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As bubbly as champagne and delectable as wedding cake Once and for All Sarah Dessen's thirteenth novel is set in the world of wedding planning where crises are routine Louna daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett has seen every sort of wedding on the beach at historic mansions in fancy hotels and clubs Perhaps that's why she's cynical about happily ever after endings especially since her own first love ended tragically When Louna meets charming happy go lucky serial dater Ambrose she holds him at arm's length But Ambrose isn't about to be discouraged now that he's met the one girl he really wants Sarah Dessen’s many many fans will adore her latest a richly satisfying enormously entertaining story that has everything—humor romance and an ending both happy and imperfect just like life itself

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    2255 stars Ambrose would again reach out a hand asking me to dance And this time I'd say yes I decided to uote the very last sentence of this book because it was my favorite line throughout this entire thing It meant it was finally over warning unmarked spoilers Huge thank you SarahDessen as I almost forgotten what disappointment felt like This book was supposed to be good It was supposed to be cute It was supposed to make me want to actually leave my house and fall in love with some overly handsome dude What it wasn’t supposed to do was let me down like a casket in a grave After I was finally finished with this trainwreck this was pretty much how I felt about romance in generalPlease don't tell 16 year old Emi that I'm rating a Sarah Dessen book two stars I don't want her coming after me Was I suppose to like Ambrose? Like was it intended for me to think he was amazing and want him to be my boyfriend? Becuase I don't think it was possible for me to hate him any than I already do Luckily Ambrose is an uncommon name because if I ever have to see it again I’d think I’d claw my eyes out Because Ambrose Ambrosia was the most annoying character I have ever read about He wasn't funny or cute or interesting or lovable He was fucking annoying and I was #done with him by chapter three It didn't help that the first time we met him he was flirting with a girl instead of supporting his mother at her wedding He actually delayed the wedding because they couldn't find him Flirting with girls is not important than your mother's wedding He shouldn't have to be told that Later in the book Ambrosia stole a dog from a possibly abusive owner Which is great and all No dog deserves to be abused But he stole the dog and didn't face any conseuences No one got mad at him He didn't get a talking to by the police or anything He stole a dog and everything was okay That's not okayThen we have Louna Louney who is still getting over the death of her boyfriend Ethan I say getting over because she was literally never upset about his death unless it contributed to the plot Which is rarely did I would also have like Louney a lot if she hadn't had sex on the beach and said I love you to Ethan approximately 39 seconds after meeting him Louney works for her mother who is an infamous wedding planner and her mother's business partner William They are all single pringles who hate love and don't believe in happily ever after They also hire Ambrosia to help out at the weddings after he destroys their tape dispenser bc why the hell not I didn't really understand exactly whyOther than the entire wedding thing Louney was one of the most boring protagonists ever I didn't feel any concern for her at all She could have been replaced with a brick and it would have been interesting to read aboutIf you weren't able to predict it Louney and Ambrosia like each other But they don't want to admit it Until Ambrosia does and Louney freaks out for no reason and the second half of this entire book they don't talk to each other Louney starts dating this nice normal not annoying guy named Ben until the last chapter when something happened I was too busy skimming to really understand what happened I think Ambrosia got hit by a car Maybe it was the dog he stole I don't really care to go back and figure it out and Louney decides that she loves Ambrosia and makes out with him whILE SHE'S STILL ON A DATE WITH BEN Because she has no respect So she then starts dating Ambrosia instead and the end The book is over #BenDeservesBetter #WhatEvenWasThatEndingThere was no character development through this entire book Ambrosia was annoying from the beginning to end while Louney was consistently boring I thought maybe Louney's best friend Jilly would have some development She was constantly having to take care of her four brothers and sisters so much that it affected her social life I thought Maybe Jilly will stand up for herself and make her parents take care of their children for once I was wrong Jilly continued to babysit her siblings without even a complaint TBH the only good part of this book was when it finally ended bc it meant that I was free of this prison Maybe next time Sarah Dessen

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    This is the perfect romantic summer read It’s lovely inside and out I received a copy of this book yesterday morning and began reading it the same evening I tried to resist as I already have eight other books lined up just patiently waiting their turn to woo me but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this beauty Bonus it smells really good And guess what? I read it in one sitting I haven’t done that in uite some time if you don’t count graphic novels which don’t take long to finish This is a 360 page novel that I read and read and read without taking any breaks That’s crazy when you think about it since I read on average one page per minute meaning that I spent 6 hours straight reading this Oh my Must get a life But I couldn’t not do that It’s fantastic It’s definitely not a story with happy go lucky kind of characters and an extremely light atmosphere It’s pretty intense actually Louna’s past has some tragedy in it and the wedding planning business is a source of stress for everyone Even I felt stressed out when something went wrongOh but I expected that This is my 5th book from the talented Sarah Dessen I knew to anticipate a love story weaved into a family and friendship centered plot with tons of lessons to learn from and inspirational uotes to ponder Though I think this is the first time I like the secondary however uite present characters—Louna’s mother and her business partner—as much as I do the main ones Ambrose the love interest is the type of guy who lives life one day at a time He is kind and funny as well as fun You can’t get bored when he’s around He pays attention and cares for others Louna is not interested in a relationship after what happened to her ex boyfriend but that doesn’t mean she’s an Ice ueen She’s open to friendship Their relationship evolves very realistically In the beginning Louna misjudges Ambrose and finds him incredibly annoying He’s a womanizer that’s true but he’s respectful and claims he can change his ways He’s warming up to Louna by the day though I must say I enjoyed their fights as much as I did their sweet moments A must read for romance lovers and even those who only want a pleasant summer beach readBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Either I've outgrown Sarah Dessen or this was a huge dip in uality I'm going go do some homework It'll be a better use of my time than reading this mess was ● where ● the ● FUCK ● is the plot ● ?? ● how can you publish a book that has neither plot nor character developmentTHE 2015 DESSEN STAN IN ME IS DISAPPOINTEDIt started out good It even made me laugh — and I found myself shipping loony tunes and embryo “I think” he continued ignoring me “that we met cute Like you dropped a kitten and I picked it up for you”“Why would I drop a kitten?”“Well clearly it was an accident” he replied sliding his other arm around me I told myself not to stiffen then glared at William who had the nerve to laugh out loud “Your hair smells good by the way Is that vanilla?”I didn’t respond to this The photographer now shooting said “Louna can you relax your mouth? You look kind of angry”“Imagine that” I said under my breath BOY WAS I WRONG After 50% of the book the characters STOP TALKING TO EACH OTHER BC EMBRYO SHARED HIS “FEELINGS” AND LOONY TUNES GOT EMBARRASSEDBut wait That’s not even it In the last chapter while she’s dating another guy they kiss out of nowhere And promptly start dating No chemistry Nada WHERE IS THE SENSEI may have been willing to overlook everything else that went wrong if not for the fucKING ROMANCE but tough luck ● william and her mum are both “coupling” ● she completely ditched jilly her best friend of Years ● NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ● nothing made sense tbh ● YOU DON’T HAVE SEX WITH A STRANGER ON THE BEACH IF YOU’VE KNOWN HIM FOR TWO HOURS ● is this NA ● didn’t anybody tell you about stranger danger ● she’s in denial about her bf dying and what does she do about it? ● NOTHING ● she takes out a Saturday night ● says ok I’ll get over him today by donating the dress I wore when I had sex with him ● but oh WAIT her new boyfriend called her ● well ● let’s just forget about closure ● it’s important to be a Wild Teen ● I’m honestly DONE ● I can’t believe I was excited for this?? ● Buddy read with the Harry to my Ron

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    Not my favorite Dessen novel nor my least favorite I would put this in the top 8 if you really want to get detailedI love the aspect of wedding planning in this book Being a wedding photographer myself I understood so many of the situations and people that were a hassle in weddings I also just love weddings in generalLouna was a likable character She was defiantly guarded throughout the novel and we learn why and it 100% makes sense but I wanted to see a tad bit growth from her I enjoyed her character overall and her relationships with her mom and her best friend were amazing Ambrose was just adorable You don't want to love him but you just do He had a great heart but I wasn't a fan of him dating a different girl literally every other day but he definately had amazing growthI liked the romance in this book but didn't love it I didn't feel an intense chemistry between the two for a long time and even then it wasn't 100% there I wanted romance sooner That's the thing with a ton of contemporary books; you get the really good romance the last 15 pagesand then the book's over I need Like I said I enjoyed this book because I love Dessen's writing and her characters and plot and this one was no exception It's not one of my favorites by her but I would definitely recommend it

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    I liked parts of thisUnfortunately those parts didn’t include the love story or the love interest or the sub love story or the setup to the love story or the obstacles to the love story or anything related to the love story otherwise known as the “plot” top to bottomCan’t win em allI do not care for Ambrose the love interest of this little shindig He is an attempt at that trope of the Goofy Charming Flirt who always corresponds to the Uptight Teenage Female With Too Much Responsibility Who Does Not Know How To Let Loose And Also Does Not Know She’s Beautiful except itdoesn’t work? He doesn’t feel goofy or fun or charming Just immature and annoying Am I getting old? No I’ve always been like this I can soothe myself with the thought that I was born grumpy and cynicalI also don’t like cheating as a plotline Sorry I don’t think love stories are fun when the obstacle preventing the two main characters from getting their love on is another person’s emotions and well being What is fun about that I don’t understandFurther I do not like anything about how this book was handled Sarah Dessen books often contain a Social Issue of some sort teen pregnancy drug addiction body image and this one is no exception Except the social issue is uh gun violence? Specifically school shootings?The thing about social issues in Sarah Dessen books is that they’re mostly a thing that is causing Problems for the main character and then when the main character Comes Of Age they also overcome that social issue But view spoilerwhen that social issue is that the main character’s boyfriend was killed in a school shootingit feels weird for that to be overcome in two hundred pages hide spoiler

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    I legit forgot I had to write this review lol jokes on me Let’s be real no one actually goes to weddings for any reason BESDIES the food and the CAKE obvious and the entire theme of this majorly disappointing book is weddings The mc’s mother is a wedding planner and I was super excited to see how this would be bc personally I really enjoy weddings Idk something about the whole festivities and traditions of itits cool as French friesbut you wanna know whats NOT as cool as French fries??THIS BOOK The plot died somewhere around chapter 4 The main character is bland The love interest is a butt head He annoys the hell out of me And he thinks hes super cute The LAST 5 CHAPTERS WERE A TRAGEDY There was no effing point to the book Also view spoilerbeach sex hide spoiler

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    “Some stories tell themselves”I’ve been an avid Sarah Dessen reader since that fateful night that led me to pick up Just Listen years ago And to this day I’m grateful that read was my first choice because it utterly captivated me and cemented my decision to then check out nine books by the authorSo I’ve been clearly patiently waiting for this newest book to come out checking info about it almost monthly since I finished reading Saint Anything in 2015 And thankfully Once and For All lived up to the hype I created in my mindHowever I will admit that I went in a bit hesitant since I recently came upon the realization that I only like a certain type of book when it comes to YA ie not set in high school So the main reason I then ended up enjoying Once and For All was because it was about all family and summers and wedding shenanigans and it felt both real and complexThe last young adult book I read was Nina LaCour’s We Are Okay back in February so I was pleasantly surprised to see this newest Dessen book having a similar structure that I loved in the latter We have switching chapters set between the present and past to give us a full picture of everything seventeen year old Louna Barrett went through in the past yearI felt the latter most critically the moment we found out what exactly happened in Louna’s past to make her so guarded and cynical I had guessed what the addressed topic would be from the start but the details weren’t clear to me until put on paperBut I’m getting ahead of myself Let’s start at the beginning with what I lovedPossible spoilers ahead• The fact that Louna’s mother Natalie and her business partner and best friend William weren’t hopeless romantics when it came to weddings Both had low expectations when it came to men and love “Real love didn’t exist they maintained despite building an entire livelihood based on that very illusion”• Jilly Louna’s best friend having to juggle her four little siblings because her parents were uite busy overlooking “their empire of food trucks” For reasons unknown to me I loved that there was always a little kid around Jilly #Momfriend• Speaking of kids Ambrose Little aka the love interest seemed to behave like one when we first met him what with his “hate not having what I want” approach He also came of as uite arrogant and unnecessarily honest with his antics“Are you serious with all this?”“What this?”I nodded at the door which Grace had left slightly open behind her “The way you talked to her Is it a joke or not?”“I never joke when it comes to pretty girls” he repliedOf course he didn’t“Don’t feel bad about not understanding me though” he said “I’m kind of an enigma Mysterious hard to know”“People that are hard to know don’t often announce the fact they are hard to know” I pointed out”But over time I grew to love how effortlessly he managed to light up any scene with his cheerful and easygoing manner He’s all sunshine and it’s a challenge trying to not get swept up• Also that time he stole a dog from a possible abusive store owner left me with my mouth wide open in both surprise and laughter“I didn’t hear him get called anything did you? Guess that means we can name him whatever we want”We? I thought Out loud I said “What’s Bee going to say about this?”“Oh she’ll be fine She loves animals” The dog finished off the water then sat back and shook its jowls sending droplets flying “And anyway she won’t have to deal with him He’ll go everywhere with me”“On foot” I said clarifying He nodded “What’s going to happen when you crash at people’s houses like last night?”“This is a small dog” he replied “Compact Won’t be a problem”This guy can get out of anything It’s astonishing really • The dynamic between Louna and Ambrose was another thing I adored Their constant give and take was satisfying to witness from the sidelines And really Ambrose is a good soul A bit annoying at times sure but he has good intentions and lights up my day with his antics With the addition of them setting up a bet for the summer I never grew bored with those two on the page• Going behind the scenes of what it really takes to create a wedding was a stressful b entertaining and c utterly mind blowing“This is the first wedding you’ve attended that you weren’t in?”“Yep” he replied “It’s like seeing the man behind the curtain And that man is scary”“Sorry” I said“But that’s the thing” he replied “It’s okay Because when I do get asked to another wedding I won’t go into it thinking about everything that can go wrong I’ll just enjoy the party and the moment”“Good for you I wish I could” I said“You can though”“Nope Too late” I cleared my throat “That ship has sailed Once you see how things can go you can’t unknow it”I felt him look at me and realized this sounded harsh But it was the truth It took a lot to have hope in this world where so little evidence of it existed We may all start in the same place at a church watching a couple begin a whole new life together But what we glimpse beyond that is different for each of us a funhouse mirror reflection of our own experience Maybe if nothing bad had ever happened you didn’t even consider those clouds and storms ahead But for the rest of us even the brightest sunshine carried a chance of rain It was only a matter of time”• Certain storylines were uite predictable from the start but I realize now that that’s not necessarily a negative thing It’s good to have some predictability in life sometimes• But I can’t move on without mentioning how utterly charming the boy of Louna’s past was Their meet cute on the beach was on a whole other level And then getting to see them hang out for the rest of the magical night and connect and talk nonstop was intoxicating“Now in his arms facing the water I could smell salt on his shirt and beneath it the slight tinge of his cologne as well as sweat It would only be a matter of time before someone came along walking with their dog or kid making it clear that the beach and the night were no longer ours alone Thinking this I sueezed my eyes shut tightly again willing time to stop Like the game Ethan played with his friends striking a deal—I would have given anything for a few hours”This is exactly why I prefer sunsets to sunrises because if you just spent the night talking with someone special seeing the sunrise is bound to be a disappointment Nothing signifies that a night is truly over uite like the first hint of light as Dessen put it “yet proof of the intrusion of the world”• Unrelated I started listening to this next song while reading about their hours together coming to an end slowly yet all too uickly and I realized just how fitting the lyrics areBut what I kept repeating to myself throughout this part of the book was to not get sucked into Ethan and Louna’s relationship because it was hinted at from the start that it doesn’t end well“I’d never had this feeling before that something big was about to happen and there was nothing I had to do but wait for it”• So you can only imagine how utterly devastated I was when I came to learn that Ethan Caruso had been the victim of a school shooting only seven months ago That vivid chapter of Louna finding out about the most devastating event of her life was what made the tears finally well up in my eyes“820 I thought I’d just gotten my Spanish uiz Ethan should have been in English trying not to look at the hair of the girl in front of him which he maintained was so greasy it literally dripped onto his desk I knew this I knew everything about him So how did I not know if he was all right?The hallway was emptying as everyone went into classrooms and down the nearby staircase Moments earlier it had been packed elbow to elbow with me just one of a sea of people Now I stood there staring at my screen until all the doors around me shut and I was the only one left standing alone I told myself I wasn’t moving until I knew something that I’d stop time in this interim Later it would seem silly that I thought I could do this have some control over events already unfolded But I believed in a lot of things before I never heard from Ethan again”My stomach dropped at that last sentence They’d had the best night of their lives talked everyday since  every moment really and then one day a tragedy happens and that’s it no plans no talks nothing Just radio silence• After the truth was out in the open I was than invested to see a happy future for Louna And though the ending wrapped up uite loosely and uickly I was still satisfied with where things seemed to head for our main character and the people surrounding her Though the whole Ben storyline was a mess and uncalled for in my opinionAll this to say that I’m still so grateful Sarah Dessen decided to release a brand new book I don't see myself ever tiring of her comforting characters So for now I’m back to patiently waiting for new content hopefully set to arrive in the near future Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Once and For All just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko ficombookspoils

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    Sarah Dessen books usually make me cry a good cry This book did make me want to cry but only because I never ever expected to give the YA Romance ueen’s book a two star rating sniffsI really tried to like it but everything I look for in her novels are missing in Once and for All Usually her books don’t have exciting plots but I still find them substantial Here I thought it was just slow and dull I couldn’t connect with the characters which is a first for my Sarah Dessen experience Honestly it breaks my heart to be saying all these things about the book I usually don’t mind insta love as long as it’s done right or at least realistically but insta love in my opinion can only be as instant as at least a week One night though where everything happens including you know what already and saying “I love yous” is just stretching it too far I would have forgiven this epic romantic failure had there been a great character development but alas there wasn’t so I’m just gonna keep cryingThe only thing consoling me is the knowledge that I saved her other older books Along for the Ride Lock Key and The Truth About Forever because I have a feeling they will revive my love for the ueen Please don’t be discouraged If you want to read her books I suggest you start with the other ones I have already read and loved Someone Like You This Lullaby and my favorite so far Just Listen

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    As a teenager I truly thought no one could write a contemporary like Sarah Dessen I'm not sure if I'm romanticizing her earlier books but this paled in comparison The characters were flat the plot seemed pointless the romance was lame and the writing style was extremely basic The characters in this felt recycled Louna was like the girl from The Truth About Forever and Ambrose was a low budget version of Dexter from This Lullaby After this experience I'm not sure if I should ever reread my old favorites because I might be sorely disappointed

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    This book was alright But mostly disappointingI read it while I was sick and when I'm sick all I want to read is light and fluffy contemporaryFor awhile this was giving me exactly what I wanted Especially as someone currently planning a wedding it was a delight to readAnd then BAM all of a sudden there's a shoot shooting sub plot? What? Where did that come from? Why was I not emotionally prepared for this in any way? A little touch of #toosoon?Also halfway through BAM the characters make a shallow bet about dating? Am I reading a fanfiction? Is this a debut author unsure how to add conflict to her story? No it's Sarah Dessen An acclaimed author On her 13th bookWhy didn't the MC feel like she was dealing with the psychological fallout of her first love dying in a school shooting? Why did it feel like her only struggle was learning to love again? Why did every single character end up happily paired off at the end? I personally loved her mother and gay business partner's alternative relationship What was Jilly's actual purpose in this story? Why did we casually encounter a school shooting and not TALK ABOUT IT?Sigh I still give this 3 stars because I still read the whole thing I still wanted to know what happened But I was shaking my head the whole time because it was predictable and kept delving deeper into tired clichés the further we wentAnd please don't act like school shootings are so common place now that we don't need to treat them seriously even in light fluffy books This MC didn't seem to have spoken to any kind of counselors or emotionally dealt with feelings of safety or anything That's not okay She would not be this okay without dealing with any of that