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Called “the reigning ueen of paranormal romance” by Publishers Weekly New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan offers an imaginative blend of sensual romance fast paced adventure and the paranormal that has thrilled countless readers Now she tells the story of Abigail Drake of the magical Drake sisters — seven elementally gifted sisters and their prophecy of loveAs the third daughter in a magical bloodline Abigail Drake was born with a mystical affinity for water and possessed a particularly strong bond with dolphins She spent her entire life studying them learning from them and swimming among them in the waters off her hometown of Sea Haven Until the day Abby witnessed a cold blooded murder on shore and found herself fleeing for her life — right into the arms of Aleksandr Volstov He’s an Interpol agent on the trail of stolen Russian antiuities a relentless man who gets what he goes after — and the man who broke Abby’s heart But he isn’t going to let the only woman he ever loved be placed in harm’s way — or slip away from his embrace

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    We return to the magical world of the Drake Sisters Oceans of Fire is the 3rd book in the enchanting Drake Sisters Series written by one of my most favorite PNR authors Christine Feehan From the moment I read the first paragraph – I was hookedMurder intrigue Russian mob Interpol spies second chances love romance magic mystical powers family secrets dangerfrom the moment Abigail Drake finds herself and witness to a murder whilst swimming with dolphins and meeting up with a Russian Interpol agent who she has a past history withit becomes a journey of not only keeping themselves alive and discovering the love that has never died between the two of themThe love story of Abigail Drake and her true soul mate Alesandr Volstov I adored the storyline with the dolphinstotal magic I am really enjoying this series I love the Drake sisters dynamics the magic and love they share with each other and totally fabulous meeting each member of the “family” The I discover about them the I become enchanted with themThere are some amazing secondary characters and I can’t wait to read about the sistersThis is yet another fantastic series by this author

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    35 StarsIt's been so long since I picked up a book from this fab series The Drake sisters used to be one of my book buddies that I happily visited and revisited a fair bit years ago and whilst it took me a little while to sink into this book this time around at the start things are slow going by the end of chapter 3 I found myself enjoying my re read The Drake sisters are powerful women and a wonderful group of sisters with distinct personalities and sass that manifests in different and lovely ways The dynamic between the sisters is always one I enjoy There’s a lot in this book to name a few things murder romance magic intrigue the Russian mob Interpol spies second chances and danger yet it all weaves together nicely This book focuses primarily on the third Drake sister Abigail aka Abbey who has a mystical affinity for water and its creaturestreasures The author does well in depicting emotional intensity and conflict in this book When the man Abbey lovedloves enters the picture once again well it’s not all fun and games danger lurks nearby Alexandr Volstov is an Interpol agent although that label doesn’t really highlight all he does and all he is He has come to the USA for two key reasons one has to do with workduty and the other potent reason to win back the only woman he's ever loved the only woman who could bring him peace—AbbeyThe secondary characters add a nice layer to the tale for example Jonas is an entertaining character the denial he is in when it comes to Hannah lordy view spoilerluckily I know he wakes up to his feelings although it takes longer than I would have liked but the ride is an entertainingengaging one hide spoiler

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    He bent his head toward her upturned face until their lips were a breath apart You know me better than any person alive You know the truth about who and what I am I gave you the truth when you asked for it I said I loved you with everything in me I don't love easily but I love completely I want you back Abbey and I'm going to do whatever it takes Aleksandr In ”Oceans of Fire”the third book in the ”Drake Sisters” series we are back to Sea Haven on the northern California coast where Abigail Drake witnesses a murder and reunites with the man who once a long time ago broke her heartHe is intent on finding the people who murdered his partnerand winning back the only woman he have ever lovedWhat a splendidexoticsuspenseful and magical adventure this book deliveredAbigail Drake is one of the sisters that has always intruged me in the former booksas i knew the cause of her unhappinessShe is a free spirit who travels around the world and swims along with wild dolphins and whalesShe have the gift of seeking for truthwhich sometimes even have gotten her in troubleI really wondered what the hell happened between Abigail and her hero the russian steel hearted and cold blooded Interpol agent Aleksandr Volstov that made it so painful for her to even remember a memory of himWhen everything was in the open i had to gasp with the unfairness of the situation He was born to be a weapon for the russia government which made him acuiring natural reflexesabilities and building like the perfect warrior That Aleksandr had to make the hardest sacrifice of them alland when it all slipped out of his controlhe lost his AbigailI love that he send love letters all those years of separationand that it killed him when every letter got send back to him unopened I love that he searched for herand when he eventually finds herhe fights for herThe scenes when he calls her ” lyubof maya made me swoon cuz it means in russia love minethose scenes made me want to faint cuz it was sooo romanticAbigail and Aleksandr are two very different peoplebut blend into one perfectlyThey are perfect togetherand their love as passionateas eternal and faithful as the unending seaHe reached for her pulled her closer That's how I feel about you You remind me of your sea So often fishermen will say the sea is their mistress and she's in their blood He kissed her neck stroked his hands from her breasts to her belly The golden links of the chain around her waist were already cooling in the night air but served to fuel the growing heat in his groin You're in my blood Abbey I don't even want to get you out AleksandrPoor Jonas Harrington is getting to be the victim of jealousy from these heroesjust cuz of his close bond to the Drake sistersBut we all know he is madly in love and in denial about it with Hannah Drakeand both of them still tries to make the others life miserableJackson`s uiet and tortured nature takes my breath awayand i was so excited to watch Ilya Prakenskii appearand meet his soulmate Joley DrakeWheww their scene together was FIREWORKS all over the placeand i can`t wait for their book in ”Turbulent Sea”Aunt Carol is such a flirt and i adore hershe added much humor to the storyAunt Blythe got mentionedwhich makes me wonder if she is the same Blythe who is the heroine in ”Bound Together”i wonder?This book is a perfect mix of romanceaction and suspense with very AND VEERYY sizzling sex scenesi mean Abigail and Aleksandr in that hot tubjustyeah made it hootterI feel like one in the family with Drake sisterstheir tight and caring bond and affection for each other is one of the things i love most about these seriesAleksandr and Abigail are two persons who found love when they least expected itand in the long run they trustcherish and protect each otherThey are euals in every way and line and will alwasy love each other for who they areTogether they are magicand Christine Feehan created a very riveting and sizzling journey for them in ”Oceans of Fire”and damn itthis series is only getting better

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    There were things I loved about this book but it was a bit of a slow read I think it's because I started reading Feehan with her Ghostwalkers and I got used to the near constant adrenaline rush of those stories One good thing about this book and the Drake sister series is the focus is really on the heroine So if you like strong heroine oriented romances you should read these booksI like the idea of a family of sisters who are bound together by intense love and loyalty I loved the scenes where they are chatting and kidding around But I have to admit I found the slice of life stuff in Sea Harbor a bit tedious I don't know I guess the happenings in Sea Harbor don't grab my interest that much I did like the bit about the rivalry between the Drake sisters and Sylvia Aunt Carol is a hoot as wellAlexsandr was very yummy Can I get one of him? I wasn't expecting him to be on the dangerous side That was so cool that he worked for Interpol He was a guy I could like and respect although he was considered shady and morally flexible I didn't think of him that way at all Before I read this story I thought he'd be really straight and narrow and maybe a little boring compared to Ilya and the Ghostwalkers but he had dark edge that I loved I don't know why I thought that when it's clear that Ms Feehan writes some pretty excellent heroes As much as I liked Alexsandr I have to say that Ilya stole the show and is the star hero in the Drake series for me I just love that man He was in this book enough just to tease and torment me They talked about him a lot and I was smiling goofily the whole time I am almost at the point where I'm considering a reread of Turbulent Sea just to get some Ilya time big grin But since this is Oceans of Fire we're talking about I should get back on topic Abbey was a good heroine She was strong yet vulnerable I could understand why she didn't want to trust Alexsandr and let him back into her heart although I wanted her to She didn't really understand what he had to go through and why he 'left' her in that situation She drew away from him to save herself because the pain of his betrayal almost killed her emotionally I didn't feel like she was too stupid to live about that I think there are times when you love someone so much that they can tear a hole in your heart and you cannot survive unless you get some distance away from that personOn the other hand I could see where Alexsandr is coming from He was in a bad situation and had some conflicted loyalties What he was trying to accomplish did reuire a sacrifice and he made the best decision he could and it cost him his relationship with Abbey Four years is a long time to live with regrets and to have to face the loss of one's true love It was clear how much he suffered He didn't want to fall in love He was all about his work in law enforcement but love walked in and took his heart So he was really in between a rock and a hard place I feel that Alexsandr truly did show steadfast love for Abbey and that spoke louder than what his actions appeared to show Let's just say it was a very complicated situationAs an animal lover I was very entertained by the interactions with the dolphins They are such intelligent interesting animals You could tell that Ms Feehan did her research on dolphins and this part of the story felt authentic without going into 'info dump' territory And the descriptions of the coast and the ocean made me miss living in San Diego really really bad The ocean has a beauty that goes into your soul and doesn't let go Ms Feehan really showed this well in Oceans of FireI'm not a big fan of the witch storyline but Feehan does it well I'd be a complete idiot to complain about the witch parts since I read this book knowing that it is about witches so I won't It's interesting in a way but my paranormal interests really don't go in this direction I do like how they use their power to help others and can heal and control animals and the wind That's pretty cool All the herbs Sort of I'm interested in herbs to be honest candles and various witchy accoutrements and their rituals was a little boring for me at times Nothing against that just not my cup of tea One thing I do like about this book is the way the descriptions of the witchy aspects of the Drake sisters sends a chill down my spine at certain times I feel that the power of the Drake sisters comes off pretty eerie And I'm all about eeriescaryfrightening stuff in fiction Maybe too much at times Ask my sister about that I kind of feel sorry for the men in their lives because that aspect is probably really weird to someone not used to it That house kind of gives me the creeps Yeah a house that comes alive Not for me Poor Jonas has been around it most of his life and he still hasn't gotten used to itI just love Jonas He's so fun to read about He says the most entertaining things and he is so in love with Hannah and totally in denial about it I'd like to see of Jackson His dangerous strong silent character is calling my name I love the Drake sisters and Ms Feehan does such a good job of making them uniue from each other They all have interesting personalities and seem to support and love each other as sisters and friends Their girl talk is a lot of fun to read Hannah is so sweet I just want to hug her Joley is outrageous and fun reminding me of my aunt Sarah is very mature and protective Kate is nurturing Libby would bend over backwards to help ease someone's pain and Elle is calm and loving What a great family So I'd give this a very solid four stars for the good things Alexsandr Abbey the Drake Sisters the sexy Russian hero aspects the sexy dangerous hero aspects Ilya Ilya I wrote that twice on purpose the descrptions of the ocean and coastal life and the dolphins It could have be a interesting read but it was definitely a good read

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    375 to 4 StarsMake no mistake going into this story that you will find sweetnessthis book is charge with high intensity of emotions and some subject matters not for the faint of heartthere is murder that heroine witnessed at the very beginning of the book and there is the betrayal of the Hero and what the heroine had to go through during that timeits raw and painful the struggle the heroine was enduring on the daily basis from the damage caused by his actions was evident and real I understood his position and the reasons behind although at times it was hard for me to accept itI know we need people like the Hero doing the job bringing the bad guys downyou know someone has to but at what cost? It seems nothing is without a price and the knowledge of it is harsh and gut wrenching I felt the heroine's pain and that was real to me there was no sugar coating and Feehan created a very realistic portrayal of the choices people have to make often at a sacrifice Nonetheless that did not made it easier for me to understand it There was no room for someone like her in hislife He needed a woman who would take second place a back seat to his job and his tremendous driveand need to succeed at whatever he was doing Someone who would never uestion him too closely abouthis methods of investigationCan you imagine the man you love has to do his job as investigatorundercover cop and do things that are uestionable on the moral spectrum? Where do you draw the line? In the name of security and protection of your country? Trying to prevent a killer from abusing and killing children on the streets? And yes it isn’t always pretty and wrapped up in a neat bow In order for me to trackthe kind of criminals I normally track I have to get down in the filth and slime with them There are evilpeople in this world truly evil Abbey I chase them And I do my best to bring them to justice It isn’talways possible to use acceptable civilized rules in order to stop them When you go after evil or sickpeople who have no rules you have to do whatever it takes There are times I have to do things I’m notproud ofBut on the other side would you not feel the same as heroine did? “It isn’t that I don’t love you Aleksandr I loved you with everything in me I admire your strength ofresolve and respect your determination that is so much a part of you I know it’s what makes yousuccessful at the things you do But at the same time I don’t think I can live with them” Someday you’ll be working on something terrible some hideous crime and you’ll have to make decisions I’m not certain I can faceThere are no winners for both of them I accept in this complex world nothing is black and white so I was not judging either of them although the chemistry was intense the romance part suffered from those conflictsthe heroine was very indecisive on whether she would forgive himaccept him and stay in a relationship with himthere was so much back and forth at times I had a hard time connecting to them hence my romantic in me was let down I think I prefer my main couple to have mutual understanding on their feelings and being consistent with itThis was however a rollercoaster ride that I am not sure I was always enjoying What HELPED was the Alpha male Hero would fight to his death in order to win the heroine's heart againhe was possessive demanding and faithful hence the past 4 years he stays celibate and no woman interested himhe was all about the heroine and his many letters he wrote to her after their brutal separation is a testimony for the depth of his feelings for heralthough I did not always agree on his decisions He did however uit his job at the Interpol all for the heroine so that was a positive lightlet's not forget about the incredible vivid descriptions of dolphins and their interactions with the heroine and later on with the Herosuch beautiful creaturesI was mesmerised by their intelligence and beautyalso the interactions with the sisters were so uniuethe use of magicstones and rituals was very interested and captivating to read and their loyalties to one another was an experience I found endearing and admirable Safety Gang view spoilerWe are reading a second chance romance so the Hero and heroine were intimate before their separationit lasted 4 years and upon that time both stayed celibatethere was no mentioning of his past sexual life I assume he was experienced but definitely he was not a manwhore which is great lolhe was mostly invested in his job and could not afford to stay close to anyone except the heroine and there was nothing on the heroine's sexual pastI think its implied that she was a virgin upon meeting the Hero no OMOW drama except the heroine was distressed seeing the Hero with OW at a gallery but that was a part of his investigation and nothing happened he wanted to see some paintings and she came towards him but because he needed that information he allowed the OW to take him to that room and she took his hand and later tried to come on to him he was blocking her advances and it was not really a threat so I was just not bothered by it hide spoiler

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    After a tragic incident four years ago that has lost her her love and her self esteem Abigail Abbey Drake the third of the seven Drake sisters doesn't trust her magic any longer The traumatic experience has turned her into a loner spending most of her time with her sisters and even swimming with dolphins One evening after returning from one such swim she witnesses a murder resulting in her being briefly held at gunpoint staring into deep blue eyes she left behind four years agoAlexandr Volstov an Interpol agent and then some had two reasons for coming to America One was to uncover the criminal organization smuggling antiues from Russia The other was to try and win back the heart of the only woman he's ever loved the only woman who could bring him peace—AbbeyOn the adventurous journey to find the smugglersand the path back into each other's embracethey'll have to deal with six meddling sisters one meddling aunt a Russian crime lord trying to get a dirty bomb into the US and a Russian hotshot hit man with his own agendaThe first in this series that didn't suffer a rating drop on a re read Mostly because whatever I disliked in this book I already disliked on the first read and what I did like I liked even better this second time aroundThe story was plausible yes even the magic part with all the smugglers traipsing about a sleepy coastal town in California men trying to find the smugglers men not being what they seemed etc the characters were nicely developed the dialogue was snappy and the humor what there was was greatWhile I didn't much appreciate the dynamic between the seven Drake sisters in the first two installments I loved their relationship in this book and even the bratty Hannah has managed to grow up enough in between to keep me from getting the hives each time she was on the pageI like most Christine Feehan's heroes She knows how to write them dark broody slightly overbearing and all the way mouth watering And although I never thought a Russian accent to be sexy and I'll admit Alexandr Sasha Volstov didn't exactly make my heart go all aflutter how can he when he's sharing his book with the ultimate Russian hottie Ilya Prakenskii he was still a typical Feehan hero All stubborn and male and refusing to back down no matter what Because yes he was there in an official capacity but let's face it he came for the girl and he was determined to get the girl or die trying Which he almost didIt was the girl in uestion that was the biggest problem this story had She was all over the place with her emotions her indecision and her stubbornness to face facts; with herself with her man and with their future She was annoying as hell blowing hot and cold and before the half mark I wanted someone to shake her until her teeth rattledI know she lived through a traumatic experience through what she deemed a betrayal by the man she loved but the whole I'm hurting so I'll hurt you as well got a little old a little too fastI mean make up your damn mind It was as Alexandr said I'm condemned no matter what You can't be pissed off at him for betraying you and doing everything in his power to get you to safety You can't have it both ways child pick one And then move on for Pete's sakeThe rest was great the sisters Jonas Ilya and his first meeting with Joley was it just me or did those two have chemistry in their one tiny scene together than all three couples so far combined? the action scenes the suspenseCan't complain except about Abbey of course

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    This is the second book from Feehan that I have attempted to read but failed to complete because I just couldn’t make myself do itAdmittedly it may be unfair to make judgments about an author's body of work based on only two of her books However as I see it the experience I had with 100% of the Feehan books that I read can be described as mind numbing The two books I read were from two different Feehan series Drake Sisters and Carpathians Feehan doesn't seem to be able to develop her characters in such a way as to make the reader care about what happens to them Instead Feehan picks a few bits of information and beats the reader repeatedly about the head and neck with those couple of details OK OK We get it The heroine was hurt by her lover She cannot forgive him Say it once maybe five times—tops There is no need to have the character proclaim this twenty times then have supporting characters mention it twenty times each then have the narrator restate it twenty timesThere are things that I could say to discourage you from wasting your time on Oceans of Fire but they might be considered spoilers Instead I’ll pass on some advice Do yourself a favor and skip this book

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    Who you may wonder is the reigning ueen of paranormal romance? Why it’s none other than Christian Feehan a pleasantly plump mother of 11 with a 3rd degree black belt in Korean Karate That little bit of background makes this book all the funny This like all romances is formulaic There is a girl and a guy who love each other but don’t want to or are held apart by some conflict fall into lusty sex anyway realize that good sex true love is the most important thing in the world they’re always linked and true love good sex triumphs Sometimes they also solve a crime Like in this one where 7 sisters with magical powers discover terrorists trying to sneak a dirty bomb into the country through a sleepy beach town in California Gone are our days of innocence terrorists have even taken over our romance novels Other details like paparazzi the Russian mafia the red hat society and some science on dolphins help break up the dirty parts All I can say on the subject is “She could feel him in her womb” is not sexy nor physically possible I’m pretty sure It really didn’t need to be repeated 8 times

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    Continuing with the Drake SistersAbbey gets a second chance romance with Russian interpol officer Aleksandr he's a spy though he never actually calls himself a spy Two years earlier they were completely in love with each other for a few weeks back in Russia while Abbey was helping Aleksandr with a case Then things blew up in her face and he betrayed her beyond belief She's been avoiding him ever since while Aleksandr has been searching for her everywhere trying to explain what happened Now she's witnessed his partner's murder and he's ecstatic that he's found her again but he has to protect her while he's trying to woo her back And he certainly doesn't have an easy time of it His betrayal messed Abbey up and she's not trusting very easily this time around nor is she very comfortable with the ruthless man he is this time I'm not a fan of second chance romances nor mafia storiesso this had a few strikes against it I'll definitely say that I prefer this type of second chance romance when I'm faced with it where the heroine really makes the hero work for it Even after minor victories he's constantly besieged by setbacks and has to climb his way back into her good graces It's not uite a grovel because he only says sorry once and I didn't feel the remorse though he certainly does regret what he did but only because he's having a damn hard time getting her back But it is satisfying to watch him suffer a bit And it does feel like Abbey finally does forgive him for his actions once she knows what really happened but I wasn't totally sold on their HEA As Abbey describes him Aleksandr is cold and ruthless and she has serious concerns about what awful things he'd do in the name of his brand of justice But she doesn't ever really seem to grow past that and I didn't feel she was comfortable with their relationship even in the end I mean she never put on the engagement ring and she still seemed resistant to marrying him And she didn't really came to terms with his ruthlessness only the fact that he gave up the dangerous job and was going to move back homeso I guess less opportunity to use it but she didn't accept it So that felt a bit uestionable But no doubt their romance was definitely hot and brimming with chemistry In contrast to the second story in this series which is entirely paranormal suspense this is basically a suspense romance with some paranormal aspects to it and it's a pretty gripping story I did enjoy trying to find out who the bad guys were and seeing the sisters do their battleand the little teasers about Prakenskii I do wish we'd gotten a bit of resolution regarding Abbey's fears of using her powers She gets a bit comfortable knowing that her sisters have used their powers incorrectly but she never builds up confidence in her own powers and doesn't really use them all that much

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    It was OK but it took a lot of patience for me to get through the first part of the book until it warmed up and became OK it was never actively good and I kind of had to force myself to pick it up and keep goingWhat I liked about it; Christine Feehan's writting I just like her style her descriptiveness her obsession with Russian men makes me giggle and the action scenes she weaves around her Russian men are always engrossing I find her concept of a magical supportive women's collective thoroughly addictive and it makes for a perfect comfort background for romance This is the first book of the second series of hers I have read with these features and I l was entirely impressed by the first seriesAlso I loved the adorably naive notion that a grown woman can earn a living by going around the world swimming with dolphins and be 'a scientist'Unfortunately the things I did not like eclipsed the things I did like It is not really a good sign when you almost put down a book and stop reading three times before page 60 While my feelings for all the other books I have read by Christine ranged from fond to strongly enthusiastic this was not the case with the Drake#3Also maybe spoilers? Not sure Maybe don't keep reading this review if you plan to read OceansIn a romance the initial meeting between the two protagonists is of massive importance it sets the scene for the whole story; chase romance sex All of it so when that first meeting repels the reader it is going to be at best a long hard fight to win them back And that is if the reader even consents to being won back they might just put down the book and donate it to lifeline as I almost didDid I use the word ‘consent’? Of course I didRomance Love and Lust writing has come a long way since the 60’s and 70’s which still used non consensual plot elements such as rape forced marriages stalking and similar At the time we thought nothing of it but that often does not swing any in most mainstream writing many most? of us want our romance non creepyIn the first part of ‘Oceans’ we are introduced to our leading lady Abigail who is swimming with dolphins then we have a bit of fast paced thriller ish action no spoilers after which our leading man is introduced to the plot That is when I started having issues Abigail tells him to go away he doesn’t He takes control of her when she is incapacitated lies about his relationship with her to her friends and family who unbelievably accept this and then takes her upstairs and undresses her for the noblest of reasons SURE while she is still all but comatose Then when he finally leaves he lurks at the windows spying on her and her sisters and eventually breaks in to the house to access AbigailCreepy Stalkerish Rapey and generally not anything I enjoyed reading These are the things in the first 60 odd pages which made me nearly put down the book terminally My previous reading history with the author induced me very reluctantly to keep readingMy next hurdle was Abigail herself She hates him he betrayed her she never wants to see him again he broke her heartSure I'll go sea kayaking with you tomorrowHe is not trustworthy he lied to me I can never trust him again how can my sisters encourage him sure I'll go on a date with you then home with you and fuck all nightThat level of indecisive dumbness makes it very hard for me to care at all about the leading lady and so I didn't care I didn't believe in the romance the leading lady or the relationship The cutesy again non consensual conclusion would have induced a barf repose except I didn't care enough about the participants to botherPS Warning womb writing; you know books that in sex scenes keep harping on women feeling attraction to the man 'in their womb' First; Ick Second; there are not a lot of nerves in the uterus so unlikely Third; Ick