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Life without love is painful but in 1865 forbidden fruit can be deadly When a wealthy widow decides to enjoy her new found freedom she puts than her reputation on the line An unwanted suitor means to have her or no one will From sizzling sex to life threatening danger the intrigue will keep you turning the pages of Midnight Caller Haley Whitehall’s sizzling new romanceWhen Emma Bennett’s husband dies in a carriage accident in 1865 she is released from her loveless controlling marriage Now she has a chance to find happiness and raise a family But before she begins courting again she wants to experience her freedom At the advice of the leading socialite in town she takes a black lover to fulfill her sexual needs His raw masculine power awakens feelings she didn’t know existed After the first touch she craves Frederick works as a roustabout by day and moonlights as a prostitute He knows better than to fall in love with his white client but Emma enchants him the first time he calls on her To keep them both safe he works hard to put up barriers Unfortunately he can’t protect Emma from the slimy Mr Hawthorne who wants her as his bride Frederick vows to keep her safe even if his forbidden love costs him his life

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    Surprised me But in a very good way Though I do wish that the outcome wasn't made to be uite so simple Considering the era we're in in this story And the harsh and often times scary reality these characters have had to endure live through I wish things played out a bit realistically in certain ways as the plot unfolded But the outcomeending was still great If not just a little too rushed but still great The little twist that made certain things possible I loved But I caught onto the clue of it long before it's revealOverall I did like this read and I would recommend itHappy Reading

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    45 stars In picking up Haley Whitehall's Midnight Caller I will admit I experienced a bit of hesitation Not because of the talented author and surely not because of her writing I did worry however at whether or not this story would guarantee a happy ending something I like with my romances After all this is a romance set in the tumultuous period after the Civil War when relations between whites and African Americans were volatile How could a love between a white woman and a freed black man end well especially with the prejudiced eyes of society on them? In giving us historical accuracy how would Ms Whitehall deliver on the romance? Well I can say she certainly does And after a couple of fraught exuisite pages it wasn't so much about the HEA any for me It was about allowing myself to get swept away in this historical tale In this novella the author still manages to capture a slice of life in antebellum America and illustrates opinions of the times Her writing has dignity and authority and her romance makes one sigh I won't give anything away and share whether or not I got my HEA Suffice to say Haley Whitehall offers a satisfying resolution with her heart stopping story I would be pleased to read by this author

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    Midnight Caller is set in the late 1800s and follows the love affair between a young white widow Emma Bennett and her black escort Frederick During this time racism is very much prevalent but Emma takes a chance as she needs some sexual relief after being in a loveless and controlling marriage What starts out as Frederick just doing what he is paid to do turns into much Secrets are revealed and lives are in danger It does not help that Emma is wanted by another suitor so when this suitor finds out a black man has been sleeping with her things take a turn for the worst Would they survive as an interracial couple in the South? Who is hiding a secret? You have to one click this erotic novella to find outIt is a story outside of my normal reading genre but I wanted to give it a try since it is a historical type romance I am happy I did The author does an outstanding job of developing the characters and their innermost feelings for one another Ms Whitehall helps us to understand the intricacies of an interracial courtship in the south during an earlier era This book shows when love is involved two people will go to great lengths to be together even if it means someone might be killed Even in today’s day and time people still frown upon interracial relationships so when entered into you have to make sure your love can withstand the negativities that society will dish outGreat storyline and I look forward to reading from Haley Whitehall Reviewed by Lisa

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    Midnight Caller by Haley Whitehall is a sensual novella that I didn't want to see end Her story telling gift had me turning the pages from start to finish in one sittingSet in 1865 the story begins with Emma Bennetts' husband dying in a carriage accident This sets her free and releases her from the loveless marriage she had endured Emma decides to enjoy her freedom before wanting to settle down with a husband and to have a family Taking the advice of a prominent socialite she is acuainted with Emma hires a black man as her lover and to fulfill her most intimate desires Frederick works as a roustabout by day and a prostitute at nightAfter their first night together Emma and Frederick become enraptured with each other He knows better than to fall in love with a white woman and backs away to keep them both safe How now can he protect Emma from the detestable Mr Hawthorne who wants her to become his wifeA captivating story of forbidden love and I look forward to by this author

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    An intriguing peek into what could have happened in the South just after the Civil War Ms Whitehall builds a story just as compelling as any Regency or Victorian widow storyRead full review in the 2014 August issue of InD’tale Magazine

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    A well written and enjoyable interracial romance novel which I enjoyed a lot The seduction – which wasn't really a seduction – was a bit of a letdown with Frederic taking orders from Emma “touch me here touch me there” etc I'd have preferred for Frederic to have been a bit Alpha Wouldn't everyone? There aren't many BMWW interracial romance novels out there – excluding the amateuristic 24 page wonders we see a lot of – so I hope that Haley Whitehall writes in this category

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    This was pretty generic Repetitive extremely repetitive really some of the most intense instalove i've ever seen very dramatic very overly emotional cartoon level evil villiany and of course very detailed sex scenes Nothing you haven't seen before a billion other times I found the ending very rushed and anti climatic I also felt like emma's secret really killed any tension or drama the story had

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    I had high hopes for this book but it was just an OK read I didn't really care much for the characters

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    What a surpriseThis book was uite a surprise for meI was glad to see true love find its wayThere is nothing better than a happily ever after

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    Great book good intreging story Thank you