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After Undergoing Gall Bladder Surgery At Age Twenty Three, Jennette Fulda Decided It Was Time To Lose Some Weight Actually, Like Half Her Weight At The Time, Jennette Weighed PoundsJennette Was Not Born Fat But, By Fifth Grade, Her Response To A School Questionnaire Asking What Would You Change About Your Appearance Was I Would Be Thinner Sound Familiar Half Assed Is The Captivating And Incredibly Honest Story Of Jennette S Journey To Get In Shape, Lose Weight, And Change Her Life From The Beginning Dusting Off Her Never Used Treadmill And Steering Clear Of The Donut Shop To The End With Her Goal Weight In Sight, Jennette Wows Readers With Her Determined Persistence To Shed Pounds And The Ability To Maintain Her Ever Present Sense Of Self

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    Upon reading the summary of this book, I was simply elated I thought to myself, Finally An amazing story of weight loss from someone who is my size or larger I devoured this book and read it in just a couple of days in bed when I woke up, during all of my breaks at work, and in bed again before falling asleep While I admire Fulda s major accomplishment, and her apparent honesty in all steps of her journey, I do have some bones to pick with the author.First, the woman is the Queen of analogies For the love of all that is organic, readers do not need 4 analogies in one paragraph They often don t need that many in one chapter Many of her analogies were completely eratic, as if she were trying to create one for every single person on the planet some were intelligent, some were comical, but then she made a Star Trek reference that was completely lost and just a waste of type.The other issue I have with Fulda is her narcissism While I understand this is a story about her personal journey, thus there will be a lot of me mine my and I s, it seemed beyond the normal spectrum of most autobiographical writings Lastly, she isn t the best role model for anyone wanting to lose a ton of weight While her physical actions and attitudes toward food and exercise are wonderful and definitely to be emulated, her outlook towards other overweight people throughout the book borders on the line of mean spirited and hypocritical Fulda bounces back and forth in her text, from one chapter where she plays a game of trying to figure out if any of the other people around her are fatter than she is thus congratulating herself on no longer being the fattest person in the room , and expressing a sort of pity towards other women she encounters that are heavier than her as she continues to lose weight Fulda may have considered it empathy, but if you re playing games like the one described above, it can t truly be considered a compassionate sort of empathy if you re only going to congratulate yourself later for being a mere 2 sizes smaller than the other person.In summary, congratulations to Jennette She s managed to change her life in a remarkable way and it was an inspiration However, I pray that anyone wanting to lose weight and radically change their lives would not succumb to overly critical and judgmental outlook the author has on her even former own kind.

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    The ONLY criticism I have of this book is the author s overuse of metaphors and similes However, she comes up with some great ones, so I forgive her Despite that tendency, Fulda is a very good writer I kept wanting to stop and write down excerpts because I loved the way she put things Here are some of the things I liked about the book The author takes on the fat acceptance movement for its own intolerance toward people who don t like being fat and want to lose weight She refuses to despise the person she used to be She doesn t apologize for having been fat or for being happy now that she s not She doesn t blame anyone but herself for her weight problem She doesn t sugarcoat what her life is like post weight loss She realizes that she could get fat again She shows how an attitude change is the most crucial aspect of successful weight loss She illustrates how behavior change is the second most crucial aspect And she makes it clear that there are no short cuts to losing weight and getting in shape.

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    As amazing as the change author managed to do to her life, the book didn t really give me what I hoped for It seemed like there s talk about her cheating days than those she actually were on track And obviously that is not what happened in real life She also didn t write about times she did wanted to sin, but chose not to Perhaps it was mentioned once or twice, but that s all I have to mention that it did seem that the character of the main heroine changed for the worse, she might feel happier, but I felt less connected to her as she started to chose harsh words or ideas and play stupid things Although I understand that she had to motivate herself and that might be a way to do it, she herself at the end of the book writes that motivation is not that important and is overrated There were many things, with which I didn t agree with her and it made it hard to read the book, but it has nothing to do really with the quality it is just that feeling of having something to argue without anyone to say it to I am certainly happy for her trip and although when I checked her pictures, she looked beautiful both fat and chubby, I am glad that she chose herself over the chocolate.

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    Impressive that she lost the weight however she is so incredibly preachy it s distracting It may have been interesting to hear HOW she did it, rather than how great she feels for having done it.

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    Jennette Fulda bites the bullet, changes her lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise habits, and loses 200 pounds, not because she hates fat people, but because her fat is making her sick She s concerned about dying from all the medical risks brought through being obese She s living with her mom, and can t walk across a parking lot without getting winded It takes a few years, but she reaches her goal, learns to love herself, and chronicles the entire journey in her blog, primary issue with this book is that it is about 150 pages too long Her lifestyle changes were based on eat less, move philosophies, so the book is not a magical cure for obesity I get it I agree It s a memoir It s about her feelings through the weightloss journey Oftentimes, I felt like she had blog disease of the mouth too much emotional processing with too little context I felt like this book was another great example of what happens when blogs become books without a really strong editorial hand We like blogs because they are quick, egalitarian, timely We do Well, I do I look for different things in a book Fulda struggled with the Fat Acceptance community online especially In some circles, trying to lose weight can be seen as selling out everyone else who s not trying to lose weight It can be taboo to even talk about the changes you are making what if you don t reach your goal What if other people feel alienated as your weight comes off It seems she made some enemies and got banned from a few messageboards, and had some nasty comments left on her blog It was exhausting to read I missed her online spats, and I don t know about her history in the FA weight loss communities, so I don t know the other side of the story, but I was left certain that there IS another side A lot of the questions Fulda explores are worth asking how to accept and love your overweight body without becoming complacent or endangering your health How to lose weight and not friends How to explain that different things work for different people, when everyone wants to know your magic secrets How to learn to cook and enjoy your food in moderation, develop healthy cooking eating shopping habits without adopting a fad yo yo diet Some people know these things, other people don t Fulda was defensive half of the time, and just rambling for the other half This review could go on forever, so I ll try to keep it short I felt like the book was too long Since there was no magical solution to Fulda s health issues, there is nothing concrete you could replicate in your life Fulda spends so much time with self deprecating humor and repeating over and over that she doesn t want to be an inspiration to other people by the end of the book, it s like, why did you write this, then I spent at least the last 150 pages punching myself in the face trying to finish this, and it is only because of my willpower that I was able to get through it The final introspective moments in the last chapter were insightful but it was too little too late to redeem the rest of the tedious book I wish I kept better track of where the recommendations I get come from, so that I could let someone know that this was a F for FAIL.

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    I don t think you should read this book It wasn t inspiring or useful, and the author is at best a pretty good author for someone who s not an author That said, she had some pretty good lines and observations along the way Kindle notes In German, the word kummerspeck is used to describe the weight you gain from emotional overeating It literally translates to grief bacon location 202It was like watching the TV movie of my life but constantly being interrupted for ads selling self loathing cream location 385It takes approximately 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat Multiply that by 212 pounds to lose and I was 742,000 calories overdrawn My body was charging interest via my disintegrating health I could hear it when my knees creaked and see it in those little pink scars from my surgery A 24 year old woman who weighs 160 pounds and engages in light activity will burn about 2,200 calories a day, give or take Divide 742,000 by 2,200 and you ll find I was about 337 days ahead on my eating location 789Lately, I had liked to play Is she fatter than me It was a game that could be played anywhere, in the produce aisle of the grocery store, in line at the pharmacy, or even in the comfort of your own home as you watched television All it required was a working pair of eyes and another female in your line of sight You compared the size and shape of your body to that of your competitor s until you determined who was fatter The thinnest girl won The prize was a mix of smug satisfaction and self disgust that you were playing the game at all location 1132I couldn t understand why there weren t plus size stores My local news station made it seem as if we were a nation of headless fat people location 1434Some of my prettier, thinner friends would complain about the burden of their looks They fended off unwanted advances by men at clubs and rolled their eyes at honking horns and hollering when they walked past busy streets I sympathized with them and admitted that this must be a problem, but it was a problem in the same way that filing taxes must be a pain for a millionaire location 1808Surely stale MM s lost calories with age, like the half life of radioactive materials location 2055Vanilla wasn t even in the same league of dieting temptations as chocolate location 2060Being fat was like having a built in asshole detector location 3069

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    The book and the author s website are a real look at a real person going through a real struggle Like me, she likes to eat and has learned to cook healthy recipes to reach her goals She found, to her dismay, that she likes to workout after shedding copious amounts of weight She is funny and very candid with her quirks An example is when she ran home to read her blog after discovering that her mother had found it online, scouring it for things that were humiliating and realizing, in turn, that her journey through 2 years of blogs had been very long and treacherous Her story is very inspiring and her candid insights are at once warm and often observationally perplexing Describing how people disappear from her blogisphere, Jeanette talks about how she often makes up a back storyfilling in the blank of WHERE THEY COULD HAVE GONEand knowing, in the health and fitness world, that they probably fell off the wagon and were too embarrassed to stay online She then discusses how awful it is to be embarrassed in your real world AND in the online world I love how she discovers her confidence online and translates it into her real world, true moments of empowerment that are an example for all of us I highly recommend this book

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    I really liked this book Jennette is so honest and absolutely NOT condescending to the reader She never once pretends to have all the answers to weight loss and says that every person is different and losing weight will be a different process and journey for each person She also never says anything mean or rude about people who are still big and could stand to lose a few pounds..she talks about how cool of a person she was she was fat and does not apologize for it It s a great read, very funny I think it s a good read even if you are NOT overweight..reading about her journey is the important part here, and it s not I was fat, now I ve learned to like myself and I m thin , eitherbecause she always liked herself She just got healthier It s hard to explain, but I recommend it I would love to meet her in person She sounds like a really cool person to hang out with.

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    The story here was pretty good, but the similes certainly begin to grate on the nerves, like mozzerella cheese over a pizza What Some that I liked enough to bookmark so I could share them in this review yay kindle I hasn t gotten this much unsolicited advice since the last time I d had the hiccups The blog was a stamp of validation on the parking garage ticket of my life led miserable lives but didn t realize it, like all those people who used AOL Love I had friends who could eat a bucket of lard and still didn t seem to gain a pound They would only gain twenty bucks, because I bet them they wouldn t eat a bucket of lard.

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    I wanted to like this book than I did I don t need a weight loss tale to be inspirational or thoroughly detailed, but SOME details would be nice I understand why the author was hesitant to admit what diet she followed although I see now she admits it on her site, so I REALLY don t get it but she hardly talks about what she did to lose weight besides eat well and exercise It seems a bit empty to me And while I m sure the author is a wonderful person, I found her somewhat unlikeable Not a bad book, but I wouldn t recommend it.