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Jake Jake it's time to wakeWhat sport will you play today?uick uick it's time to pickHow will you spend your day?On this particular day Jake a sports obsessed boy chooses to play basketball Follow Jake through playful rhymes as he learns about fair play and good sportsmanship He leads his team to victory and goes to bed dreaming about what sport he will play the following day

10 thoughts on “Its Time To Wake Jake

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    I was super excited to be one of the first proof readers of this book Not just because my sister wrote it and it's about an amazing nephew but for my love of basketball This book will introduce the sport of basketball and reinforce some of its uniue vocabulary for a young audience If you have kids you read to or kids that are beginning to read get this book in their hands

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    My younger daughter read this to the family for our daily bedtime reading She loved the rhyming I enjoyed the story and how it describe parts of the game and used some basketball terms I feel this would peak readers interest in the sport

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    Fantastic children's book with great rhyming illustrations and sports concepts Great for toddler to elementary school age and especially for basketball fans

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    “It’s Time to Wake Jake” by Amanda Beth Connelly is a cleverly written book It takes the reader on a journey of a day in Jake’s life when he has a basketball game The story begins in the morning and ends after the game It’s upbeat positive and explains some elements of the game The illustrations are colourful and gives the young reader an opportunity to follow the story through the descriptive drawings I recommend this book for all young readers

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    Awesome book Our boys love it ages 4 6 and we enjoy reading it to them

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    It's Time To Wake Jake is such a great and fun read You can see the time and effort that was put into making it a perfect read for kids who love sports or kids who just enjoy a good book Adults you won't be complaining either when kids ask you to read it several times a day

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    This book is super engaging My sons are 5 and 6 and both learning to read and found this book to be easy enough to sound out An added bonus is they loved the rhymes and have me read it over and over at bedtime

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    Great book It's good to see children are being introduced to something that may spark their interest in something that gives them exercise and also gives them an alternative to tv and video games

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    An educational book that’s fun for both kids and parents to read Love the rhyming and how it teaches about basketball and sportsmanship

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    I loved this book and so does our little girl Easy to read and it’s a fun way to teach kids about basketball I would highly recommend