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epub Hearts in Hiding By Betsy Brannon Green –

Devastation, Betrayal, Self Pity, Anger None Of These Words Do Any Justice To The Tangle Of Emotions Kate Singleton Is Experiencing Married Just Over A Year, With A Baby On The Way, Kate Learns That Her Husband, And FBI Agent, Is Dead To Top It Off, The Same People Who Murdered Her Husband Have A Contract On Her HeadWith The Help Of The FBI, Kate Flees With Little That The Clothes On Her Back And In No Time At All, They Provide Her With New Clothes, A New Home, A New Name, And A New HusbandBut This Is Only The Beginning Of Kate S Adventure Before It S Through, There Will Be A Kidnapping, True Love, And Enough Suspense To Keep Any Reader Turning Pages Long After Bedtime Hearts In Hiding Is An Action Packed, Romantic First Novel By Gifted Author Betsy Brannon Green

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    I struggle with LDS fiction I m not going to lie, most of it is not really well written My biggest pet peeve is that they have the word said bookmarked in their thesaurus and refuse to just say said this makes me think it couldn t be too hard to break into LDS fiction, watch for my next title to be there There is also always too much of LDS forced into it I mean, I don t mind if they bring it up where it fits into the plot, but there is usually too much of it for what is every day life to me Also, this book has a lot that is very difficult to believe all happened to one woman But if you can overlook all of that, it is kind of a cute love story It is probably really good if you like LDS fiction

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    This book is my favorite it was awesome it was a romance a little bit Its about a Girl she gets married and her husband is a FBI agent and one day he goes on a mission and he dies well thats what the other agents tell her So she has to go in hiding with an agent she has never met before and they have to get married and change what they wear how they look and there idenity and move to a place called Haggerty were they might be safe from the people that are trying to kill her So they leave Chicago and they have a house ready for them and they dont really talk much Later in the book they start to fall in love one night her water breaks and her neighbor rushes her to a hospital were she will have her baby the agent Mark comes and they are in love when the baby is delivered they look like a married happy couple Farther in the book there is kidnapping and marriage This book is really good I sent the author an email and she replyed she considered my idea of writing another book about Mark, Kate, Emily, and Charles i really really loved this one I want them to make a movie out of it.

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    Reading this for bookgroup Starts out fast and gripping Slows waaayyy down Not fabulous literature, but we ll see if it ends well Update after finishing the book I hesitate to even allow this book two stars because it is just not well written Green s writing style is uninteresting and full of adjectives instead of character development The plot is good, but it isn t developed enough and feels rushed along I didn t care about the characters, and the Mormon culture seems contrived and not applicable to the storyor maybe it s just not interwoven well It really felt forced down the reader s throat that the visiting teachers were coming over Who cares It had nothing to do with the story.I enjoyed the first 1 3 to 1 2 of the book, but then could have set it down and walked away without regret I had to finish it for book group I couldn t recommend this book to anyone who has limited time for reading.

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    Hearts in hiding by betsy brannon green In this book the main characters are Kate Singleton, Mark Iverson,and Miss Eugenia One of the most important parts of the book is in the starting when she is coming home from work and there is a car following all the way to her apartment building and when she finally get to her apartment Then she heard a knock at the door when she opened the door they where to police agents standing in front of her, that is where it all began The second most important part this is where is got pretty lit She was at the police station and she was told something that would change her life forever The best of the book is when kate has her baby and her fake husband takes care of her like it is his own little baby, IT IS SO CUTE The thing that made me so mad was when her husband who died that is what the police told her was no actually died and was part of people coming and trying to kill a pregnant women And one last thing they fall in love her and her fake husband fall in love and really do end up getting married in the temple that is the best part they are mormon.I thought that the book was well worded and it explained everything pretty well and that is did not leave me on a cliff hanger The character had so much life and they were not perfect like every other character in other books they went through hard trials but they were still so nice and happy and always wanted to help each other The plot was very crazy you could say there were a lot of ups and downs But very well put together i would say The characters had the best parts and they are so amazing and what they do, like miss Eugenia after kate had the baby Miss Eugenia was dying to see the baby and make sure that she was being properly cared for Green 173 I had a couple of connections to this book This book reminded me of when i am watching a scary movie and you don t want to stop watching but you don t know is going to happen This also reminded me of when i was reading this other book and these kids got stuck in this world and all they wanted to do was get home and as they were looking to find a way home they learned to love it That reminded me of the book because kate and mark have to go to this other is seems and all they want is to go home but they learn to love it and each other The text to world connection would be like When someone loses their dog or something and they just there norman life with their dog back.

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    This was a quick, enjoyable read From the back of the book, I thought there would be about being a grieving widow, but when the book begins she has actually been a widow for a while There s nothing wrong with that it just wasn t what I expected For the majority of the book, the main characters are in the FBI witness protection program When I think of that, I usually think of people getting made up brand new identities, but in this book, the people are hidden by borrowing other people s real identities In a way, that seems like it would be even effective to hide people, but it is also hard in that the fakers have to act completely different to stay in character with the person they re pretending to be If you ve understood all of those pronouns and what I meant congratulations It is a sweet love story with some suspense and mystery as well If you re looking for something light and inoffensive, but not necessarily thought provoking, then you ll enjoy this book.One thing about this book is that it made me really want to live in the South At least this author s version of a small town in the South, where everyone knows each other, the neighbors know all of your business, old people are feisty and fun, and everyone sends and expects to receive thank you cards.

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    I d never read one of these before eitherMormon author Mormon characters mystery romanceit was kind of hilariousspent time talking about what they were eating everyday casseroles, what else than anythingI skipped about 50 pages at the end because I just wanted to be done and later went back and read them and actually that was the best part Kinda funny Not so sold on fiction that mixes in LDS truthsrecommend me a book if you find one you actually like

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    Quick and easy read that was a lot of fun The book s main characters are LDS Mormon and so am I, so I enjoyed a lot of the references You wouldn t have to be Mormon to enjoy the book though My favorite characters were actually the ones from different religions that interacted with the main characters.I enjoyed the setting of the south and found the book to be charming even if it was a little predictable.

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    The last hundred pages had all sorts of crazy surprises I was a fan of the description of southern life and the process of trying to assume a new identity I have a new appreciation for the men and women who sacrifice their lives to keep me safe Cheesy Maybe, but completely honest

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    I love this book, I dont think boys would like it that much though, but it is a good and funny mystery

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    Very first one by Betsy, and she has me hooked on all her books I buy them as soon as possible And I love them all, so they all get five stars from me.