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Brad Kennison Is A Returned Missionary And A Vietnam Vet Looking For Direction In His Life He Makes A Journey To Israel In The Summer Of , At The Height Of The Uneasy Days Leading Up To The Yom Kippur War Accompanying Him Through The Holy Land Is Miri Shadmi, A Fiery Israeli Committed To The Political Survival Of Her State And Scornful Of Americans Like Brad With Miri As His Reluctant Guide, Brad Feels The Spiritual Impact Of The Garden Of Gethsemane, Relives The Tragedies Of The Holocaust At Yad Vashem, And Visits Israel S Monument To Freedom, Masada Along The Way, The Two Battle About Politics And Religion And Brave A Run In With Arab Terrorists At A Remote Kibbutz Rivalry Soon Gives Way To Romance, And Both Are Forced To Examine Their Commitment To Faith, Family And Country

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    Actually this story takes place in I think Gerald Lund is always a good read Against the political social scene of modern Israel of 30 years ago when the book was first published Gerald weaves a story of compelling mystery, self discovery and romance He brings together 3 major world religions of Judaism, Islam and Mormonism, and does it in a way that leaves the reader with a profound respect for all I gave it 5 stars because I enjoyed it enough to read it twice

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    Very good book, I am grateful for the recommendation I really enjoyed it so than I would have before, because I currently have an Institute teacher who is from Jewish descent, so I feel I can relate to it The whole Jew and Mormon views, after taking his class, and seeing his side of things , knowing there is much to learn from all peoples, and all religions for that matter.

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    I love this novel that Gerald Lund wrote than 25 years ago It s a great adventure and love story set in modern day Israel You follow the story of a returned missionary that is also a veteran, as he seeks to find himself in the land that is deeply part of his faith.

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    Good writing, characters are memorable, convincing and well developed Adventure balanced with romance, politics and history explored along with religion The only two things I didn t like is that Brad, the main character, seems remarkably well adjusted and high functioning for a combat veteran returning from Vietnam in search of spiritual and personal revival I would have liked to see him struggle a little for and eventually find personal redemption a little Some flashbacks to his combat in Vietnam would have provided some important backstory to his character and made him human As he shares his faith with Miri he undergoes a revitalization of appreciation for the truths that help pull him through his trials The other thing I was a little sad the author made Miri give up her homeland of Israel in order to be worthy of Brad Israel is her promise land as a Jew after all So if a Mormon and a Jew get married, do they have to live in Salt Lake City or Israel What if the genders were switched, would the outcome have changed I would have liked to see them at least agree to spend time in both places, and Brad join Miri as a tour guide in Jerusalem hosting visitors from USA That would go along with Brad s passion for educating fellow Mormons about Israel He can t do that nearly as well living in Salt Lake City Overall, it was entertaining and educating to read.

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    This is a story of historical fiction, in addition to a dash of religious fiction It s about a young man named Bradley Kennison, who after serving in the Vietnam war goes to Jerusalem, searching for his purpose in life It s setting follows through after the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, commonly known as the third Arab Israeli War It also concludes with the beginning of the Yon Kippur War, or the fourth Arab Israeli war It took me a few chapters to see past some of his difficult circumstances and enjoy his delightful personality When he met the romantic lead, I couldn t stop feeling excitement about them getting together This book hooked me onto itself all night I could not stop reading until I finished it I d recommend it for young adult readers who are into high action with a pinch of romance.

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    I thought it was an interesting read I liked that there is such a rich backdrop of Isreal in the 70 s The MCs tour and react to some of the great sites to see there, one of which is a memorial of the Holocaust They get caught up in some of the military conflict, as well There is action, heartbreak, and romance.

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    Wonderful characters I enjoyed the rich historical perspective along with the delightful romance Another well written book This drama succeeds as well as the other books written by this gifted author I especially enjoyed the spiritual tone set by brother Lund.

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    One of my favorites I have loved this book since my Mom bought it for me in my early teens It is so well written I m happy it is on kindle now My original copy is worn with age and many readings.

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    Ugh I thought this was going to be a murder mystery set in Israel I was wrong Rude Mormon goes to Jerusalem Meets a Mormon Arab on the plane Converts beautiful Jewish woman to Mormonism The plot was just bad.

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    I loved that the story was set in Israel and I liked learning about their culture and beliefs But I did feel that the plot of the story felt flat and was a little too predictable as is common in lds literature But still a nice read.