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{Read Reading} Moses Goes to School (Moses Goes to)Author Isaac Millman –

A Day At A School For The Deaf Is Like A Day At Any SchoolMoses Goes To A Special School, A Public School For The Deaf He And All Of His Classmates Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing, But That Doesn T Mean They Don T Have A Lot To Say To Each Other They Communicate In American Sign Language ASL , Using Visual Signs And Facial Expressions Isaac Millman Follows Moses Through A School Day, Telling The Story In Pictures And Written English, And In ASL, Introducing Hearing Children To The Signs For Some Of The Key Words And Ideas At The End Is A Favorite Song Take Me Out To The Ball Game In Sign

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    In Moses Goes to School, Isaac Millman introduces readers to Moses, a young boy who goes to a special school for children who are deaf or hard of hearing Moses s class is made up of children from around the world who have one special thing in common they all are either deaf or have trouble hearing without the help of hearing aids Readers go through a typical school day with Moses as he plays during recess, writes a letter to his pen pal, and shares about his summer with his friends Millman also includes how to sign certain phrases in sign language He explains how Moses listens to music in music class through feeling the vibrations and signing the words to songs The story ends as Moses gets off the bus at his home at the end of the day and is greeted by his mother and dog.This was a fantastic story that will help children to learn about people who are deaf or hard of hearing The author does a wonderful job of creating a character that children will be able to relate to Because of this, children will be able to see that just because people who are deaf can t hear, they are still people who we all share similarities with.

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    Moses is the main character of Moses Goes books I checked out this book, because I wasn t able to get Moses Goes to a Concert for a picture book club I participate in This month s theme is Persons Facing Physical Challenges The group thread can be found here appreciate the author s note I would be lost on what exactly ASL is without it In the notes, I also found out that the author actually visited NYC J.H.S 47 School for the Deaf Here he thanks a student for letting him use her actual letter and drawing of a dog in his book.The story is about a boy named Moses who goes to a public school for the deaf and his first day of school experience I enjoyed that the author included visual aids for sign language throughout the book I wasn t a big fan of the artwork It shows that Moses is just like any other child that does everything any child does He even learns to sing a song on his first day of school.

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    This would be a great book to use in a classroom after an introductory book like a sign language alphabet, since this shows ASL in context Brief mentions throughout the book explain that ASL has different grammar and word order than spoken English, and shows Moses and his classmates translating ASL to written English Diagrams even teach you how to sign Take Me Out to the Ball Game in ASL This book could also be a part of a First Day of School unit, depicting an environment that many children in inclusive classrooms have not experienced I could see families reading this book to get a glimpse of what a Deaf and hard of hearing school is like, possibly to understand the experience of a Deaf child they know Moses and his classmates are racially diverse, but none have any other visible disability besides hearing loss The tone of the book is very positive and playful Other books by this author include Moses Goes to a Concert and Moses Goes to the Circus.

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    Moses Goes to School, by Isaac MillmanThis book is about a boy, named Moses, who goes to a public school for the deaf Even though they are deaf or can hardly hear, they still communicate with one another using sign language The book s language is neat, the author walks through the story of a boy who is deaf in written English, and shows people who can hear different signs that people who are hard of hearing use to communicate This would be neat to share with all ages, as the teacher can demonstrate the different signs the book gives thorough the images created The book is culturally diverse in that Moses classmates are all from different countries Even though they are different on the outside, they share the similarity of sign language.

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    We ve read several books in the Moses series by Isaac Millman They are fun and informative, teaching children what it is like to be deaf We liked this book about Moses s school the illustrations are very detailed and colorful I thought it was interesting how Moses writes a letter first, using ASL terminology and then translates it into English And our girls loved that they sang, Take Me Out to the Ballgame It s a song that we ve sung many times together, especially in the car We enjoyed reading this book together.

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    Moses is deaf and goes to a special school for children who are deaf or hard of hearing He loves everything about his school He tells the reader all about what he and his classmates do throughout the day As the story goes through a typical day in a Kindergarten classroom, readers are given illustrations of how deaf children learn things like music It offers great knowledge about the experience of being deaf and also teaches some sign language This informational book illustrates how a person with a disability performs regular tasks differently.

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    This is an important sequel to Moses Goes to a Concert The reader learns that deaf or hard of hearing children are much like every other child, their school day has a similar order to the day Learning about sign language is very helpful and understanding that reading and writing English is like another language was illuminating Even though the song was played on a boom box, the children were able to hear it through the vibrations on the floor The positive feel for the school day sends an important message too.

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    Moses Goes to School, a social issue picture book by Isaac Millman, opens young readers to the deaf community and learning about American Sign Language Millman introduces the audience to a young boy, named Moses, who attends his first day of class at a special school specifically for children who are deaf or hard of hearing While all the students in the classroom are from around the world, they share one thing in common by communicating to the teacher and with each other through American Sign Language Moses loves everything about his school, from meeting new friends, hearing what his classmates did over their long break, to even learning a variety of songs in ASL During the day, they also have the opportunity to write letters to their pen pals However, the classmates struggle to write the letters since they are still learning all about the English language This picture book can help younger readers get a better understanding of students who are deaf It teaches children that a day at a school for the deaf is just like any ordinary day at other schools.Moses Goes to School is a great way to inform children and parents on what it is like being deaf Millman is highly appreciated for his creative use of visual aids of sign language throughout the book It shows the audience that it is both easy and exciting to learn sign language Millman s story makes it relatable for any child in a classroom who has a hearing impairment and that it is important to express acceptance The best part about this story are the illustrations because they enhance the text in a fun and interactive way for the audience In particular, multiple pages are devoted to illustrations of the classmates singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game This exposes the audience to embrace disabilities and develop a positive outlook Millman does a great job with incorporating bright colors in the illustrations since it emphasizes the light mood of the story, which gives children the impression that children with disabilities are able to be equally happy Lastly, Millman includes an author s note at the end to educate children on ASL and provide them with knowledge Moses Goes to School is a heart felt story that is a great read aloud for teachers to implement in their classroom.

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    This incredibly cute and fun read will engage readers and leave them with a smile on their faces This book follows young, deaf Moses on his first day of school Since Moses is deaf, he attends an all deaf school The story goes on to describe the moments throughout his day at school like catching up with friends, signing songs, and learning Moses ends his day by signing to his mom the full report of his fun filled first day of school Besides being cute and engaging, this book battles with the issues that surround children with disabilities Many people, especially those that don t know anyone with a disability personally, don t know how to act around those with disabilities This book does a fantastic job at presenting children with disabilities the same as children without disabilities Seeing children with disabilities doing normal children things helps readers develop a positive outlook and understanding to those with disabilities Children will be able to know that even though some are different, we all act the same After reading this story I believe that children will be accepting and loving of those with disabilities.This book does a great job at drawing readers in with the illustrations I thought it was so awesome that the author included a sequence of pictures of Moses signing certain words, sentences, or lyrics throughout his day I think this really engaged readers and helped them understand how those who are deaf communicate It helped expose me to the world of those who are deaf and learn things that I have never learned before The book contained a lot of bright colors that helped emphasize the fun and light mood that this story presented, helping to emphasize that children with disabilities can be just as happy and have just as much fun as any other child.

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    Moses Goes to School by Isaac Millman is an extremely unique take on a day in the life of a student who is deaf hard of hearing Moses, who appears to be your typical student, who takes the bus, and has many friends is actually attending a school comprised of only students who can not hear However, Moses shows no handicaps when it comes to life, interacting with everything that you and I would react with on a day to day basis The text is there to guide the reader along Moses s journey through a typical school day The text itself is not the extremely important part, but rather it sets up the tone for the illustrations to pick up the slack The text educated the reader on how Moses tackles obstacles that one might wonder about hard of hearing children have troubles with The mood is extremely informative and light hearted The hard of hearing is definitely put into a positive light not showing many negative aspects to being deaf.The illustrations are the most unique part of this story, showing actual sign language that goes hand in hand with the text The text will describe the students going to lunch, while an initial picture shows the students sitting down eating, and somewhere else on the page are a serious of pictures showing students using sign language to talk about something related to lunch There is a lot of blank space only to highlight the pictures that go into detail that the text does not The author leaves a lot room for imagination, and insipres young readers to want to use sign language since the hard of hearing are shown in such a positive light.