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In Caroline Cossey, Who Was Born Male, Made An Appeal To The European Commission Of Human Rights She Was Fighting For The Legal Right To Marry As A Woman The Author Tells Of Her Childhood In Norfolk, The Operations That Liberated Her Sexually And Her Persecution By The Tabloid Press

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    This book was first published in 1991 That is when I read it I loaned it to someone and never got it back Years later I wanted to re read it and discovered it had become a collectors book Not too many were for sale and the prices were astronomical I finally found an unused paper back copy online from a church library It wasn t cheap but under 60.00 is a bargain for this book Christine Cossey was born a boy in 1954 in Northern England Looking at the pictures in the book, especially the one when he was fifteen, it is quite apparent that this boy was not a typical boy It has been so long since I read the book that I don t remember all the details but I remember he knew something wasn t right from a very young age His hers was one of the first transsexual cases and although the surgery was a fabulous success I would have given anything to look like her , the legal problems she faced were horrendous At one point she had to appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights to validate her status as female and marry a man They denied it As I said, I don t remember the details but she did get married although I think she had to leave England to do it Initially she worked in a choirs line but went on to become on of the most famous models of that generation.If you have ever wondered why a person would want to change their sex, you should read this book Unless you are completely trans phobic I don t see how anyone could say that after reading this book they still don t understand Checking on I see that she wrote another book which now holds the heavy price tag Copies of the edition I have are very affordable now.

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    Very powerful, moving autobiography The author s voice rings clearly throughout the story as she courageously shares deeply personal elements of her story cw stark descriptions of transantagonist violence including medical, sexual, and intimate partner violence, aggressive harassment by the media

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    Ms Cossey s story is inspiring and heartbreaking Stories like hers that make me appreciate the challenges facing transgender people, and transgender women in particular Despite her fame and success as a model, the story of her transition, once it was known, was often turned into a spectacle in the press Her brief early marriage is a truly tragic turn in her life, and it cheered me to know that she has found love and a devoted husband since the completion of this book Her memoir also explains her efforts in Great Britain to fight for transgender marriage equality, long before the marriage equality ruling in the United States When I was in my teens, I distinctly remember seeing her on the Phil Donahue show, and first recognizing, in her, that some of my own dreams could actually become a reality And it was great to read her book, which showed her to be a very strong woman The reaction of her parents, especially for the time period, gives me hope that a mother and father can be loving toward their child, even when that child is transgender.

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    With the increased awareness and social acceptance our community enjoys in todays society, it s easy to forget that things weren t always this way Much of the freedom and acceptance we enjoy has been hard fought and built on the lessons from the lives of role models who have not just had the courage and determination to be themselves, but also to stand up, broadcast and campaign for the moral rights and justice of a largely hidden community.Caroline Cossey is one such person and My Story is the wonderfully written, emotional and uplifting account of her living in the face of considerable adversity It s a compelling read, which has recently been re imagined as an audio book, brought to life by Katherine Fenton I bought both versions as part of a deal from the website, never regretting it for a moment and returning to them often.Each version of my story has a unique special quality The kindle version is beautifully written, an honest and open account of Caroline s experience growing up transgender The Audible version, skilfully read as it is, adds a richness of emotions, which draws you into her most desperate of moments as well as the most joyful of highs Both will leave an impression on you, hopefully inspiring you to find the same courage and determination of this rare woman, leading to you finding the same belief in yourself My Story falls neatly into three sections, the first tells of Caroline s early years growing up and her first tentative steps leading to her transition The second, tells of the battle for acceptance and the utterly despicable treatment of her by the tabloid press and now defunct news of the world The third, a chapter in it s own right, tells of her battle with the UK and European courts for the right to be legally recognised and to marry Punctuated with the key events and her memories of the time, its an inspiring tale of a woman looking to find acceptance and love The personal way in which Caroline tells her story makes it a difficult book to put down, I frequently found myself welling up or bawling my eyes out uncontrollably It s THAT emotional The moments where Caroline recounts being outed by the tabloid press, losing her father and having her marriage annulled are so poignant and sad, it s impossible to not be affected On the newly released audible version, Katherine reads these parts so so well its a wonderful way to experience Caroline s story.It s no exaggeration to say this is a landmark autobiography for our community I can t imagine what it was like to go through what Caroline did, or how she found the strength of character to come out the other side But come through it she did, and whether you read the kindle or listen to the audio version, when you come to the end, you ll be cheering for her and wanting her to be hard at work on the next instalment Best of all, after reading it, you ll beaming with pride, knowing that such a generous, loving, genuine person exists A life and a book which our community should celebrate and a book which I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend I can only hope one day she gets the credit and place in history she deserves for her life s achievements.If you would like to download the audible production you can click here to be taken to the Audible website.If you would like to download the Kindle E book you can click here to be taken to the website.You can also catch a video interview Caroline did with the wonderful people at Transgenderzone by clicking here

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    An interesting autobiography She reinforces the narrative that transsexuals are never trying to hide anything, yet the first feel themselves to be a particular gender which doesn t match their body If they choose to undergo gender reassignment surgery, that they want to be accepted as their sex Her first book was titled, I am a woman Yet, they don t want to be too open as they wanted to be loved as the gender they ve felt they were, even before any surgery, and don t want to be a curiosity And, while her story many takes place many decades ago, and we ve seen some legal changes, much of the discrimination and misinformation is still quite present It s sad that she was making quite a career in the public eye, but the tabloid media kept sweeping in to complicate her life She seems like an interesting woman, and it is heartening to read of her relationship with her family I know that kind of relationship isn t true for all transgendered I found the book to be quite well done The breakup stories were always heart wrenching.

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    First I ve read about Caroline in one of my father s magazines.The article gave me a lot of answers, that our narrow minded Slavic society didn t dare to give me I ve been waiting for years to read that book It was one of my most wanted to read Thanks to and their Kindle device, Caroline s initiative to re published it as e book, my dream comes true.

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    A brave and moving autobiography by Caroline Cossey as she charts her troubled adolescence and young adulthood through to the courageous decision to undergo a sex change and the implications for her family.

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    Ms Cossey s autobiography is one of deep strength and perseverance Her courageous story is a must read for it s raw beauty of honesty I couldn t put it down until the very last dot period on the very last page

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    An interesting read about her life.I would recommend for all trans people I found it informative about how trying it was at that period of time for a trans person.

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    A book that everyone must read It s not only for trangenders or gaysTula is a phenomenon