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Only Twice Had She Set Foot Inside The Building Since The Massacre The First Time Had Been Just A Month After The Tragedy The Second Time She Had Returned To The Scene Of The Crime Had Been Two Days Ago When She Forced Herself To Enter The Building To Check On The Temporary Office For The SEAL Team The Counselor She Had Seen In The Months After The Shooting Had Encouraged Her To Face Her Fears, But Now Riley Wasn T Sure She Was Ready To Face Them After All Caught Up In A Hostage Situation That Is Hauntingly Familiar, Riley Palmetta Once Finds Her Life Hanging In The Balance What Starts Out As A Well Organized And Highly Intensive Training Course For The Prevention Of Random Acts Of Terror Quickly Turns Into A Real Life Nightmare Of Suspense And Intrigue That Will Test The Faith And Finely Honed Skills Of Tristan Crowther And His Elite Group Of LDS Navy SEALS For Tristan, This Is Not Only A Race To Save Lives It Is A Deeply Personal Mission That Moves Relentlessly Toward An Irreversible Crisis And Life As Well As Love Is On The Line

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    Great LDS Fiction I ll keep this short One of my favorite things about Traci Hunter Abramson is that she writes clean fiction that s also exciting and suspenseful She knows how to tug at your emotions until you re on the edge of your seat This book was no different Riley and the members of the SEAL team she s helping are all Latter day Saints members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, commonly known as Mormons Abramson doesn t make the story about their religion, but about the hostage situations in the book The best part is Abramson used to be CIA and knows what s she s talking about with her suspense novels It makes everything believable.

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    I loved the romance and interaction of the couple in Lockdown I would give that part of the story 4 stars I guess I was expecting action in the story I also felt it ended too abruptly, I wanted action near the end The best action scene in the story is in the middle of the story dealing with a houseboat wreck and it was very intense I wish there would have been of that intensity near the end Overall it was a good read, but Royal Target and Undercurrents are still my favorite books that Traci has written.

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    4.5 stars I really need to not start a Traci Hunter Abramson book if I have other things to do They are just too hard to put down, even though I have already read the first few books in the series It has been long enough, that I only have vague memories not really any specific details I didn t like this one quite as well as Freefall there was something about the ending that I didn t quite like, that I couldn t put my finger on However, it was a gripping story and I am really enjoying the series.

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    Why I Like Abramson s Books I like Abramson s books because I know what to expect from them If I m tired and want an easy, fast paced story, with a little romance thrown in, then her books always hit the spot They are usually predictable, the couples always get together in the end, they have LDS characters and morals and usually have something to do with FBI CIA NAVY SEAL stuff, and you don t necessarily have to read them in order But, I still like them I haven t read one yet that I can give a 4 or 5 star too Sometimes I will give them a 3 star if I can see myself reading them again or if I especially liked the story. Review Even though this book is the 2nd one in the Saint Squad Series, I read it after reading 3 other ones not in order either So I liked this one because I had liked the main characters I was introduced to in the other books but I got to see their story in this book I wasn t a huge fan of the story itself The book starts out with two points of view Riley Tristan s and then halfway through the book two points of view begin to show up I get super bugged when books do that It seems to happen a lot too, and usually it s a big red flag that says I m the bad guy, pay attention to my devious plan Again, I did like the characters though, and I am completely satisfied with it it met all of the expectations So while I probably won t read this one again unless I m super desperate and just need to zone out, I am glad that I read it.

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    I enjoyed this one as much as the others We were stationed in Virginia during the Virginia Tech shooting and have read a lot about the insident, so it was interesting to read a book loosley based on that event I liked Riley and Tristan and was glad that this book focused on the two of them and less on the other characters something that really bothered me in Crossfire Overall, I enjoyed the story and it kept my interest throughout.

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    Only went a quarter of the way through This is not a suspense, action, spyanything book It s a romance novel well, it fails at that too I don t know how you could fit any they suddenly found themselves into one story For a special task force with the responsibility of protecting people be predicting human behavior they certainly surprise their selves a lot

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    Book 2 in the Series focuses on Tristan, a Southern boy on the Saints Squad His counter part is Riley a graduate student that was one of 3 that survived a massacre at her college 2 years ago The Squad s job at this time is to teach the schools, community and those responsible for keeping all that safe, organized training courses to help these leaders know how to handle emergencies regarding mass shootings in the public Riley, in working hand in hand with the Saints Squad, now has to face her demon of returning to the building that she was in 2 years ago in the shooting The Squad s offices are set up in that building Tristan is working closely with Riley and he notices that she is affected and different when she enters that building she doesn t want anyone to know that she was there and survived that ordeal Tristan works hard to find out what is bothering Riley On the other hand of stories, they have their mock training experiences that go very well, but have trouble with the mayor who thinks the SEALS are too high on themselves untilthere is an incident at the high school A lone shooter and the SEALS handle that smoothly in which the mayor is grateful and changed his tune regarding the SEALS Now the mystery unravels as we find out why the student went to his school to shoot his father, what does this have to do with Riley who is drugged and almost dies, and we find that Tristan and Riley are able to work through her problems and the problems of falling in love with a Navy SEAL and all that implies I like the women that are in this series they are strong, educated, confident women that have a lot to offer and aren t afraid to be strong and yet be loving and caring Great balance.

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    A fun read I decided to read this because the description reminded me of Dee Henderson s O Malley series This was a clean book with action, suspense, and of course, romance so, a little bit of everything The ending felt a bit abrupt to me, and I think I would have preferred reading it to listening to it, but other than those things, it was a nice getaway, even focused around an intense subject.

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    Riley survived a horrendous shooting, and now she s finishing a master s degree in criminal psychology Tristan is a Navy Seal on the team to assist with the training program for future incidents This took so many twists and turns Tristan and Riley s relationship is intense and sweet, based on their past experiences Just the right amount of light and dark interspersed.

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    This one started out slower than the previous book in the Saint Squad series I was afraid she would stay focused on Riley s fears from the college shooting Abramson moved on, though, and brought in a good suspense plot In the end, I really enjoyed the book and couldn t put it down.