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In the final full novel of the series tells the story of Digger Banks traitor to the Death Dwellers MC His brother and club enforcer Mortician is charged with the task of putting him to ground Will both brothers survive and can the Death Dwellers withstand another betrayal and tragedy?

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    5 STARS Sexydirty talking Bikers and these men are seriously hot A great story that has continued with each bookIt's raw and grittyjust how I like my Bikers to beDigger's storyWell it was way back in December 2013 that I read the first book in this series and I've been hooked ever sinceKathryn Kelly has created a fascinating story hereI went into this with some trepidation as I really didn't like Digger that much in the previous bookespecially after his betrayal to the clubThis book finds him back with his despicable fatherSharper who is plotting the club's downfallDigger knows he's on borrowed time and wants to warn the club without raising his father's suspicionBunny is an ex stripper and an old lady of one of the club members whose a real piece of workview spoilerthankfully he gets delt with hide spoiler

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    Review laterI didn't want to be to rush on my review of this one; I have enjoyed this whole series but this one I'm not sure about There are a few characters in this series that when it started I loved them now I'm not sure ChristopherOutlaw was one of my favorite characters and I loved his first book but over the last few I have begun to dislike him What is the deal with allowing your toddler to cuss than most of the guysreally?? There were parts of the story that I liked and parts that really started to drag

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    Ride or die foreverLet's have a moment of silence I'm in mourning sad that this was the end of the Death Dwellers MC series It was an exciting ride full of blood lust laughter and love I'm hoping that there might be a novella or two in the future just to let us fans know how our favorite characters are doing I know I'm not the only one that got attached to them I'm sure we all have our favorites I've enjoyed all of them but mine is still Outlaw my first I love his filthy mouth and his big heart He always has me either laughing or meltingsighI have been anticipating and dreading Digger's story I knew the author was gonna put me through the wringer sueezing every drop out of my emotions I knew Digger's history so his fucked up state of mind was a given going in His dysfunctional upbringing and his psycho father guaranteed that he had issues to deal with He followed his older brother Mort into the club He always looked up to him trusted him depended on him Maybe too much Like most older brothers Mort tended to clean up after Digger when he made a mistake He tried to protect him but this time event Mortician can't fix what he brokeWhat can I say without giving away the details? Think of an action movie it's a big box office hit complete with murder mayhem villains explosions blood fear death loss and the big finale As the credits roll you sit in the theater among the other stunned movie goers replaying the events in your mind You are thinking to yourself that you wished you had been watching it at home so that you could use your remote to rewind the scene and make sure that what you thought you saw really happened Then you go back to the ticket booth and buy another ticket because it was so good you want to see it again THE END

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    I had to confess that I wasn't very excited about Misconduct like others DD books Digger was suchWell he betrayed the club So I didn't see a way to redeem him But when I got a snippet of what going on in Misconduct I couldn't wait to read itI'm now surprised how much I loved it Well okay Most it got to do with Outlaw Because he's my fav psycho stalker biker book boyfriend Ever But I loved the story itself It was intense and thrilling It keept me on my toes Praying that nothing deadly would happen to my favorite characters I was a wreck at some pointsThe story begins in the past with Paytons POV And let me tell you she yet wasn't into this psychotic revenge thing much against DD MC but I already disliked her Payton thought that she was so much better than her mother or sister BTW if you don't know or remember her sister was Ellen one of Outlaws ex sluts If you read Misled you meet her thereSo back to the Payton Like I said she though she was such a classy lady snorts Yes her mothers and sisters lifes wasn't even in the middle respectable one but Payton wasn’t in the position to look down her nose of the other No right when she wasn’tWell yeah Payton lived in expensive apartment wore design clothes drove a sports car but that she didn't get with her blood and sweat Well maybe sweat was involved After all she got all her things through the bedSo Payton lived high class life but there is a saying 'You can put a lipstick on a monkey But it still be a monkey' So no matter her high uality life She was no better than anyone else And shouldn't judgeAnd then after all the bullshit Ellen spewed to Payton about Outlaw and Megan and then Ellens death Payton psychosis started Actually I can say that it started then Because I got impression that all that Cooper family isWell lights in the windows shining but nobodys home If you know what I meanAnd when story progressed things didn't go better Payton wasThere isn't a word to describe how psycho and insane and evil and sick she was So glad she was gone fast and I wasn't suffering her ass through the book I had enough of Kendalls stupid ass to suffer through And yes She's as annoying and self righteous bitch as ever And I'm tired to rant about her stupid ass in every review I probably could write a fucking novella about her stupidity and Just The end on Kendall Just allDigger I had such conflicted feelings about him from the moment when he betrayed DD I really have no clue what was in his head to do those things How he can be so stupid and become involved in this shit? I never so fully got it why he did things he did He had some misguided believes And blamed people who has nothing to do with the shit hitting the club I wouldn't go into detail about this because I will spend few hours talking about each personIn reality I believe Digger was looking for something Something he wasn't even sure himself Maybe ties? Not realizing that he already had them with DD He has a family who always would had his back No matter what But Digger gone and fucked it And for a while didn't find his balls to face his mistakes To face DD To face OutlawDigger really was a hothead Who first did and then thought of it He needed someone by his side who would made him stop for a sec and make him think Clue in BunnyBunny The first pages of her and my hear hurt for her But thenOMFG I can't explain how shattered my heart become after'that' moment I was so pissed If I was there in that moment I would have shooted Trader the fucker in the ballsBunny is such a sweet and loyal And a fighter for those she loves Her past isn't hearts and flowers It's actually dirty one But that's what makes us human We made mistakes We live with them The important thing is to acknowledge them Learn from them And choose a new path for your futureBunny was so ashamed of her past She thought that if Megan or her other friends knew about it they wouldn't keep her in the club as a family member They would turn their backs on her Bunny didn't released that past don't define us Who you are at the moment is what's important So for a while she let some people to manipulate it and walk over her just so she could keep the little peace she found in the clubHere where comes one of my pissy moods Bunny's mother The woman so cuts Bunny down for her mistakesI justMother's should advise Yes And tell their opinions and warn what they believe is wrong for their's child But when their child didn't listen their advise and fallow their own believes and that leads to mistakes and hurt mother should open her arms and sooth and hold tight Not kick while their child is down That's what Bunny's mother did She cut Bunny when she was already hurting And it pissed me so muchAnd there for the first time Digger made me proud of him The way he stood up for Bunny against her motherHis wordsThey made me proud Actually he become Bunny's champion And that was cute and sweet in a way only biker couldDigger and Bunny fit together They give each other what they looked for and needed They completed each other And I have no doubt they feelings will grow Into little OutlawMegan love copy Lol Though no one ever could completely compare to that coupleSo if you read previous books you know shit keep hitting the fan And DD have no peace for a minute One after another enemys pops out of nowhere A lot of shooting explosions and other shit involving And here comes another hit towards the club Betrayal I have to say at first I thought it would come from Mortician When he should be hunting for Digger and taking care of him in true he would let him go But I was wrong From the beginning it was obvious that there is another mole in DD Who give info to the enemy And I though about it a lot Suspected a few Trader Because he was such a mean SOB The way he talked about MeganNo way a 'brother' loving club and respecting his Prez would tall like that about his old lady Not to mention the way he was with Bunny The assfuckArrow I didn’t think much of him until he said something that got my attention And I started to suspect him But everyone though of him as loyal and trustworthy Not to mention he was K P brother So no way he could be the backstabbing fuck Right?Dinah Megans mother Why suspect her? Well Payton got informator And she mentioned something about how someone could betray Megan when they were family She said 'Megan' Not the club So that leads to believe it should be someone close to Megan Which she thinks of as a family Dinah fits the bill She's crazy And don't see things right She maybe thought of doing that would get ride of Christopher and having Megan for herself Because it's not a secret that Dinah hates him And thinking of him as someone who robbed her daughter from her Or maybe Dinah just took it as Megans turning back on her when Meggie shackled herself with Outlaw So she wanted to kill Meggie? Who knows One is for certain Dinah never was as sane person So her reasons could be as insaneSo who real double crosser is? Who is betraying Death Dwellers?And well okay I couldn't write this review without talking about my psycho man Outlaw My main priorities and concerns towards him He's my hero He's my man And I never was prouder then I’m now Yes he was beaten down at some points He let some shit got to him But it's normal He's only a man And no matter how much he denies that he don't have a heart He has it A cracked and glued one But still feeling one Who bleeds when his family's members dies That's only made him real More lovable A man I adore just And his undying love for Megan There’s no words for that To describe how phenomenal it is to read about it How your heart beats 'seeing' that kind of love No words to express how you're feeling reading about this perfect flawed man

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    ARC received from author to honest review Review in Portuguese and EnglishEu adoro esta série e fico ansiosa cada vez ue sai um novo livro Gostei muito da história está recheada de ação sexo suspense violência e a atitude muito doida do nosso adorado macho alfa e badass Outlaw Só digo ue o Johnny perdeu totalmente o man card dele é triste de ver hahaha Kendal continua uma crazy bitch e não foi desta vez ue teve os miolos estourados ue pena Não foi por falta da minha torcidaEste livro conta a história de Digger ele traiu o clube de maneira muito brutal e está tentando consertar os erros do passado Ele vai se envolver com Bunny uma ex prostituta e ex stripper ue é old lady de um membro abusivo do clube Outlaw e Meggie roubam a cena e já fico até imaginando os futuros livros contando a história da nova geração formada pelos filhos dos membros do clube CJ o filhinho deles é o máximo É um mini Outlaw em formaçãoO Clube sofre perdas terríveis e Outlaw passa a duvidar da sua própria capacidade de liderança Tudo fica muito confuso e a situação é cada vez mais perigosa para os membros do clube e seus familiaresEu não gostei muito do Digger e pouco me importei com a punição ue ele sofreria nas mãos do Outlaw e dos membros do clube A história é tão interessante e cada membro do clube trás um colorido para o desenvolvimento da história ue a história dele ficou de pano de fundoOs vilões e os traidores são todos expostos e segredos revelados Tudo muito bem desenvolvido e interessante Amei a leitura e o final foi sensacionalRecomendo muito a leitura de toda a sérieOutlaw e Meggie continuam sendo meus personagens favoritos e o filho deles me cativou totalmente Tive boa impressão sobre o personagem Diesel espero ue a autora olhe para ele com ternuraEu uero ue a Kendall morra eu odeio auela b#%h Pena ue a autora não aproveitou o massacre e liuidou com ela I love this series and I get excited every time a new book comes out I enjoyed the story is filled with action suspense violence sex and crazy attitude of our beloved alpha male and badass Outlaw I'm just saying that Johnny lost completely the man card it's sad to see hahaha Kendal is still a crazy bitch and it wasn't this time she had the brains exploded What a pityThis book tells the story of Digger He betrayed the Club brutally and he's trying to fix the mistakes of his past He will be involved with Bunny a former prostitute and ex stripper who is old lady of an abusive member of the ClubOutlaw and Meggie steal the scene and I'm even imagining the future books telling the story of the new generation formed by children of members of the Club CJ is the best He is a mini Outlaw in trainingThe Club suffer terrible losses and Outlaw passes to doubt his own ability to lead It all gets very confusing and the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for the Club members and their familiesI didn't like Digger and little care about the punishment that he would suffer at the hands of Outlaw and member of the Club The story is so interesting and each Member of the Club adds a colorful for the development of the story that ultimately his story and Bunny stayed in the backgroundThe villains and traitors are all exposed and secrets revealed All very well developed and interestingI loved reading and the ending was sensationalI highly recommend reading the whole seriesOutlaw and Meggie are still my favorite characters and their son captivated me completely Had a good feeling about the Diesel character I hope the author look at him tenderlyI want Kendall dies I hate that b#%h Too bad the author didn't take the massacre and liuidated with her

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    Title MisconductSeries Death Dwellers MC #5Author Kathryn KellyGenre Contemporary RomancePages UnknownHeat Level 3 out of 4 flamesOverall Star Rating 5 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch KayI'm justblown awayThis is the final full length novel in the series that has had me enraptured It's everything you could want in an MC romance Seriously you get it all here I was not looking forward to this one at all I never connected with Digger as a character and what you did know was that he was a douche Since Kathryn Kelly is my favorite author I knew I'd read it I love everything she writes I got way than I expected from this bookMarcus Digger Banks is a man on the run from his MC He knows he's on borrowed time You don't betray Christopher Outlaw Caldwell and live to tell about it Don't hate Digger right away because all is not what it seems with him His betrayal is subjective We all do what we have to do to protect those we love Even dancing with the Devil Digger's dad is the biggest piece of shit He's a murder a rapist a human trafficker an apparent drug lord and wait for ita religious zealot He has his own church believe it or not He raised his sons horrifically Mental and physical abuse were the status uo Digger disappeared from his MC to protect his brother Lucas or Mortician He loves his big brotherBunny is a former stripper and old lady of one of the Death Dweller MC members Her old man was a real shit Abusive and dangerous When he meets his well deserved end Bunny is kidnapped by Digger and forced to go on the run with him She knows about Digger and his betrayal Despite her finding him attractive he scares her to death As they run from Digger's dad and Christopher Caldwell Bunny realizes that Digger isn't the man she's heard about There's to him than thatThis book truly blew me away I felt like a pinball in a pinball machine Back and forth Shitty situation to shitty situation Suspense overload A great deal of sadness too Best of this author's work hands down She even made me like Christopher a small bit and I hate Christopher He was still a douche but not uite as bad as normal Now I have to address this because I'm one of the 5 people who read the series that love Kendall I know she's a hot ass mess and she's at the top of her game of hot mess in this book I found myself shaking my head at her a lot I know she battles depression and this story gives you a little look at what that does to her Honestly I would be depressed if I was married to ball less Johnnie tooFor fans of this series you will love this installment but be saddened as the series comes to an end I will miss the stories the characters the suspense the filthy mouths and the hot sex scenes Most of all I will miss my precious friend writing about the boys of the Death Dweller MC and the women that brought them to their knees If you haven't read it and love MC romance you MUST read this series You won't be one bit sorry Book given in exchange for an honest review via the author

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    Misconduct is the final full length novel in Kathryn Kelly's Death Dwellers MC Series I really enjoyed this book it kept me captivated from start to finish Jealousy revenge betrayal and love were the catalysts that set things on fire in amazing story of redemptionI love Kathryn Kelly's writing style She painted a vivid picture of a motorcycle club that was like a messed up family with conflict that was both internal and external This story had to look at a different aspect as the author excelled at the difficult job of redeeming a character who had or less betrayed the family This was definitely an interesting and intricate story It delved into why Digger made the mistakes that put him on everyone's hit list The depth of his anguish and regret and his need to make amends seemed impossible to overcome I wanted it for him to find a way back Then there was Bunny who paid a brutal price for the mistakes she made I'll just go ahead and say it I was wrecked by something that happened to Bunny in the beginning My heart bled for her and that emotion pulled me even deeper into the story The drama of their relationship gripped me and had me rooting for their HEA Digger was a changed man and he needed Bunny to keep him in line so I was hoping that she let him into her heart As usual the action and suspense was gripping Not to give anything away but the real traitor was closer than anyone realized In the end a lot of loose ends were tied up while a few people got what was coming to them Death Dweller style Lastly let's talk chemistry and naughty bits There were definitely some swoon worthy moments but that part was toned down just a tad bit Digger and Bunny had a fabulous chemistry but they were both unsure of themselves so that part had to build up slowly Even so there was loads of sexual tension and dirty innuendos the usual outrageousness Ok one final thought and that is that Little Man really stole the show In my opinion it would be super awesome if Kathryn Kelly decided to do a spin off series a Death Dweller Legacy sort of thing with the kids This book was a great read I hope you'll check it out I'm sure the characters will grab your heart and keep you entertained I recommend this book and the series to everyone

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    All I can say is reading the final book and then coming back to read this I'm so confused At least Dig found Bunny I'm glad for themOutlaw still a smart mouth biker that demands my attentionsMeg is still a sweetheart and I love that girlThe rest I don't care enough to mention Sorry

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    Digger caused so much trouble behind the scenes in previous books but here you get the whole story Lots of Bunny and Little Man in this one as Digger tries to stay alive keep them alive and redeem what he's lost I liked this one a lot than some of the others it's about a 45 for meJust got done reading the entire series that's in the collected box set This one is gritty and gory and Outlaw is the ultimate MC alpha with his dirty dirty mouth and his penchant for shooting people in the middle of their foreheads Meggie is 15 years younger than him but they connect on than one level The other MC guys are shaped well here and I liked all of their individual stories but I hate hate hate Kendall Worth the wait to read the entire series right in a row

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    Once againawesome book in this series The way Outlaw talks is so ridiculous at times that its hilarious No it isn't good to cuss like he does in front of his child but CJ was hilarious also It was well needed humor amidst all the horrific things going on this story Digger was never really a character I could get into this series so I admittedly skimmed over some of the parts with him I'm glad that in the end he found someone good and decent What Bunny went through with Trader was so so sad How a man could do that is beyond me so he got what he deserved The scenes in the beginning in the cabin in BC were beyond disturbing Therefore Rev Sharper also got what he deserved but too uick in my thinking Peyton was an evil disturbed psycho bitch so good riddance to her also Regardless of the depression issues and by no means am I discounting it it is a very serious illness which many suffer from but I haven't liked Kendall from day one and in this book she just pissed me off to no end It's always about herme me me and for being so smart Johnny is an idiot Dinah well there's another deeply disturbed individual who was taken advantage of and suffered the conseuences