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[Download eBook] Invincible (Invisible, #2) Author Cecily Anne Paterson –

Review coming soon I thought this book was amazing It was a great sequel to Invisible I am 20 years old and this book about a 14 year old girl still pulled at my heart strings Anyone of any age could gain something from this book It is a must read I could completely relate to Jazmine and I think many other people will too Well done Cecily, well done. This book carries on perfectly from Invisible Jazmine has Liam for her boyfriend and a whole group of friends now Her mum has even agreed to let her see her Grandmother again But is it all it s cracked up to be Liam is getting pushy and starts paying attention to another girl, one who doesn t like Jazmine When she visits her grandmother one weekend she finally opens up about everything and decides no matter where it leaves her socially, she will fix her problemsstarting with Liam Cecily Anne Paterson really is a talented author I loved the first book, Invisible, so I had high hopes for the second While I m normally pretty loyal, I actually found the second book to be better than the first Jaz has come a long way, but still has a lot to learn, and I was immediately cheering for her from the beginning Was not disappointed.Go Jaz I loved it While there was huge character shift in two main characters, I felt that it was not a shocker I welcomed the change, and I feel like it made a great book, eveninteresting.It s a great book by a great author I was recommended this book for it s fabulous teenager voice. wow Talk about transporting my back in time Paterson masterfully builds her characters and sets out a story that both challenges and inspires them This is a great book, highly recommended for teens There are some great points about feelings, growth, relationships, friendships, and growing LOVED A great book I loved the characters and particularly identified with Jazmine, the main character I couldn t put it down.Highly recommended for age 12 and up. When I Was Smaller I Thought That At Some Point In My Life I D Reach The Top Of The Mountain You Know, The Place Where You Re Finally Happy The Night I Got A Standing Ovation In The School Play Was The Night I Got To The Top The Trouble Was, No One Ever Told Me That I D Have To Hike Back Down Finally, Everything Is Going Right ForYear Old Jazmine Crawford After Years Of Being Invisible, She S Making Friends, Talking To Her Mum And Hanging Out With Liam But What Happens When Everyone Around Her Changes Will Getting Back In Touch With Her Grandma Help Her Cope Or Just Make Things Worse And Who S Going To Finally Give Arrogant Angela What She Deserves Invincible Is The Much Anticipated Sequel To Invisible, A Semi Finalist In TheBook Of The Year Award Loved it I really enjoyed following Jazz on her journey of maturing and finding her way I laughed and cried and even mentally high 5 d her LOL Definitely worth the wait Wow, I really loved this book I love how Jazmine is becomingindependent.Grandma is such an interesting new character and I loved her adventures with Jazmine on the boat and up the hill About halfway through this book Jazmine talks about how she remembers The Famous Five and thinks about what they would do in her situation, and that totally made me smile because I used to LOVE the Famous Five when I was much younger I had completely forgotten about them because I sold all my F5 books years ago, and to have that connection was really cool There are so manyreasons why I loved this book, but I don t have much time to write I can relate to Jazmine in so many ways which is why this books is so great for girls and boys from ages 11 15.