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A Young Deaf Child Who Loves To Run And Jump And Play Is Affectionately Described By Her Older Sister Can Give Young Children An Understanding Of The Fact That Deaf Children Share All The Interests Of Children With Normal Hearing C A Friendly, Affirmative Look At The Everyday Experiences Of The Two Sisters BLCoretta Scott King Award Honor BookA Reading Rainbow SelectionChildren S Books OfLibrary Of Congress

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    Published in 1984 by HarperTrophyInterest Level 3rd 5th GradeThis book is about a young girl who has a sister that is deaf and how she deals with that fact The various struggles are depicted through a series of pencil drawings in a picture book format The story focuses on the outward struggles of the sister and how the young girl relates to her sister The treatment of this topic could be much deeper and richer, but the author does do a good job of relating a physical disability to a sibling without making the story feel contrived or forced This would be a good story to discuss as a class or do as a read aloud.

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    I Have a Sister My Sister Is Deaf is a picture book I think that this book would be a good book for an early reader A controversial issue in this book is having a sibling that is deaf The little girl told the story of her life and about living with a deaf sister The words in this book are confirmed by the illustrations.

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    A great book to read to children of almost any age My students are all captivated by the story Ranging in ages from three to eight, they also unanimously express compassion for the deaf character and her difference.

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    This book is great to help a child get the idea of what it is like to be deaf or to have someone you love deaf.

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    Encourages children to think about people who may be different from them Excellent read

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    Learn about what it is like to be deaf from her sister.

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    I thought I have a sister my sister is deaf was a fairly interesting book,it is a realistic fiction I liked that the author had the main character describing her sister, who was deaf instead of having the deaf sister as the main character I felt that it gave you another prospective into the life of a deaf child I also liked that it described the characters life in a very realistic manner because it shows the things a family member of a deaf person goes through in a relatable manner I think the plot was interesting because it not only told the of the fun activities the sisters experience together but it also talked about how it can be hard having a deaf sister sometimes which is completely understandable I liked the illustrations felt that they would have been a little fun and interesting if the pictures were in color but they were very interesting illustration and followed the story line very well I also liked the main characters were not American because I felt that it offered up a different perspective and showed that deafness is world wide and something that many people experience There was not a lot of diversity represented in the form of different culture groups but I did think it exposed children to a new perspective.

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    I Have a Sister My Sister Is Deaf is a Coretta Scott King honor winner It is a book told from the perspective of a young girl She tells about story of her sister who is deaf She tells the story of her feelings both positive and negative of her sister being deaf The story can be relatable for students who have a deaf family member or friend and can also be used to give students and empathy for someone who is deaf It can be used with all elementary grades K 5.

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    An honest, thoughtful book of siblings, one older and the other younger, one who can hear and one who is deaf.

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    Grade interest level Primary and Upper Elementary K 5th Reading level Lexile, 520LGenre Picture Book, Multicultural, Realistic FictionMain Characters A young girl and her sisterSetting Various settingsPOV From the young girl talking about her sister This book features two young Asian sisters The story is told from the point of view of the older sister, who is telling the reader about her younger sister who is deaf The story begins with the young girl telling us that her sister is deaf and unique The book continues by telling the reader what the deaf sister enjoys doing The girl s sister likes to play piano and feel the chords, although she cannot hear the music The young girl talks about how her and her sister play together on the playground The young girl talks about going for walks with her sister and talking with her without sound but rather with her lips and hands The girl explains how her sister learned words, and also shares about her sister going to school and the excitement classmates experienced when her sister would say words to them The girl explains the relationship she has with her sister that allows them to communicate without speaking The book also explains how sometimes the deaf sister does not understand her older sister The girl explains the kinds of questions she is asked about her sister The story continues with the girl saying what her sister can feel sounds, but also when she cannot hear sounds I would definitely use this text in the classroom The girls appear to be Asian, although it is not addressed in the book and not said specifically what is their descent However, it is refreshing to see a book that not only represents children of different abilities but also children of different ethnicities The book really does a wonderful job of explaining the experience of having a deaf sister as well as tapping into what it is like to be deaf I would use this in a family unit or a unit about different people This could also be used simply as a resource for learning about people with disabilities.