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In This Latest Installment Of The Cat In The Hat S Learning Library, The Cat Introduces Beginning Readers To All Kinds Of Sharks From The Smallest The Dwarf Lantern To The Largest The Whale Shark , The Most Notorius The Great White To The Most Obscure The Goblin , The Cat Explains Why Sharks Have Lots Of Teeth But No Bones How Their Tough Skin Helps Them Swim Fast And Stay Clean Inspiring Scientists And Bathing Suit Manufacturers How Pores Along The Sides Of Their Bodies Help Them Sense Prey That They Have To Fear From Us Than We Do From Them, And Much, Much Perfect For Shark And Cat In The Hat Fanciers, Fans Of The New PBS Kids Preschool Science Show The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That Will Sink Their Teeth Into This New Addition To The Series

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    I AM STILL VERY EXCITED ABOUT SHARK WEEK one fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish this is a nonfiction book in verse, featuring the cat in the hat and thing 1 and thing 2, that shares the wonder of SHARKS with little kids, teaching them that they re not the monsters of the ocean they may seem tell that to those fishies there s plenty of age appropriate factual information about sharks here it s not deep science or anything, but it does show where baby sharks come from and it has a good overall message about how humans are dangerous to sharks than they are to us and they need our protection, so just say NO to shark fin soup considering how annoyingly sing songy it is, it s pretty impressive that it manages to squeeze in as many facts as it does, although it s true that the verse is occasionally a bit weak.Pectoral fins lift I have been thinking like two airplane wings,to keep sharks from sinking.but it maintains the balance between instructional and fun, and covers a broad range of species, including my buddy the best part is the segment in which awards are distributed to the different species based on their characteristics biggest, smallest, oldest, etcThe Things are now holding a Shark Spotter contestto reward each shark herefor what it does the favorites but i think we need to be a bit cautious about how we deploy our second person pronouns don t try to tag sharks, kids you should not be finding out anything, except by watching SHARK WEEK under the supervision of your parents.a fun shark book and a good way to kick off SHARK WEEK come to my blog

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    Shameless shark propaganda

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    It s been shark week here for a year.

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    Great reading for the kids with a strong message of conservation.

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    A cute idea, but it s too long for the target age group, and the verse gets in way of the facts.

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    bought this book for my grandson to read think the reading level is appropriate and words are easy to say for him.

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    Great book about sharks It includes a ton of shark facts including facts about their skin, their pray, their life in the ocean, etc.

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    I like when teeth from sharks mouths go into the ground so people can find them I learned that sharks come in different shapes and sizes

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    This was a great book that is part of The Cat in the Hat s Learning Library After reading this book, I was shocked that Dr Seuss was not the author Hark A Shark is a very great book especially for kindergarten or 1st grade because it fights the misconceptions that many kids as well as adults have about sharks This book explores all different types of sharks and is complete with a glossary too A great resource to have in the classroom, even for second and third grade.