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❰Reading❯ ➿ Prairie Day Author Laura Ingalls Wilder –

The pictures are great to introduce little ones to Little House though not as accurate as the Garth Williams classics I didn t notice it in the full length Little House books, but the word and is used way too much in this particular short story. Much to my delight, my boys who are five and two absolutely love these books The My First Little House series takes stories out of the original little house books and illustrates them beautifully My boys love to point out each family member and my five year old asks lots of questions These books have become a wonderful way to introduce history and the simple life to my little ones These books have great family values. Join Laura And Her Family On Their Journey Across The Flat Kansas Prairie There Are Gophers And Rabbits To Play With In The Daytime, And A Cozy Camp Awaits At Night Ren E Graef S Enchanting Full Color Illustrations, Inspired By Garth Williams Classic Artwork, Bring Laura And Her Family Lovingly To Life In This Ninth Title In The My First Little House Books Series, Picture Books Adapted From Laura Ingalls Wilder S Beloved Storybooks When I first found one of these Little House books I immediately wanted to introduce the series to Julia I remember loving, loving, loving Little House on the Prairie when I was younger and I ll still watch it on t.v if I happen to catch it That being said, I was worried they wouldn t be dramatic or colorful enough for Julia Little did I know she ended up loving each one we ve read so far.We ve read a few in the past three or four days, including Prairie Day.Even though it get slightly repetitive if you read them one after the other I do like the first page of every book and how it outlines the players Julia has it memorized and by the time I get to her baby sister she s chiming right in with me.I think the allure for Julia is that this represents something so unknown to her Her life is so different from Laura s of course that she just can t stop watching In this case, listening Prairie Day follows the usual routine, with the family traveling to and through Pepin to Kansas where they stop for the night in their journey to find their new little house on the prairie.I think it s interesting that as much as Julia and I love the comforts of our modern life, this type of life is tempting The book portrays such peace and happiness they all do Renee Graef s illustrations are just beautiful, absolutely stunning. My five year old love this and asked to read all the Little House books of the series The illustrations are as warm as in the original series and the text is easy but still true to the original We ll keep readingof these. These first books are absolutely wonderful The illustrations are very nice and so eye catching for non readers I LOVE My First Little House Books , am so glad I found them now I won t have to wait until my 2 year old granddaughter is older to share with her the wonderfully sweet stories of Laura and History back in pioneer days LOVED THIS BOOK In this book they are setting out on the prairie in the covered wagon Traveling over rivers and over bridges etc camping out etc. A wonderful intro to the Little House series These books are snippets of the longer books to give young readers a nice bite I loved the simplicity of the illustrations to the story These stories give a nice education to life in the early US prairie life. Notes All the books in this series are beautiful.Great intro to pioneer life, but may not connect to preschoolers with no frame of reference.Son read them after he first learned to read.Excerpted from Wilder s actual books. 11 28 17 Read with Naomi Julia.I always love Little House books. Summarize the bookThe book is about the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder and how her family headed west in a covered wagon It talks about the many adventures and obstacles that the family faced along the way It is written for young readers and is the first book in the series It talks about what they did and what they ate as they were travelling across the plains to find a place to settle Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre What makes it traditional literature What makes it historical fiction This is historical fiction because it talks about how life was for people who lived during that time It also describes real events that happened or could have happened during that time Identify specific literary or educational concepts that could be integrated into the classroom eg This book is a good text to use when teaching how to make inferences, or This books deals with bullying and would be useful when beginning a discussion about bullying in the classroom This book would be a great introduction to a unit about the prairie and the people who travelled west in search of land to use for farming It also talks about themes such as courage and not giving up when it is hard so it could be used to discuss those themes as a whole class or in guided reading groups Provide any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated.This book is much shorter than the original books by Laura Ingalls wilder so it is perfect for younger student and would be a great way to get them interested in reading the longer chapter books.