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Allie would rather moonlight as a Hound than accept the family fortune and the strings that come with it All magic use has costs hers include migraines and memory loss She finds a boy dying from a magic Offload with her father's signature then her father is murdered Allie's search for the truth calls on her country friend and the handsome man originally assigned as her bodyguard Someone is forging magic signatures and hers is on her dead father

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    When I was a kid and I fell sick my mom used to give me this horrid porridge that was supposed to help me recover uicker It was flat bland tasteless and coated my mouth in a way that made every mouthful a chore Reading Magic to the Bone kind of reminded me of being back in bed sick and forced to eat some awful mush This book is not exciting it's not enchanting it's not funny it's just plain blahAllie Beckstrom is a Hound In a world where the use of magic always extracts a price it is her job to track down spellcasters who illegally Offload the cost of magic onto innocents When Allie is called in to Hound a five year old whose Offloaded illness bears the unmistakable signature of her rich estranged father it is up to her and her mysterious partner Zayvion to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy that is wider spread than it seemsThere's a bunch of things that made me slog through this book despite a deep desire to cut my losses and move on Devon Monk is a competent writer By this I mean her story makes sense she doesn't have any glaring grammatical or typographical errors and her world building is decent An alternate reality where magic is not some pretty easy thing with no conseuences where even the most powerful person needs to pay a price to use their talent where there are limits to how you can use magic where technology and magic co exist all of this adds up to the elements for a fascinating storySo of course Monk would have to go ruin a perfectly good idea by making her heroine oh so special oh so uniue and oh so tortured By creating a man who is so unnecessarily mysterious he loses all mystiue By losing track of her plot and making her characters run all over the place with no clear destination in mindThis is a book that could have been so much better than it actually was Why do so many UF authors insist on making their heroines supernatural superstars who are too stupid to live? It's like a secret motto saying With great power comes great stupidityThink about this Allie is hurt she has been shot in the chest by an assassin and healed herself with magic She is so weak she's still seeing stars and standing upright is a major task Her loverpartner tells her to stay put while he goes out and finds them a safe hiding place As soon as he's gone she decides to get out Not because she doesn't trust him Not because she doesn't want to put him in danger No she's fucking off from there even though just getting off the elevator almost puts her flat on her face because she doesn't want to wait around for him to save her Yes I'm sure sensible people the world over will applaud her feminist instincts and her great sense of timing Not to mention that she immediately takes off towards the most dangerous part of town This woman's thinking makes no senseLike the time when she's being chased by some bounty hunter on the way to the police station She evades her pursuer grabs a cab and three guesses as to where she heads If you're guessing the police station where she was going in the first place you would be WRONG No our gutsy heroine decides to head to the seamiest part of town in search of a telephone To call the police Jesus H ChristIt's like Devon Monk has set points in her plotline ABCetc And she doesn't really care how her heroine gets from A to B as long as the end points are there There is no forethought to her plotline no idea that she's considered causes effects complexitiesAlthough I thought the chemistry between Allie and Zayvion was fine Zayvion himself was kinda annoying with his overt and meaningless compulsion to be cryptic Even after he's declared his love for Allie he doesn't tell her anything about himself what he does who is threatening the woman he claims to love and other such unnecessary information I'm sure I'm supposed to be waiting with bated breath to discover his deep dark secrets in the second book but I couldn't care lessThe only thing I liked in the book was the portrayal of Cody and his Kitten and Allie's cavalier treatment of him annoyed me Cody was the only character in the book who made me sit up pay attention and feel some emotion that wasn't boredom So of course Cody's story ended awkwardly with no closure except a couple of lines about him in a conversation UghAll in all I'd say it was a book worth reading If you know you were mysteriously shipwrecked on a desert island with no TV or internet and the only other book you were carrying with you was Hush Hush

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    I dunno what to say about this oneThis book was a bit of a rollercoaster up down up again The first part was interesting with the new world and all that I absolutely loved the idea that you have to pay to use magic it was a first for me Also loved the idea that magic was discovered invented even Like fire or water or sliced bread So I can say that I found a lot of really interesting things in this read The bad part was that after the wow thing passed I kinda got bored The story didn't make me curious and the characters weren't as good as I had hoped And for some reason I really didn't like the male MC he has a complicated name something with a Y and an I and a V But after I decided that it's a boring book it started being interesting again Ok only about the last 10% but I absolutely loved loved loved the idea Dunno why maybe because it's new and all that but I found it damn interesting to see that view spoiler the main character loses her memory of the whole story; basically all she learned and the new guy were erased hide spoiler

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    Magic to the Bone is another Urban Fantasy novel involving magic but there are twists When you use magic you have to pay a price such as a memory or some sort of pain People illegally push the costs off to victims and that's where the MC comes into play; as a Hound she tracks down people using magic illegally Unfortunately for her one of her clients leads back to a bad source and soon there is a murder investigation and much higher stakesAllie is a likeable guilt stricken and stubborn heroine There's not much that stands out about her other than her ability to focus much magic Since the first book is showing her just learning this still making mistakes it's not that impressive just yet Her choices are a little frustrating While she's stubborn she almost distrusts to the point of angst jumps into relationships way too uickly runs to the wrong people without thinking it through argues against friends but bends to them anywayHonestly not much really goes on in this book it just seems like it does After the one boy is injured there's one death and a tiny mystery Allie doesn't actually solve She runs into the villains and then at the end they expose themselves On the plus side I appreciate the creative checks and balance system with this world of magic the potential of future plots with the newly invented technology and Allie coming into her own powers On the downside the book could have held oomph action wise and didn't need to dive so uickly into romantic zone

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    New to me author Devon Monk has imagined a world where magic exists but extracts a serious price from its users The magic you use the bigger the price in pain blood or lossunless you're rich enough or ruthless enough to transfer that price to someone else Allie knows all about magic's price At least she would if she could only remember After all her father and his wealthy corporation have their fingers in all the magic 'pies' in the world And she was all set to follow in those footsteps and join the family business until she worked herself free of her father's 'Influence magic' Since then she's made her own life and spends a lot of it tracking down those who misuse magic and turning them in to the authorities So when her latest job reveals her father's magic 'signature' she tries not to be surprised But all of a sudden weird things start to happen her father's dead she's the number one suspect and there's an incredibly handsome yet strange man who always seems to be around when things go badly And did I forget to mention the almost dead man and his kitten? A mysterious hunky man lost memories magical sex although maybe not uite enough of it murder a cute kitten industrial espionagethis story has it all The action is fast paced the plot is well spun and the romance vs suspense uotient was just right for me Monk has written a strong yet emotionally vulnerable heroine with a drive for justice that often works against her best instincts If I didn't know there was a second book coming I would have found the author's website and hounded her for one There's a lot of potential in her world and her characters and I'm hungry for I loved the idea of a physical cost to magic and how that could play out in today's world Devon Monk had me hooked from page three and I just couldn't stop reading 'til the end of this book Now I'm tapping my toes waiting for Magic in the Blood to be released in May 2009 and hoping the story picks up right where this one left off

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    All right y'all now here's the thing; I read this series before I was on here and didn't go into it with the same thought process I have now That doesn't mean that I love this series any less it just means that I can admit that there are issues with this book that I hadn't really paid attention to before This book has that First Book Syndrome and Allie makes some uestionable decisions but this remains one of my favorite seriesThe story is set in a world like ours but unlike ours magic is a real thing having been discovered some 30 years ago Instead of most books that let magic be all kinds of wonderful so many times in my life youth have I wished magic was real in this world magic uses you back And I love itOne of the ways the price of magic use is taken is by having the inmates pay the price and I thought that was absolutely awesome Magic can make you pay by any number of ways including flu memory loss bruising fatigue body pain and so on Other than the inmates serving their time as proxies there are also people who do that for money Then there are people who Offload the cost of their magic use on unsuspecting people That's where we first meet Allie She is a Hound someone that uses magic to track spells to their castors and she's good She Hounds a spell that hit a little boy and tracks it to her very powerful father See Allie's dad is the guy who basically invented ways for the people to use magic storm rods and he's not only a powerful figure because of that but he's also a very powerful magic user She isn't on good terms with him since he wasn't a very good dad and when she traces the hit to him it's the first time in seven years she's seen him It is also the lastHounding the hit on the boy is only the beginning in a series of events that completely change Allie's life A little information on my girl She's a 26 yo Harvard grad who gave up all her father's money and influence in order to make it on her own and I love that about her She's tough and real and knows how to work She is flawed and makes some choices that aren't exactly the Best Choice Ever but whose perfect? I love that she's able to mess up and move on Through her Hounding she met Zayvion He'ssomething In this book I remember how I didn't really like him too much and the reread reminded me why He does something in the end that I still feel wasn't resolved to my liking but what can you do? He's a strong guy both physically and magically and Allie is drawn to him from the get go I don't hate her for this even if she made some bad timing calls with when to get a little dirty with him Nobody is perfect I can't say I'd be feeling horny if I had an unconscious dude in the backseat of the car and smelled of garbagecat peedirty river water but hey I'm not judging too harshly lol About the ending view spoilerI never did really understand her choice there in the end Since that whole scene never say well with me and reading it again now didn't change that I can't really understand why she made the choice she did On page 349 she even says That last part just didn't sound like me I wasn't the type of person to give myself up to grand noble sacrifices hide spoiler

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    This was a very promising start to a new to me series I’m uite fussy about which UF series I get involved in but this I liked It seems that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of world building and what we know of the magic system I liked the main protagonist Allie Beckstrom as well as her friend Nora and the love interest Zayvion Looking forward to continuing the series

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    I finished 2 books today uick audio reads and they've both been disappointments for me Let me say here that both should have been labeled PNR PareNormal Romance rather than UF Urban Fantasy This book started out for me as maybe a high 3 It is a good idea again a mage type character with a limited power that will obviously grow Sadly it devolves uickly into soap opera with concerns of the heart trumping story Our relationship with our father our friendsand of course our on again off again love interest predominate I got so tired of itThe book starts out in an interesting manner with our protagonist using her talent to hound out who had foisted off the negative cost of his magic onto a boy This boy is the son of one of our protagonist's friends She has multiple sons and she calls all of them boy Every time that happened I flashed on Steven King's Dark Tower series and the bumbler they called boy and it would call itself 'oy as like a dog it couldn't make a b Our protagonist you see is a hound She can recognize a person's magical signature and trace or track them The book's magical system is very much still in the formative stages What had been the rules of magic are being broken so like the book's characters we are left to wonder what can happen and what can'tAs I said I liked how it opened till we got into the internal dialogues emotional angst and of course the hot feelings shooting up ourher leg that have nothing to do with magic I lost interest before the halfway mark skipped a couple of pointless but explicit scenes I assume the point was the romance and it's development By the time we reached the climax of the book not the characters I was bored and ready for the book to end Only the idea and the interesting opening save this from getting a oneWe are left with the reuisite to come ending and the tiny clue about what's to come It's just not enough to draw me back in Too bad really Another I'll have to try and get Audible to allow me to return

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    With Magic to the Bone Devon Monk creates a world of magic that’s a little different from the usual urban fantasy This first installment was enjoyable but had its convoluted moments Allie Beckstrom is a Hound a magic user whose talent is tracing a spell back to its caster She exists in a version of Portland Oregon where magic runs from deep wells of power within the earth wending its way up through lead and glass distribution systems which carry the power source throughout the city Most people seem able to access this magic but its use comes at a price For every spell cast there is an Offload of eual measure Small magics might result in a migraine; large scale magics might mean death for the caster I liked the notion that the universe creates its own system of checks and balances I also appreciated the fact that no matter what the universe has in mind there are always less scrupulous folks who are willing to shirk conseuences and manipulate the system so that the rules won’t apply to them Magic to the Bone starts with just such a situation a young boy is saddled with the effects of someone else’s magic bringing him close to death What follows is a lot of madness Allie is accused of murder discovers magic can do improbable things gets betrayed countless times and almost dies in every other chapter Some of her actions make zero sense to me like constantly returning to a place she insists is a safe haven only to be threatened and treated poorly time and again Allie isn’t stupid exactly but she doesn’t seem the best judge of character Allie’s freuently inexplicable choices frustrated me though considering the hurdles she faces I guess I can excuse some lack of focus The romance was heated but very sudden again making me uestion her judgment The bad guy is rather obvious from his first appearance ruining most of the mystery aspect and making me wonder why Allie didn’t suspect him sooner What keeps the story afloat is the magic Though it’s widespread its properties are generally unknown or misunderstood Having only been harnessed within the last 30 years there are many aspects of magic that haven’t been explored New legislation and technologies are still developing and various factions are seeking control over magic and its use I get the impression that Allie is going to be at the center of a classic good vs evil scenario in the books to come What I've read so far is encouraging enough to continue with the second book but I'm not desperate to get it into my hands

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    I really like the world so far and how the magic works I didn't like that it switched from A's 1st person pov to third person pov for Cody It was a little jarring But then I felt so bad for Cody I did like his scene I just don't like how it goes from 1st to 3rd person This is set in Portland which I enjoy since I live in Portland However I have a higher opinion of Saint Johns than the author does Some of the phrasing is weird to me like My mouth watered so hard I had to swallow some of the phrases just make me stop and go huh And the phrase oh good loves is really annoying IMO Also the five or six guys all named Boy annoys me I get tired of reading the word boy over and over The whole diner scene is slow and seems pointless I don't care to read about her listing over her soup Or him stealing all the bread She has all of the sudden turned into a 13 year old with a crush This had to be the most detailed eating scene ever written That's not a good thing that's a very boring thing Will this scene ever end or have a point? Now she's saying good loves as if sweet loves wasn't annoying enough What with all the Zen crap?Eh 17% she kisses him It's so wtf She knows he's paid to follow her and has just been lying to her about everything but he's hot so she kisses him? At first his cologne smelled like bleached toilet water but now that's sexy too There is NO connection here at all And she has no reason to kiss him except she's really a stupid 13 year old This story had such a strong opening but its just sinking into mushy swooning teenagers garbage it's turing to complete rubbishI found the beginningworld building to be fabulous But my 20% the characters pretty much suck Only cool ones Cody and that's just because you feel so bad for him This chick is bad ass She doesn't even wear a seat belt This chick went swimming in trash and shit water and caught on fire and they making out She smells like a burning trash dump and half her body red and burned But she still goes acrobatic in the car and pops a suat on him in the drivers seatview spoilerWhere was Zay when she was shot? They in his tiny apartment She steps out of shower and hitman waiting in open living room Zay was supposed to be cooking breakfast Where was he when the hitman broke in? And then after he just leaves her there? Knowing the hitman and whoever he working with knows where she is? Why doesn't he have a phone? Seriously he said he breaks his cell phones but why not a home phone? How do the people he works for contact him? This makes no sense hide spoiler

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    35 StarsDevon Monk has given us a world where magic exists but it's not a pretty world There are steep prices for using magic of any sort and as always there are ways to circumvent the system Allie's gift allows her to track those that would wish to hide their magical doings She prefers to go her own way forgetting the blood she shares with the man who made harnessing magic possible her fatherWhen the story opens it's Allie's birthday and she's determined to do something nice for herself Unfortunately her plans go awry and she ends up getting called out the Hound when a boy gets deathly sick When that hounding leads her to believe her father is responsible for this illegal Offload Allie goes to confront him Seven years since she's seen him last and all the old bitterness and disappointment comes back so easily especially when she finds out her father has hired a man Zavyion Jones to trail her She thought she had all the shocks that would come her way but she was wrong It was just beginningI really enjoyed that the world the Devon Monk created was gritty The use of magic left a residue that you could smell and feel in the air the earth the water The characters can set Disbursements that allow the magic offload to be handled in a specific way sometimes through proxies and sometimes through specific effects on themselves It's a well realized world filled to the brim with possibilities I think there's a lot of room for us to see hereI really enjoyed experiencing this book through Allie She's a strong stubborn honorable person She likes helping people using her magic to protect and do good and has her own set of code that she tries to live by I also really like that she can at turns be impulsive rash even and at others she can be extremely cautious She doesn't mind paying the price for using her magic accepts it as the cost of living how she wants to I find this admirable but I have a problem with it too One of her major costs of doing magic is memory loss hours days weeks months? I'm not sure if I can trust her to be a reliable narrator to actually move forward into any sort of life and the one thing measure she's taken to make sure she doesn't forget forever is writing in a notebook But the notes she writes are inconsistent vague and not detailed enough in my opinion However this is a minor complaintThere are some alternating third person point of view scenes in this book too but they felt unnecessary unless that character comes to be important in the futureThen there's Zavyion Allie was very drawn to him from the beginning even against her own better judgement He's an intriguing character I feel like we didn't get to know enough about him as he spent a good portion of the book evading answering any uestions But I do know that his actions spoke fairly loud and I want to know him The pacing of the story felt a little slow to me While I was curious the entire time I was reading it took me about 90 pages to really get interested in what was going to happen What I didn't like is that there seemed to be far too much talk and little action Allie does some magic and then spends the next 75 pages talking about what she learned what it could mean what she should do now I would have liked some action Though I can appreciate that a first book in a series is going to take some time setting everything upOverall I enjoyed this intro to Allie Beckstrom's world though I felt there were some areas that could have drawn me in even If you're looking for a gritty world with depth and a strong heroine then I'd definitely recommend trying Devon Monk's Magic to the Bone