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I read some good reviews of this but it was not my cup of tea Overwritten Seriously, some sections were very high school creative writing class style pile of adjectives While I could relate to struggling with a relationship to food and the beginning chapters about her childhood were sad and compelling, it felt like she kind of glossed over the actual weight loss aspect of her story It read like, Poof, then I lost 55 lbs by walking around Italy Um, okay I just didn t feel a connection with her as a teen or an adult and honestly, often felt annoyed instead of feeling sympathy or like I could relate I won t nitpick too much since this is a memoir, she is a real person and just because she isn t someone I would want to be friends with in real life, doesn t mean that I get to critique her relationships, way she views herself or life choices so I ll leave it at that in terms of author personality or storyline One major critique about the book itself, though Maybe don t spend a chapter talking about the time you met and got a picture with Leonardo DiCaprio and then don t even include the picture Come on Show, don t tell On that note, I was really surprised for a food blogger and someone writing a weight loss memoir that the book didn t include any pictures Maybe that was just the eBook version If so, bad call publishers. I wanted to like this book, because for one I have been in many of the same situations as the author I got fat and then I got thin and struggled to stay thin However our similarities seemingly end there It was hard for me to feel sympathetic towards this narrator Although she arguably has sympathetic situations she herself is rather unlikable.I thought that her early years were very interesting and I did understand what she was going through, I admit it was a lot for a young child, however once she reached adulthood it got harder and harder to watch her blame everyone for everything The woe is me act got old pretty quick.I am not sure that I got anything out of this novel The writing isn t terrible but it reminds me of diary writing, where you re trying to impress the reader by dramatizing and exaggerating events to appear interesting than you really are I can t really blame the author for this, I probably would have done the same thing There just simply isn t enough meat to fill the pages of a memoir when you re an average twenty something year old 1.5 5 Note I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Blah blah boring blah.I had wanted to like this book, but it was meandering and dull Maybe you will like it.If you are looking for a good memoir about someone s weight loss journey, I recommend Portia de Rossi s Unbearable Lightness. Andie Mitchell used food to entertain and provide comfort for herself during a childhood with an artistic but alcoholic father and absent because she was working three or four jobs mother This is her journey through the rocky early years and realization that if she didn t lose the weight, she was going to suffering serious health problems for the rest of her lifeWhat begins as hating the cake for all its multiple layers of luscious temptation spirals quickly into hating myself and all my fat cells I let myself down I lament not having control. pg 15, ebook.Andie s overeating starts during her childhood Her mother went to work on the weekends and her father drank all night and slept most of the morning, leaving Andie to her own devices, which were mainly sugared cereal and cartoons I d pull the box down and go about fetching a bow, a soup spoon, and the whole milk carton from the fridge I d fill the bowl cereal bobbing in milk to the rim and make my way to the parlor There I d turn on the television and begin what would be hours of watching my favorite cartoons One cereal bowl would empty without my noticing, and I d replace itpg 27 28, ebook.So, the loneliness was one of the reasons why she ate The other was her father was emotionally abusive She witnessed terrible scenes of him screaming at her mother and brother Anthony Andie internalized it and ate away her feelings If my mother fought back, my father roared louder Or he d throw something she loved across the room But those were not the times my chubby body trembled Those weren t the times when my spirit split like the walls of our house No, it was only when Anthony entered the room, when I heard his small voice try desperately to make itself bigger and less boyish, that the pit of my stomach twisted so violently, I couldn t tell if I was hungry or about to be sickpg 36, ebook.Andie s mother loves her unconditionally, even when the doctor tells Andie that she needs to lose weight or things are going to get really bad for her But, when Andie goes away to college, and her mother sees her again for the first time, she can t hide her surprise at how large her daughter has become And it is really painful for AndieUntil that day, that moment when I felt like a stranger in her eyes, she had been my sole source of comfort She was the one who loved me unconditionally, who saw me as beautiful regardless In the past when she noticed my weight, her worry seemed entirely empathetic, a way of loving me in my struggle Now, it seemed gravepg 99, ebook.Anyone who has struggled with their weight will find something to empathize with in Andie s book She wants to be fit, but she doesn t know how to either eat or exercise in moderation.Her journey may teach, encourage and cheer others on their way to a smaller size Andie has been there and knows the daily struggles. A Young Food Blogger Shares Her Inspiring Story Of Incredible Weight Loss A Journey From Nearly Pounds To Losing Than Half Her Size And Establishing A Healthy And Confident Relationship With FoodOn Her Twentieth Birthday, Andie Mitchell Stepped On The Scale And Discovered That She Weighed Nearly Pounds At Even Knowing That She Was Big And Hating Herself For It She Was Stunned How Had She Gotten There Without Following Wild Diet Trends, She Lost Pounds Over Thirteen Months And Has Kept It Off For Six Years It Was Me All Along Shares The At Times Heartbreaking, Yet Ultimately Uplifting And Motivating, Story Of How Andie Kicked Her Habit Of Binge Eating, Which She Developed During A Traumatic Childhood, And Developed A Healthy Relationship With Food, Which She Still Loves To Cook And Enjoy Her Story Is At Once Familiar And Inspiring To Millions Who Have Struggled With Weight And Self Image Issues Andie Is A Powerful Motivator Who Bravely Bares All To Help Others 1.5 stars I didn t like it.On one hand, it is impressive and inspiring to witness the life changes the author made and I sincerely applaud her success As an RN that works in outpatient cardiac rehab teaching people to change their dietary habits and begin an exercise regiment, her story touches directly on what I love to do Sadly, reading about her obsessive compulsive disorder which seems to have been the root of her eating problem, then see her obsession with Titanic, and current obsession with food on the other end of the spectrum ala calorie counting made for an extremely tedious, repetitive and frustrating book for me While she may be physically healthy now than she was in her past, she comes across as still mentally ill with a continued unhealthy relationship with food In recent pictures, she looks to be taking her weight loss to an unhealthy level with her BMI possibly being lower than ideal now My number one pet peeve is irrationality and the author openly talks about her illogical behaviors and thought processes By that statement, I am not referring to simple will power which is a struggle that any human can sympathize with I m also not referring to her self image issues as any woman can sympathize with that as well Unfortunately it seems almost every woman on this planet suffers from a self perception curse and is not happy with some aspect of the way they look, regardless of how beautiful they are to everyone around them.Her irrationality shows when she is finally terrified for her health and decides to go on a diet starting Monday.but binge eats than she ever has before Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday I love electronic gadgets but also am seriously hard core about saving money and working towards an early retirement If I decided to make some sort of financial change, say cutting out a cable bill to enhance my savings starting on Monday, I would never go on massive spending sprees for three days in preparation Because that would be irrational Her illogical, obsessive behavior also spills over into things outside of food, such as paying to go to the theater to see the same movie 20 times literally when she barely has enough money for groceries Irrational Frustrating 200 pages of frustration.There were other things that bugged me as well such as the mom who has worked 3 5 jobs simultaneously most of her life taking a chunk out of her retirement account to pay for the author s cosmetic surgery, but I m not a mom and simply cannot relate to that thought process big saver here, remember And poor Daniel I do hope the author meets another man that will love her the way that man did and that she never regrets letting him go and acting like a fair weather friend I understand you can t make the heart love someone, but he came across as utterly devoted to her, a rare treasure for sure I also loved Paul, especially when he was cheering her on at events when he was just her friend s dad Finally, the conclusion was an overwritten, self indulgent, failed creative writing piece a sharp contrast to the attention grabbing first chapter.I found myself looking forward to the book ending as it had simply become too repetitive and vexing, not the reading experience I had hoped for The author paints herself in an unflattering light, the writing is subpar, and from current pictures and the way she treats the people around her, it seems that while she has become conventionally beautiful on the outside, inside is a different story I m glad she is healthier physically, but mentally she has swapped one type of OCD unhealthy relationship with food for another I hope she is not truly as vain, shallow and selfish as she comes across in her book At least she loves herself now, as her prolific selfies seem to prove.One of the many I love me some me selfies Favorite Quote I am always growing, always learning And whenever I think I ve figured it all out, I ve really only just begun.First Sentence If you were not able to attend my twentieth birthday party, you missed a fabulous cake. Despite being able to relate with some of the food issues the author experienced she came across as a rather spoiled individual who I had difficulty relating too Her mother sacrificed everything for her only wanting her to be happy She meets a young man who will do anything for her including putting up with her manic behavior Morbidly obese or obsessively thin, he loves her unconditionally She loves him for what she can get out of him, not for who he is Despite being the fat girl her life was full of friends, parties, college, traveling abroad, working on major movie sets even meeting Leonardo DiCaprio among others Yet through all of this she is never happy It is a constant pity party She s upset when she s fat She s upset when she s thin She s fat because her Dad died She s fat because she s lonely She s thin now she s obsessed with it Everyone is judging her She finds happiness blogging about food The end She s only twenty something Her life has hardly begun These types of books are better written by people who have lived a lot longer have grown into mature aged adults It Was Me All Along should be titled, It s All About ME ME ME Despite my dislike for her as a person, it is for the few times I could sort of relate to some of her struggles that I do not rate the book any lower If anything reading this book made reminded me very firmly of the type of person I don t want to be. Loved it 100% from start to finish This is a book that I will read again and again, I m sure of it Not only for the motivation, but for the emotional honesty and amazing storytelling I recommend this book not only to anyone who has ever struggled with weight, but to anyone who has struggled to really find themselves and be at home in their own skin. I am not sure what compelled me to check out this book from the library, but something did I ve struggled with weight my whole life so I know that s part of it, but so, I just found myself curious about this person s story The first half is decently compelling Mitchell s writing isn t complex but interesting enough to get me to the next page And I felt for the struggles she had a young girl.SPOILERS AHEAD But then I just found it tough to buy her struggles In her weight loss efforts, her internal fight never came off as dramatic as she probably saw it After succumbing to a bag of Kit Kats, she rallied by cooking fresh meals from street markets IN ROME WHERE SHE WAS STUDYING Then she gets her dream job, then her mother gives her money for plastic surgery, then she gets another dream job and then she says she ll be ok if she gained 5 pounds Mitchell s story really just read as whitegirlproblems that didn t fully detail the emotional and physical troubles she likely underwent Instead, as she said in the book that she wants to make her mom happy, that s how she writes Her writing is guarded and felt less like it poured out of her and like I know mom is going to read this To add insult, her small before and after pictures are hardly anything to feel sorry for Her before is merely a woman with a fuller face Oh, well she doesn t ever show her body.I wanted to be on her side, but instead, she just turned out to be the girl who gets everything she wants and points that out to the reader rather than exploring deeper issues She tried to go psychologically deep, and yes, some of it resonated with my own struggles, but she didn t say much that probably many people already know or can guess Skip this book. Whelp that was some pretty awful writing This is Andie Mitchell s memoir about her eating disorder as a young adult, her morbid obesity, the subsequent weight loss, and her finally stable relationship with food In many ways, Mitchell s story mirrored my own I ve always had a fucked up way of eating I yo yo dieted, binged, exercised obsessively, compulsively counted calories, etc The whole enchilada of body hate diet hate food love food fear was basically my existence for 10ish years Her descriptions of those behaviors were pretty spot on And her descriptions of the addict level obsession with food, while overdone, were definitely relatable I remember being 10 cupcakes and an entire jar of PB deep and only thinking about what I could eat next after my mom went to bed It s euphoric and slightly insane and kind of like being high Listening to others share their stories of ED moves me, if only to remind me that it s a battle that can actually be won I mean fingers crossed , I m at a point right now where I think I ve finally won it, too Fucking finally I eat almost normally In fact, the overall advice Mitchell gives about how to live life binge and diet free was very sound and closely mirrored my own path And yet this book was miserable The writing was boring and very amateur The narrative moments she chose were so cliche, it was painful There was a scene where she described the rapturous night she was the fat girl dubbed prom queen, and another where she talked about the life affirming moment her childhood crush Leonardo Dicaprio talked to her These plot high points were without any sense of irony, really God just a painfully predictable and cliched narrative arc While she seems like a nice girl, I didn t find her sympathetic or likable She runs a fairly successful food blog, and this book would ve been decent as a series of personal posts Instead of what reads like a dreadfully long blog post masquerading as a memoir Point being If stories of conquering obesity and eating disorders speak to you, I d give it a shot Just be prepared to slug through a pretty bad book to get to the self helpyness advice you re actually there for.