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Megan Has Spent Forever Planning Her Positively Purple Birthday Sleepover She S Even Made Glittery Purple Invitations For Every Girl In Her Class Then A New Girl, Alexis Powell, Joins Their Class Alexis Seems Perfect She S Smart, Pretty, And Rules The Soccer Games On The Playground But No Matter How Hard Megan Tries To Be A Friend To Alexis, The New Girl Is Aloof Or Rude At First Megan Thinks Alexis Is Shy Then Megan Starts To Fear That Alexis Is Treating Her Differently Because She S Deaf When The Girls Are Forced To Collaborate On A Science Fair Project, Megan Learns The Truth And Realizes That Nobody S Perfect Once Again Marlee Matlin Draws On Experiences From Her Own Childhood To Tell Megan S Story In This Funny, Poignant Book, Readers Will Root For Megan, A Spirited Young Girl Who Doesn T Let Anything Stand In Her Way

10 thoughts on “Nobody's Perfect

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    the best book ever everyone should read it i haven t read anything this good in a LONG time

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    I love this book, it talks about friendship and most importantly that noone is perfect The is something betterthan being just like everyone else I learned that life is not only thinking about your future, its about knowing that everyday that goes by, your one step closer to happiness I love this book so much, and recommend this book to everyone, it helped me understand also that being yourself and doing your best, that is what is essential in life Nver take things for granted, because you never know when it might disappear.

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    I am almost positive I read this in 2008 but it might have been late 2007 I had gotten an autographed copy for Christmas from my aunt and I read it soon after I thought it was funny and cool to read about a girl named Alexis that was so much like me I play soccer, keep my grades up, and my name is Alexis In the book Leading Ladies I also find out that she plays the French Horn like me It s freaky how that is I really liked this book.

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    Megan can t wait for her positively purple birthday party, but her perfect plans get derailed when a new girl, Alexis, joins her class and rebuffs Megan s invitation and brushes off all of Megan s attempts to be friendly When Megan teaches Alexis s autistic brother some basic sign language, it opens up communication with both him and Alexis.

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    I think I would have liked the book better if I read it as a child I wish that autism was explained a little bit in children s terms of course A great story about a couple of 4th graders that are going to do a project together and the reader find out why one of the girls comes off as being rude.

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    this book is about a girl that loves purple she has one year planning her purple sleepover party.then,this new girl arrives to her the begining,megan thinks that the new girl is shy But she figure out the truth

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    I really enjoyed reading this book Its all about a girl named megan who is deaf and she has this one girl who is kind of rude to her because of it.

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    Cute continuation of Matlin s earlier character, Megan.

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    This is the companion book to Deaf Child Crossing, it is also the prequal to leading ladies.

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    The main character is deaf, as is the author A secondary character is autistic.