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It s been a while since I ve read a true YA book and, to be honest, I didn t think I would like it that much I was wrong It wasn t long until this story hooked me in and as I was approaching the end, I couldn t put it down But I think the best thing was that I wasn t sure how it would finish.As soon as I read About My Haunting Love which is a short explanation about how this story came to be, I was intrigued As I flipped to the next page, I became evenso Even though I knew it was a ghost story, I kept being surprised by the twists and turns in this book journey.You can read the synopsis onor Goodreads, but I don t think the synopsis reveals just how good this book is It s different Calista and John both hold you, one with a human hand and one with a ghostly one.I gave My Haunting Love 5 out of 5 stars and I also look forward to readingfrom this author.Written by Karen from Confessions of a Bookaholic Synopsis Calista Rose Is AYear Old Deaf Girl Who Senses Something Strange In Her New Home Soon She Meets A Ghost Named John And Becomes Smitten With His Handsome Good Looks And Charming Ways Little Does She Know, Falling In Love With Him Brings Out The True Evil That Lingers Inside Her Home Can She Survive My Haunting Love Aw man I loved John I could see him so well Aw his eyes I was glued from page one and I wish there were a New Adult follow up, as that tie was left dangling lose It was fun, funny and sad, but seriously, why does the dog have to die in all ghost stories But I loved it I m giving it four stars, because one, Cal kind of annoyed me when she tried to speak and two, because I noticed a few too many, extra, words that could have been cut out to make the story and sentences tighter. This is a sweet love story about a deaf girl and a ghost I promise you that once you start reading, you won t want to put it down Mt Haunting Love by J.S WilsoncroftI was given this book by Jamie for an honest reviewso here goes I love Jamie s work She has such a romantic heart and I am a sucker for romances with a twist This book was amazing, I was blown away at how great it was It made me laugh and cry and it gave my heart a thumping ride Trulythis is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading romance, paranormal or just something a little different, I can say without any doubts that it was great.It is hard for Calista losing the security of a school for the deaf and a neighbourhood that knows her so wellCalista Rose is a sixteen year old deaf girl that knows something is not right within her own home When things start moving on their own and her favourite book mysteriously gets highlighted, she knows for sure that s things are not right One afternoon while she is home alone painting her new bedroom, she meets John, the previous occupant of her new home, the first of a few unusual things that start to happen His classic looks, caring ways and his boy next door charm claims her heart Little does she know that falling in love with John will stir up the evil in her home and threaten the life of herself and the lives of her family, unless.she can find a way for John to expose the truth about the deaths of his father and sister.What I ve told you so far seems heavy, but there are lighter sides too, like the interaction between Calista and her brother Miketypical sibling bantering.The multi layered book had me captivated from the very first page, not only is it a sweet teenage love story, it is also a murder mystery, complete with a who did it spin The story flows seamlessly and the backstory is very well written The fact that Calista is deaf only enhances the book as she relies on other senses and Jamie describes this brilliantly.My Haunting Love is a clever and sweet read, the book showcases Jamie s ability to build suspense, as well as her ability to make you feel what her characters are going through.This is a Young Adult novel and clearly she has hit the nail on the head, perfect for middle to upper grade kids, but adults will appreciate the action and suspense too.My 10yr old daughter read this book too and she said I think I would have loved John too I don t think anyone could say no to him mum, he s perfect Samantha also asked a lot of questions about impaired hearing after reading this book and I think that that is great She has told friends at school to read this book, but did say in places that it was a bit creepy, but oh so good We decided that this book deserves 4.5 starsgreat book This review may contain spoilers.I m particularly fond of paranormal romances, so when I got angift voucher, I decided to give this book a try.I have some mixed feelings about this book I really like the fact that Calista was deaf It was really interesting to have a character with a true disability and at times, the book was so well written that I felt I could imagine myself trapped in Calista s world, unable to hear what s going on around her.I did notice, however, that there wasn t as much proof reading as there could have been in this book There were several errors mostly grammatical and punctuation errors Also, towards the end of the book, a lot of what was said was implied to be heard by Calista For instance, at the graves, she has her face buried in John s chest, yet still knows what he and her brother say Also, when Gloria tells John to sign Calista shouldn t be hearing what she says, yet it s still written as if she knows.I liked the fact that the book was written in first person, despite the issues I mentioned above There is, of course, the issue that Calista can also apparently hear how she sounds There is an explanation provided, but that doesn t occur until later in the book.I liked the fact that John learned sign language so that he could communicate with Calista and also the fact that he made every effort to make it easier for her to understand him, even when he wasn t signing I was a bit disappointed that there wasn t much of a mystery the villain was exactly who it appeared to be, with no twist to be seen.I also really liked Calista s relationship with her family, including her brother Despite the fact that she and Mike argued almost all the time, I could see that they truly cared about each other I did also like Calista and John s relationship even if I did think that everything moved a bit too fast.I liked the ending, but I don t think things are going to be very simple between the characters I d definitely be interested in reading a sequel to this book perhaps other books by this author, depending on the genre. Calista is a normal teenage girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and fighting with her brother But there is one thing different about her She is deaf When her parents decide to move out of state to a tiny town far away, she is forced to leave her friends and her school for the hearing impaired behind She does what any teenager does, she sulks and seethes with anger and frustration I find her a little bit selfish at this point because she fails to see the peace of mind her mom needed by leaving their old home But she s a teenager, they do tend to be selfish and a little bit melodramatic For Calista all she can see is that she will be in a new place with no friends, and no one to understand her and her way of communication The only person she will know in school is the brother who uses sign language to call her names As she decorates her room and gets ready for the new school year, she discovers a secret about the house they have moved into They are not alone Now usually I am not a fan of ghost stories I am kind of a chicken Sometimes they are just filled with gore and horrifying descriptions The fair share of bleeding and injury to the inhabitants of the house does happen, but it is not in such a horrifying way, and the love Calista feels for one of the specters, John outweighs the creepiness of some of the scenes Parts of the book seem like they could have come directly from the Exorcist, and it has it frightening, suspenseful moments But I liked the way the strength and heart came out of sulky Calista and the way her relationship developed with her brother by the end I was slightly surprised by the ending but loved the book Another great story from J.S Wilsoncroft. Calista Rose is a sixteen year old deaf girl that knows something is amiss inside her home When things start moving on their own, and her favorite ASL book mysteriously gets highlighted, she knows for sure she is in trouble Soon she meets a ghost named John and gets smitten His classic looks, gentlemanly ways, and boy next store charm claim her heart But little does she know falling in love with John will wake up the true evil inside her home and threaten her life, and the lives of her family Unless she can find a way for John to expose the truth behind his father s and sister s deaths This multi layered book had me captivated from the first page Not only is it a sweet teenage love story, but it is a murder mystery complete with a Clue like who done it spin The story seamlessly flows, and the backstory is cleanly integrated The fact that Clista is deaf only adds to the books imagery We see everythingclearly, as Clarista relies on her sense of sight, the descriptions clearly portray this My Haunting Love is a clever and sweet read Wilsoncroft clearly has grown as a writer This book showcases her ability to build suspense, as well as her ability to make you feel for her characters This is her first YA novel and clearly she hits the mark I will even go so far as to say this book is YA Gold Perfect for middle to upper grade kids, but adults will appreciate the action and suspense as well Great summer read that won t weigh you down and will leave you feeling satisfied. Calista is moving far from her home and friends to a place that is unknown to her What will she do without her book club and friends from school You may think she can just make new friends but the thing is Calista is deaf She is being uprooted from her school for the deaf and now has to attend public school Calista is not looking forward to being ridiculed and made fun of And on top of all that, strange things are happening to her at the new house A ghost is trying to communicate with her Yep, she is definitely ready for that straight jacket.I love that the idea for this story came to the author one night while trying to tell a scary story to her children Isn t that awesome A few hours in and her daughter looks at her and says Mom, I think you ve got yourself another book And when Wilsoncroft writes a story I want to read it I love all her books and jumped at the chance to review this one when asked And I wasn t sorry Not one bit Loved this storyline and the characters were just as great too.MY HAUNTING LOVE is full of spine tingling suspense and even has a bit of romance Not your usual romance but ghostly romance And that is what makes this story different from a lot out there and fun to read MY HAUNTING LOVE is a great YA read but I am almost positive any age YA and older will love it Need a different paranormal romance Then this one is for you. My Haunting Love by J S Wilsoncroft4 StarsI love Jamie s work, she has a romantic heart and I m a sucker for romance My Haunting Love is a YA romance with a twist, our MC Calista is a sixteen year old deaf girl and her love interest is a ghost When Calista and her family move into a new area, she is angry and frustrated at having to leave her old life and friends It is hard for her losing the security of a school for the deaf and a neighbourhood that knows her One afternoon while she is home alone and painting her new bedroom, she meets John, a previous occupant of her house, the first of a few unusual things that start to happen.It makes an interesting change to have an imperfect character The fact that Calista is deaf is what I really like about this book, her disability is a constant throughout the story complete with all the difficulties that go along with it I really enjoyed the light hearted side too, the interaction between Calista and her brother Mike was so typical and natural it added a good feeling.With a romance surrounded in mystery and suspense this is a well written entertaining story and would be a good addition to any paranormal romance lovers bookshelf.Copy supplied for review