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When Bast Picks Up Trick, A Street Hustler With Few Prospects, Trick Is Prepared To Play Along, To Have Some Fun He Figures He S Got A Good Thing Going With Free Room And Board, So Why Rock The Boat What He S Not Prepared For Is Falling In Love Good Thing For Him The Obsession Is Shared On Both Sides, Bast Falling For Him Just As Quickly, Needing Him Just As Much As Trick Needs Bast Trouble Waits Just Around The Corner For Them, Though Bast Is Far Older Than Trick Can Even Imagine, And He Has Another Lust That S Just As Pressing As His Love For Trick Trick Thinks It S All Fun And Games For A While, But He Learns Soon Enough That Certain Things About Bast S Life Are Deadly Serious And Deadly Will Bast S Vampire Nature Drive He And Trick Apart Or Can Trick Accept That Need Takes All Forms, And Give Himself To Bast Completely

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    WhoaaaaaaaThat s what I call a erotic book LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT ok ok sorry I m calm nowWell, this INCREDIBLE erotic M M novel is astonishing From the way Trick call his lover Baby boy to the drama when he discover that Bast is not an 16 18 years old guy but a 750 years old vampire , everything in book scream SEX Love it, and can t give less than 5 stars I almost take 2 stars because I get sometimes confused when Bast and Bael where together WTF With all the names to choose why the writer take two so similar And best friends That was reeeeeeeally necessary two names sooooo similar , but no thinking better it s a 5 star book If you read it just take care reading scenes with Bast and Bael or you may, like me, get wrong who Trick is f ing

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    This should have been my kind of book in so many ways, but it wasn t.It s the story of 750 year old vampire Bast, who was made into a vampire in his teens, and the young street hustler Trick The re both sweet and sexy in their own ways, and like I said, this could have been so good.The pros Bast is the rarest of vampires he s not an Alpha This is great news for me, since I m not into Alpha males view spoiler Bast is even usually the bottom when they have sex hide spoiler

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    Sebastian, Bast, is 750 years old vampire who looks like a sixteen years old kid And like all the kis, he love dancing, music and funny But like a man who has seen all in your life, he loves sex But, even if sex for the sake of sex is good, he needs something else, something Trick is a 20 years old hustler He has a gentle soul, but really, is true problems at the moment, is gain enough money to eat So when he meets Bast is like a dream Bast is rich but he is also kind and caring For the first time in his life, Trick wants badly to trust someone else But when Bast reveal his segret, what really upset Trick is that Bast was not sincere from the first time He can deal with the vampire being of Bast But with the sincerety and the trust, arrives also the love But an immortal vampire can love a mortal human I like very much the character of Bast he has the fragility of a teenager inside the mind of a very old and savy person He is strong for the others, but can suffer a lot for love he is open and trusting Trick instead is very closed he is like an animal badly beaten who has to learn to trust again but, even if he is poor, what he needs are not money but love, a lot of love.http www. dp 193338977X

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    Classic case of too much sex and not enough story Not to say a plain old steamy erotica can t be a great read It s when an erotica leaves you bored and wishing they would just stop having sex that something has gone drastically wrong Now, I do like Sean Michael There is a little place in my heart for these types of guilty pleasures, but Need just didn t live up to the author s other works I d personally recommend skipping this one and picking up something else like Three Wishes with lots of VARIED sex and characters you actually get to know and understand.

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    Not that the plot be without potential or the writing bad, quite the contrary I am a sucker for slash vampire stories the ingredients for a good vampire hunk vs human hunk interaction are always the same, nobody cares about originality.Whithin limits, of course.Here the characters are hard to believe, their personal development and interaction unclear, sex scenes repetitive and full of high sounding sentences and poor in excitement.

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    Strong on the erotica side of the scale, but a little weak on plot Other than a bit of a freak out by Trick upon learning that Bast is a vampire, the majority of the rest of the story is about how many different ways the two of them can go at it like bunnies and just how much amped up the pleasure can be when you decide to donate a little blood in the process I wasn t quite as keen on the playing they pursued, but I m not really complaining I have nothing against erotica

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    I didn t know how many stars to give this book, two seems harsh but three seems generous lol The book starts good, but then it just goes waaaaaay wrong, its like of all the places he could have taken this book he didn t he just thought that trick and bast were enough when there should have been a better plot really, about as interesting as it got was Trick running off for three pages and then returning like oh wait, doesn t matter I don t know it just ended tacky and yeh not good.

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    I wavered between 4 and 5 stars I can gripe all I want about repetitive nicknames Sweets sounded hot though or sex, but you can t knock a good erotic vampire M M romance down The book is called need and I felt the MC s did NEED each other No big plot was necessary to show the newness of this relationship Romantics at heart will most likely enjoy this story.

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    Thought this was good, although there is sex than plot, it isn t quite PWP Would like to have info on the vampiric aspect of the tale Endearing characters, both needy and full of angst, and that just does it for me Will start the sequel, Chosen, next.

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    This is my type of vamp book I like them gay fun and dancing This is quite a tender story as vampires go but defo going onto my re read list Bast and Trick are fab main characters which of course always helps