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In book one you meet our delicious Alpha Unit leader Aiden McKenzie When the topic of grandchildren comes up during a weekly sewing circle the matriarchs of the founding families seek out the witch Elder to scry to see if their sons have mates They are shocked to discover that many of their sons' mates are out in the world and are humanFearing that their future human daughters in law will end up dead before being claimed and providing them with grandchildren to spoil they convince their own mates that something must be done After gathering all of the warriors together in a fake award ceremony the witch Elder casts a spell to pull the men’s mates to them whether they want it or notAiden is adamant that he doesn’t need a mate and that they would only get in the way little does he realize Fate is sending him his mate first He meets his destined mate Meryn Evans and things go downhill from there In the first twenty four hours she kicks screams and knocks her bear shifting mate unconscious They eventually discover that life before finding each other may have been good but life afterwards is perfect even if it involves super soaker battles and accidentally discharging hand grenades

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    45 Meryn The Menace StarsSpoilersReread 10152017 You locked her in the trunk? She was kicking me Aiden protested She is human and half your size You don't understand she is a terrorist Aiden's mom and AidenMy God I freakin' loved this book My Commander has to be one of the funniest books I have read in a really long time This book was hilarious Like I was losing my shit laughing so hard tears ran down my face and twice I had a hard time catching my breath hilarious I loved everything about this book Low on drama and angst I loved the paranormal world it built loved the plot all the secondary characters and I really loved Meryn and AidenYou're so cute She smiled up at him Aiden was glad to see that the traces of fear were gone He frowned down at her I am not cute I am a ferocious killing machine Paranormals everywhere tremble before me My teddy bear She pulled on his shirt until he was bent down enough to reach her lips and kissed him He looked over to see Colton about to say something Not a motherfucking word He warned Meryn and Aiden My AidenTell me what scares you and I'll kill it Aiden Hot damn Aiden was everything you want in a shifter mate Sexy kick ass protective possessive and completely devoted to his mate Though Aiden is rough around the edges and has no clue how to be in a relationship or deal with a woman he has a very sweet side Aiden strikes fear into the hearts of all but to Meryn he is just a big growly teddy bear You're my mate and I say this with all sincerity You are not sexy at all You are like a feisty little spitfire and that's okay You're completely different and half of what you say I don't understand but I wouldn't have you any other way I have been fighting all my life protecting my people keeping the city safe Every single day I just didn't know that I was doing it for you My MerynYou made an enemy today Adelaide warned Meryn shrugged I can live with that It's a good thing this thing wrapped at three I was two seconds away from throat punching that bitch How can you stand her? Adelaide and Meryn Meryn was my favorite character of the whole book I loved Meryn so much She was uirky geeky and eccentric Meryn had no fliter on her mouth at all OMG the things that came out her mouth Meryn was a bit of a trouble maker She may have been introverted but she didn't let anyone give her shit Meryn was a well developed and hilarious character She made the book for meWhy are you being loud? Is it fun being so loud this early in the morning? Do you know what happens to loud morning people? They die They die horrible deaths mutilated in their sleep and are then buried with their balls in their loud fucking mouths Meryn glared at him through half shut eyes The men gulpedThe few times I have met some of you I have either been crying due to an attack or laughing at the ball Just so we are all clear that isn't the real me The real me is a cranky psychopathic bitch who is extremely possessive of anything that I deem of as mine; Aiden being one of the most important things that belong to me And since he isn't able to give you orders right now you'll have to make do with me I want the ferals responsible for hurting Aiden found and eliminated They pose a threat to the city and the people I have actually come to like and that's not acceptableUnpleasant? My eyes are watering it smells like Cheetos Cheetos and hot ass Meryn covered her nose with her hand Agggh It's so strong I can taste it Meryn wiped her tongue on her sleeve Oh I kinda accepted that I'm stuck with you Meryn picked up a breadstick to munch on until her stomach calmed down Because I'm your destined mate? Aiden teased No because I love you and I am horribly possessive I'm never letting you go So even if Fate made a mistake she can kiss my ass Meryn and AidenEven though there is some detailed sex in this book it was low on the passion scale but I was okay with that because Meryn and Aiden had a very sweet relationship It was an insta love but I almost always expect that with PNR books This book was so much fun to read I didn't just fall in love with the main couple I fell in love with Aiden's parents and his men OMG the tampon trip was so damn funny I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen A really great read I can't wait to read the rest of the series He is like Yogi Bear than Superman Gavriel informed her without cracking a smile And you're like Aiden began Don't Don't say it Any comparisons made to certain sparkly vampires will be met with a slow death Gavriel and Aiden

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    Why the murderous crustaceans read this suspiciously non crappy PNR book in its entire entirety didn’t feel like killing it with fire using their waterproof flamethrowers in the process and uite shockingly ended up rating it 4 bloody shrimping stars① Because it's so beautifully OTT view spoiler♫ yeah you know me ♫ hide spoiler

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    There are two different camps on this book The first camp is those who love it because it is the funniest book ever Then there is the second camp who use words in their reviews like stupid infantile immature ridiculous and annoying In my opinion both camps are completely right Yes it's some of the most outrageously ridiculous over the top unbelievable stuff you will ever read but if you are in the right mind frame meaning check your brain at the door you will be laughing your head offThis is a shifter romance between a bear shifter who is a military commander at a paranormal colony and a human The human female is named Meryn and yes with my bad eyesight I was calling her Mervyn for the first half of the book Meryn is a menace She has no filter and is actually not safe for society so it's a good thing these shifters took her in Actually her mate Aiden basically kidnaps her at first and tells her that he is her mate Yeah that went about as well as you might thinkMeryn “I don't want to go down the hole I won't put lotion on the skin Look at me you won't be able to wear my skin I won't cover your huge ass” She does what any normal woman would do in these circumstances and hits him in the head with the toilet lid and runs for it That doesn't work You locked her in the trunk? She was kicking me Aiden protested She is human and half your size You don't understand she is a terrorist Aiden's mom and Aiden This book had me laughing so hard These paranormal military guys have no idea what humans are like They are the kind of clueless that is hilarious At one point they find out the joy that is the human female's monthly cycle and they are sent to the store for tampons Men love when we send them out for tamponsDude it's not like they think the tampons are for youBut not Aiden's crew They treat it like a military mission and I was dying laughing throughout the whole thing These guys are awesomely stupidWhich brings me to the part where I tell you that if you decide to read this series you need to forget all about your problems with insta love plot holes unrealistic everything and just about everything else that has bothered you in the past Think of it as eating candy or junk It's not going to give you any nutrition but you will still enjoy the experienceIf this were true I might actually watch that movie Just them eating crap the whole time It would be an improvement I'm sureYes I read the book If the books are always better than the movies FSoG must be the most cringe worthy movie of all time

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    I am torn on this one It has its moments but overall something was missing This almost reads like a parody of paranormal romance The love is SO instant it's absurd The heroine is a wacky hyper Mary Sue who happens to be hacker and super helpful in every way and instantly lovable to the hero's parents and friends There isn't actually a whole lot of smut in this and what there is has stuff like dripping folds in it so ew The hero is almost a supporting character It felt like the parents had a bigger role There is a fairly hilarious scene where the hero and his friends have to go buy tampons for the heroine There is a lot of pop culture jokesone liners I am somewhat interested in the world there are vampires witches and shifters I think the next one is about the vampire and his mate sounds like she is clumsy They dream about the mates prior to meeting them and the females are somehow driven to go to the compound where the guys work and train to protect supernaturals and stuffsEh it didn't suck but I didn't exactly love it Buddy read with the MacHalos

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    I am so fucking glad I finished this book I was looking for something light and fun but this one was just beyond stupid First we have the insta love which I hate but was still willing to give it a try Then we have the heroine who was a complete idiot What was she thirty something? She acted like a fucking teenager One juvenile thing after another Nothing she did made any sense Even the hero was annoying at times Nope I'm not reading this series I honestly don't think my brain could stand it

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    ★★★★ 4 Shape shifter stars ★★★★ My Commander really was a very light paranormal read where the plot stayed light the characters stayed fun and entertaining to the end Will defiantly be reading book 2 I loved every one of the secondary characters so farwhich in itself is a very RARE case At times the characters were down right hilariousWhat are these? They look like scars Meryn glanced down and realized he was talking about her stretch marks Had he never seen stretch marks before?”“Those are called stretch marksStretch marks? How did you get them? Human females get them when we grow If we grow too fast our skin rips apart and heals It's a very painful process Meryn lied through her teeth There was no way she was going to discuss stretch marks after the most mind blowing sex of her life Nope Wasn't going to happen Aiden's expression became reverentHuman females are amazing creatures you endure so much pain yet are so fragile He kissed each shiny line I'm going to hellLolCant believe he bought that XDThe only thing that left me slightly peveed was the fact that this book lacked a proper ending and epilogueI get that My Commander is a part of an elaborate series but I still think the ending could have been handled a bit betterIt was way to abrupt and lacked proper closureOh well You cant always have them allshrug

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    45 StarsBasic Info
Standalone or Part of a Series view spoilerCan be read as a Standalone but is part of a series in which the subplot continues in the next book hide spoiler

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    DNF at 10%This is just too ridiculous

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    35 rounded down to 3 stars My Commander is the perfect example of an interesting premise and a great set of characters wasted by mediocre writing Not only was the prose overly simplistic and direct it sometimes skipped over important details like the setting or other similar descriptions and this grated on my nerves big timeFor example in Chapter One the descriptions of the guys during Meryn’s first encounter with them were murky at best She turned to see a tall blond man with green eyes staring at her with an amused look as he leaned against a was that an assault rifle?Okay so we’ve established that there was a blond man Meryn talked to him for a bit and thenMeryn opened her eyes to see another blond man stepping forward At first she thought he might be related to the guy holding her but this man had amber colored eyes not green He also had higher cheekbones and fuller lips It was a gorgeous combinationSo there were two blond men Moving onOut of the woods two men appeared One looked like he glided over the fallen leaves; the other trampled through them recklessly his deep blue eyes hard He looked like he was the type of man who wore a perpetual scowlAnd that was the extent of the details given to describe the men Wow that was one accurate piece of shit What does looking like he “glided over the fallen leaves” mean? And what did that guy look like? What was his hair colour? What about his expressions? His bearing? His attitude? It didn’t help that the writer referred to “the blond man” and it was all I could do not to tear my hair from my head and point out that there were TWO blond men in the scene Holy fuck who the hell was being referred to? Ugh Come on these are the fundamentals for fuck’s sake Moreover I did not appreciate the lack of proper build up for everything in the book Meryn learned about the shifters and accepted them all in the same chapter Okay so there was a melt down at the beginning but it just took ONE SIMPLE CONVERSATION with Aiden’s mother for her to accept the idea of throwing away everything she has built up in life become Aiden’s mate and live in his parents’ house You would think that such a big decision would need convincing Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when Meryn and Aiden view spoileradmitted to falling in love with each other in Chapter Four hide spoiler

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    I'm not usually the type to read a book with a faceless hunk of chiseled man meat on the cover but a friend of mine recommended this book to me and said that it was uote fucking hilarious And I love a good chuckle so I accepted her challenge and read it I didn't find it nearly as humorous as she did though one section did have me giggling up a storm at 130 in the morning but it was ONLY that section that I found actually funny The rest of the book I was too preoccupied with thoughts of What the fuck even is happening?? to find much of it all that funny I don't even know how to describe this book I was trying to describe it at my bookclub but there's just so much ridiculous packed into this pretty short book that explaining it feels like it would take time than actually reading it would This book is over the top ridiculous and most of that ridiculousness is simply due to the lack of depth by which I mean that the author wrote a uirky and memorable main character in Meryn and then just plopped her down in a bunch of scenes with stuff happening and that's about it There wasn't a cohesive story There wasn't really any plot to speak of There were really insanely weird timelines going on At one point something that felt like mere moments to the reader was described as being several hours Days of time apparently? would pass in the blink of an eye Yet Meryn's menstrual cycle felt like it was playing out in real time because it was convenient to the sexual tension and humor and whatnot This weirdness of pacing really enhanced the What the fuckery of the insta love And that's the least of my concerns about it actually As we enter nitpick mode I am reminded of why I don't read much PNR any I am not judging anyone who likes PNR or ANYTHING to be clear Read what you like and power to you But I just find it so hard to enjoy something that is so unlike how any real person would be And just so we're all on the same page that real person would be me because of course I judge every character's realistic ness based on my own perspective and experiences and such So Mama Bear meaning the main hunk of man meat's actual real mother who is also a Bear shifter wants grandbabies so the matriarch sewing circle OO casts a spell to draw their kids' mates to them from wherever in the world they happen to be Aiden's mate is Meryn a human She is compelled by Fate with a capital F to move to a random area and then go exploring that area where she is kidnapped by Aiden's Unit all paranormals and basically from that point on is married to the guy whether she likes it or not Though not to worry she starts to like it so fast your head will spin Here's my issue She isn't able to consent Fate though I call it magic takes her choice away from her If it was really fate she would have encountered him on her own and fallen for him But being compelled to move compelled to scale a 10 foot security fence surrounding who knows what because she is compelled to explore the area isn't so much fate as it is magical force I know that in 2014 when this was written consent wasn't as big a deal as it has become in the last couple years but it should have been And stripping someone of their ability to consent to entering into a relationship one they didn't even know was possible and can't POSSIBLY know the implications of is a violation even if you conveniently call it Fate that it happened And not only that but then once Fate got her there she was physically kidnapped and prevented from leaving Her Stockholm Syndrome kicked in uber fast so she wasn't a prisoner for long but she was never able to actively choose herself whether she wanted to be mated to this dude his family his community his WORLD She starts falling in love with him because he makes her feel safe He protects her He would never let anything hurt her He even pulls his military unit away from their actual real job of protecting the city to being Meryn's bodyguards To protect her around the clock From what? As far as anyone knows she was never in danger unless you count living in a rough neighborhood before she met him and then for some reason became the target of the EVIL BAD FERALS who kill because they like it Umm OK so WHY MERYN? Repeatedly? Specifically? Probably this is addressed later on in the series but it's just one of those weird gaps that we're supposed to just accept and move on from Like oh the fact that her new Bearfriend see what I did there? is like 1200 years old and she's a human who will probably only live a few decades and then poor Aiden will be alone for however long he lives after her Unless there's some previously unmentioned proximity life extender for human mates? Probably Or the fact that each Paranormal only has ONE EVER MATE So is he a virgin since he'd never encountered his mate up to this point? Because if so no fucking wonder he kidnapped the girl as soon as he laid eyes on her Still not OK thoughThen there's the issue that for all of Meryn's supposed social awkwardness and crowd anxiety and general Mary Sueness she's the one who comes in and says and does just exactly the right thing in every single fucking scene that will either perfectly work out or fix an issue or help someone or make someone else feel better or whatever All of the assholes she encounters get embarrassed and all of the nice people have their lives improved in some way by her Because that's how real life works Probably Anyway I had a lot of issues with this book BUT it was a uick read and I didn't hate it I just wish that there was depth to it The worldbuilding the character building the plotting the pacing all of those need a lot of work But it wasn't terrible Just not great