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Year Olds, Christy Walker And Trevor Hanson, Have Been Best Friends Since First Grade When Christy S Grandmother Dies, She Leaves Christy A Mysterious Packet Of Information Revealing The Amazing Secret That The Pond In Her Yard Is In Fact A Portal To Another World, And That The Portal S Closing Had Been The Cause Of Her Grandfather S Mysterious Disappearance Nine Years EarlierKnowing That Her Grandmother S Final Wish Was For Her To Keep The Secret, Christy Struggles With Her Alienation From Trevor, Who Is Upset That She Won T Bring Him Into Her Confidence Meanwhile She Is Trying To Learn Sign Language, As She Is Virtually Forced To Babysit All Summer For Danny, The Nine Year Old Boy Next Door With A Severe Hearing Impairment Frustrated And Alone, Christy Tries To Keep The Secret Of The Pond To HerselfHowever, Things Spiral Out Of Her Control When Nosy Classmate Rob Accidentally Crosses Through To The Other World And Is Assumed Drowned , And She Inadvertently Causes Her Young Charge To Follow Her When She Decides To Rescue Rob Reunited With Her Long Lost Grandfather, The Three Search For A Way Back HomeAnd What Of Trevor Left Behind Will He Be Able To Convince The Parents Of The Truth Or Will They Drain The Pond, Possibly Stranding The Children Forever In An Alien World

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    It was a really good premise, but honestly, I was bored to tears before they even got to the other world I kept thinking it would get better, but sadly I was mistaken I got so irritated at the author, for the way he treated this one young character Spoilers ahead So there s a portal through the pond You might ve guessed that by the title At one point the main character is trying to go through, but she gets busted by her nosy neighbors When they see the portal open, one bullying little brat pushes his friend in The poor kid gets sent to another world where nothing is like what he knows, there s some horrible noise that deafens and nearly kills him, and he s trapped there for weeks before anyone her knows shows up All this is just story What makes me mad is after The kid isn t exactly happy about all this happening and he doesn t handle getting stranded in another world, going deaf and nearly dying with 100% perfect behavior So he s constantly ridiculed and mocked by the narrator, i.e the author It s infuriating He s like 12 or something This is one series I will not be finishing.

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    I wanted to like this book, I did It had a lot of potential Poorly executed, though My brain actually hurts I ended up skimming the last few chapters There is a such thing as too much description Cut out half of the explanations for every last detail about every last object and the book would ve been half as long and twice as good.Also, poor Rob Everyone needs to shut the heck up and give the kid a break Mild spoilers Idk The kid who is probably only twelve or thirteen falls through a portal into another world and the noise in the other world is so loud that he goes deaf within minutes I think he s found shortly after and brought to a safe place But he doesn t get his hearing back and he s still stuck in another world with some stranger he doesn t know for I don t remember how long until Christy and Danny show up And even then he is still deaf Do you know what it s like losing your hearing It s no walk in the park.The way the characters treated him angered me so much I might have given the book two stars if it weren t for that Actual review to come Possibly This book was received free through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

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    Portal through the Pond builds on a fascinating premise, filled with mystery and suspense, and stands alone as an intriguing middle grade novel, as well as introducing the Empty World Series.A brief scene set in the past might seem confusing at the start, but soon the characters fall into place, and teenage Christy finds herself trying to decide if her grandmother s secrets should stay hidden or revealed Of course, investigating will be much fun that revealing, and soon the girl is trapped in a strange world with her two friends they re just not the friends she might have chosen initially Everyone wants to go home, but how The characters, young old and in between, are all believable and interesting A teen trio includes Christy, constantly blaming herself, an eager hearing impaired younger boy, and a singularly miserable child who blames everyone else Aided and hindered by friends and aliens, racing away and toward the solution, and learning to trust that others might help, both here and there, and that blame will only distract, the youngsters complete an adventure style task and leave readers eager for .The plot is intriguing Unsolved mysteries leave me wanting to read on And both characters and relationships clearly have to offer Occasionally pedantic dialog and exposition might slow things down, but this continent and world spanning tale is definitely fun, and the series sounds cool.Disclosure I got it on a deal and I offer my honest review.

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    The Long Journey into Another World This is a science fiction story written in depth which many may enjoy, especially teenagers who love to read Also, adults will also find it exciting Ten thousand years ago, on a planet in another galaxy, a pathway had been perfected to allow crossing over into our world They had studied our world throughout it s violent geological changes and since the last ice age had past, they arrive in the area we know as northern New England Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and also New York They constructed devices to harness the storms electrical energies Now, eight months before our present time, 58 year old Lillian strolls to the pond on her expansive property which had been inherited by her husband, Jack A thunderstorm is approaching and yet she remains standing on the dock As the storm peaks and lightning strikes the pond, she again sees a man rise from the lake, grab hold of the dock, and push a water tight bag up on the dock before scrambling out of the water The old man, her husband Jack, approaches her and they walk together toward the house Lillian is wishing this is the last time he would make this trip to the The Empty World But it s not, and two months later an inflated airtight bag rises to the surface of the pond, without Jack The bag contains some paintings and a note from Jack The portal is closing and he can t get out In the present time, Christy Walker, 13 year old granddaughter of Lillian and Jack, is very upset and grieving the death of Lillian But the evening of the funeral, she is presented with a large envelop meant only for her eyes from her deceased grandmother What it contains is information and a key which result in an unbelievable adventure for her and her close friends This novel is very creatively written and well written However, I find the format and the long paragraphs to be stumbling blocks for me even as a prolific reader The formatting without spaces after long, overly descriptive paragraphs can hinder readers I found it difficult and a bit tiresome to read for very long, as it appeared to drag along at times The story itself is exceptional, but would like a little faster pace without repetitious statements found primarily in the first half of the story.

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    I received this book on Goodreads in exchange for an honest reviewI have one word to describe this book boring The storyline and plot is weak, the characters are bland and hold no fascinating traits at all, and overall the story was boring.

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    I look forward to the sequel

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    A fascinating and exciting trip into another world through a portal in the pond near Christy s house Christy finds herself forced to help rescue a friend who is pushed into the portal into the unknown she finds her grandfather who has been missing for many years With the help of her grandfather and another young boy who decided to help Christy the travel across this strange world to try to locate another portal for them to return home to their families The excitement and fascinating things they find along the way are wonderous

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    We read this book as a family read aloud with 2 adults and an 8 year old It was entertaining for all of us The book was paced right jumping between a story of what was happening here on earth and what was happening in the empty world This is very light reading with much of the story unfolding at a predictable pace and somewhat far fetched but honestly for light reading as family it was perfect We will be checking out the second book for sure to see how the next part of their journey.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and gave it to my wife to read Previously, she taught grades 5 12, and is currently a literacy coach for her school district She read the book in less than a day, and loved it She plans on reading the other three books in the series, and said she would definitely be recommending it to teachers and students.

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    I luv it so muccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMy mom and I read this together and I wrote this % I luv this book so much from mom This book was entertaining for both parent and child It kept my son interested and looking forward to the next chapter We just downloaded book 2 Can t wait to get started