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Sometimes life really bitesFor socially inept nerds like Eva Harper the junior prom is bound to suck especially when her date turns out to be a vampire Eva wakes from the change knowing her life will never be the same Not only is the vegan teenager now a vampire but a vicious virus has struck spreading across the globe and irreversibly changing much of mankindinto zombiesand the only thing to do is to bite backFleeing from the vampire hive and their controlling ueen Eva takes up with a rag tag militia in their seemingly insurmountable uest to rid the world of zombies But little does she know it’s her own secret a secret she doesn’t even know she has that will be the turning point for the zombie wars

10 thoughts on “Life Bites (Hunger Chronicles #1)

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    I really liked this book Really really liked this book It was not the typical zombie apocalypse type of world and I loved that The main character Eva is one tough cookie If I ever have to deal with a zombie situation she is who I want to have with me She is euipped with just about everything you would want to have when the un dead take over However she doesn't really fit in anywhere so she is pretty much a loner In Life Bites you see some of her past and her present They are seamlessly blended together and you soon find out why she keeps to herself I really appreciated the way Tes Hilaire transitioned between the different times of Eva's life because it is not always an easy thing to do Sometimes all of the time travelling within a book can get confusing I DID NOT have that problem here It was also nice to experience this world from Eva's perspective I found her to be a very interesting character and you get to learn a lot about her in the book Her sarcasm and people skills were so entertaining It was very easy to get sucked into her story and the challenges she is facing The supporting characters are great too You do learn uite a bit about John in this book and he has an interesting story too I can't wait for in this series because I'd like to learn about some of the others as well Oh and not to mention the information that was obtained towards the end of the book The anticipation of what comes next is killing me Great book

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    I will admit to not being the world’s largest zombie apocalyptic reader What drew me to this title was the mixture of a vampire and a virus that has endangered them and the main character seemed to be the sort of smart snarky geeky girl that I prefer for my heroines Hilaire did not disappoint not only was Eva incredibly clever and very well developed as a vegan now forced to obtain food from “things with faces” she developed a world that was uniue in premise with enough familiarity to be comfortable for readers Mixing the events in time provided good insight into Eva’s essential nature and self reliance and was done with such flair that it was easy to follow and provide layers of information that would not have fallen into place as well as in a straight narrative Secondary characters are well presented with interactions feeling uite normal if one can say that about a zombie apocalypse and the intrigue surrounding John presents potential for some interesting twists in the next instalment There are some good twists in this book with enough information to lead seamlessly into the second in the story without the frustration of a large cliff hanger This was a fun book to read and the perfect one to wet my feet with a longer zombie story and a good read for YA and Adult readers alike I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility

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    I bought this book after reading The Hunger Chronicles A collection of shorts and didn't regret the purchase Life Bites is Eva's story a teenager who lives in a world filled with zombies and some other creatures You'll see this world through her eyes and will learn how she became euipped to survive it A very creative and adept take on that new worldAlthough Eva thinks she's a loner who's worried only about herself there are situations that show us that she's the opposite The layers of Eva's personality are peeled one by one until we see a teenager who learnt to survive against all odds only to discover that she wanted to belongReally loved the book and can't recommend it enoughZombies when you see Eva coming run the other wayif you can

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    I have read the author's paranormal romance and really enjoyed them So I decided to check to see if she had anything else out and found this and a book of shorts I'm glad I didA bit of a departure from her Paladin series this book is slanted to the YA urban fantasy market Our heroine is a vegetarian teen turned blood craving vampire by her too good to be true date for the prom Eva is running from her maker and his sadistic mommy dearest vampire ueen who is none too happy with the girl her son brought home When we meet her she has joined up with what's left of the military in the fight against the z virus Eva is an endearing mix of kick ass and vulnerability and her supporting cast is interesting also This story is a winner Enjoy

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    Loved this book Something different and new I keep it just to read again when in between novels

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    Great read that asks the uestion What would have happened if Buffy WAS the vampire? Loved this book Plenty of action fun a little romance and humor

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    Zombies Vampires Werewolves all in one Now thats what im talking about loved it start to finish