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Edward Easy Cantrell knows better than most the pain of not being able to save those he loves which is why he is not going to let Jenna Dean out of his sight He may have just met her but Jenna's the first person to make him feel alive since that devastating day in the desert than a year agoJenna has never met anyone like Easy She can't describe how he makes her feel and not just because he saved her life No the stirrings inside her reach far beyond gratitudeAs the pair are thrust together while chaos reigns around them they both know one thing the things in life most worth having are the hardest to hold on to

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    5 heartbreakingly ugly but joyously beautiful stars This is ugly and beautiful achingly sad but poignantly uplifting there's a lot of emotion packed into this short story I'll never forget Easy and Jenna all they endured and all they have and have yet to conuerDescriptionEdward Easy Cantrell knows better than most the pain of not being able to save those he loves which is why he is not going to let Jenna Dean out of his sight He may have just met her but Jenna's the first person to make him feel alive since that devastating day in the desert than a year ago Jenna has never met anyone like Easy She can't describe how he makes her feel and not just because he saved her life No the stirrings inside her reach far beyond gratitudeAs the pair are thrust together while chaos reigns around them they both know one thing the things in life most worth having are the hardest to hold on to A copy of this book was provided by Avon Books In return I'm giving them an honest review

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    5 I got you then I have you now StarsLaura Kaye has left me in a bit of a state to be honest I knew that this series was going to explore some darker elements of the human psyche after finishing book two It stands too reason that when a group of ex servicemen are reunited after a 12 month hiatus which was bought about by the total annihilation of everything they believed and trusted in as well as losing 50% of their team in an ambush that should never have happened PTSD and the lasting physical and mental scars of the whole clusterfuck are going to run deepEasy's story and Laura's writing of it takes the Hard Ink series to a whole other level They always say it's the uiet ones and holy shit She nailed it in a respectful emotional and have the tissues handy wayYou need something and I have it to give I will every damn time You hear me? I struggled with Jenna in Hard as You Can as Sara's younger sister she wasn't immediately a major part of the story towards the end of the book she had of a role and I found her to be a little immature and selfish She turns it around in this book and her acceptance of Easy and what he is going through makes a massive and positive difference to his state of mind But what absolutely broke me was his time with Shane Laura's breaking down and rebuilding of The Hard Ink Special Forces Team one man at a time is an emotional rollercoaster this reader is enjoying immensely albeit with regular crying jags includedSo glad it was you Laura Kaye is an author who I can honestly say I haven't read a bad book by I am glad I saved this series reading the first 4 books in succession has been an absolute joy so far I am off to start Hard to Come By now and am crossing everything that I don't have too wait too long for the rest of the guys to get their books thereafterSometimes you gotta let someone else help you be strong before you can stand on your own

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    ARC REVIEWReview originally posted at love the Hard Ink series and this is a nice little novella but I’m not sure if the novella is uite the right format for this series and especially this story Easy Cantrell is one of the uiet ones and now we know why He is dealing with inner demons brought about by his perceived feelings of letting his team down in Afghanistan He is dealing with PTSD One of his only “lights” is Jenna Dean Taking care of her and protecting her brings him a sense of purpose Their interactions are very sweet My greatest critiue of this story is that the how and why they dive deep into their relationship is a little underdeveloped I understand the initial interaction carried over from the last book but story felt very superficial – yes he’s protective; yes he’s hot; yes she is accepting of his conditionbut it’s still not in enough in my opinion However the strength of the story is the family of Hard Ink and the especially the brotherhood of these soldiers who survived together and are looking to exonerate their names When Easy decides to come clean the response is what I would’ve expected and glad to read – strong unconditional loving It makes me love these characters that much I appreciate Laura Kaye for shining a light on an important mental health issue facing many of our veterans Easy’s willingness to acknowledge his feelings and come forth to ask for help sets a great example We can all be a little vigilant and supportive of our loved ones If only for that this is a good read IN A NUTSHELLI recommend this novella as a part of the Hard Ink series I enjoyed getting to learn about Easy and Jenna However as a standalone maybe not so much I would heartily recommend to any new read to start at the very beginning

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    I’m a bit torn about this book It’s not my favorite of the series only because of my personal expectations Please note that I love Ms Kaye’s work and because of that I have come to expect certain things from her books Unfortunately it didn’t have the flare and excitement as I expected First is the action and suspense her full length books usually has This book didn’t have that Since this took off shortly after Jenna’s rescue; any action was at a halt It was time to recoup and relax Also Kaye’s books occasionally comes with a slight insta love but easily overlooked as it usually works with the storyline Easy and Jenna gravitated to each other possibly because they both have really bad issues I wish there was in their relationship besides wanting to just save each other from tragedy I guess I can say it worked that the two have found their sense of purpose to survive But I really wish there was I do however had enjoyed the rest of the book especially the camaraderie of the men at Hard Ink They have really come together again and truly show how much they have each other’s back I am most intrigued with Jeremy He is such a flirt and his shirt just speaks volume His book will be a most anticipated read from this series I have no complains with Ms Kaye’s writing in this she has always been consistent Hard Ink has become one of my favorite Romantic Suspense series which I plan to read of and any of Ms Kaye’s future work for that matterARC provided by publisher

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    Hard to Hold On To was a novella within Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series Edward “Easy” Cantrell was part of the former Special Forces team that was investigating the horrendous betrayal that took the lives of six of their team members in an ambush The suspenseful plot began in book one but has carried over throughout the series Easy as with all of the former seals carried guilt and pain from the incident He also suffered from depression Although they just met Jenna Dean was the only thing that grounded himJenna Sara’s sister was rescued from a kidnapping in Hard As You Can book two She had epilepsy which made the captivity worse and left her very ill Afterwards Easy was the only thing that made her feel safe and protectedAll of the above took place in previous books In Something To Hold On To Kaye took us through the connection and recovery as well as continued but not concluded the seal investigation The entire book covered only a few days so it covered the attraction between the two battling depression and the healing processAs typical for a novella it was short and to the point It was well written and emotional I liked the premise and the characters but I craved Hard To Hold On To read like a bridge between two books versus a full story It also ended in a “happy for now” versus a “forever love” so maybe we’ll see later In the meantime Hard To Come By focusing on fellow Seal Derek DiMarzio is up next

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    Hard to Hold on To is the first novella in Laura Kaye's Hard Ink series but it's still an incredibly satisfying story I'd probably classify this as contemporary romance than romantic suspense because the focus is definitely on the relationship between the two main characters and there is much less action than before but I think that it was a much heartfelt read because of that and I absolutely loved this coupleWe already met Jenna in the previous book she was rescued along with her sister Sara and this story picks up just as the team are returning to base after their successful rescue operation Jenna is in a bad way after being drugged and held captive by human traffickers the stress has taken it's toll and the lack of her epilepsy medication hasn't helped Jenna is exhausted but still on edge and the only person she feels safe around is Easy The last thing Easy should be looking for is a relationship he has been struggling to cope since losing his best friend in the disastrous operation that saw the whole team facing a dishonourable discharge from the forces Easy is suffering from PTSD he has nightmares flashbacks and is extremely depressed Being around his old team mates is hard but it's something he desperately needed and he finds strength in the idea of clearing their namesEasy's story absolutely broke my heart he is going through such a difficult time and I felt that Laura Kaye did a fantastic job of showing the effects of PTSD There is no magical fix for Easy but he slowly opens up and asks for help from his team and from Jenna There are some really emotional scenes with him and the other guys that really tore at my heartstrings but there is also a lot of love laughter and unconditional support I was pleased that Easy's problems didn't immediately vanish when he met Jenna but things are definitely going in the right direction for him and I couldn't be happier about thatAs much as I've enjoyed the previous books I have to say I think this was my favourite I loved Easy and Jenna and I'm so glad we got to read their full story I'm also excited to continue the series and see the rest of the team find their own happy endings

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    So this Novella totally snatched my Soul from meI love how this one addresses the VERY real issues that our Service Men face for their sacrificeThis one was heartbreaking hopeful passionate and Real Just a wonderfully placed journey with nothing but the basic raw intense truthsIn its purest form I loved witnessing the connection between Easy and Jenna and their struggles individually and collectively Seeing the enormous support system that they're both blessed to have here was a joy to witness as well Easy and Jenna also have crazy white hot chemistry I love all of their interactions together This was an awesome Novella packed with a lot of heart I just wish I could have gotten at least 2 chapters with them ;I'm really loving this series but Ms Kaye is a fave of mine for many reasonsBased on books 1 25 I would definitely recommend this series

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    Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Easy may be a unsung war hero but in Jenna's eyes he's everything and then some Great Novella by the great Laura Kaye Nobody can write soldiers like Laura

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    4 Easy StarsEasy is by far one of my favorite men in this series I loved how protective he is of JennaI loved the easy trust they built together I love the connection they started in the last book and how it continues into this book Easy is chasing his own demons as Jenna has her own ordeal to over come Easy wants the pull and connection of Jenna; he craves it He needs someone to need him heck he just needs to be needed and useful Jenna needs to feel safe and not a burden to someone Sotogether these two will find out how much one needs the other and how they are each others saving grace I believeThis was a fast paced uick dual point of view book I loved all of the secondary characters making appearances that we've met along the way in this series I loved that we are treated to of Jeremy's inappropriatebut funny shirts I even loved that Eileen makes it back into the book Family that's what this group has formed They make me want to be a part of their tight knit group I think the author has done a great job so far with this series I'm a definite believer and lover of Hard Ink

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    Beautiful addition to the series Recently rescued Jeanna and Easy great big hunk of yummy chocolate hook up with some emotional angst but it's to be expected Ms Kaye did a great job with Easy's PTSD and his team's response to it Nothing really going on with the search for the bad guy but just a great romance