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He’s not the only flame in townI know what they see when they look at me The charming soft spoken dragoness bred from the most powerful of royal bloodlines A disguise stronger than any battle shield that allows me to keep all suitors at tail’s length A techniue that’s worked until him Until Ragnar the Cunning handsome barbarian warlord and warrior mage from the desolate Northlands Unlike those who’ve come before him he does not simply submit to my astounding charm and devastating smile Instead he dismisses me as vapid useless and to my great annoyance rather stupidYet I’ll allow no male to dismiss me Soon he’ll learn my worth my many skills and the strength of my will For this one challenges me enough to make me want to ruthlessly taunt him tease him and finally when the trap is set bring him to his knees

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    I should have read that one instead A trip to flavor town is off the chainI put this one in my TSTL shelf not for the book but for me for getting this whole series from the library even though I knew I didn't really like this couple So will I continue reading? Yeah

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    This was my least favorite of all the Dragon Kin books I admit I wasn't looking forward to reading about Keita in the first place The appearances she made in the previous books didn't really endear her to me She came off like the female characters in the Mangus Pack books extremely bitchy Also that girl got around a lot Gwenvael got around a lot too but he came off as sweeter and funnier and less crass That made all the difference for meBut I was still extremely excited to read this book I love this author's blend of hilarity action romance and sex She is the only author I've read with a style like this and I love her campy books that don't take themselves seriously Her characters are always over the top and you can't help but love them for those ualitiesThis book was considerably longer than most of the previous books in the series and there was a lot less focus on the relationship in it I think that was the problem with the book This one spent so much time on other events that we never really got any alone time with Keita and Ragnar Their relationship and interactions seemed to be sprinkled in between interactions with the other characters We also spent a lot time in other people's pov's That's not usually a problem but it felt intrusive because the main romance was so underdevelopedWhen the book ended it felt like their relationship wasn't complete I wonder if the author has plans to continue their relationship in another book It really felt happy for now as opposed to happily ever after There was no claiming or relationship resolution like in the other books Keita's resistance to any sort of permanence precluded that I just felt unsatisfied with it I can't help but fear she'll one day dump him because everything got too heavy for herBut if you ignore the relationship this is still classic AikenLaurenston That's why I gave it three stars instead of a lower grade The humor still pops and the family antics are hilarious I loved getting to see of the previous characters I was very amused by Gwenvael's jealousy over Ragnar It was cute I also loved how touchy Briec was about his daughter smiling Little things like that made this whole book worth itThere was a lot of new developments on the IzzyEibhear front I loved all those scenes I can't wait until we get to see them in their own book I was really glad the whole thing developed like that He needed a reality check that she's not a little girl and she's not waiting around forever I also hope we get to see of Ren in the future I find him very interestingI can't wait to get my hands on the next one

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    This book just made me give up on the rest of the series Bravo

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    EhhhhhhhhIf this had been the first of Aiken's Dragon Kin books then I wouldn't be going back for It's getting 3 stars from me only because I was entertained by all of the side stories that were going on in the background 'Cause let me tell you the romance in this was pretty awkward And the way it ended was really less than romantic I got the feeling Aiken was just looking for a Filler Couple so she could write about this impending battle that's going to happen in the next novel I'm assumingDon't get me wrong the lead up to the battle ish that happens at the end of this book was the only reason I rated it as highly as I did That part was interesting The weird romance between Ragnar and Keita? Not so muchKeita was annoying Not cute Annoying Also she was a ditz Yeah at some point we're were supposed to realize that some of her actions were just exaggerated to play a part but even knowing that I still felt like she was an airhead underneath it allNext up were her commitment issues Most of the time I find this to be a likable uality in heroines It's usually a good thing when a female character doesn't feel the need to settle down and only finding her True Love is enough to make her want to give up her freedom Blah blah blah That was not the case with Keita She just seemed like an emotional retard I justughRagnar wasn't a bad character but his coolness gets overshadowed by Keita's wacky anticsIn short it's got a good overall plot but don't expect to be wowed by the romance

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    Back in 2012 is when I first read this one and I didn’t care for it but now after listening to the audio I ended up enjoying Last Dragon Standing I think I enjoyed it ; because it's the second time around and because the audio made it that much enjoyable I also picked up a lot and on the subplot tooOur lead Keita the Viper is vapid but it's all an act I never liked Keita but she's grown on me and the audio helped Maybe it's that the humor comes out better in sound as well as the characters personality Still she's my least favorite dragon and this is my least favorite book in the series Ragnar is a Lightning dragon from the Northern territories and is the leader of his clan He's both a warrior mage and cunning in his efforts to keep his people secure and safe Audio Jan 2019 I enjoyed the audio I gave this book a 3 Star in 2012 but with the audio I now feel it’s a 4 Star

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    Never in my entire life have I taken this long to finish a book Not even when I first started readingIt took me an entire week and a day but A weekI would put it down and have no interest in picking it back upThis was just a bloody sad book I liked Keita and I liked Ragnar and I liked them togetherBut it wasn't done right The romance was so forced and jaggedThe side characters kept the book going but this book just forced me into taking a long break from the seriesIt's entirely possible to probable I'll never pick it back up again

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    Been awhile since I dove into this world Book 4 sees us with Keita’s story Daughter of the dragon ueen and sister to a rowdy bunch of dragon shifters Keita has stayed away from her family for years But it’s time to come home Someone is plotting for Mama’s throne and her new baby nieces and nephew are in danger because of it While spending time protecting the throne from afar in the land of the Lightening Dargons up North she runs into a Lord of said dragons leading her youngest brother home As they head home together they begin to put together the threads of a plot at the hands of heretofore mythical horde so grand it will throw their entire world into war Keita is the key to exposing it and she’s gonna use the Northlander Ragnar the Cunning to do it And hey if she gets to bed him in the process all the better As long as he doesn’t get any idea of monogamous permanency which is certainly not in her future cards Or is it?Less romancey and fantasygames of throney than the previous books in this series I still dug this one no worries there's still some sexy lovin in it just not till pretty far inSome of the books I’ve read thus far in the Dargon Kin have been hits for me and others? Not so much This one worked for me And it's because of the heroine and the hero Keita is unapologetically male in her attitude about her sexuality I liked that She also is probably the most like her bristly mother yet somehow she comes off likeable Not that she isn’t at war with everyone around her already except for maybe Gwenvael she seems to be the only one who gets that brotherbut I just find her way palatable then ueen Rhiannon And even her tough as nails sister in laws Who are we kidding none of this author’s character are easy to like but that’s what makes them so damn funWe get as much page time from the rest of the family as we do Keita and Ragnar and tons of Ebby and Izzy There’s still one book between me and their story and I’m not liking the reviews for Ebby and Izzy but alas I will read on Because I can’t not

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    3 stars entertaining PNR but not as great as earlier booksThe fourth book in the Dragonkin series the 'Last Dragon Standing' picks up immediately following What a Dragon Should Know We previously met Ragnar the Cunning a Northland lightning dragon and Keita the Viper a royal Southland fire dragon Keita was captured by Ragnar's father and Ragnar released her Her antics get on his nerves and he wants nothing to do with her When he is called by the ueen by their alliance to escort her son home she gives him very specific directions And who should he run into but Keita up to her old tricks again But he finds out there is a lot to Keita than meets the eye and he partners with her on a mission that might bring the dragon kingdom to warRagnar was a tough sexy smart hero However Keita seemed flighty and self centered More was revealed about her that partially redeemed her but she's still my least favorite heroine in this series It was great seeing the characters from the early books Fearghus Annwyl Briec Talaith Gwenvael Dagmar Izzy Eibhear etc I especially loved the side story about Izzy and Eibhear hope their book is coming soonThis was a good addition to the Dragonkin series A laugh out loud funny fantasy romance the plotline was a fun mix of action adventure suspense mystery and romance Like the earlier books the snarky dialogue was humorous But I would have liked relationship development and emotionalromantic tension What was there was good but there should have been of it The mystery of the traitor and the potential war plotline were well done and had some good twists and turns The Epilogue did a good job setting up the next book If you haven't read GA Aiken and you like fantasy or paranormal romance I highly recommend this series Also check out the author's Pride Stories and Magnus Pack series written under Shelly Laurenston

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    This one was just a blah sort of read for me I have really liked this series so far but this one just didn't have the spark as some of the other reads I think it was mostly because I didn't feel any connection to the hero and heroine as a couple They just didn't work for me They never felt realistic or genuine Even though I didn't care much for this particular book it was nice getting updates on characters from the previous books that I adored I will still continue this series

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    35 stars Not on par with the first 3 books in the series Keita Ragnar seemed like they were thrown together; there was no real build up to their relationship I did enjoy seeing all the other characters in the family and how much they've grown since book 3 An okay read overall