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Isabel S Life Seemed Perfect Successful Business, Beautiful House, Adoring Husband And Then She Was DeadFor Four Years Jessica Has Never Doubted That Her Sister Isabel S Death Was An Accident But When Jessica S Young Daughter Seems To Know Long Forgotten Details About Her Aunt S Past, Jessica Can T Shake The Feeling That There S A Sinister Truth Behind The TragedyAs Jessica Unearths Disturbing Revelations About Her Sister, And About The People She Loved And Trusted Most, It Becomes Clear Isabel S Life Was Less Than Perfect And That Jessica S Might Also Be At RiskDid Someone Murder Isabel Are They Now After Jessica And Her Family The Key Seems To Lie In The Hands Of A Child Can Isabel Reveal The Truth From Beyond The Grave, Or Is The Answer Closer To Home In Her Shadow Is A Gripping Tale Of Family Secrets, Lies And Obsession From The Two Million Copy Bestselling Author Mark Edwards

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    Another whirlwind of a book by Mark Edwards It sees Jessica s 4yo daughter Olivia start to mention things that her Aunt Izzy has told her, things that only Izzy and Jessica would know, except Izzy died before Olivia was born, in what police ruled as an accident As Olivia comes out with and bombshells, now about the day that Izzy died, Jessica starts to think that there was to her sister s death than meets the eye She starts to re examine everything from the time of Izzy s death, trying to find out what everyone has missed Then Olivia starts to make predictions about people and places around her, predictions that start to come trueAnd the truth It s even creepier than you d imagineThis is a chilling, gripping suspense novel, as I ve come to expect from Mark Edwards It races out of the blocks and the pace doesn t slacken until the last page I was, as usual, oblivious to everything going on around me until I d come to the final conclusion I recommend this book to all lovers of psychological fiction and domestic suspense.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 starsThis is a frustrating review to write because there s so much I want to say, but can t because I don t want to give anything away Jessica has always believed in ghosts, so much so she believed that she was being haunted when she was a child So when her 4 year old Olivia daughter starts relaying messages from her deceased Aunt Izzy, Jessica is beyond spooked Jessica s sister Isabel died 5 years and her death was ruled an accident As Olivia continues sharing messages from her dead Auntie, Jessica begins to wonder if her sister s death was truly an accident Jessica not only begins to question the cause of her sister s death, but she also must grapple with whether or not her 4 year old daughter is psychic Is Olivia really communicating with her dead Aunt or is someone playing a cruel hoax As always, Mark Edwards took me on a journey that I wasn t quite expecting I loved the spooky atmosphere of the first half, but the tone changes rather dramatically in the second half of the book I felt things unraveled in the second half of the book It didn t feel as tightly wound as some of his other novels Edwards usually reels me in, even when the storyline lacks believability, and while I enjoyed In Her Shadow, it was a bit anticlimactic But I did enjoy the times when Jessica got her revenge and final say.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Publishing UK in exchange for an honest review.

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    Wow, my first book from Mark Edwards is a solid winner A tale of two sisters Isabel is young and successful, and one day, she is found dead after an accident Years later, Jessica is still reeling from her sister s death when her young daughter, Olivia, mentions secrets about Isabel s past, things she shouldn t know With that discovery, Jessica senses that there has to be something to the story, and perhaps her sister has been murdered She also has to reason to believe that she and her family are in danger And just what does her daughter know And how on earth does she know it I read In Her Shadow quickly, absorbing the tension and feeling anxious for Izzy, Jessica, and Olivia I liked how Izzy is present within the story through flashbacks There was breathing room in the writing for me to make my own theories, while that tension continued to ramp up and up Red herrings and many possible culprits left my head spinning in the best possible way I m cutting this review short so you can explore this treat of a read for yourself I can easily see why this author has so many fans In Her Shadow is a spine chilling, smart, and overwhelmingly engaging psychological suspense that I recommend to ALL thriller readers Thank you to Thomas Mercer Pub UK for the complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog

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    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Mark Edwards, and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review Mark Edwards is back with another spine chilling novel that takes the reader inside the eerie world of communication with the afterlife, yet another branch of psychological thrillers Jessica is the proud mother of two children, though it would seem her youngest has begun acting out at school When she arrives to speak with the teacher, Jessica learns that Olivia has been making many comments about her friend, Izzy, who s died Although Olivia is only four, Jessica refuses to take any chances and soon learns that her daughter is speaking about a member of the family It would seem that Izzy, Olivia s aunt, died after leaping from her balcony at home, not long after little Olivia was born How might Olivia be communicating with her aunt, save through some sort of spirit portal Thoughts of this nature remind Jessica of a situation from her own youth, when she and Izzy were visited by an uncle s spirit who was highly disruptive Jessica refuses to believe that Olivia has any contact with her dead sister and pushes the limits to find out who might be feeding her daughter such information However, the evidence keeps piling up that Olivia has a way to speak to Izzy and there are things that few others ever knew, yet they seem to be coming from Olivia s mouth with ease The entire situation opens up new fears in Jessica when Olivia admits one night that Izzy was pushed and murdered by someone Could there be some truth to this If so, how much does Olivia know and can her connection with Izzy help re open a police investigation Edwards uses his skills to lure the reader deep into the story and soon the story has taken over their entire brain, forcing them to race forward and discover what s happened before turning off the light at night Perfect for those who love Mark Edwards work, as well as the reader who enjoys blindsides throughout.I have long enjoyed Mark Edwards and his writing, finding myself susceptible to his style of narration so much that I lose track of time Even when I want to read only a few pages, I find it hard to put down one of his books until I have resolution to the mystery at hand Edwards has a wonderful way of connecting the reader to his characters, especially a strong minded protagonist like Jessica The reader learns much about her throughout, both her backstory and current development as she fights to get to the bottom of both the Izzy and Olivia situations There is much to discover and the story peels things back slowly enough as to keep the reader flipping pages, but not too quickly as to be a let down Alongside Jessica are a handful of other characters, all of whom bring their own flavour to the story, particularly those who crossed paths with Izzy in the days and weeks before her death Edwards keeps the reader wondering if it could have been murder and who might have the most plausible motive to end the life of this interesting woman That also serves to promote Izzy into the role of secondary protagonist, as flashbacks and extensive dialogue throughout resurrect her personality throughout the entire piece Edwards effectively weaves past and present into a seamless plot and keeps everyone guessing until the very end The story was brilliantly executed and the reader will surely find themselves surrounded by possible culprits and mysteries they ask themselves, all while the narrative forges onwards With clipped dialogue that keeps the story realistic, Edwards leaves little time to ponder, as each chapter presents new and interesting perspectives to keep things from going stale I have yet to find a dud when Mark Edwards is at the helm and hope many readers will follow me and get hold of this book in short order.Kudos, Mr Edwards, for another winner I hope those who have yet to discover your writing style do so soon, for you have a great deal to offer the genre and those who love it so very much Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    Dear Mr Edwards,Well, Mr E, I have to hand it to you I have read 7 of your 8 novels, and number 8 is the best of all That s saying a lot, as The Magpies and Follow You Home are pretty magnificent Actually 6 of your books have earned 5 big gold stars from me Now before you get all pleased with yourself, this one was only perfect, not perfectly perfect.First some good stuff I have to say I have never dissected anyone s books like I dissect yours In fact, I get help from my book buddy Jan We rip em apart on Google Docs, chapter by chapter This time around we knew we could nail it, as after all, we know you really well We know how that brain works We could write your stuff Maybe Anyway, we smugly picked out the baddie about 9 times each Yeah, it was someone different all 9 times Then we ran out of characters on our cast list It was like 90% in, and we had to concede that there was NO baddie as we had eliminated every one of them I can t remember ever going so far in a book and running out of suspects Gotta give you that one And yes, you readers out there, there is a baddie Sort of.I really should dock you for this next one, but I can t Gosh, there are so many weird things happenings in this book that it was impossible to gather them up in one nice ball and assign a nice cohesive explanation to it all We even wrote all these events down and analyzed them to death all for naught In a way, that was fun Like rolling down a long hill as a kid and standing up all sick and nauseated, but happy, as that s fun, right However, despite all that joy, I was getting really irritated that I had to write, I m confused to my buddy about 15 times I don t like writing that, Mr Edwards It is painful thing to admit But kudos for you for weaving all these things perfectly almost together by the end.Sorry, but I have to call you out for cheating a few times Or as my buddy would say, Mark s being convenient again Being convenient by making stuff happen that gets you through a potentially tough section to write I let most of that stuff pass because you and I have a many year relationship now and I know you just can t help yourself, but really do you actually think a 31 year old woman wouldn t recognize a high school classmate whom she shared a pretty awesome kiss with when both were 17 Come on, Mr Edwards, tongue was involved, and not only that, but people s looks just don t change that much during that age range Much as I love you, I just can t let that one go, Mister OK, some people will ding you for making Jessica somewhat wild and crazy the second half of the book Not me To me she was rightfully panicking and reacting accordingly as you were pulling some nasty strings on her Poor Jess.Now others for sure are going to nick you for this story lacking the usual unrelenting creepy crawly suspense that seems to be your hallmark I have to agree that was partially lacking, but this was such an engrossingly darn good whodunit that I kinda didn t notice that too much at the time Since I am a major fan of darn good whodunits, I m giving you a pass on this one But you know, Mr Mark, you are on my best suspense writer ever pedestal, so maybe you could sharpen up that part of your game for your next book Props for the shout out to the Me Too movement I liked that immensely And how about that ending Some people will hate it I loved it Particularly how you dealt with Olivia, Jess, and Izzy Smokin good So, in summary, this book is a winner, a home run, and fabulous use of my reading time I have to remind you though, Mr Edwards, that you messed with my head twice this year That means I am twice as determined to break you next time So bring it on and beware my buddy and I are ready to get even All my love,Your fan now and forever,Christine XOMany thanks to Net Galley, Thomas Mercer, and Mark Edwards for an advanced copy of this novel Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.

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    Eerie and gripping I have come to look forward to the new Mark Edwards books the way I look forward to Fridays or crawling in bed after a long day They are always tantalizing and well written, and they captivate my interest until the very last page Mark Edwards is a master of the suspense genre His books always have that vague sense of uneasiness over them wondering what exactly is going on And I love the spooky ghost shadow that lurked over this It blurs the line between mystery and paranormal, where it made me wonder if maybe there was something otherworldly going on About the BookNearly five years ago Jessica s older sister Isabel feel off of her balcony in a tragic accident But Jessica s mother Mo has never been convinced it was truly an accident She is certain that Izzie s husband Darpack was to blame, and it s a topic she won t let up on.Jessica s daughter Olivia never met Izzie, but recently she has begun to talk about her Olivia claims that Izzie has been communicating with her Though Jessica initially brushes this off as the whims of a child, she finds it hard to explain how Olivia is able to sing a song that was a favorite of Olivia s from childhood, or how she knows the name of their childhood pet or their car And then things become even sinister Olivia seems to know things about others that haven t happened yet Is it possible that Olivia is able to communicate with Izzie And if so, will Jessica finally get answers to what happened to her sister all of those years ago The darker things get, the less certain Jessica is that this is merely coincidence Someone knows something about Izzie s death, and they aren t letting Jessica forget it Jessica needs to find the truth before something horrible happens to Olivia, or even to herself ReflectionUnsettling and haunting are what I ve come to expect from Mark Edwards, and this was no exception I had absolutely no clue what to make of the strange events of this novel I wondered how it could be possible for Olivia to know some of the things she knew, or believe the things she said Though Jessica wants to be skeptical, she can t help but remembering her own haunted past She knows it is possible, because she herself experienced it too.I think most of us have found ourselves surprised at the things children say sometimes The words and thoughts that come out of there mouths, that often seem much beyond their years Children have a mix of innocence and naivety and wisdom They often are perceptive than adults believe them to be, and that makes this the perfect set up for this story This book is filled with many amazing characters, and the female characters were particular standouts I think that can be difficult to do to write a breadth of characters so different from yourself But this is an area that Edwards consistently surprises and delights in Every novel of his I read, I find myself captivated again by the characters.And then the ghost story itself is so wonderful I love the idea of someone trying to communicate something What happens in this book is the story of not how something is being communicated, but what is being communicated and why Why go through Olivia What did happen that day Isabel fell The delivery on this mystery will make your mind buzz with excitement and energy It is so well crafted, with dozens of twists and turns along the way.Thank you so much to the amazing team at Publishing for my copy of this book to review.

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    Jessica s sister, Isabel, Izzy died four years ago and Jessica has never doubted the coroner s finding that her sister s death was an accident But when her four year old daughter, Olivia, begins mentioning things, things that only Jessica and her sister knew, Jessica becomes concerned Is her daughter interested in death because of her age and she is beginning to understand what that means Is she curious about the Aunt she never knew As the tension mounts, Jessica begins to wonder if her sister s death was really an accident How does her daughter know so much about her dead aunt Is her daughter getting messages from beyond the grave What was going on in his sister s life leading up to her death Mark Edwards has created a creepy psychological thriller that does not disappoint I questioned what was real and what was not real while reading this book This book has a feel of dread and apprehension Are ghosts real Is Olivia talking to a ghost How does she know everything she knows As Jessica becomes concerned about her daughter, I did as well As Jessica becomes obsessed with learning the truth, it is easy to feel her emotions, her anxiety, her suspicion, her fears, her concern for her family and her need to know the truth I came up with several theories and guesses while reading Edwards does a good job at throwing out some possibilities but keeps the truth just out of the reader s grasp I read this book in one day as I was fully invested in learning the truth There are twists and turns which I did not see coming There is an interesting, yet plausible reveal at the end Edwards has created interesting and fully developed characters who are dealing with a lot of issues in this book The story line touches on several things such as sex, love, loss, infidelity, grief, the MeToo movement, trust, guilt, family secrets, lies, relationships, drug use and obsession There is a paranormal element which I thought he worked flawlessly into the story.Another solid book by Edwards Thank you to Publishing UK Thomas Mercer and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.Read of my reviews at

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    Mark Edwards writes what is often a chilling and creepy psychological thriller with elements of the paranormal Jessica always felt accustomed to the idea that she was living in the shadows of her glamorous older sister, Isabel Izzy Almost five years ago, Isabel died after falling off the balcony of her luxurious apartment The police deemed it to be an accident, but was it Living an ordinary life as a mum, Jessica, still traumatised by Isabel s death, begins to feel unsettled and disturbed when her 4 year old daughter, Olivia, begins to exhibit strange behaviour and talking weirdly The little girl knows things about Jessica and Izzy that she really could not possibly know Olivia seems to be channelling Isabel, which has Jess looking closely at how Isabel died This is a great read, with twists, that does not fail in engaging the reader Mark Edwards fans will love this Many thanks to Publishing for an ARC.

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    There was no cover art on Netgalley, nor was there a description, but I saw the words Mark Edwards and hit request so fast

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    3.75 StarsFour years ago Jessica s sister, Isabel, died Seemingly it was an accident She had fallen off the balcony They think she was drunk on drugs when she was there Now Jessica s four year old daughter, Olivia, talks about her auntie Izzy The aunt that she has never seen Olivia knows about her aunt s past, the details that no one told her And apparently, she knows about the day Izzy died Did someone murder Isabel Are they now after Jessica and her family The key seems to lie in the hands of a child Can Isabel reveal the truth from beyond the grave, or is the answer closer to home My first read by this author and it was good At first, I thought it lost me at the supernatural part but well, I was wrong It s slow but the short chapters were in my favor and I couldn t guess it right The story alternates between the past and the present Told in multiple POV Mostly dual , 3rd person It s a standalone novel and a really good read for Halloween Overall, enjoyed it and hope you like it as well Thanks to Mark Edwards, Netgalley and Thomas Mercer Pub Ukf or the advanced digital copy in exchange an honest review.