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After Centuries Of Plotting, The Sphinx Leader Of The Society Of The Evening Star Is After The Final Artifacts Needed To Open The Great Demon Prison, Zzyxx If The Legendary Prison Is Opened, A Tide Of Evil Is Certain To Usurp Control Of The WorldIn An Effort To Intercept The Final Artifacts, Kendra, Seth And The Knights Of The Dawn Race To Strange And Exotic Preserves Across The Globe The Stakes Have Never Been Higher The Risks Have Never Been DeadlyIn This Explosive Series Finale, Allegiances Will Be Confirmed And Secrets Revealed As The Forces Of Light And Darkness Collide In A Desperate, Climactic Battle To Control The Keys To The Demon Prison i m like no, oh my god, what the hell.but boy was it a good ending. Keys to the Demon Prison Fablehaven 5 , Brandon MullFablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison is the fifth and final installment in The New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull 2015 5 1393 591 9789645668837 21 . I had to stay up until 4 A.M it was way too exciting to put it down I even loved the end of the book, end of the series I didn t think thank heaven s it s over, like I have with others Their was a lot of comic relief At the every end of the book, Brandon mentions that he might dowith the characters, but it will be with a complete different series I would like to see that happen The Characters are fun and very likable It would be smart to start a completely different series if he would dowith these particular characters I ve got my mother hooked on the series She got so frustrated with Seth s character, and she almost through a couple of my books I looked as Seth s character just as a normal brother Lets face it, natural boy curiosity if one of my brothers had the same choices, they would do the same thing Thank you Brandon Mull for letting me be part of your journey though Fableheaven It was fun. I feel like the last few weeks of my life have been consumed by the Fablehaven series I get home from work, play with my family, and then I finally get to dedicate a short amount of time to reading One of the greatest things about summer is that you can read fun books that don t make you think, and Fablehaven gave me the diversion I needed As I reached the last 20 or so pages of the series, I found myself reading slower, not wanting the ride to end It was a good ride, but like all good things, the ride must end at some point However, there is no rule that says you can t go on the ridethan once Usually, I get annoyed by happily ever after endings My English major training has done that to me The only exception I have been able to make is Harry Potter The Harry Potter books are perfect in every way and the characters paid a steep price to get their happy ending I didn t feel that the Fablehaven characters paid that steep of a price to get their happy ending however, the ending didn t annoy me it was actually quite satisfying I find myself comparing the book to the battles that we all must face while here in mortality The fight seems hopeless at times, but there is always a ray of hope that things will be better eternally better I think the most strong parallel of this is seen in the Fairy Queen giving up her realm for the good of all of mankind That was the biggest sacrifice she could have made, and yet, she was rewarded a hundredfold in the end She got to build up bigger and better kingdom, and this time she had her husband and her son by her side I am a firm believer that if we are willing to sacrifice now, we will be rewarded an uncountable amount of time in the future All we have to do is play our part, and we will experience eternal joy in the end.I really enjoyed the role Doren and Newel played in these books And Hugo Hugo has become one of my most favorite characters He is kind of synonomous with Hurley from Lost Seth no longer drives me crazy in fact, his sense of humor had me laughing out loud many times, something that usually only happens when I am reading Harry Potter I am glad that Warren was able to play such a big part in the books He is probably my most favorite character However, I am still not a huge fan of Kendra Despite the amazing things she has done, she still seems like a little girl to me, a little girl that is too afraid to jump off the high dive That made the whole romance with Bracken even weirder I must admit, I didn t see that coming But alas, romance abounds everywhere Bracken and Kendra s romance weirded me out less than the whole Warren and Vanessa thing But maybe that is just because I wanted Warren to myself.Now the books have come to an end, and it is time for me to start thinking about a new series to keep me occupied However, whenever I think back on Doren and Newel s fondness for television, on Seth s and Warren s boyish fantasies, on the magical beauty of Fablehaven, I don t think I ll be able to stop the smile Even in the world that I live in, Fablehaven can still work its magic. a little long but a good ending to a good series.i will absolutly pick this series up to reread again sometime. Very exciting I liked meeting new people and traveling to another preserve The dragons were amazing And whether or not it was intentional, Raxtus made me laugh It s interesting to see Kendra s relationship with the Fairy Queen develop I m glad Seth s character is growing up he s a lot like Warren now Unfortunately, Warren has the worst luck of anyone. The conclusion to the five book series focusing on a brother and sister who discover a magical world run by their grandparents I m in the minority for loving it waythan Harry Schmotter, er, Potter Anyway, without giving spoilers there are a good number of twists and minor to moderate surprises Mind you, that s for an adult reading the book I suspect teen agers might beamazed by things and such Bracken was the most interesting secondary character and the verbal duels with the Sphinx as well as the many fairy preserves were thought provoking PAGE COUNT 544 pp WHEN READ March to July 2010 MY GRADE B to B plus. 4.5 Stars Ugh Where to start with this one It wasn t as hard to read as Breaking Dawn But it wasn t easy Most of the time I would be in the middle of reading the book wishing I was doing something else That s never a good sign by the way You don t want your readers to be wishing they were not reading your story This book had a major strike against it I just didn t give a crap any All these bad things are happening to the characters, but I really couldn t care less Seth gets kidnapped but I don t remember how Oh right They were trying to go through another secret preserve Yawn I think the major problem with this book was that Mull was trying to make you feel how terrible the bad guys are, how terrifying, how threatening by killing off character that we don t care about at all Mull even goes as far as to introduce these Eternals who are immortals that must die before the demon prison can be opened Kendra and the gang rushes to stop these Eternals from dying without knowing that the readers don t really care at all In fact we re hoping that she won t rescue them so that something exciting might happen The game of cat and mouse gets real dull after awhile In fact, you need these Eternals to die to get a move on with the plot So why bother even introducing us to them Why bother taking up valuable chapter space to introduce the Eternal to us, attempt to make us sympathize with him, when you know and I know that the Eternal must die A mucheffect way to handle the Eternals is just to make Kendra and the gang always too late Or maybe they come just in time to watch one of the Eternals die The last one, we can get to meet, feel bad for her, and then you can kill her That death would bemeaningful She was the last one, the last hope We meet her, get to know her and the readers generally want to save her You ll even trick them into thinking Oh She s still alive They ve got time They might win this THEN YOU KILL HER That will create natural tension It would make the readers actually mourn her loss, even if we never got a chance to really know her In all honesty, I wouldn t have included the stupid plot device in the first place So two new characters get introduced in this book Nagi Luna, an evil demon witch mastermind which I guess is supposed to mirror the evil witch with the knots from the first story And Gavin 2.0 No, his name isn t Gavin But really that s all he appeared to be His real name is Bracken I like Gavin 2.0 better and he s a unicorn Meaning he s Kendra s new love buddy I kind of saw him as Mull s way of apologizing to all those Gavin fans who were upset when Gavin turned out to be evil rather randomly I might add in the last book He s a unicorn, Kendra So it s safe for you to fall hopelessly in love with him Anyway, stuff happens Kendra s leads a rescue mission to save Seth Which fails Then Kendra leads a rescue mission to save the Eternals which also fails I mean so far, the book s looking great Seth rescues himself and goes on an epic quest involving Patton, creepy fate witches and a sword I mean, his whole half of the story starts with him being skewered, imprisoned, and then coming back to Fablehaven to accidently let loose a demon a hundred times worse than the bad guy they were already fighting.Way to go Seth Way to fall into the most obvious trap ever I m sorry Seth I don t hate you It s not your fault that your author doesn t take you seriously Anyway so Seth ends up accidently killing one of his friends Which is semi touching I actually thought Coulter s sacrifice in the second book was muchnoble and touching Really if Mull put the same emotion behind that scene into this one, it might have made me sad maybe Anyway, so his friend dies, and yet again I m not really sad about it Seth goes on a quest to make things right And already it sinteresting than whatever Kendra s doing After all Seth s team consists of Vanessa who I always thought was pretty awesome and the satyrs who I automatically liked because their grandpa didn t like them I mean already you have the makings for ainteresting adventure And for the most part it is And afruitful one at that Seth s actions very well saved all their lives But then, of course, Mull has to take it all away Because of course, Seth can t possibly save the day can he Only Kendra has that deus ex machina power Even if it would makesense that Seth be the hero Kendra has to yank the spot light away again So we get to the island the prison is on And all the characters are moaning about how they re all about to die And I say No such luck, guys I wouldn t get that lucky Then Mr Gavin 2.0 Unicorn guy pipes up and says Hey We might not have to die after all I have a vague plan up my sleeve Just trust me And in all honesty, the way the pull the whole stupid thing off isn t important In fact, it was the most stupidly obvious plan I m kind of annoyed that I didn t see it coming Not as bad as the first book but stillWhat is important is that Seth gets a whole chapter to be a hero And in that chapter he takes out not one but two really powerful demons With the awesome sword that he collected on his quest, I might add The task of defeating these demons very nearly kills him, but it still was a pretty sweet moment And just when I have the smallest oh who am I kidding I was pretty sure at the end of that chapter, Mull was going to piss me off again So Seth comes back to the sidelines all beaten up And Kendra, seeing her brother in this state, is really upset She picks up his sword and turns super sayian Now to understand why I hate this part of the book you have to understand something about this sword Seth went on a half a book long quest to get this sword His blood sweat and tears are in it now And not only did he have to go kill people for the sword, it chose him as its new owner The first new owner in over a century Seth was supposed to be seen as this remarkable human being for having accomplished such a feat It was his one true outshining of his sister It may not have been as pretty a accomplishment as her fairy born crap was But it was something he worked hard for He earned that sword Kendra picks it up after it calls to her and freaking turns into a super fairy chick She goes all berserker on the biggest and baddest king of demons and manages to KILL him WITHOUT a single scratch You can t say this wouldn t sicken you I mean it sickens me just typing this Might I also add that both the Fairy Queen herself and her son Gavin 2.0 were fighting the demon without so much as scratching him And little Kendra comes out of nowhere and hacks him to pieces This should piss every reader off Obviously it didn t, because people put this book on the New York Times Best Sellers list How Seth must have felt when his sister picked up his sword He kind of laughs it off but you can tell through Seth s body language and dialogue even if Mull didn t mean it that Seth is not thrilled with his sister s success I may be reading into something that isn t there But when Seth started downplaying his own role in their victory when explaining to his parents and praising Kendra s I just wanted to give him a hug Wouldn t you feel like crap if that happened to you I mean, sure you d be happy to be alive And you d be glad that the demon king was defeated But wouldn t you feel like all your hard work was just to be a messenger boy for your elder sister Talk about incoming inferiority complex Mull even writes in something along the lines of Seth wasn t even upset that Kendra defeated the demon king singlehandedly in exposition But really, that waslike Mull trying to cover up his mistake He knew Seth would be pissed But instead of writing his character like his character were a real person, he pretends that Seth is okay with the whole thing So that in the final scenes, Seth seems real distant and out of character I think Mull just realized that he was almost done with this stupid series and just couldn t stand to write any So he didn t put any serious thought into how Seth might have felt And instead focused on the Gavin 2.0 and Kendra love story Which is really not that cute Most of the time I was just like oh just kiss her and go away already I m tired of both of you Seth was supposed to have a minor quest at the end Something he promised the fates But Mull didn t think it was important to follow up on it because it would mean Seth would get to do something awesome and Mull hates Seth So he ends the series with Kendra sharing a tender moment with unicorn boy And Seth kinda off to the side, wondering when he will get his own book series.