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Joe Stoshack lives for baseball He knows everything there is to know about the game except how to play well His specialty is striking out Stosh feels like a real loser and when he takes a low paying job cleaning a bunch of junk out of his neighbor's attic he feels even worse until he comes across a little piece of cardboard that takes his breath away His heart is racing His brain is racing He can hardly believe his eyes Stosh has stumbled upon a T 206 Honus Wagner the most valuable baseball card in the world And he's about to find out that it's worth a lot than money

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    Very good cool weird interesting fun book

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    Genre FantasyHistorical Fiction FictionFountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level RSummary Joe lives with his mom in Louisville Kentucky He is into baseball cards but can't collect as many as he would like because his family is short on money One day his elderly neighbor Amanda Young asks him to clean out her attic for a few bucks While he is cleaning it out he discovers an Honus Wagner baseball card from 1909 It is the most valuable baseball card Before he has a chance to tell his mom about the card Honus Wagner appears in Joe's bedroom and they begin an adventure Joe uses his magical ability along with the baseball card to go back to Honus Wagner's time and visit the last game of the World Series of 1909 Why I LikedDisliked the Book I really appreciated the historical details in this book I learned a lot about baseball in the early 1900's and about Honus Wagner Although some of the details are not true this book really gives you a sense of how baseball was different back then wait till you hear about how dirty Ty Cobb played What This Book Made Me Think About Sports fiction is so much interesting when combined with historical fiction There are clearly great stories to tell from the old ballplayers Dan Gutman has really brought Honus Wagner alive in this book and we learn about him as a really special person I would much rather read this kind of sports story than a Matt Christopher fiction book any dayI wish I could read historical fiction about Honus Wagner but I've never come across any other books like this Luckily Dan Gutman has created a whole series of baseball card adventures about Joe traveling to other times in history including books about Babe Ruth Jackie Robinson and several other amazing players

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    I thought this book was really interesting and I really enjoyed it It’s about this kid named Joe who finds a baseball card in this lady’s attic When he touches it he gets this weird feeling and he finds out he can travel back in time to when the card was made This card was Honus Wagner’s card and Joe gets to meet him but he faces some difficulties and has to work through them I’m not gonna tell you what they are your just gonna have to read the book and find out This is a great book that most readers I think will enjoy

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    Jack a young boy found a baseball card that made him go back in time When he went back in time he made friends with the great Honus Wagner Both of them had crazy adventures together such as switching cloths in the middle of the game so that Honus was injured When it was time to go back to his time there was a problem he forgot to bring a new card so that he could come back to his time All jack wanted to do was go back to his time to see his friends and family But then he realized something He always kept baseball cards under his shoes to block out the holes in his shoes So he took them out and managed to go back to his time The adventures that he had with Honus were unforgettable and know he had a power that no one else had Going back in time Hounus and me is about love courage strength

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    This book was very good I loved it because of all of the facts that were in it about Honus I learned a lot about Honus that I didn't know about him Joe found a Honus Wagner baseball card in an old ladies attic that he was cleaning up for her He put the card in his backpack and went home after finishing That night he went to bed with the card in his hands and when he woke up Honus was there

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    Joe Stoshack was having a money problem and couldn’t find a way to get some They would take any chance that they could get to make so money His parents were divorced and he thinks the reason that his parents split up was that they didn’t have a lot of money So he cleaned out his neighbor's attic to make some money When he was there he found a Honus Wagner card It was worth a lot of money After that he went home and fell asleep with it in his hand When he woke up Honus Wagner was in Joe's room Then they went back in time While they were there he had to go back to present time But he couldn't He didn't have a present day card to get back I got scared because I thought he was going to have to stay there forever But then he found a present day card in his shoe because he used it to cover the holes in his shoes Then when he got back to present day he gave the card back to his neighbor I really liked this book because I am a baseball fan I also didn't know much about Honus but I learned a little bit from this This really got me mad when Joe couldn't get back to present day Then when he got back I was relieved

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    This book really shows you that you need to put your mind into things to achieve success You have to give it your all if you want to do good At one point Honus said that you don’t need to win to have fun as long as your having fun that’s all that matters Always believe in yourself and believe in what you are capable of Don’t take yourself for granted Make the effort don’t half do something Give everything your all even if you don’t think your good You never know how good you are until you give it your all Confidence it the key to making yourself happy be confidence with anything you do Don’t let others get to you Always do your best in life no matter what

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    I liked this book because first it was an interesting was to start the book and Joe found a surprise cleaning his neighbors attic and he was hesitant to take it but he did He felt guilty but that night Honus Wagner appeared in his room and started talking to him I liked the detail he gave like when Honus told him that kids would make fun of him because the way he looked or because he was stockier than other kids I also liked the surprise he had for Joe in the end of the book I definitely recommend this book to others

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    I read this with my kids for Battle of the Books I loved hearing about how baseball used to be played without all the money that has come in and ruined a lot of the game My kids really enjoyed it too

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    Great way to learn about how Honus Wagner was really like