dispensation Joseph Smith Becomes A Candidate For President Of The United States He Delivers His Monumental King Follett Discourse Meanwhile, However, Dark Forces Outside As Well As Inside The Church Are At Work To Destroy Joseph And The Restoration Cause Before The Story Ends, The Powers Of Evil Will Have Swept Across The Church, Taking Out Some In Very High Places, Making Numerous Others Waver, And Taking Joseph And His Brother Hyrum To Their Date With Destiny In A Town Called Carthage Woven Throughout These Events Are The Lives Of The Steeds As Joshua Sees The Mormons Gaining Influence With His Wife And Children, His Patience Finally Reaches The Breaking Point Will Must Resolve His Feelings For Jenny Pottsworth And His Desire To Know If The Church Is True New Hope Is Born In Jessica S Life When She Is Offered A New Teaching Position Mary Ann And Other Steed Women Participate In The Beginnings Of The Relief Society But Before Long, Whisperings Reach The Ears Of Some Of The Steeds About Curious Teachings And Practices Going On In Nauvoo Specifically It Is Rud That God May Have Restored The Ancient Practice Of Plural Marriage How Will They Respond When They Find Out That At Least Some Of The Rumors Are True The Issue Becomes A Trial Of Faith That Shakes The Steed Family To Its Very Roots At The Center Of This Volume Are The Final Days Of The Life And Mission Of The Prophet Joseph Smith Though Heart Wrenching In Its Depiction Of The Prophet S Last Hours On Earth, This Book Inspires Admiration And Affection For The Man Who Communed With Jehovah And Will Fill Readers With Anticipation For That Glorious Time When, In The Words Of The Hymn, Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again

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    This was really good It was one of those books that after every few chapters I wanted to turn to the scriptures and think and study about something that was said or taught I learned about truly giving yourself to God, sacrifice, plural marriage, the trials of emma smith, The work rolling forth that no unhallowed hand can stop, and so much This was the book that Joseph Smith was killed in along with his brother hyrum And it made me want to be better and live my life fully with an eye single to the glory of God It was one of those books that left with you not sad that it was done, but refreshed and ready to be a better person It was uplifting and edifying I really liked it and will definately read it again one day.

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    I don t know why it says this is an audio cassette I couldn t find one that wasn t.Book six starts in July of 1841 and goes until late June of 1844.The Saints are living in Nauvoo, working on the temple The scandals of John C Bennett begin to come to light Bennett was a significant figure in Nauvoo, helping the city to get its own charter basically an army Shortly before the principle of plural marriage was revealed, Bennett began teaching saying he was authorized by Joseph Smith to do so, which was obviously untrue the concept of spiritual wifery , meaning a man and a woman were promised to be married in the hereafter but still allowed to act as husband and wife in this world Bennett tried very hard to cover his tracks, but eventually all was found and he was excommunicated He went on to tour the country spreading seeds of hate and lies of the Mormons When an unsuccessful murder attempt was made on Governor Boggs extremintaion order , Bennett accused Joseph Smith of being behind it, which eventually led to his arrest.Plural marriage is introduced in this time period I loved reading about here, because it does a really good job explaining some of the reasons the Lord required this of his people Obviously it is a very difficult concept to accept, but I could really feel the spirit of the people asked to live it and even understand how it was a good thing One of the reasons is, like Abraham of old, to test the people in their commitment to the gospel The Lord has said that he would have a pure people and they would be tried like in the refiners fire What will our trials be The early Saints faced so much so they would be a pure people Surely the Lord must always have a pure people What will be our refiners fire It just made me think.Towards the end of the book, things escalate in Nauvoo It s like Far West all over again Joseph Smith, along with Hyrum Smith, John Taylor, and Willard Richards are taken to Carthage Jail, where Joseph and Hyrum are martyred Reading it this time really struck me I ve been to Carthage I have stood in the room and seen the bullet holes in the doors and looked out the window where the first propeht of this dispensation was killed How grateful I am for this gospel How blessed we are as members of the church to have this legacy left for us It s incomprehensable what they went through to give us what it is so easy to take for granted today There were a couple other very significant events in this time period When the Saints first arrived in Nauvoo it was covered in swampland They worked hard to clear it to make farms and homes for themselves During that first summer, malary essentially took over the whole city, including the prophet and his family In July there was a great day of healing , where Joseph Smith along with other priesthood holders went from house to house healing everyone The most significant healing was that of Elijah Fordham my ancestor , whom everyone thought was dead Joseph took his hand and commanded him to rise Brother Fordham opened his eyes and sat up He asked for some bread and milk, and then immediately went with the prophet to heal others.Although the temple wasn t finished yet, there had been a few endowments and sealings performed, as well as baptisms for the dead What marvelous blessings 732 pages 2009 total 10,300 over 10,000 Yay for me

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    This book had a profound effect on me than any other work of fiction I liked and appreciated this novel for many reasons The main reason was the authors coverage of polygamy, and especially that of Joseph Smith He didn t shy away from it, and instead wrote of the challenges, doubts, apostacy and other issues that resulted from this revelation He also covered the blessings and conversions Although I really enjoy reading about the fictional Steed family, I love the history I have learned so much about early LDS church history from reading this series Mr Lund has obviously conducted extensive research in making this series as historically accurate as possible.A wonderful book I m glad I read.

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    This was a fantastic book and really brought the Prophet Joesph to life and made him out to become a real person I still don t understand all the hatred towards the Church at that time I guess that is how Satan works It also hepled me understand pologamy At the beginnig of the book I had a real hard time with pologamy This book has fantastic historical events and they author does a wonderful job of cross referencing at the end of each chapter.

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    The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains because of their beliefs The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated It has always been ironic to me that the first Mormons actually had to leave the United States the country founded on freedom and travel 1300 miles before they were able find a place where they could peacefully worship.This is the story found in the 9 volume series The Work and the Glory, by Gerald Lund.5600 pages exactly in 32 days That s what it took for me to read all 9 volumes of The Work and the Glory Along the way I kept promising a grand review of the entire series once I finished book 9 Now that I ve closed the cover on the last page of the last book, I feel a bit lost for words I want to share what I learned, how I felt, what I liked, what annoyed me, what brought on the happy tears, and what caused the sad tears I m quite certain no one wants to read a review as long as the series itself, but I m afraid that s what it s going to take.So how do I do this What do I say How do I squeeze all these thoughts and feelings into a book review I dunno Let s find out The Work and the Glory is historical fiction The historical part is thorough, accurate, well researched, and well documented The books chronicle the incredible, inspiring, often tragic, always miraculous, and to us Mormons deeply meaningful first 20 years of existence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Book one begins in 1827, just before Joseph Smith is to retrieve the Golden Plates that will become The Book of Mormon Book nine ends in 1847, a few months after Brigham Young leads 12,000 Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo, IL to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.The fiction part is engaging, well written, and breathes life into the historical events Through the eyes of the fictional but representative of the time Steed Family, we become first hand witnesses to all of the major events surrounding the Restoration as it s known within the Church The Steeds meet Joseph Smith shortly after moving to Palmyra, New York in 1927, and soon they find themselves involved with all the peoples, places, and events those familiar with the history of the LDS Church will quickly recognize Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdry, the Whitmer s, Brigham Young, Parly P Pratt, Herber C Kimball, Emma Smith, Hyrum Smith April 6th, 1830, the Grandin Press, the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, the Kirtland Temple, Haun s Mill, Liberty Jail, the Nauvoo Temple, Carthage Jail Mission calls, the law of consecration, plural marriage, the Kirtland Safety Society, extermination order, martyrdom, the trek West, the Donnor Party, the Mormon Battalion Palmyra, Kirtland, Independence, Far West, Nauvoo, Carthage, Winter Quarters, the Salt Lake Valley Conversion, apostasy, persecution, miracles, revelations, visitations, resilience, tragedy, joy, and finally, peace and rest The Steeds are part of it all For me, the best part of The Work and the Glory is the way becoming invested in the lives of the Steed Family makes history personal Now, instead of just knowing the facts surrounding a historical event, I have an idea of what it was like to actually be a part of that event What did it feel like to hear Joseph s testimony straight from his own mouth What was it like to be told to leave your lives in Palmyra and follow the Church to Kirtland Can I really imagine the terror of the hateful mobs driving us from every place we worked to start a new life How about the joy of being there when the Kirtland Temple was dedicated Cutting stone for the Nauvoo Temple What would I have thought on the great day of healing when Joseph rose from his sick bed of malaria and healed so many others who were sick What was it like to ride in a wagon across Iowa and Wyoming How did it feel to watch your children leave bloody footprints in the snow after being forced at gunpoint from Far West What about when Joseph was killed What did it feel like to witness Brigham Young suddenly look and sound like Joseph on that day in Nauvoo And on and on After all the trials, I feel like I caught a glimpse of their joy and relief to finally reach the Salt Lake Valley, where they would be out of reach of their enemies.I m a firm believer that the best books are the ones that make you feel, and there is a lot of feeling to be felt in reading The Work and the Glory.As literature, the books are engaging and well written but packed full of Mormon cheesiness The cheesiness wasn t too distracting for me, however, thanks to the strength of the characters I really cared about the Steeds and I loved watching their family grow through both sorrow and joy over the course of 20 years.It was also fun to read about my own pioneer ancestors as the Steeds even interacted with some of those that I am actually descended from.Mostly, I feel proud of my heritage The first members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints had the faith and courage to do and endure impossible things I feel steeled up than ever before to carry on with the work they started and to live my life with as much faith and courage as I can find in myself I want them to look down on me from heaven and be proud that I am carrying on their legacy.See, now I m caught up in Mormon cheesiness But, what can I say It s how I feel after reading The Work and the Glory.I recommend these books to everyone, especially lovers of American History and members or friends of the LDS Church For non Mormons especially, I think reading a detailed history of the LDS church such as this would go a long way in helping you understand better what makes us tick.Happy Reading Dan 9.

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    A great way to learn about the final months and details leading up to Joseph Smith s death.

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    took the first couple chapters to really get back into it then it was engaaging but less faith building i felt

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    Tasteful telling of a difficult time in church history, of plural marriage and the death of the prophet Joseph.

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    It took me a while to finish this book, but it was definitely worth it The first half drags on a little, as it focuses on the fictional family and only hints at a few historical developments I did come to love Will s character because of everything he went through And I m excited to read , but I m wondering how Gerald Lund could follow up such an emotional book.Lund does not shy away from controversy He focuses on the new and secret practice of plural marriage, including the way that John C Bennett used it to seduce women and the Law brothers used it as a reason to call Joseph Smith a fallen prophet It is interesting to see the characters different reactions and journeys I think it will help anyone who has gone through those same feelings come to see how others have reacted I was surprised that there wasn t a resolution to this important strand of the story, but perhaps that will continue in the next book.This book ends, as you can guess, with the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith After reading LeGrand Baker s Murder of the Mormon Prophet, I can tell you that Gerald Lund covers all the important points in that history, like all the drama with Govenor Boggs, Governor Ford, and Thomas Sharp of the Warsaw Signal The second half of this book is hard to put down, even when I knew the whole story.

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    I knew this would be a hard one to read and to rate The details about life in Nauvoo were mostly new to me and I ve realized I know very little about the time after the Saints left Missouri I wondered when the topic of plural marriage would come up and it featured prominently in this one I m a bit unusual in that I don t understand the problem with polygamy Who wouldn t want another woman around the house It always amuses me how rigid people are about that in this day and age when there are so many alternative lifestyles they re perfectly okay with The behavior of the fictional characters were actually logical and easier to understand than the historical figures they interacted with I still don t understand why Joseph Smith ran for president, but I really can t comprehend why the mob was determined to kill him nor why the governor allowed it But then again, look how crazed people get about our current president, or our last one Maybe I m just not wired for violence because, I don t care how much I disagree with you, I m not going to want you dead Unless you hurt my dog, then all bets are off.