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On Her Long Journey Home From School After A Fight Which Will Surely Lead To Her Expulsion, Karigan G Ladheon Ponders Her Future As She Trudges Through The Immense Forest Called Green Cloak But Her Thoughts Are Interrupted By The Clattering Of Hooves As A Galloping Horse Bursts From The Woods, The Rider Slumped Over His Mount S Neck, Impaled By Two Black Shafted Arrows As The Young Man Lies Dying On The Road, He Tells Karigan That He Is A Green Rider, One Of The Legendary Messengers Of The King, And That He Bears A Life And Death Message For King Zachary He Begs Karigan To Carry His Message, Warning Her Not To Read It, And When She Reluctantly Agrees, He Makes Her Swear On His Sword To Complete His Mission For Love Of Country As He Bestows Upon Her The Golden Winged Horse Brooch Which Is The Symbol Of His Office, He Whispers On His Dying Breath, Beware The Shadow Man Karigan S Promise Changes Her Life Forever Pursued By Unknown Assassins, Following A Path Only Her Horse Seems To Know, And Accompanied By The Silent Specter Of The Original Messenger, She Herself Becomes A Legendary Green Rider Caught Up In A World Of Deadly Danger And Complex Magic, Compelled By Forces She Cannot Understand, Karigan Is Hounded By Dark Beings Bent On Seeing That The Message, And Its Reluctant Carrier, Never Reach Their Destination

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    Here is the story of how I didn t read Green Rider for years.I received an ARC of Green Rider from the publisher when it first came out, asking if I could blurb it I set it on the corner of my desk My younger daughter had recently run out of Tamora Pierce books She asked if she could try Green Rider and I said, Sure, let me know what you think of it, and then I ll read it So off she went with it And it went to camp with her, as her read Then it went to school with her and was passed around to her friends Her love and theirs for this book was so extreme, I could never get my hands on it Eventually, I resigned myself to that, and tried to be content with the rest of my looming to read pile.Well, here we are, in 2017 and Kristen Britain is coming to town for Emerald City Comic Con And I thought, I really need to read her book So I got a copy and took it on a flight with me.And my daughter was right This is an excellent book, with a strong heroine and compelling adventure Best of all, it s convincing There is no poof, you are now a warrior She remains a youngster, one with her own plans for what her life should be And that is as close to a spoiler as I m going to get Get Green Rider, and read it first Before you let even your daughter borrow it

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    Re read on audio Great narrator I still felt like it s a 4 star Now hopefully I can keep going before I forget most of this one again Old Review I really did like this book and I look forward to seeing what happens in the other books in the series There will be some mild SPOILERS Karigan G ladheon is a wonderful character Sometimes she made me mad with the choices she made but they always turned out for the best She is running away after being expelled from school for something that really wasn t her fault On the way down the road she runs into F ryan Coblebay who is a Green Rider, he has been shot with arrows and is dying He gives her a request to take a message to King Zachary Karigan decides she will do this, she puts on his pendant and cloak and gets on his horse, which has a mind of his own I love that horse He s almost human Accepting this request takes her on a hell of a journey hiding from mercenaries, being caught by mercenaries, being attacked by crazy, evil insects There is just so much going on it s a wonder she even survives anything I loved the part when she comes to the Berry sisters house in the middle of the woods Sounds Hansel and Gretelish but it s not The Berry sisters are really cool and have a lot of magical stuff in their house They have these poor servants that are invisible and you can t hear them speak Their father put a curse on them years ago before his death and could never find an incantation to correct it Although, it s a cool thought to always have someone around you, they could just watch you while you do anything, plus it s sad for them The pendant of the Green Rider has magic as well and Karigan can make herself and the horse invisible That is so cool and this is one of the reasons she makes me mad at times when she doesn t use it But I digress It does sap her energy so there is that Oh, and the sisters gave her a moonstone that will help keep her warm and light her way, as it chose her They gave her some other little things that came in handy This is a really good book with a lot of evilness, fighting, magic, creatures, and sneaky little jerks all over the place I think anyone that likes these kind of high fantasy novels would like this book

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    I guarantee those familiar with Arrows of the Queen series by Mercedes Lackey will get a sense of d j vu from my plot description In fact I had to compare the publication dates of these two books Mercedes Lackey won A misfit young woman met a highly intelligent horse and set up on a very important mission while trying to avoid obstacles and dangers caused by ancient evil bending on getting the lost power back Needless to say, there are plenty of people on the road doing the best helping the heroine as well as others trying to do their worst to stop her by any means possible The heroine uses her hidden reserves and strengths when the help is not easily available I finished the book and still have no clue why would anybody with an IQ in at least two digit region want to become a Green Rider These guys are basically glorified messengers The lives are endangered on the road brigands, wild animals and the said evil keep vigilance some of the nobles are known to kill them for bringing bad news I guess they never hear the expression Don t shoot the messenger Needless to say their life expectancy is lower than that of some of the rodents They are supposed to be a military organization, only the city guards, king s bodyguards, and the actual military consider them to be a low level caste So what is the appeal of joining, other than mysterious pull which from what I understood consists of hearing of horses hoofs during sleep sometimes Having said all of these, the book is a decent light read It is almost never boring and for some reason I really like the final confrontation which was at the very least quite original I am also curious about the future direction the series will take also it is fairly predictable This one can actually be considered to be a standalone 3.5 stars is the final rating.

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    When I read the back of this book, I thought wow sounds like the Heralds of Valdemar, and if you point out some generalities, it sounds even so Young heroine, special horses, magical abilities, messengers for the king Wow, sounds familiar Talia young heroine, special horses companions, magical abilities mind magic, messengers for the king heralds act as messengers But that s where the similarities end unless you want to add good writing, characterization, and plot to the mix.The world is interesting The magic isn t prevalent In fact, the common person doesn t believe that magic exists or else believes it is only used for ill The main character has run away from school, and she finds a Green Rider the messengers dying who asks her to take on his mission So, she does The writing is so good that eventually the main character s suspension from school is tied into the main plot The main plot of course is that her message is vital to the security of the realm or is it You ll have to read the book to find out.Other interesting things the author creates her own game called Intrigue and uses it as an extended metaphor throughout the book kudos as far as I m concerned as a lit geek Also, the king s guards the Weapons are fascinating, and her use of the supernatural is fairly unique as well.If you like Lackey, you ll like this book and its sequel If you like high fantasy, you ll like it If you like fantasy with strong female leads, you ll like it.

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    I ve had this series on my shelves for YEARS It was one of the few I was incredibly excited to start, which makes it all the disappointing that I didn t like it My 2 star it was just okay rating sums it up perfectly it was just okay The first chapter started off with the bang, then it proceeded to meander through one inconsequential event after another, and I could feel my enthusiasm dropping with every page At one point, I was than halfway through the book and still couldn t see any purpose behind the scenes and kept wanting the story to get back to the inciting moment at the beginning I m really bummed I didn t like Green Rider, especially since my cousins really loved it I m unfortunately abandoning the series from here.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at Other books you might like

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    Not good Mary Sue main EVERYTHING revolves around this girl Which can be okay as a device if the author handles it right This one didn t sigh The overall story also suffers from a common problem in fantasy world building TOO MUCH If magic horses and riders aren t enough for the tired old the throne is threatened oh no must save it trope, add bad elves, ancient magics, rich men who mysteriously fall for the heroine, shadowy bad guys, Disney esque old ladies in isolated magical mansions and too helpful ghosts to the mix.Has Horse though Liked The Horse Not enough to keep reading it, but The Horse was cool.

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    A 4.5 stars book if you want a Tolkien feeling, a young and mature female strong lead and plenty other interesting characters , a lonely quest leading to an epic conclusion of the book.I could not have had a better time reading through this book

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    Every now and then a book comes along that changes your life That isn t this book But sometimes while you re waiting for that book, you come across a book that was entertaining and really good fun That s this book.

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    This is a perfectly serviceable little fantasy The references to The Lord of the Rings, and even Star Wars are prevalent, but that in itself doesn t really bother me There are many successful novels out there that owe allegiance to the classics of fantasy Harry Potter, anyone The only problem is, the constant LOTR references led me to compulsorily compare this book to its older, experienced, complex, better grandfather And I say compulsorily, because I really didn t want to I tried very hard to just take this book for what it was, which is an appealing, light story, aimed at a young audience But I just couldn t I kept wishing that the story was darker, that the characters were complex, and that the conclusions weren t so obvious.The heroine of the story is Karigan, who has just run away from her boarding school after being suspended for offending the young son of a prominent family On her rash journey home, she falls upon a dying Green Rider, who compels her to take up the important message that he carries and continue on his mission to the King What she doesn t realize is that she has been called there to take up the office of Green Rider herself, and begin a life of intrigue and adventure not to mention, many close calls There are plenty of good characters in this story Jendara the embittered mercenary, or Captain Mapstone the scarred Green Rider who has survived against all odds just for a couple of examples Unfortunately, Karigan just isn t that exciting She seems to succeed mainly because of extreme luck, or with lots of help, and not so much due to her own skills There are just too many instantly available magical aids for my liking, with not enough elbow grease Also, I got pretty tired of her constant denial by the end of the story If I had to see her stamp her foot and say, I m NOT a Green Rider like a five year old one time, I would have given up I think that s the main thing holding me back from reading the second book for now, anyway I just don t think that I can stand to see her hem and haw and go through her little inner struggle and then finally admit that she s a Green Rider Just accept it Karigan Even with the above gripes, I would recommend this to fans of very light fantasy, and readers from ages 12 18 and people who are young at heart If you are a snarky adult like me, I would steer clear.

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    I was not sure what to expect from this book, as the author was new to me and the title didn t quite grab my attention, even though it reminded me of those very old fantasy books which are normally solid bets I only decide to read it due to the recommendations of friends, and I am glad that I did In a way, I guess that I wasn t wrong about the old school feeling, as this is a very classic fantasy story and gave off a Tolkienesque vibe So, classic fantasy you know what to expect then One thing that definitely stood out though, is that Kristen Britain has a way with words She managed to describe scenes beautifully and with excellent detail without ever falling into the too much info trap Character wise there is the expected divide between good and evil with a couple of fantasy staples elves making appearances They were well written though and I enjoyed them all, although I once again think my favorite was an animal Condor AKA The Horse Overall a satisfying read and once again a very good debut book The next book is on my TBR list