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[ eBook ] Invisible (Invisible, #1) Author Cecily Anne Paterson –

Jazmine Crawford Doesn T Make Decisions She Doesn T Make Choices She Doesn T Make Friends Jazmine Crawford Only Wants One Thing To Be Invisible For Jazmine, It S A Lot Easier To Take Out Her Hearing Aid And Drift Along Pretending That Nothing S Wrong Than It Is To Admit That She S Heartbroken She Starts To Come Out Of Her Shell When She S Forced To Be In The School Play And Even Makes Friends With Bouncy Gabby And Chocolate Loving Liam But Can She Stand Up To The School Bully, And Is She Strong Enough To Face The Truth About What Really Happened To Her Dad Today I m officially brave, which is what you are when you re scared but you still show up I came across INVISIBLE while perusinga few weeks ago it was and currently still is available as a free ebook Seeing as it was1 a young adult bookand2 written by an indie authorI knew I had to check it out as I am an indie YA author, too I wasn t prepared for the kind of story Cecily wrote, to be honest The blurb pretty much explains the jest of the storyline but when you read INVISIBLE, feelings come into the picture, too You feel how Jazmine feels You get how numb she s become, how lacking the relationship between her and her mother is, how sad it must be to not allow herself to have emotions most of the time.I don t want to give anything away, but this is one of those books where you want to applaud for the MC at the end because you re so proud of how much she s learned Cecily does a great job of getting you inside Jazmine s head The Secret Garden references are neat, but most of all I truly enjoyed watching the little bubble Jazmine kept around herself expand and grow wider, allowingpeople and feelings in the further the story goes The book is a little slower paced through the first half, but as these types of stories go, it wouldn t work if it wasn t You have to get to know the before Jazmine in order to see how far she s come.One last quote Later, as I m supposed to be copying safety rules for using the power drill off the board I m secretly and strangely happy I never realised before that when someone says see you at lunch it feels like sunshine And that s how this book feels by the time you reach the end Like the darkness around Jazmine and her mother is gone and the sunshine is beaming down on you, empowering you to move on.Sidenote Cecily is from Australia, so there are a few references that kind of throw you off if you re from the US, but they re hardly worth mentioning. This is a moving and believable journey of a young girl who is partly deaf Struggling with the death of her father, feeling isolated at school, bullied and lonely, she finds a friend in one of her teachers, who shows her that she has much to offer the world When Liam, a boy at school begins to notice her as well, her whole life changes and she discovers who she really is. This story was different to me in some ways It involved aspects I d never read about before, like the main character having a disability, and the fact that the setting is Australia With that said, it was both intriguing and refreshing to experience somethingout of the ordinary to me.Jazmine had a lot to deal with she lost her father a few years ago and his death placed a huge gap in the relationship she had with her mother Then again, there wasto his death that her mother kept hidden from Jaz and that was the main problem keeping them from re establishing the bond they had before Aside from that, Jaz has her hearing issue to cope with and pretending to be invisible helps her shield herself from the scrutiny of outsiders She finally starts to believe she s making friends but they turn out to be the wrong crowd for her, hence, how she ended up working on the school play.Throughout the story, we get to see Jazmine learning to open up Partly due to her expressing her feelingsin words, and trying something new She starts really good friendships and even experience some romance The best part for me though, was when she and her mother started to get back that closeness they once had It was all going well until a certain nasty individual returns to Jazmine s life and causes chaos, then we really discover just how emotionally wrecked the main character is I think one of the reasons I liked this story is because I can relate to Jazmine, being that she s shy and sometimes fearful about opening up to people The story really tugs at your heart with some of the things she d even consider in private Like questioning her self worth for instance There were times I just wanted to reach into the page and give her tight hug She needed it Thankfully, towards the end, Jazmine allowed happiness to find her.Overall, Invisible was a really good story This young character was well developed and very interesting to learn about And I liked how the author pulled me into what was happening right up till the very last line Cecily definitely made a fan out of me and I d love to readof her work. I ve had a string of bad books and I m glad to say this might have broken that string I really enjoyed this book.Jazmine was a girl that touches your heart instantly I knew a few people in highs school like her They were completely fine blending in with the crowd I think her transformation from wall flower to someone who stands up for herself was done wonderfully Mrs Fraser was probably my favorite character She was there whenever Jaz needed her and gave her a great kick in the butt when she refused to do something.I loved that Jaz was able to stand up to her bully, because it shows girls that you don t have to put up with those kinds of people The added journal entries were wonderful and really gave you a feel for who Jaz was.This is a wonderful coming of age story with a little romance added I would suggest this book to anyone.Posted on I really liked this book It was a nice story that helped me get out of my Ebook slump.The story deals with bullying, making new friends, and parent death in a way that many will be able to connect with While these are serious topics, it doesn t come across as a depressing, wow is this bleak, kind of book I thought it was rather heartwarming how Jazmine comes out of her shell and stands up for herself.Jazmine was an interesting main character She claims she s had no feelings since her father died, but it s obvious that she is in a lot of pain She is so lonely that she becomes friends with Shalini, the school bully who honestly treats Jazmine like crap and calls her deaf girl Shalini was completely despicable I wanted to try and knock some sense into her There was not a drop of goodness in this character, which kind of disappointed me I like antagonists who aren t completely evil, but who are human Shalini wasof a devil However, it s explained what caused her to become so malevolent, and that kind of satisfied me Kind of.And Mrs Fraser was the most awesome teacher ever Gosh, I adored her I loved how she took Jazmine under her wing and helped her spread her wings.I also loved the Secret Garden references Jazmine seems like she is based off of Mary Lennox, and it s hinted in the book I LOVED Secret Garden as a kid, so it was a nice element.Now, the book did have a couple editing mistakes, but I ve come to expect that with indie My rule is that if it doesn t interefere with the story, I won t mark down for it Thankfully, the few mistakes in here did not.So, all together, it was a great story that I really enjoyed Oh, and it s free Just a little added perk.This review can be found on With a thirteen year old protagonist, this book is a littlejuvenile than most of the contemporary books that I read however, I did actually enjoy it Paterson nails the early teen mentality, with all of its anxiety, craziness, and fun I felt that the dialogue was a bit off for thirteen year olds as in, a bit too mature , but then again, the book is set in Australia rather than in America, so it wouldn t be fair of me to hold it to the standard of what I hear every day with my students. 3.5 stars.This was a really sweet story It centres around an Australian girl as she tries to find out who she is and where she fits in within the school setting.It was written in such a way that it was very relatable, I can definitely remember being 13 and having similar feelings to the character regrading fitting in, acceptance and working out who you are This is a really nice story set in early High School in Australia I would recommend this novel as it is a very quick read. This is Ms Paterson s first published, is that right Wow She has set the bar very high for herself What did I like about this book I liked the plot, I liked the themes, I liked the characters, I liked the ending I was drawn from beginning to end, whatcould one expect Invisible is a coming of age story about a young girl in Australia who is hearing impaired, who s father died when she was younger, she has no friends, very low self confidence, and she is being bullied at school That s a lot to deal with but the writer does so in a very straightforward and believable manner The writing was so good that I am amazed this is a first novel Well done Ms Paterson, I look forward to reading your next book. A very well written book, though there were some misspellings as well as some confusion for me in the beginning about location Otherwise, I very much enjoyed reading it.