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This book was an adventure and I rather enjoyed it. this was great definitly different but i feel like you could relate better to this character than other for example sam has snake arms cyrus has a snake and the solomon keys henry crawls through cupboards but toms pretty normal also blegh stupid jeffery no one likes you lol also uder the bed who would have thunk overall i loved it, it was better than outlaws but it wasnt as good as some of the others Before He Wrote The Bestselling Cupboards Trilogy And Ashtown Burials Series , N D Wilson Delighted Readers With His First Unforgettable Action Adventure Story Of Survival Thomas Hammond Has Always Lived Next To Leepike Ridge, But He Never Imagined He Might End Up Lost Beneath It The Night Tom S Schoolteacher Comes To Dinner And Asks Tom S Mother To Marry Him, Tom Slips Out Of The House And Escapes Down A Nearby Stream On A Floating Slab Of Packing Foam The Night And Stars Lull Tom To Sleep, And When He Wakes, He Has Ridden His Foam Raft All The Way To The Ridge, Where The Stream Dives Underground Flung Over Rapids And Tossed Through Chasms, Tom Finally Hits Shore, Sore But Alive What Tom Finds Under Leepike Ridge A Dog, A Flashlight, A Castaway, A Tomb, And Buried Treasure Will Answer Questions He Hadn T Known To Ask, And Change His Life Forever Now, If Only He Can Find His Way Home Again So very good I will read this again for sure Every breath, every smell, and the laughter of faraway insects, every bit of the world s dance greeted him at once, and the noise overwhelmed him From the rippling green and the lazy willows beneath them to the blue kingdom and its cloud herds above, all the world rose up, stood on its head, and crushed his soul with joy. Probably still my favorite NDW novel. I ve always loved this book and known that it draws heavily from the Odyssey so now that I ve actually read the Odyssey, I was able to not just appreciate the cool story but also all the parallels and plot points and understand where this story came from Really a fun read Honestly, I don t just give Nate Wilson s books all 5 stars.Okay, maybe I do but not by default They just all earn every single star.Leepike Ridge rushed into my life on a slab of Styrofoam and whisked me into the current I hadn t been reading much due to being stuck in the middle of a less than favorite book and late nights of college study but Leepike wouldn t be put down The characters were quaint but real The setting was vivid The tension built and built as Wilson masterfully executed a couple of villain POV chapters which ratcheted up the stakes drastically Plus, in between Ridge s covers rests one of my new favorite scenes in literature a masterfully crafted chapter where no line of dialogue means what it says The brilliant irony of dialogue is real in this book.In the end, this book grabbed me, pulled me under, and left me gasping for breath right along with Tom and the rest of the cast Five stars for that. I read a review that made comparisons between this book and Louis Sachar s Holes This kind of comparison always makes me skeptical We ll just see about that, I thought I read it I saw And I get it now This one is worthy of that comparison and then some And this book will definitely appeal to fans of Holes.Leepike Ridge is a book for every kid and every grown kid who played in refrigerator boxes, caught critters in the woods, and floated down creeks on homemade rafts It s a fantastic story with a grand adventure, a heroic boy, bad guys that you love to hate, a loyal dog, and a hidden treasure The fact that it s beautifully written with magical, transporting descriptions is gravy.If you know and like a boy between the ages of, let s say 9 and 13, Leepike Ridge would make a fantastic gift Just read again after a number of years Really fun. Nate does great work.