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A biker Lucas 'Mortician' Banks stopped believing in love after a bitter betrayal As Club Enforcer the Death Dwellers MC is his home where no rules exist and brotherhood rule He never expected to fall for the daughter of K P Andrews a biker from the old guard who is now deceased Is love enough to survive secrets brutality and betrayal?A beauty Bailey Andrews was fascinated by the biker from the first moment they met She seized the opportunity to have his phone number and somehow ended up married to him when she accompanied Mortician on a run to Las Vegas She uncovers the connection between her father and Mortician’s father and the horrible betrayals it led to within the MC Can she leave the secrets stay buried? Or will she expose them and ruin her marriage to the only man she’ll ever love?A bet Smug in his assumption he’d never fall as hard for as woman as his Prez fell for a girl Mortician put his money where his mouth was and made that bet With 20 G's on the line and two weeks left before he wins or loses Mortician has to decide if Bailey and their marriage is important or saving face and keeping his money Having only ever seen the destruction of love gone wrong what will Mortician decide?A baby Now Bailey’s pregnant with his baby and hiding another detrimental secret that she herself recently discovered Will she have to choose between her life and the baby’s? Or will she find a way to save both herself and her child? Warning This is a brutal tale of worlds colliding—a mega church with the command to destroy powerful men with their own agendas and raw and dirty bikers who will win at all costs Contains violence drug use and excessive foul language

10 thoughts on “Misguided (Death Dwellers MC, #4)

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    So I liked this but I didn't love it Bailey took too much crap from Lucas I wish she had stood up to him just because you love someone does not mean you let them treat you like shit I really missed scenes with Outlaw and Meggie in this book I don't care what other people might say but for me they are the main couple and I love reading the series for them I seriously adore psycho Outlaw and just find him too hilarious

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    Loved it You gotta love those Death Dwellers so alpha The women in their lives are as strong as them don't take any crap from them

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    My star rating for Misguided is 4 out of 5 stars My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Misguided’The Death Dwellers MC Series book #4 WARNING Possible SPOILERS if you haven’t read the previous NovelsNovellas of the Death Dwellers MC SeriesThis is the latest in The Death Dwellers MC Series by Kathryn Kelly There is always so much raw and emotional scenes in this series and this latest installment delivers about the gritty lives of those in the MC and the women and enemies around them “Misguided” is written from the POV’spoint of views of Lucas “Mortician” Banks and Bailey AndrewsThe story tells us about the back story and history about Lucas “Mortician” Banks and the MC Mortician comes a rich lifestyle with very little love if any after his mother’s death His father is a well liked preacher who seems to have most of his congregation fooled about who he is and what secrets he keeps When Lucas “Mortician” finds himself in the company of the MC he must decide who he is and who wants to be With a women who seems to control his young naive heart he’s torn between his past and present as time progresses in the storyBailey Andrews is a young and beautiful college student who also happens to be the daughter of KPKaleb Paul who is a long time member of the Death Dwellers MC Bailey finds herself attracted to KP’s bike brother Mortician and uickly finds herself falling hard Mortician confuses her by pushing her away one moment and then pulling her closer other times She decided to move near her father to escape a secret she ran away from She had no idea that life would change for her and those close to herMortician doesn’t want to lose the bet A bet that was made long ago that he wants to make sure not to lose but his body betrays him His attraction to Bailey is hard to ignore but he sure as hell going to try his best to ignore it He just never bet on things changing after he gives in just a little bit to his desires for Bailey With a father like that who needs enemies? Enemies are lurking around and past secrets will surface that could threaten the MC and its members Hearts are tested betrayed and some are mended I definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves a great MC series and wants a story told with the true raw emotions sexual enticement and the perfect amount of suspense that draws me to call the Death Dwellers MC one of my Top 5 favorite MC Series’ Check it out for sure My Star Rating for MISGUIDED is 4 out of 5 stars Visit my Blog and see Memorable uotes and character photos of how I imagined them while reading MISGUIDED Click Here to Visit the Blog BooksMoviesFandomsCheck us out on Twitter Follow Here#MG#BMF

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    Another solid installment from one of my favorite MC romance authors like top 3Mortician Lucas has a personality similar to Christopher Outlaw Caldwell so I liked this book I wish Bailey had taught him some lessons for being such a jackass and wasn't so understanding and forgiving but that's her character But Outlaw is still my favorite character If the author wrote a series called The Adventures of Christopher Outlaw Caldwell I would totally read itE fuckin nuff saidAs for the saga of Johnnie and Kendall? Work that shit out I'm thinking the author is planning a novella for them which I hope includes her getting on medication and redeeming herself and him finally loving her as much as she needsI had thought I'd read somewhere that there would be a book for Digger and Peyton One where they're killed? I don't know They're highly unlikable

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    It's like a train wreck that I cannot look away from Here I go again taking some stupid pills by reading this book hehe I can't escape this series Its a itch I can't help but scratch First off can we talk about how much of an a hole Mortician Lucas is? He is so petty childish and irrational about this stupid bet between the brothers I mean let it go Lucas JEEZ What is important the money or you and Bailey She is so full of life and love and doesn't deserve not one piece of Lucas' bullsht Every time he does or says something wrong I want to punch him dead in the mouth smhI loved how the author threw in uite a bit of exposition We got to see how Outlaw and Mortician met how Lucas got his road name and why Mortician is so unshakeable about admitting his feelings for K P's daughter Bailey Man K P That is still a hard pill to swallow I actually had to grab my chest when Bailey found the letter from him I also loved when Meggie took John Boy to the rock over Kendall He was doing a shit job of handling and working on their relationship I mean I don't hate Kendall the way Outlaw does but I don't feel the need to placate her like some of the other characters do I just hope she get's help while she is awayCause manBailey's mom is the sht and I loved that Mortician had a run in with her via text and in person LMAOI liked the fact that there was no subterfuge on Bailey's part She was 100% genuine the entire time She didn't play games or expect Lucas to know what she wanted She threw it all out there and told him what she wanted every time 100% transparentSo many secrets were told in this book and by the end we realize its going to keep going for at least one or two books I do wish Lucas had groveled but all in all Bailey and Mortician are my fav couple

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    Overall Rating 45 Rockin’ ★★★★☆Can love be denied? In the next installment in the Death Dwellers MC our bad boy biker fights against the feelings and love he has for Bailey Andrews In the end he finds that love will find a way regardless of obstacles put in its path This is Bailey and Mortician’s story and it is a story that will answer uestions asked in earlier books in this seriesBailey Andrews’ father is a member of the Death Dwellers’ MC She knows that being part of the club’s family is not an easy life but it was her father’s life When she met Mortician for the first time the connection was instantaneous and unbreakable The she was around Mortician the she wanted to be with him Bailey knows that Mortician has scars on his soul caused for his past Will she be able to heal him? Can he forget the past and have a future with her?Trust is a hard thing for Mortician to give He has been betrayed by his father repeatedly and deceived by the woman he had loved since they were teens Living within the code of his MC family has hardened him but he cannot deny the way Bailey makes him feel She is sweet pure and all the things that he has never known Mortician in a mad moment made a bet with his brothers that he would never fall and be addicted by a young pussy like his Prez This is the beginning of his battle to prove that he does not belong to Bailey Then how does he find himself married to a very pregnant Bailey?Hero Lucas “Mortician” Banks 45 starsHeroine Bailey Andrews 45 starsPlot 45 starsSteam Level 45 starsCliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes This is a gritty love story that takes unexpected turns as resolution is found between our main characters It is filled with drama hot sex and answered uestions that will leave the reader wanting Would I recommend this author Yes Kathryn Kelly once again weaves a tale of suspense drama and a bad boy MC into an unforgettable story You will not want to miss this amazing author’s new book in the Death Dwellers series and if you have read the previous books you really need too MisguidedKathryn Kelly

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    Misguided is absolutely the best and my favorite in Kathryn Kelly's excellent MC series It was heartbreaking sexy dark kickas and beautiful It wasn't uite what I was expecting but I was in no way disappointed and I could not have been happier with it I wholeheartedly loved it Ever since I started reading this series Mort has always been my favorite and I'm so glad I finally got to read his story In the previous books Mort has really always been the guy with the advice but of course when he should take his own advice the stubborn as doesn't do it I know I sound harsh but I say this with love and honesty which I know Mort would appreciate Truthfully he's not that bad; he's deep sweet loyal and he melts my heart I just love Mort it's as simple as that Bailey is an awesome heroine She's strong and brave and positive She loves her man with all her heart she fights for him and never in her heart of hearts does she actually give him up Bailey is the best kind of heroine and I just love her characterWhether Misguided was told from the past or the present it broke my heart but it also put it back together It is a tough read and it isn't for the faint of heart but it's not all dark either It still made me laugh and smile and feel happy I wouldn't have it any other way There was so much that I loved about this book I loved the characters their personalities and humor I also loved the steaminess it is just hot Hot HOT Misguided is an amazing book and I will definitely read it again Misguided does end with a HEA and it's told from Mort and Bailey's POV The books should definitely be read in order and I can't wait to read the next book because we learned some crazy things in this one and there are still some unanswered uestions All I have to say is that the Death Dwellers have an epic battle ahead of them and I will not be missing it Paige 5 stars

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    Lucas “Mortician” Banks had been a preacher son but was dealt a sty hand with a girl he thought was his girlfriend but instead she moved on to his dad he had enough and left to go back to the mc were he felt like he belong he has seen some gruesome s and done some gruesome s but it is what is in the mc It’s a brotherhood and either your loyal or your dead When he meets Bailey he cant keep his eyes off her but he was always warned by her father to stay away She is still in college and still a virgin So they decided to talk every night on the phone or he would go and hangout with her Then when he has a trip to vagas he ask if she wants to go the old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas not always true if you end up married So he made a bet he would get walk away from her but then he finds out she is carrying his child That then his past comes back to haunt him when his wife is kidnapped and beaten when he saves her finally he still cant let go of the bet Bailey has had enough she packs her bags and leaves Will he go after her or will the bet be important then his wife and unborn child?Omg Kelly this was by far the most intense book I have ever read and I wanted to be outlaw so I could knock some sense into morts head I even had the tissues going I am such a huge Death Dwellers fan

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    ☆ I received an RC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you ☆Mortician and his forbidden fruit Wah was it an interesting feat unfolding this oneWhile not my favorite amongst the Death Dwellers MC couples I personally held a candle for Bailey and couldn't help but ponder her fate with Lucas aka Mortician throughout after the whole pregnancy thing and chaos that's constantly around the DD MCThat's not to say that I hated Mortician or anything because I didn't I personally liked Outlaw because he was my first love in the series and then Johnnie was the badboy that I could but have a major crush on Then came Val and there was something about him that piued my interest with him defrosting the Ice ueen But MorticianEh usually one of the mellow of the bikermen Mortician was just alright in my eyes and placing in the Death Dwellers men hierarchy I didn't love him but I didn't loathe him at all eitherHis story with Bailey was uite the scandal as it was filled with many ups and downs and followed in true gritty fashion of love loss and blood

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    Loved itGreat to finally get Mort and Bailey's storyThought Mort' s inner ramblings were so funny especially about 'Roscoe ' And some of the things he came out withDidn't say shit about my worthI'm an awesome motherfuckerOh and hell he had a dirty mouth Loved Bailey great characterJohnnie and KendallIt's no secret that she annoys the hell out of me but I actually think she plays an integral part in the storyI actually thought yes go girl when she left at the end of previous book thought it was right after the way Johnnie treat herAnd Johnnie what he did not long after she left I was like nono think that will come back to haunt him I can't finish without mentioning Outlaw Ain't nothing but a thing'Sorry but he's still my favouriteGod these men you can totally picture them stomping around all moody male dominance sigh and dam sexyBring on the next one