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Noah S Happier Than I Ve Seen Him In Months So I D Be An Awful Brother To Get In The Way Of That It S Not Like I Have Some Relationship With Melinda It Was Just A Kiss Am I Going To Ruin Noah S Happiness Because Of A KissAcross Four Sun Kissed, Drama Drenched Summers At His Family S Beach House, Chase Is Falling In Love, Falling In Lust, And Trying To Keep His Life From Falling Apart But Some Girls Are Addictive

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    I wrote this The girl on my cover wishes she had your body You re awesome The playlist 1 Turn Up the Sun Oasis2 Island In the Sun Weezer3 Just Like Heaven Gatsby s American Dream4 Bigger Than My Body John Mayer5 New Soul Yael Naim6 Across the Universe Rufus Wainwright7 The Boys of Summer The Ataris8 Slang Def Leppard9 City Hall The Fray10 The Worst Part Motion City Soundtrack11 Time Won t Let Me Go The Bravery12 Hello Hellicopter Motion City Soundtrack13 No One s Boy Marcy Playground14 You Can Do Better Than Me Death Cab for Cutie15 Sorry Pushmonkey16 Little Sparrow David Cook17 Long Division Death Cab for Cutie18 Not Just Sometimes But Always Idlewild19 Long Long Time Guy Forsyth29 Bixby Canyon Bridge Death Cab for Cutie

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    Family drama What is it about family drama that speaks to us all so deeply I know why it effects me As an only child, peace and quiet was the norm for my household I craved the hug of an older sister or the pranks of a younger brother Craved anything Any new and exciting family dynamic.So I wonder is drama essential in a large family Is it inevitable I have recently been privy to some of the drama of my Dad s large yet scattered family While I yearn to know what it is like to feel the comradery of siblings, I don t wish for the intensity that comes along with the heated arguments.Does drama just come with the territory Is it all worth it Invincible Summer explores some of these questions The massive cast is introduced quickly and all at once in the beginning, which leads to a rather difficult time of sorting everyone out Once you advance in the story, it becomes much easier and you can even determine who s speaking without needing to be told Every character is unique and well defined.The only rather annoying quirk was how often the dialogue involved quotes by the family s favorite author, Albert Camus Clearly, the author s writing and his quotes are lovely, but I didn t find it quite believable that 15 to 18 year old boys would actually quote anyone that often Beautifully and simply told from the perspective of a young man named Chase over the course of several summers. Starting with the age of fifteen up until eighteen, he struggles through the birth of a new baby, the trials of having a deaf brother, and the complexities of girls He deeply experiences doubts, regrets, and loss But he also experiences love.All this tension is heightened by the presense and, even often, by the absense of his best friend and older brother, Noah The story doesn t presume to be all that funny or highly suspenseful, but it can entrap you all the same.The cover of this book is entirely misleading It is no sunny romp on the beach There is a love triangle that doesn t feel like a love triangle There is grit, sand, and sea, but mostly there is sex, anger, and angst It is emotional in a completely raw and realistic fashion This book is about how the love of a family is simple, yet endlessly complicated The complicated part is figuring out why you love them The simple part is that you do.___________________________Thanks to Simon and Schuster for allowing me to read this as an ARC Content warning Heavy language and some sexual content.

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    Actual Rating 4.5 stars I turn around now, and see them laughing, but unlike Beethoven, I could already hear them I always knew they were there Behind me Even this whole year, when I didn t see them, I always knew they were there.The lack of surprise doesn t make it any less awesome Because I get a different revelation now, better than Beethoven s I m in love.with my stupid, fallen apart family.Chase Everboy McGill lives for the summers he spends with his family in their summer home by the beach Rather than feel fulfilled by the other dozens of weeks in the year, Chase defines himself and his family by summer because, to him, summer holds the most meaning, the most answers, the most everything Summer is the constant even while his life changes and spins out of his control Spread over four consequent summers in Chase s life, Invincible Summer embodies everything there is to love about summer and everything there is to mourn about it too.Just as summer is a constant, Chase s family are his constants, his crutches, his rocks, his burdens His parents try to hide their marital tension for the sake of upholding the summer goal of vacation and relaxation His older brother Noah disappears as he pleases as a way to tear himself away from the weakness of caring too much about his family Younger sister Claudia is forever trying to act older than her age, wearing bikinis and make up and trying to flirt and seduce in equal measures, while younger brother Gideon lives his life without the aid of hearing Then there are the Hathaways, their summer neighbors, who are also constants in and of themselves beautiful Melinda who quotes Albert Camus and eyes both Chase and Noah at different times wily boy Shannon who hopes that the Hathaway and McGill clans will join through marriage someday and sweet Bella who has a crush on Chase There are just so many things to love about this book The characters The prose The story The intensity and uncertainty of youth The unpredictable quality of life itself Even the Camus quotes, which could have been high handed or at worst completely unnecessary, somehow just fit so well Chase s story isn t a fun one or, at least, it s not this ideal picture perfect summer story Pain, regret, resentment, and bitterness all play a part in this tale, but that s life Life can be so many things just as this book is so many things.While I can t say this book was perfect, it meant something to me It resonated It spoke It voiced so many things so eloquently and powerfully.Take it from me Invincible Summer is worth the time to read You will feel nostalgic for your own summers of fun and regret You will close your eyes and recall a time when life was simpler but not necessarily better but your perspective was different You were young, you were invincible, you were everything Summer was everything and .Read this book Remember those days You may learn something from the reading and remembering.

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    Hannah Moskowtiz debut novel Break is still one of my most unforgettable reads, so I couldn t wait to see what her next book would bring Just like I expected, Moskowitz doesn t hold back the punches Invincible Summer is bizarre and real and an absolutely enthralling read I don t even know even know where to start I don t even know how to describe this book.This book is about a family and running away and standing still, and Camus and sex and sisters and brothers and growing up and the fear the of growing up, and lost and regrets It s about everything and nothing at the exact same time.This is a story about a boy named Chase, who has a brother named Noah who likes to run but he wants him to stay He has a brother named Gideon who s deaf and beautiful He has a sister named Claudia who might as well be his best friend and another sister named Lucy who will always be Newbaby And every summer the McGill family goes to there beach house the same time as the Hathaway family and together he shares the events that happens that summer and the next and the next and the next.Till the one last summer where they just don t know if they can get past the summer before.This book is just WoW I freaken love the way Hannah Moskowtiz writes Only twenty years old and already she is such a such a terrific, talented and brilliant author She did this to me in Break and she s done it to me all over again This women writes the most painful, most intense, most gripping books that makes it so freaken unforgettable Her writing is powerful and has this intensity to it that her characters and her plots seem to take a life of it s own.This book shattered my heart into tiny crumbling pieces and I almost want to hate her for it But instead, I m in awe She invokes such an emotional high in me and maybe it s just me, but I love and hate that her books have this kind of power.Chase reminds me so much of Jonah from Break He s selfless but wants to be selfish, he s self sacrificing and he s completely overwhelmed but wouldn t have it any other way I simply adore the way he looks after his brother and sisters and that s he just a kid who wants so dame much for and from his family.All the characters are extremely well developed and everyone of them just as unforgettable Especially Gideon The blurb is all wrong for this book, it s not a romance story At all It s about one particular family and what happens to them each summer It s about sex and while it s not graphic it s still raw But most of all it s about sisters and brothers and even though all family are messed up and confusing, in the end, they still have each other.Filled with incredible heart, an achingly powerful plot and hands down the most unforgettable faces, this my friends was a brilliant read Arc provided by Simon Schuster Galley Grab

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    Invincible Summer takes place over the course of several summers, during which the McGill family, not very put together in the first place, completely falls apart, only to reassemble itself entirely out of order, like a tile mosaic made out of pieces that don t quite fit together, in colors that don t quite match When you think about it, the same happens to most families sooner or later, and therein lies the true strength of this book.Invincible Summer is a quiet little book, a great example of postmodern literature heavily influenced by Camus existential prose I took my time reading it, which is highly unusual for me The McGill family was so easy to slip into, but then I d suddenly feel the need to remove myself from their drama, run from them like the oldest brother Noah does all the time, and read something fun that has very little to do with real life.This drama I mentioned isn t the loud, obvious drama of soap operas It is the quiet torture of being in a large family in which all the roles are reversed Chase struggles with being closely connected to his large family, and yet somehow feeling isolated at the same time His parents keep having children, even though the oldest, Noah, is already eighteen years old and the youngest, Gideon, is deaf and requires a lot of attention, and despite the fact that they can t seem to find common ground about anything at all The family is full of paradoxes they are extremely loud in everyday communication, but when they have a problem or a disagreement, they refuse to communicate Two youngest healthy children, Chase and Claudia, are the most responsible ones, taking the role of parents to Gideon far too often Noah, the oldest, feels very affectionate towards his family, but he can t stand to spend much real time around them, so he often disappears without a trace for hours at a time.Chase is going through his sexual awakening, suddenly aware of every girl around, especially his brother s girlfriend Melinda 12 year old Claudia is drawing attention to herself by kissing waitresses in restaurants, Gideon is struggling with sign language and communicating in general, Noah is restless than ever, and their parents are physically present, but completely absent in every way that counts From what I ve read, most readers had issues with the overwhelming presence of Albert Camus in this book He is everywhere, constantly quoted by characters and obsessed about, but he can also be found deep underneath the characters and the plot His influence on Moskowitz herself and the structure of her novel is clearly discernible if you think about it, the overly melancholic tone and strong sense of detachment are all reminiscent of Camus most famous work Invincible Summer is very much an existentialist book That part I didn t mind, I m a fan after all, but putting poor Albert in the mouths of teenage characters took away from their credibility and made me cringe several times That is the only flaw I found, and one that is easily forgiven In Invincible Summer, Moskowitz did what she does best she created characters that are impossible to forget and wrote a story that isn t really a story at all just a glimpse into a family s existence the disagreements, the tragedies, their love and connections She s not one for obvious drama, our Hannah, and yet, what could possibly be terrifying than everyday life itself Reading this book, it is incredibly easy to forget that Hannah Moskowitz is ridiculously young In her case, all that means is that she has many great books ahead of her At 21 years of age, she is a force to be reckoned with.

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    Reread on 2 11 13 It didn t hold the same charm on my second time around Possibly because I hated the way Noah and Chase treated Melinda, and desperately wished for her to become a fully realized character Ah well, there s only so much you can do with 50,000 words, and Moskowitz s writing is so non minimalistic and navel gazey, I don t think I would ve stood this out for 70,000k It s rather odd, I like Looking for Alaska every time I read it, though I dislike The Perks of Being a Wallflower every time I re read it unless I m buzzed or high Perhaps I should just stop re read things, period Rating 3.4 stars.At first glance, Invincible Summer might seem like a shallow summer romance In fact, I was expecting something akin to a second rate Sarah Dessen knock off, perhaps Along for the Ride Male POV Imagine my surprise when I discover that this is, or less, John Green Summer Love with an added bonus, Family Conflict Never again will I judge a book by it s cover although I should have learned this lesson after reading Twilight Invincible Summer is complete with pretentious kids, an unattainable girl, and familial conflict all of which make for an interesting read If made into a movie, it would be a smart comedy otherwise known as a comedy drama following in the footsteps of The Royal Tenenbaums, Juno, and Little Miss Sunshine.Our narrator is Chase Everboy McGill His namesake comes from JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan Apparently, his designated love interest deemed that he would stay young forever See what I mean about pretentious kids We follow Chase over the course of four summers In essence, this is a coming of age story It s not up to par with Looking for Alaska or The Catcher in the Rye, but it explores themes neither were willing to discuss Chase is sensitive and naive That s the extent of his personality In league with his literary counterpart, Holden Caulfield, he wants to remain young and innocent for the rest of his life His Phoebe is Claudia a girl who wants to be an adult without suffering any of the consequences His Ally is Gideon a cute, deaf little boy His DB is Noah, although Noah isn t a phony.In addition to his siblings, we re presented with another family Melinda, our designated love interest, Shannon, the best friend and Bella, the Jane The main problem with Invincible Summer is that it suffers from character soup We re presented with than five main characters, but they aren t allowed to progress past their base stereotypes They remain two dimensional throughout the entire story, which is detrimental to a character driven story When you think Moskowitz is allowing one character the opportunity to development, another character interrupts and the story goes into an entirely different direction However, Moskowitz has a talent for introducing characters When Melinda and Noah were introduced, I immediately grasped their personalities Her prose isn t bad either While Invincible Summer starts out slow, by the second chapter it really picks up But the Camus quotes are entirely pretentious and unneeded If accompanied by other poets, like TS Elliot or Dylan Thomas, I would have accepted that these kids were just that smart As it stands, they are pretentious without the intelligence that goes with being pretentious Yes, I like that word Moskowitz also has a way with capturing emotions Unlike Blue Valentine, Invincible Summer is emotional roller coaster where you understand not only the what, but the how.Unfortunately, towards the end, I m unable to sympathize with Chase because the build up to the climax is insufficient and predictable If you know of JM Barrie s childhood, or if you ve read The Catcher in the Rye, you ll understand what I mean In most coming of age stories, the parents are neglected to focus on other issues Here, the parents are a major force, but they are poorly developed However, much like bitchsquealer in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, I learned a new curse word Now, onto my favorite aspect of this novel the destructive love triangle I ve not discussed this topic previously, but pretend that I have While Chase is the protagonist, Melinda is the main character The main character forces the protagonist to change Often, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is the main character Who changes in Looking for Alaska Who remains static The novel is about Alaska, hence she is the main character But the protagonist is Miles The main character is often known as the Christ figure, but that s a discussion for another time Melinda is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who is no longer a dream girl In fact, she s a nightmare She s everything Chase wants, but can t have until suddenly, she wants to have sex with him She s like Louisa, from Y Tu Mama Tambien an MPDG who s all grown up At first, I thought Melinda would evolve from this worn out stereotype, but sadly, this doesn t happen We re given a taste of all the potential she has, but that dissipates after they have sex Their whole relationship consists of sex, illegal sex at that Melinda is six years older than Chase, but it doesn t seem like that Until I was told, I guessed that she was only two or three years his elder Melinda sleeps with him because she knows that he would never leave her For a while, I was getting predatory vibes from her, and they were enhanced from my knowledge of psychology Delving into this would be a spoiler, so I ll leave it up to your imagination Also, we re given a love triangle, but none of the conflict that comes with one Chase feels used, but this is never explored Instead, we place the blame on Melinda I think the explanation for her actions is a bit weak If it was a big reveal, I would have felt differently Instead, we re told up front and it s never discussed Thankfully, Moscowitz doesn t allow a girl to come between the two brothers Don t get me wrong I think Moscowitz is a pretty good writer If fleshed out, this would have been a solid four star book Sadly, the interesting conversations take up very little space and Chase s inner narration which, by and large, is somewhat boring causes an irregular pacing issue 3.5 stars And yes, I would definitely check out her other books.Disclaimer I received this book through Galley Grab No outside sources influenced this review In fact, I think Harper Teen blacklisted me after the bad reviews I wrote for them.

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    NOTE Please do not hit the spoilers if you haven t read the book It will completely ruin the ending for you Summer It s the season of innocence, fun, laughter, all the things it means to live For Chase McGill, summer is his constant in his ever changing life When everything is falling apart, he feels he can always count on summer to be there Taking place over four summers at his family s beach house, Chase finds that even his summers can not go untouched by change It is during those summers that he looses friendships, his innocence, and his ideals of a family I don t usually read a lot of contemporary novels Most just don t seem to fascinate me like fantasy or paranormal does Though, maybe this may have something to do with the fact that I have the attention span of a gnat Any who, this book really spoke to me I could entirely relate to Chase and what he was going through, mostly due to the fact that I myself have experienced it view spoiler The tension between his parents, ultimately leading up to their divorce and the death of his young brother hide spoiler

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    This book had some problemssome issues that I think were pretty problematic but at the same time holy gosh did this hit me in so many feels This is a story about family, and finding yourself, and that safe place that you come home to even if it s not really your home that nothing bad can touchuntil it does I have a place like that and I understand that feeling even if it s not on a beach like this one And I understand large families with less than perfect relationships and this book covered those things perfectly The book has diversity with a deaf sibling and a seemingly bi sexual character, which was cool I actually really loved the ASL and the deaf representation in the book The sibling dynamic was so amazing It was heartbreaking and flawed and beautiful and strong even in the bad times I seriously can t get enough of these kids What I didn t like was that there were multiple times in this book where couples paired off with serious age differences There was sex between a 15 19 yr old that was made to seem okay because the younger was a boy There was a rape victim who was described once as pulling the rape face There was also one couple who never got physical but do say they re going steady and the boys is a freshman in college and the girl is 13 I mean, am I the only one totally freaked out by this Same 13 yr old girl was hyper sexualized at 11 12 as well by her siblings, family friends, and herself I m very aware of the flaws in this book mentioned above and how pretentious and annoying the overuse of the Camus quotes are but all in all the study in family and grief heartache togetherness was just so moving I spent the last chapters just bawling my eyes out and absolutely haunted So, yes, I m aware that it has problems and despite those problems, I still loved this book Reread in order to annotate for a traveling book and holy shit I cried so hard, again even skim reading to make my notes This story will never not break me.

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    In short I kind of liked the hero, but the family, especially the parents so many kids but almost zero interest in them, plus Dad hates Noah , the eldest , was so very weird and displayed strange dynamics In addition the sad undercurrent carried the later crashing tragedy with it almost from the beginning like a slowly built up tsunami which caused me flipping the pages with very little enjoyment I am a hope or spark of hope focused kind of reader I need a healthy dose of it even in the darkest story Invincible Summer does not belong into the darkest corner, don t misunderstand, but it had me reading with a hollow feeling in my guts that I do not like at all.

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    This book is sharp, beautiful and almost painful in places It is the perfect beach read, not that it is light and fluffy it isn t , but it gels perfectly with the feeling of being on the beach in summer.I m not quite sure how to approach this review without it devolving into a squee marathon, so let s separate off elements of this book and talk about them, okay The setting was one of my favourite things about this novel Take it from someone who lives on the coast H Moskowitz has got it I could tell that it was based on a real place, and that made it even palpable for me I don t know how she did, but she perfectly captured the summery, sandy, salty feeling of the sea and everything around it You hear that a lot, don t you Oh, this book was so real Well, Moskowitz recaptured and renamed real I could picture every scene, every element of every scene, and it broke my heart over and over One of the reallest is that even a word books I have ever read, and stunning for it.I loved how this did not follow the typical dramatic structure It fitted perfectly with what Noah said that the McGill family was noisy when there was no reason to be, and quiet when they should be talking I loved that Hannah subverted the typical dramatic climaxes that word is so wrong given the topic of this book over and over Just when we were convinced that it was all going to turn into some huge screaming match when Noah found out about Chase and Melinda, when Bella found out about Chase and Melinda, when Chase found Claudia kissing the waitress , it didn t And that was the perfect pace for this quiet but heartbreaking beach book However, it s quiet, not slow There is an almost agonising underlying tension, but she doesn t bother with small plot questions It s all about, will Gideon be okay Will Noah run away forever one day Will Claudia do something that she can t take back However, do not feel that this book is overly dark and gritty It isn t The humour is gorgeous It contributed to some of my favourite scenes in the novel there were many when Chase and Gideon are running around looking for Claudia and Noah and then later Claudia into all those stores and when Noah and Chase were at the ASL office together Speaking of the ASL office, this was another of my favourite things in IS you re starting to see where this is going, aren t you the way they approached Gideon s disability Noah s attitude towards it, Chase s attitude towards it, Claudia s attitude towards it all of it was so real, so genuine and I felt it I loved the sign language, especially when it was Chase and Gideon, especially that night where Gideon woke up and Chase had to comfort him or when Chase was signing to Gideon view spoiler when he was already dead hide spoiler