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Paula Es El Libro M S Conmovedor, M S Personal Y M S Ntimo De Isabel Allende Junto Al Lecho En Que Agonizaba Su Hija Paula, La Gran Narradora Chilena Escribi La Historia De Su Familia Y De S Misma Con El Prop Sito De Regal Rsela A Paula Cuando Sta Superara El Dram Tico Trance El Resultado Se Convirti En Un Autorretrato De Ins Lita Emotividad Y En Una Exquisita Recreaci N De La Sensibilidad De Las Mujeres De Nuestra Poca

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    Isabel Allende has long been my favorite author since I read her House of the Spirits for the first time nearly twenty years ago Since then, I have reread her opus three times, as well as a number of her novels and memoir The Sum of Our Days Until now, however, I had been avoiding her first memoir Paula, which details the year and a half of her life where she dealt with her daughter s long illness that eventually lead to her death Needing a book from the 1990s for my women s 20th century challenge, I decided to grapple with Paula What awaited me was a heart rending account of Allende s in which she details her life up until she started her long goodbye to her daughter After I read The Sum of Our Days, I was left feeling as though I knew Allende well enough to be a friend or relative She has a way of relating herself that one feels like they are sharing a cup of coffee with her and reminiscing If I felt the connection after this memoir, I felt like a close friend of hers following Paula Allende was born in Peru in 1942 as her parents were serving as diplomats in Lima Following the birth of her two brothers, her father Tomas abandoned the family, and Allende s mother retreated with her three young children to Santiago, Chile, the city they had inhabited since the time of the conquistadors It is this city that Allende refers to as home and is the setting of her first three novels and short story collection At the time of this publication while she was grappling with Paula s illness, Allende was unsure if she would ever write fiction again, although, when she resumed, Santiago possessed a magnetic pull and would play a role in most subsequent work Paula unfortunately inherited a disorder called porphyria from her father At age twenty eight after only being married for one year, she experienced complications from the disease and slipped into a coma in a Madrid hospital Her mother and husband rarely left her side for the next six months as doctors repeatedly tested her to see if they could find a break through Isabel could not write, her sole focus being that Paula should get well, and her agent urged her to write Paula a letter Isabel decided to tell Paula the story of their family history, even if she would never experience these memories for herself again It was in this regard that Allende rediscovered her writing voice despite the tragedies befalling her family Allende alternated telling her family s story with the present situation of Paula s illness We learn about Allende s grandparents, the real life inspiration for Esteban and Clara Trueba in House of the Spirits Allende inherited Clara s propensity to communicate with spirits and shared a special relationship with Paula as she lingered between death and life Later she tells us how the overthrow of her uncle Salvador Allende s government lead the family to seek asylum in Venezuela It was in Caracas that Allende became a published novelist and lead her to both fame and a new life in the United States as she reached middle age Yet, just as Allende made a name for herself, Paula fell ill No one should have to bury their children, but Allende put her career on hold so that her daughter would not suffer during the end of her life This book is as much of a letter to Paula as it is to preserve her memories I have read a good many of Allende s books at this point I have experienced a fictionalized version of her family history, but none of her story telling prepared me for this true heart breaking tale I have always enjoyed curling up with Allende s books at any time of the year and still consider her my favorite fiction author Yet seeing how she faced her daughter s illness and eventually recovered to continue her career shows me that Isabel Allende is just as an amazing person I hope that she should not have to experience heart break like this again, and that she should continue writing for the rest of her days As House of the Spirits remains my favorite book of the them all, Paul ranks 4.75 stars.

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    Paula, Isabel AllendePaula is a 1992 memoir by Isabel Allende She intended to write a straightforward narrative about the darkest experience of her own life But the book is a tribute to her deceased daughter Paula Fr as Allende, who fell into a porphyria induced coma in 1991 and never recovered 1999 1378 438 1380 9646961592 1388 9789643724030 20 1991 1992

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    What s difficult to see our daughter die The wild hope of healing then along accompaniment to the end Paula starts with a letter from Isabel Allende to his sick daughter She tells him the story of his family, a saga full of legend and imagination, but the narration of the past was interrupted by the events of the present, the deteriorating health of Paula, disarray, treatments and superstitions try to overcome evil and even the intense moments where you wonder if it would not be better end suffering.Two parallel frames are so woven and family history becomes that of Isabel, his loves, his work and also the history of Chile, difficult hours of the coup, the death of his uncle Salvator Allende, the military regime with its abductions and torture The idea of a letter to his daughter disappeared, there is than writing as a means of survival, as an outlet for emotions unbearable agony of a loved one.Isabel Allende it is counted shamelessly, I wonder how everyone she mentions have received these indiscreet descriptions A moving testimony about the pain of losing a child in a woman s life in particular fate in the turmoil and landscapes of South America.I quote I do not know how and why I write, my books do not come out of the head, they are formed in the womb, are capricious children, with their own life and always willing to deceive me I don t choose the theme, is the theme that chooses me, my work consists in devoting him sufficient time, solitude and discipline, so it is written on their own

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