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I liked the storyline because I haven t read many books about someone being deaf hearing impaired Therefore, I was really engaged in the story of sweet Amigal and her cochlear implants which I had never heard of until I read the book Kupfer delivers a message to readers about individuality and celebrating differences. You may or may not know that I became completely deaf at the age of 36 years old To say that my heart was broken was an understatement.At the time, I thought I would never be able to hear my children s voices or anyone else s for that matter I did not think I would be able to hear the things I really like either, like thunderous rain, music or the giggle from a child I was devastated.However, help was on the way and that would be in the form of a cochlear implant and two highly specialized doctors that cared for their patients My life was certainly changed again for the better.So, what does that have to do with a book review WellLet s Hear It For Almigal written by Wendy Kupfer is a children s book about a little girl, Almigal, who is profoundly deaf but still she wears cotton candy pink hearing aids.Almigal has a best friend who also wears hearing aids and teaches her some sign language For the most part she feels special but not all the time She cannot always hear the things she loves, like birds chirping and the music in her ballet class These things makes her sad because she wants to hear everything there is to hear.Upon a visit to her hearing specialist, Almigal s doctor introduces her to cochlear implants She has the operation and is given her favorite color, cotton candy pink She shows them off to friends who are very happy for her.As all young kids will do, Almigal forgets to take care of her cochlear implants but it turns out okay anyway In the end, she learns that they are special tools for her and the best part is, she can hear everything she loves including her Mom and Dad who tell her they love her Now, you can see why I loved this book.The illustrations were done by Tommie Lyon and are very bright and colorful like the character of Almigal that author Wendy Kupfer portrays.The author based this book on her own daughter who was born profoundly deaf and eventually too had cochlear implants Both work tireless for the causes of the deaf and profoundly hard of hearing In fact, each book that is purchased, 5% of the sales goes to support deaf children Win win This book 5 Stars Naila MoonDisclosure I received a free copy of this book for review for my open and honest opinion The views represented here are 100% my own. Review originally posted at Bibliophilia, PleaseWhen Let s Hear It For Almigal arrived in the mail from JKS Communications, my five year old daughter immediately snatched it up and ran to her bedroom to look at the book Since I received the book for reviewing purposes, I had to negotiate with Bug my daughter in order to have a turn with the book The end result I got a turn to read the book, but I had to read it aloud to her Being as it is a children s book, I think reading it in this manner was best for the review.The Writing of Let s Hear It For Almigal is great for children who are still being read to Some of the words are a little too big, and the book itself is a bit too long, in my opinion, for beginning or intermediate readers However, the read to me age will really enjoy the book Wendy Kupfer introduces Almigal, a little girl with hearing loss who wears hearing aids in a way that children can easily relate to her She is shown to be a completely normal little girl well before any mention of her disability is made Almigal s struggles and mishaps are portrayed in a light and funny way that doesn t make anyone feel sorry for her I think children will identify with Almigal s ability to get in trouble and the triumphs she makes throughout the book 5 5 StarsI have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was the Illustrations that drew Bug to the book Tammie Lyon illustrates the Eloise series, and the pictures for Let s Hear It For Almigal are no less engaging There is one picture in particular that Bug really liked, which showed how say I love you in sign language The book is bright, colorful, and perfect for keeping the attention of an easily distracted child 5 5 StarsSince my Attention Span is not really an issue, I m going to base this part on Bug s reaction to the book She is a very active child who is constantly looking for something to do or trouble to start However, as soon as I opened the pages of the picture book, she was enraptured Bug did not move from my side until I finished reading the story Once we were through with the book, she immediately returned to her regularly programmed shenanigans 5 5 StarsThe Pacing of the story was fairly typical for a children s book Being as I m not exactly sure how a children s book should be paced, I m going to skip rating this portion.The Extra Magic of Let s Hear It For Almigal for me was that my daughter was not asking me why Almigal was different Usually, if Bug sees someone with a hearing aid, a cane, or who just looks different, she is interrogating me as to why that person is that way With Almigal, she only saw another happy little girl who had lots of friends, cute puppies, and did not always do what she was supposed to 5 5 StarsThis is easily my favorite children s book that I have read in 2012, and I think it will be a fantastic book for all children especially little girls I think it has just enough information to make childrenaware of hearing loss in other individuals their own age, but not so much that it bores or scares them Let s Hear It For Almigal will be a great addition to any library, be it public, classroom, or home To satisfy FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that I received the book for free through JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review It has in no way affected the outcome All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. I had high hopes for this book about a little girl with a hearing loss, especially when I saw the enchanting illustrations But I was disappointed in the text.Almigal starts by telling us she considers herself lucky, even though she wears hearing aids and misses a lot of sounds.Then, she tells us she is sad and unlucky because she can t hear everything.She gets an operation for cochlear implants, and now she feels happy and lucky again.Objections First, I found the dialogue a bit stilted Rather than sounding like the story was told by a girl Almigal s age, to me, it soundedlike a story told by an adult trying to speak simpler.In addition, Almigal flips back and forth first she says she is happy and lucky, then she says the very same circumstances make her sad and unlucky Then we go back to the beginning Why Because she has had a 40,000 plus procedure for cochlear implants.Many insurance plans do not cover this procedure, or only cover it in part Moreover, it is not effective for all types of hearing loss Thus this book might give the wrong impression both to those with hearing impairments and those without And those who could benefit from cochlear implants but whose parents cannot afford it are now told how unhappy and unlucky they are.Finally, the use of this procedure is extremely controversial, especially within the deaf community In an article summarizing the arguments on both sides of the issue, authors Delost and Lashley of MacMurray College include the observation that Doctors and parents tend to see the child as missing something and view the deafness as a disability that must be fixed to make the child normal or whole again This attitude can have serious social and emotional implications Stewart Muirhead A child who is told she is broken and needs to be fixed will forever see herself as less of a person because of her deafness This problem comes to the fore in this book because of the fact that the happiness and luckiness of hearing with the implants is not available to all children for the reasons stated above.On the positive side, the illustrations by Tammie Lyon are stellar Lyon has made Almigal and her friends as cute as they can be.Evaluation Not recommended except for the small population of children who a have hearing impairments that can benefit from cochlear implants and b have the financial means to obtain the implants if they need and want them Those who do meet these special circumstances and or their family and acquaintances will undoubtedly love this story.Rating 1.5 5 Mom S Choice Gold Award Winner For Values And Life LessonsThis Fun And Original Picture Book Introduces Almigal, A Spunky Little Girl With Hearing Loss Who Is Now Determined To Hear Every Single Sound In The Universe Thanks To Her New Cotton Candy Pink Cochlear Implants These Sounds Include A Baby S Funny Giggle, The Robin S Chirps Outside The Window, The Soft Song Played During Ballet Class, And Especially Her Best Friend Chloe S Teeny Tiny Voice But Most Of All, Almigal Wants To Hear Her Parents Whisper To Her When They Tuck Her Into Bed Every Night Almigal S Spirit Will Have Both Children And Parents Alike Rooting For Her, While The Story Delivers A Positive Message About Accepting And Celebrating Differences Let s Hear It For Almigal is written by Wendy Kupfer and illustrated by Tammie Lyon This book is about a little girl named Almigal who has hearing loss Almigal wears cotton candy colored hearing aides in school and thinks she is a very lucky girl Unfortunately, Almigal begins to get frusterated when she can t hear a baby s giggle, the robin s chirping, or the soft song in her dance class When she goes to the hearing doctor she is told that she is a great candidate for cochlear implants The next day she under goes the surgery and comes home with a silly bandage around her head Suddenly Almigal feels like the luckiest girl in the world again She can hear the birds, the baby s giggle, and even the soft song at dance class But best of all, Almigal is able to hear her parents say I love you when they tuck her in at night As a special education teacher who teaches several students with haring impairments I found this book to be inspirational Almigal is such a happy, positive little girl who looks at herself as lucky for what she has She has many friends at school, two sweet puppies, and parents that love her The author of the book, Wendy Kupfer, knows a lot about this subject and it shows in this book Her daughter, Ali, has profound hearing loss With the help of her parents and her own determination, Ali has learned to speak and exude confidence I can t wait to share this book with the students in my classroom I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. In this short book about a young, hearing impaired child, who has dreams of hearing the tiniest sounds, the young independent reader will learn valuable life lessons Although some of us are different, we are really all the same We all enjoy playing with our friends, having fun and sharing the love of family We all have dreams Almigal radiates happiness, bravery and exuberance She is just the sweetest little girl, and all readers will fall in love with her and root for her wishes to come true The book fills a need for the hearing impaired child, but it will also be a wonderful read for hearing children Through the efforts and antics of Almigal and her wonderful philosophy of life, at so tender an age, readers will get a glimpse into her world and share her dream of hearing better With the help of cochlear implants, Almigal s world of sound is improved and her dream is fulfilled.As an adult, I found the book utterly delightful It had a happy, upbeat feeling The main character is simply a delight, and it comes through clearly in the few pages and brief narrative In addition, the pictures will elicit a warm response in the reader They are innocent, upbeat and will evoke smiles on each page Although, it is perfect for a child who can read it alone, this is also a wonderful buddy read for parent and child at any age, young or old. Let s Hear It For Almigal is based on a true story that celebrates diversity Author Wendy Kupfer s daughter was diagnosed at age 10 months with a profound hearing loss and told that she would never speak But Wendy and her daughter never gave up Their story is a positive and inspirational one for parents who have children with hearing impairments Wendy beautifully shows how our differences can become our strengths Ali is feisty, strong and confident, and has a group of friends who support her As a parent of a hearing impaired daughter, I wished I had this book 20 yeas ago I had my daughter read the book and she said it would have helped her feel less isolated from her classmates This is an uplifting book for kids who wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants The book should be in every school library and available for teachers to use in the classroom at the beginning of the school year if they have a student with hearing aids or cochlear implants Tammie Lyon has illustrated a very colorful, lively and vibrant book Her illustrations capture this spunky little girl and her BIG personality Tammie is also known for her work on the Eloise series as well as her new series, Katie Woo. Let s Hear it for Almigal by Wendy Kupfer and Illustrated by Tammie Lyon is a children s book that tells the story of a little girl named Almigal Ali who has hearing loss and gets cochlear implants Wendy, the author of this book writes it from experience, having a daughter named Ali who had hearing problems This story follows Almigal as she wants to hear every sound She mentions sounds that she is unable to hear and how she is sad not being able to hear her parents tell her they love her at night One day, Almigal s doctor tells her that she should get cochlear implants Almigal talks about how she was scared, but how the surgery was a piece of cake The story then follows Almigal as she is able to hear the things she once could not I think this story is a good read for children, but especially for kids with hearing loss Almigal s courage and positive outlook should help encourage children with these types of issues I think it is great that there is a book for these kids with a character they can relate to I liked the cute pictures in the book as well I think this book can be a great addition to a child s library I received a copy of Let s Hear it for Almigal from Handfinger Press via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review A wonderful children s book with beautiful illustrations It teaches great lessons accepting people despite their differences, the importance of home support mother and daughter working and doing homework together , and taking care of your belongings especially if it s expensive.It s wonderful to have a book that is focused on children who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants Showing how a deaf hard of hearing child is just the same as any other child Has the same kind of love for life, gets in the same kind of trouble, etc Very cute book My only concern is that I don t know how it will be received in the Deaf community But I m not a fan of cochlear implants and neither are some of my friends It feels too much like a fix the deafness kind of book It teaches about accepting people, yet goes and pulls the child from the Deaf world to try and get her accepted in the Hearing world I guess I was hoping for a book that better accepted and supported the Deaf culture and language But for hearing children, this is a good book to teach them not to judge others who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants.